You See A Puzzle Piece

November 30, 2015
(I wrote this when I started my last job and saw on the wall in the break room that they had a plaque from Autism SpeaksI had a mental allergic reaction which led to me composing this in my head)

You see a puzzle piece

You see a puzzle piece. Its small, blue, almost cute. It doesnt seem harmful or objectionable. But as an autistic, I see so much more:

I see a symbol of incompleteness, hinting that we need others to make us whole.

I see well-meaning neurotypicals giving donations to an organization that recommends drinking bleach as a cure for being like myself.

I see an organization who uses pity and fear to generate money-pity for the poor autistic child and fear that you may have a child thats autistic if they dont find a way to prevent it.

I see a corporation who uses stigma to make a profit.

I see a charity that says its all about autism, but wont let a single verbal autistic in to speak, let alone be part of its organization.

I do realize that there are other autistics who are much worse off than I am. But even they shouldnt be considered incomplete! A$ created a video titled I am Autism which depicts autism as something that steals into your home, takes all your money, and will break your marriage apart. Im sharing a link to the transcript in case you dont believe me, and what I read of it makes me see red and feel depressed. Im also sharing the flashblog from autistic bloggers and some true allies who all joined together and wrote their own This is Autism posts, which made me really happy. You see a puzzle piece, but I see all of this, and its not good. Every April people Light it up Blue for Autism Awareness, and we see these puzzle pieces all around, as people think that theyre doing good, when in reality theyre celebrating an organization which doesnt care about us whatsoever and sees us as cash cows. It hurts a lot, knowing that people think theyre helping us.

I am Autism Transcript 

This is Autism 


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