Mar 21

Painted Camel Bazaar Now Open in Pantopia

There's big news from Pantopia today as we prepare for opening day of Falcon's Fury, the centerpiece of this newly remodeled land. As of 2pm today, March 28 -- the Painted Camel Bazaar is now open!

The Painted Camel Bazaar is run by a fun-loving family of merchants and offers wandering travelers all the treasures of Pantopia.

This marketplace houses a collection of colorful awnings and found objects, including apparel, souvenirs, jewelry, toys and plush items, not to mention the best in Falcon’s Fury merchandise.

The original proprietor traveled alongside the shop’s signature monkey, creating an unforgettable image that was captured for all posterity by a nomadic sculptor who once wandered through these crossroads.

Be sure to stop in next time you're at the park. And stay tuned to our blog for all the news and updates about Falcon's Fury, opening May 1.