About Us

Clare and I were childhood sweethearts from 8th grade in Michigan. We met at a Little League game and we’re still Midwest folks at heart!

While playing the boardgame, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, on an indie booth at Gen Con 2011 in downtown Indianapolis, Clare had an idea for an email dating network comprising only “verified friends”.

She wanted to solve a problem for her single girlfriends seeking long-term boyfriends or husbands.


Unlike big dating sites full of random strangers, the magic of this network lies in the fact that on Todd and Clare, all the female members are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connection friends invited by each other.

Todd and Clare enables single guys, who join free, to date invited, Skype-verified girlfriends across the US. Women can recommend dates to each other and date guys offsite immediately by phone, Skype, text, or mobile messengers like Whatsapp and Kik.

That way, your dating exchanges remain free, protected from third-parties collecting your personally-identifying information, and the power of Clare’s original idea lives on through each new connection.


We just introduce guys to great girls. After you’ve sent your message and cell number to a woman’s phone, further contact is offsite between you and her.

We don’t have a mail system or store your personal messages on any database.

Like the Gen Con boardgame, and the original email network this started with, your offline, real-life dating exchanges are kept 100% confidential.

A few months after Gen Con in December 2011, Clare began reaching out to her friends to start Todd & Clare on her old iMac G3:)

By June 2012, our email dating network had reached 1,000 friends seeking love.

We’ve since had the privilege of watching the network that Clare envisioned, blossom through women’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections into a dating network that stretches coast-to-coast across the United States.


It’s made up entirely of invited women, who in turn invite more women including their friends, co-workers, and sisters. Read our story on B&N.

In November 2012, one of Clare’s friends from college got engaged via the network. There’s no fancy math, it just works…

In early 2015, Clare got relocated to Oakland, CA, then San Francisco, where we made a pact over Oyster’s Rockefeller at Tadich’s Grill (the best seafood in the city!) to one day put our existing network on the interwebs to help others find love.


Clare suggested Friendsinlove.com, but it was taken (she’s still annoyed about that.) So I suggested ToddandClare.com.

And here we are.

We are truly honored to play matchmaker for the amazing singles in our dating network. If you ever need support, feel free to reach out to us, 365 days, 24/7.

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Todd and Clare Hammond