Structure of Russian Government

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Structure of Russian Government

Structure of Russian Government , How the largest Country of the World is Governed?

Flag of Russian Federation

Flag of Russian Federation

Russian Federation is a democratic country.  It has the official status of Federal Semi- Presidential Republic.


The executives are the highest and most authoritative officials in the structure of Russian Government. President of Russia is the Head of the State. While, Prime Minister of Russia is the Head of Government.

The prime minister, deputy prime minister and the federal minister are the major administrative members of executive branch of Russian Government.

The executives have complete authority for the administrative affairs of the country. They are responsible for law enforcement in the country as per the constitution of Russia. 

Structure of Russian Government, Russian Government

Structure of Russian Government

Federal Assembly of Russia

The federal assembly is the legislative body in Russian Government. It has two main house divisions. Both of them are located in Moscow.

State Duma of Russia

The State Duma is the lower house of Federal Assembly of Russia. All the bills and proposals are considered by the state Duma. State Duma has total 450 members.

Federal Council of Russia

The Federation council is the upper house of Federal Assembly of Russia. It has 168 members which are called senators. The sessions of council are held in Moscow. United Russia is the main political party in Russian government. Communist party is the next main opposition party here.

Chairman of Federation Council has the third highest official authorities after the President of Russia and Prime Minister of Russia.

Structure of Federal Assembly of Russia

Structure of Federal Assembly of Russia

Elections in Russia

Presidential elections are held after every six years under the Federal Council of Russia. Being the highest authority in  government of Russia, the President appoints and dismisses the Prime Minister of Russia.

Constitutional Court of Russia

Constitutional court of Russia is responsible for solving the problems between the executive and legislative branches. There are 19 judges in constitutional court of Russian federation. These judges are also appointed by the president of Russia.

This unique and well organized system of Russian government has made its administration, a model for the whole world. For exploring more about Russia, planing your trip to Russia or about your business plans or study plans in Russia, contact our representatives here!

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