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17 January, 2007
11th anniversary of Mongolian Internet
14 September, 2006
.MN Registry reduces its registration prices from US$55 to US$39.95 per domain name
23 August, 2006
.MN Registry Reduces .MN wholesale price to Registrars & Makes Accreditation Framework More Robust
10 August, 2006
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Welcome to .MN Top Level Domain Registry, with over eight (8) years experience.

As a result of our experiences in domain name registration, we are pleased to offer you state-of-the-art registration services for .MN domain names.

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.mn site-aar mongol baiguullaga, huvi humuusiin domain burtgegdehguig ankhaarna uu!
Mongol hereglegchded zoriulsan eer orj domainaa burtguulne uu. Ene siteaar burtguulsen domainiig tolbor hiisen ch huchinteid tootsohgui.

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