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Sales Aptitude Testing

The Sales Aptitude Test is an evaluation tool designed to objectively assess the critical qualities for success in a sales, sales management/ sales related job.

Candidates selected and recommended on basis of Sales Aptitude Testing have the following qualities:

  • Self-motivated, confident, resourceful, assertive and decisive
  • Maintain confidence, determination and enthusiasm following setbacks Resilient and rebound quickly following defeats
  • Cope well with frequent frustration, rejection and stress Persevere in finding solutions to difficult problems
  • Are unlikely to be undermined by off-the job problems Do not dwell on or punish themselves over failures
  • Are energized by success to seek out more challenges and opportunities Believe success is achievable

Sales People with these qualities Outsell people who don’t have them by upto 88 %. They stay in a sales position at least twice as an average sales person.

At most only 2 out of every 10 highly screened sales candidates you interview will have these qualities.

Unlike education qualifications and work experience which are the least important in determining the sales productivity of a candidate you cannot pick them out in an ordinary interview session. That is why we use the Sales Aptitude Testing which has at least 70% capacity to identify the productivity potential of a sales candidate.

Candidate Testing and Short listing

This is a service which helps you shortlist candidates who have applied for sales position in your organization. Through the Sales Aptitude Testing we recommend candidates who are worth your consideration

With this service, you send selected applicants (probably selected on basis of minimum education and work experience) who have responded to your Job advert.

Head Hunting Services

You can retain us to hunt down great sales people for you. You get preferential consideration whenever we come across a great candidate for your organization.

Comprehensive Recruitment Service

We can take charge of your entire sales recruitment needs where we source, screen, Test and interview candidates on your behalf.

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