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Prince Harry Makes HIV/AIDS Awareness Priority, Hopes To 'Smash The Stigma'

Prince Harry follows his late mother's footsteps in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. During his recent visit to the King's College Hospital's HIV service, he urged people who might have the virus to get tested.

Public Health

Biomarker For Parkinson's Disease Detected In Urine: Study

A new type of biomarker found in urine may help scientists develop treatments for Parkinson's disease, a new study revealed. This may offer hope for patients of this degenerative condition.

Public Health July 7, 2016

New Gene Test May Spot Alzheimer's Disease Risk At Age 35

A new study in Boston uncovered a gene test that may someday become an important step toward early detection of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers examined gene variants on both young and old study participants.

Public Health July 7, 2016

Super Bacteria Found In Rio Olympics Venues: Should Tourists, Athletes Be Worried?

Scientists in Brazil have found super bacteria CRE in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where Olympic games are set to take place. The superbug can cause gastrointestinal, pulmonary and bloodstream infections.

Public Health July 7, 2016

Despite Legalization, Physician-Assisted Deaths Did Not Increase In The US

Despite the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, a new study found that the practice did not increase in states where it is available. This is contrary to what most people had feared, researchers said.

Public Health July 6, 2016

107-Year-Old Woman Becomes Oldest Organ Donor In Scotland, Saves Sight Of Patient In Need Of Cornea

Age is not a barrier when it comes to organ donation, a new campaign in Scotland advocates. Indeed, a 107-year-old woman has become the oldest organ donor in the country.

Public Health July 6, 2016

Syphilis, Gonorrhea Cases Show Sharp Increase In England Following STI Budget Cuts

Rates of syphilis and gonorrhea diagnoses in England increased sharply following the budget cuts on sexually transmitted infection testing. Experts believe that the diseases are affecting more men who have sex with men.

Public Health July 6, 2016

FDA OKS Dissolving Stents For Treating Clogged Artery

A dissolving medical stent already in use in Europe and Asia has finally received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The medical stent will be used to treat clogged arteries.

Public Health July 6, 2016

American Red Cross Issues Emergency Call For Blood Donations This Summer

Blood and platelet donations in the country are falling short of hospital needs this summer, warned the American Red Cross. The strain on the supply has led the organization to issue an emergency call for blood donors.

Public Health July 5, 2016

Dangers Of E-Cigarettes? Users File New Lawsuits Over Exploding Devices

E-cigarettes are touted as a safer and more effective approach on the road to smoking cessation. However, reports have been surfacing about the device's potential danger: its batteries can unexpectedly explode.

Public Health July 5, 2016

Memory Lapses Should Prompt Screening For Alzheimer's Disease

Do you often find yourself forgetting the names of your family members or close friends? Do you often fail to recall where you placed your car keys? The FDA suggests that certain types of memory lapses should prompt screening for Alzheimer's disease.

Public Health July 4, 2016

South Korea Confirms Sixth Case Of Zika Infection

South Korea confirmed its sixth Zika case in a 28-year-old woman, who traveled to the Caribbean island of Dominica in June 2014 and returned home on June 23. All six of South Korea's Zika cases are travel-related.

Public Health July 2, 2016

Manual Laborers Top List Of Highest US Suicide Rates By Job

Manual laborers such as farmers and lumberjacks topped the list of highest suicide rates by job in the United States, a new federal study has revealed. Researchers say the findings may help industries develop better suicide prevention programs.

Public Health July 1, 2016

Top 10 Leading Causes Of Death In The US: What Is The No. 1 Killer In America?

What are the top 10 leading causes of death in America? A report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds heart disease and cancer continue to top the list.

Public Health July 1, 2016

Is Eating Raw Cookie Dough Bad For You? Why The FDA Warns Against It

The FDA wants you to stop nibbling on raw cookie dough. The rough ordeal may be linked to a recent outbreak of a sickening bacteria.

Public Health July 1, 2016

Heart Problem Behind Many Sudden Deaths Among Minority Athletes

The rate of sudden cardiovascular death among athletes belonging to minority groups is five times higher than those of whites. Many of these cases are due to a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Public Health June 30, 2016

Electronic Health Records Contribute To Major Burnout And Stress For Doctors

Having to deal with electronic health records may be contributing to the burnout and stress that most doctors experience, new research suggests. They spend more time on clerical tasks than their peers.

Public Health June 30, 2016

These Microbes Are Your Companions On The Boston Subway: Study

Every time you ride the T, you are accompanied by thousands of microbes and germs. New research suggests that these tiny microorganisms are not as dangerous as you think.

Public Health June 28, 2016

Dramatic Inequality Among World's Richest, Poorest Children: 69 Million Will Die Of Preventable Causes, Says UNICEF

A UNICEF report has found that around 69 million children will die from preventable causes by 2030 if global poverty is not addressed. Half of the deaths could occur in sub-Saharan Africa communities before the children even turn 5.

Public Health June 28, 2016

Diet Pepsi Classic Brings Back Sweetener Aspartame Despite Health Concerns

Pepsi replaced aspartame in its Diet Pepsi last year due to the sweetener's cancer link. What prompted the beverage company to reintroduce the controversial ingredient?

Public Health June 28, 2016

This Is How Dogs Help Detect Diabetes In Patients

Here's another reason why dogs are wonderful: new research affirms that dogs can be trained to help detect diabetes in patients. The secret lies in their superior sense of smell.

Public Health June 27, 2016

Many Americans Clueless About Chemicals Present In Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoking remains to be a leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. but a new survey revealed many Americans are clueless about the chemicals present in cigarette smoke and tobacco products. Many of these are toxic and carcinogenic.

Public Health June 27, 2016

Babies With Genetically Low Birth Weight More Likely To Develop Type 2 Diabetes In Later Life

Babies born with genetically low birth weight have increased risks of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. This is the first research to analyze the possible causal association between type 2 diabetes risk and low birth weight.

Public Health June 27, 2016

US National Whitewater Center Suspends Whitewater Activities After Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Ohio Teen

Officials at the U.S. National Whitewater Center will have to rethink their facility's water testing and regulation after a single-celled, brain-eating amoeba took the life of an 18-year-old woman.

Public Health June 26, 2016

Supreme Court Verdict: Refusing Breathalyzer Is A Crime

The U.S. Supreme Court on June 23 set limits on both law enforcers and motorists in an effort to ensure safety from drunk driving and personal privacy. Refusing a machine breath test is now considered a misdemeanor.

Public Health June 25, 2016

New York City Council Approves Plan To Provide Free Tampons In Schools, Prisons And Shelters

New York City has become the first major city in the United States to approve a bill that would provide free pads and tampons to women in schools, prisons and shelters. It's a major victory for advocates of 'menstrual equity.'

Public Health June 24, 2016

Heroin Use In The US Reaches Highest Level in 20 Years: Experts Call Spike 'Alarming'

The heroin epidemic in the United States reaches the highest level in 20 years. The 'alarming' increase could be linked to new laws that made it more difficult to abuse opioid prescription drugs such as oxycodone.

Public Health June 24, 2016

Product Recall: GNP Company Recalls More Than 55,000 Pounds Of Chicken Due To Possible Contamination

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced that Minnesota-based poultry producer GNP is recalling an estimated 55,608 pounds of its products. This is because of a possible foreign matter contamination involving its products.

Public Health June 24, 2016

Is Zika Infection Causing More Women To Get Illegal Abortions?

Abortion requests in countries with local Zika transmissions increased significantly. Is the global epidemic causing more women to get abortions in countries with banned or restricted access to abortions?

Public Health June 23, 2016

Ohio Teen Dies From Rare, Brain-Eating Amoeba After A Rafting Trip

A teenager from Ohio died on June 19 from a rare, brain-eating amoeba after a rafting trip at the U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte on June 8. The amoeba is often found in soil and warm freshwater.

Public Health June 23, 2016

Sudden Cardiac Death Kills Young People Without Prior Symptoms: Can It Be Prevented?

Genetic mutation linked with unexplained cases of sudden cardiac death among young people can be passed on to the next generation. How can this finding help save lives?

Public Health June 23, 2016

Should You Get Your Birth Control Pills From A Mobile App?

Several mobile apps are now offering to deliver birth control pills in a fast, convenient and hassle-free way. Is this particular mobile trend normal and safe?

Public Health June 22, 2016

High Education Level Linked To Increased Risk Of Developing Brain Tumor: Report

There are only a few risk factors known to lead to the development of brain tumor. Now, a new observational study revealed that holding a university degree may be linked to higher chances of developing certain types of brain tumor.

Public Health June 22, 2016

Mosquito Saliva Can Help Spread Zika Virus, Other Viral Infections

Mosquito saliva can help spread mosquito-borne viruses such as dengue and Zika, according to two new studies. Mosquito saliva tricks the immune cells into spreading any kind of virus throughout the body.

Public Health June 22, 2016

War Against Lead Exposure Not Yet Over: Pediatricians Call For More Testing, Tighter Rules

A new AAP statement called for stricter regulations and increased federal resources in protecting children from the dangers of lead. The Flint water crisis serves as an indicator that the war against the neurotoxin is far from over.

Public Health June 22, 2016

It's Getting Hot In Here: Tips On How To Survive A Heat Wave

Southwest U.S. is getting hotter due to the current heat wave, which is expected to last until Wednesday, June 22. Here are some tips on how to survive a heat wave and prevent heat strokes.

Public Health June 21, 2016

E-Cigarettes Act As 'Roadblock' To Prevent Youth From Cigarette Smoking: Report

Whether vaping can eventually lead to cigarette smoking among the youth has long been a topic of discussion. How do young adults and teens really perceive vaping?

Public Health June 20, 2016

At Least 650 Dialysis Patients Possibly Exposed To Hepatitis B At Seattle Hospital

Virginia Mason Hospital is contacting at least 650 dialysis patients who may have been exposed to hepatitis B over the past five years. The problem stems from lapses in screening procedures.

Public Health June 19, 2016

Philadelphia Now First Major US City With Soda Tax: Beverage Industry Vows To Fight New Regulation

Supporters of the soda tax claim victory in Philadelphia as the city becomes the first major city to approve the regulation. However, critics say the soda tax is 'unconstitutional.'

Public Health June 19, 2016

More Than Half A Million Older Men Are Lonely, Harms Their Health: Report

About 550,000, or one-third, of older men in the UK who are suffering from long-term health issues are lonely. The numbers are expected to surge to two-thirds by 2030 as the life expectancy for senior men becomes closer to that for women.

Public Health June 18, 2016

'Baby Fat' Can Lead To Heart Failure In Middle Age

Excess weight during adolescence can lead to heart problems in middle age. A study finds increased risk of developing heart failure among obese or overweight teenage boys, and even in boys whose BMI are within the normal range.

Public Health June 18, 2016

Women Who Work Long Hours Likely To Suffer From Cancer, Heart Disease

Long hours at work in women are linked to cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Why are women more vulnerable than men to the health consequences of working long hours?

Public Health June 18, 2016

Gay Men In The US Can't Donate Blood: 'Very Bizarre And Perverse Situation,' Says Gay Lawmaker

Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, an openly gay member of Congress, is calling on the FDA to lift the ban on gay men who wish to donate blood. The ban creates a 'very bizarre and perverse' situation.

Public Health June 17, 2016

Mismanagement Of Relief Funds? Red Cross Scrutinized For Allegedly Using 25 Percent Of Haiti Donations On Own Expenses

The American Red Cross spent 25 percent of the 2010 Haiti earthquake donations for internal expenses, a new Senate report found. The amount is far higher than what the charity originally disclosed.

Public Health June 17, 2016

Six Babies, Fetuses In US Suffer Birth Defects Linked To Zika Virus

Birth defects of six babies and fetuses in the U.S. are linked to the Zika virus. Three infants were born with either microcephaly or brain damage, while three women lost their babies due to stillbirth, miscarriage or pregnancy termination.

Public Health June 17, 2016

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