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Christ Follower! Head S&C Coach for Michigan Men's Basketball and Golf (TPI Certified) We Develop Pros! Former Buckeye-Converted Wolverine! Nickname-Sandman

Ann Arbor, MI
Joined March 2014

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    Excited to publish my first book, check out this link. .

  2. If you're interested...I counted every one of them.

  3. It's great having Stausky back in town!

  4. Michael Jordan to be U-M's honorary captain for opener

  5. Moe Wagner update, 6'11.5" 240lbs.

  6. Sad day, Just heard that one of our former Clemson players Demontez Stitt passed away. He will be missed!

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      Husband, father of 2, grandfather of 4. Publishing sales executive for 24 years. Rutgers grad, Yankee fan, avid reader, self-proclaimed foodie and Christian.

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      Vice President of Florida Elite Basketball; Adidas sponsored grassroots program. Exec. Director of Josh Giles Foundation. Passing Opportunities To Our Youth

  8. My man Moe Wagner is up to 6'11.5". He has grown just shy of an inch in the last year!

  9. O Lifts-Youth Development. Key is to keep it light, teach the proper positions/technique, have fun! bar

  10. Happy 4th everyone!

  11. Proud of this guy! Duncan weighed 191lbs when he arrived on campus (sept 2014). 215.4 lbs today.

  12. My man Moe Wagner came in at 6'11" 211lbs this time last year. #238.6lbs

  13. Just when I think I've seen it all! Hey DWalt you still wanna go to Aspen?

  14. I'm all for eye-for-an-eye justice since NBA won't suspend Draymond -> LeBron gets 1 free punch at Lil Draymond.

  15. How is this not a technical foul and immediate ejection? Unbelievable cheap shot!

  16. This is big time, congrats to Kyle Mueller!

  17. Nice Win! The did what they needed to do tonight. Win game 4 and we have ourselves a series!

  18. Coaches, check out PrograMax. Incredible tool to improve your program!

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