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IMG00143-20120325-1514Girona city in the province (comarca) of Girones is a small, beautiful place in the north east of Catalonia, a semi-autonomous region of Spain with its own distinct identity and language. One famous travel guide has described Girona as one of the ten most overlooked and underrated destinations.

We’ll try to give our website visitors an insight into the many things to do and see in and around Girona. We’ll also go behind the scenes to give you a glimpse of what it’s really like to live and work in Girona. Read about the many Catalan traditions, festivals and customs that are specific to this area and make it what it is.

As a tourist or brief visitor to Girona there’s an underrated, stylish little city waiting to be discovered. Most visitors to this region will just fly into its small but expanding airport and simply journey on to one of the resorts on the Costa Brava coastline.

page19_1But, miss the chance to spend some time in Girona and you really will miss seeing and experiencing the difference. Just step away from the package-tour destinations to savour some of Girona’s many diverse offerings.
As cities go it’s quite small and compact with only about 100,000 inhabitants if you include nearby Salt. You may also not be aware that Spanish isn’t the only official language, but Catalan also, and the dominant language here. Girona is how the Catalans spell it, Gerona in Spanish.

Girona has had a long and varied history that’s included the Romans, who called the place Gerunda and used it as a vital trade route. It later became a Catholic country and in the 12th century had a thriving Jewish community which was later expelled in 1492 by the Spanish monarchy.

In the 17th and 18th centuries it was to fall under siege many times to different armies, perhaps the most notable was under Napoleon in 1809, but by the 19th century the city walls were demolished as the city expanded. However, modern day Girona still retains a rich and vibrant cultural life.

lalionesastatueThis replica of a stone lion (La Lionesa) statue (the original is in the Girona Art museum) is near the steps of St Feliu church, in the old town area and is reached by a small flight of metal steps. Tradition has it that tourists who climb up to kiss its bottom are destined to return to Girona one day.

You’re also sure to catch a glimpse or a view of Girona’s imposing cathedral from many vantage points dotted around Girona.

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