Apr 11, 2012

Pinterest Integration

Update (3/4/15): MailChimp’s Pinterest Chimplet has been discontinued. While we’re considering creating a new Pinterest integration at some point, there are no plans to do so in the immediate future.

Pinterest “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web” with anyone. This popular pioneer in the new trend of visual bookmarking is a free service for everyone. It’s fun to use and its user base is growing incredibly fast. Last month alone, Pinterest received 104.4 million unique site visits, landing them third in line behind only Facebook and Twitter. That’s pretty mind-blowing. This unprecedented growth is likely due to the friendly atmosphere that is created specifically by each individual user. If all you want to see when you log in are pictures of baby giraffes, whatever this is (no judging), or in our case, beautiful campaigns, then by all means go for it. Pinterest steps out of the way and allows you to make their product yours – and now you can share that customized bank of inspiration with your subscribers.

Pinterest can be a great asset to any company. Think of it as a public space where you can find common ground with your customers, thanks to a shared love of pretty pictures. Pin what you love—whether it’s badass machines, delicious food, or modern furniture.

To use this integration, head over to the Pinterest Chimplet.

We’re always trying to find new ways to accomodate the needs of our users, and this integration is no exception. Type in your Pinterest username and you will instantly see a drop-down menu of your individual boards to choose from. You can create your campaign using all of your pins, or your pins from just one board!

Next up, choose a template. We have four options for you, designed to give you control over the frequency and layout of your campaign. Share your pins once with 1 or 3 columns, or set up an RSS campaign to keep your subscribers inspired on a weekly basis. The 1-column template scrolls beautifully on a Smartphone, so keep that in mind while tailoring your campaign to the habits of your subscribers.

When you’ve found the perfect template, create your campaign. If you have more than one subscriber list, you’ll be able to select one of them next. Hit "Done". Now you can either view your campaign in MailChimp before sending it, or you can start over and set up a different campaign from one of your other boards.

Once you’re back in the MailChimp app, edit your campaign just like you would any other MailChimp campaign. Set up an A/B test, or adjust the frequency of your RSS campaign. The power is yours. Now check out your beautiful email:


The images in your campaign will click-through to the associated pin on Pinterest, and your subscribers can even choose to re-pin you right from your email.

Enjoy this new integration and happy pinning!