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  1. Dozens feared dead after truck drives into crowd in Nice

  2. Here's hoping it collapses: London mayor Sadiq Khan blocks extra funds for garden bridge

  3. More than 300 dead as South Sudan capital is rocked by violence

  4. Marie Colvin's family sues Syria over death in Homs

  5. Marina O'Loughlin on the problem with TripAdvisor: Five stars – says who?

  6. YES! These women are extraordinary. SO HAPPY their work will be shared.

  7. “We are not afraid to die” Protest in has escalated, much of it mobilised online

  8. Just shameful - police report 42% rise in hate incidents in fortnight around EU referendum

  9. UN expert: Police killings of African-Americans demonstrate 'high level of structural and institutional racism'.

  10. Brits will have to holiday in Scotland - until it gets the euro.

  11. Jill Abramson on those emails: For Hillary Clinton, the email nightmare is far from over

  12. 7 July London bombings commemorated on 11th anniversary

  13. From bovver to budgie smugglers: the latest entries to the

  14. 'We want to change things': Syrian women begin UK tour of , an adaptation of Trojan Women

  15. Government refuses to guarantee EU citizens living in UK can stay

  16. Caroline Lucas: strip 'incompetent' Southern rail operator of contract

  17. Tories urged to offer assurances to citizens living in UK

  18. michael gove reminding me of all the oxbridge students I've commissioned who refuse to be edited for length

  19. Michael Gove, in front of bus promising £350m a week for NHS, now cut to £100m

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