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Kellan Colt

Kellan Colt is a figure for Shadowrun Duels which was not sold through normal retail channels. Instead, it was only available as a special offer to readers of the March 2003 issues of Wizard, Inquest and ToyFare magazines.

Dzoo-Noo Qua

This is another one of those figures that are nice to own, but not necessarily useful to have around during a game session. Dzoo-noo-qua are trolls infected with HMHVV; they’re described in Paranormal Animals of North America, and the figure does look like the artwork in that book. He’s also one of those rare troll […]

Spirits of Water

A companion to Spirits of Man, this pack has a swamp spirit and what I guess is a sea spirit. The swamp spirit looks like a humanoid made out of vines and leaves, standing up to its ankles in water. It’s a good figure, as it really gives the impression of embodying the spirit of […]

Spirits of Man

This is another one of those sets that make me think, “What do you do with these figures?” It contains a figure of a dwarf seated on some bales of hay, and one thing that I can only describe as a “thing” crawling out of a garbage dumpster. Obviously, the dwarf is meant to be […]

Combat Mages

GET OVERVIEW — Combat MagesONLY SUMMARY IS AVAILABLE FOR “COMBAT MAGES”Display summary? (Yes/No)YesSUMMARY FOR “COMBAT MAGES”: “Contains one female and two male magicians, all armed with SMGs.”NOTE FROM CONTROL: Please leave a comment if you own this product and would like to contribute to this review. Thank you!

Wasp Queen/Human Host

Like Wasp Male Spirits, this set is disappointing. It contains a wasp “queen” that first of all looks too small for a queen, and secondly suffers from the same anatomy problems as the “true forms” from the other set. It’s probably best to see this as some kind of near-perfect flesh form spirit rather than […]

Wasp Male Spirits

This blister contains one flesh-form and two true-form wasp spirits. Now, insect spirits are nice to have as figures, because they’re difficult to represent with figures from other (non-Shadowrun) lines, but this set has serious problems. The flesh form I can live with, as it’s not much more than a male human with some insectoid […]

Black Ice Icons

line. The three figures are outstanding and are sculpted in an angular form (lots of flat surfaces to make up a single rounded surface). The first figure is a matrix panther. The large cat is stalking along a circuit board base. The low shoulders and high hips gives the entire model a cat’s grace while […]

Toxic Earth Spirit

GET OVERVIEW — Toxic Earth SpiritONLY SUMMARY IS AVAILABLE FOR “TOXIC EARTH SPIRIT”Display summary? (Yes/No)YesSUMMARY FOR “TOXIC EARTH SPIRIT”: “One spirit, based on the illustration on page 162 of Paranormal Animals of North America.”NOTE FROM CONTROL: Please leave a comment if you own this product and would like to contribute to this review. Thank you!

Dwarf Street Gang

I really wish Ral Partha had ever produced a set of useful, believable dwarfs. The ones in this set are fine as far as sculpting and detail are concerned, but the way they actually look is a different story …