World’s largest aircraft The Airlander 10, leaves its hangar for the first time

The world's largest aircraft left its hangar for the first time today. The Airlander 10 (pictured) inched out of the hangar in Cardington, Bedfordshire. It was a delicate operation as there was only a six metre clearance from the fin tip to the sides of the hangar doors. It commenced a brief series of ground systems tests before its first flight later this month. The craft - a cross between an airship and a plane - cost £25million to build and has been converted from military to civilian use. The craft gets its nickname of the 'Flying Bum' from his shape (inset).

Daily Mail columnist ROSS CLARK argues that we should all cut up our contactless bank cards. He says that if cash were to become obsolete we would be at the complete mercy of banks.

Researchers at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia in Lisbon, Portugal, discovered that activity of the Oct4 gene regulates stem cells in the middle part, or a the snake's long body.

Professor Dame Sally Davies said that lack of exercise is a pressing health problem. She urged people to swap online shopping for a trip to the supermarket to boost basic fitness.

Targets for bringing an end to the use of coal-powered fire stations are on the agenda

Climate change scientists have warned it may be nearly impossible to keep global internationally agreed global warming target set at the 2015 Paris negotiations.

The vehicles will go out on the roads across the UK next month to ensure people using the BBC's online catch-up service also have a TV license. Critics fear the plans threaten people's privacy.

The bunker was built in 1952, at Barnton Quarry, Scotland, near the Windsor family residence of Holyroodhouse. The once-secret structure extends more than 100ft beneath the surface.

3,000-year-old pieces of thread are discovered in Bronze Age village in Cambridgeshire

Two perfectly preserved pieces of 3,000-year-old thread - one in a ball and another wrapped around a bobbin - have been unearthed during the excavation of a Bronze Age village in Cambridgeshire. Both roughly a centimetre across, the fragments discovered are in excellent condition despite their age and archaeologists described the find as 'amazing'. The thread was found at Must Farm near Peterborough in a settlement thought to have been abandoned after a fire thousands of years ago.

The scary music played when sharks appear on screen - such as the Jaws theme - may actually be threatening their future by hindering conservation efforts, according to research.

The Tone Analyzer uses linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotions. The technology can now be used to detect subtext in text and emails - all you need do is enter your text into the website.

A revolutionary technology could see the end of people leaving forgotten clothes gathering dust in wardrobes - because the garments will send messages if they haven't been worm in a while.

The vibrating glove sends subtle tremors through the hand at the optimum moment of a movie, to heighten the viewer's emotions and accentuate the suspense, exuberance or terror in the film.

US researchers said that immersion in a gripping plot doesn’t just keep the mind active, it can also ease stress and even lead to us taking better care of our health.

Grouse shoots should be subject to strict conditions – with bans handed out to estates that flout the rules, the RSPB has said. Their comments come within days of the start of the grouse shooting season.

'Dyson sphere' star found to be dimming dramatically - and nobody knows why

In the new study, which is not yet peer-reviewed, Caltech astronomer Ben Montet and Joshua Simon of the Carnegie Institute measured the light from the star that Kepler recorded during its four-year mission. For the first few years,it dimmed at about 0.34 percent per year, they found. However, then its light level dropped dramatically by about 2.5 percent in 200 days - before it returned to the original slow fade rate.


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French designers build machine to give 'world's first tattoo by an industrial robot'

For thousands of years, humans have practiced the intimate art of tattooing - but tattoo artists may soon have competition. A team of French designers has revealed the 'world's first tattoo by an industrial robot,' proving that these hulking machines can be put to delicate tasks. Footage of the event shows the yellow mechanical arm carving a neat spiral into a volunteer's leg, as he sits tightly strapped to a chair.

Officially known as Navy Working Uniform Type I, the pattern has been mocked as a pointless use of camouflage, and bosses have admitted the only time it would help disguise is 'if you fall overboard'.

Bella DePaulo, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, analysed 814 studies on married and single people carried out over the past 30 year (stock image used).

Low budget movies like 'Sharknado,' though they may be 'badly made' and 'embarrassing,' are often appreciated from an ironic standpoint, according to a new study.

At a Chicago physics conference, Tiziano Camporesi, a CERN chief scientific spokesman, said more data has revealed that what they saw was simply a random statistical fluctuation.

The Imperial College team say the coupled light and electron would have properties that could lead to circuits that work with packages of light - photons - instead of electrons.

Humpback whales from across the world are rescuing vulnerable seals from orca attacks

Researchers have observed a number of incidents in which humpback whales in the Arctic interfere with the feeding of orcas, by protecting seals from harm (pictured main, seal circled red). The evidence indicates that rather than acting out of altruism because saving a fellow marine animal is the 'right thing to do', the altruistic act may happen unintentionally from the humpbacks' own self interest. Researchers believe it may be an act of dominance over the killer whales, stopping them feeding on seals (pictured inset).

Just days after Facebook owned Instagram launched its 'Stories' that borrow more than a little form Snapchat, Facebook's own app has done the same.

The event, known as the Cyber Grand Challenge, concluded Thursday evening in a Las Vegas convention centre ballroom after a digital battle among software programs.

Scientists at the Open University and the University of Leicester used the Mars Curiosity rover to explore Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater to find out how the veins formed.

The Edinburgh-based Harry Potter writer is locked in a battle of words with scientists from Yale University and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Dr Stan Steindl and Dr James Kirby, psychology experts from the University of Queensland, suggest drivers should speak to themselves in a friendly voice to reduce road rage.

Scientists at Purdue University have discovered 930 genes that drive alcoholism. They reached this conclusion after decades of breeding alcohol-dependent rats, who drank profusely.

From narrow gullies to huge craters, stunning new images of Mars reveal the planet's

A team, led by Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab in Passadena and the University of Arizona, has published over 1,000 new images taken of Mars over the last few years (pictured clockwise from top left: a crater with steep slopes, part of Olympus Mons, the planned landing site of ExoMars,a material like opal found on the surface, steep ridges and a recent impact crater). At one point, Mars was covered with oceans, ice sheets and erupting volcanoes that created the mountains that towered over the planet. The surface of the planet is filled with fascinating bumps and scratches, and each feature teaches us something new about our neighbour.

The beta version of Google Maps v9.34 has just been pre-released on Android, and is expected to have several new features including a 'keep map north up' function and parking space finder.

Researchers from the University of California Santa Barbara and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology studied human kindness and cooperation in Bolivia.

Researchers carrying out a small scale study on the mental health of prisoners in an Oregon prison believe they can keep inmates calm by reconnecting them with nature.

Researchers at the universities of Lisbon and Austin, Texas have engineered what they call 'a deep neural network for automated sarcasm detection'.

A group at China's Zhejiang University used off-the-shelf materials to trick Tesla's Autopilot sensors. The team plans to release further details in a talk later this week.

Scientists at Harvard University say that the results could have modern-day implications that go beyond sports. For example the same tendency can be seen between women at work.

A company test vehicle was involved in a collision in Los Altos that left it with damage to its rear end after being hit by another car, that had been driving at seven miles per hour.

Aston Martin's gorgeous new 200mph DB11 is here and we test it

From any angle the DB11 displays gorgeous proportions and a beautiful but faintly menacing stance that says 'don't mess with me.' The DB11 is a worthy successor to the outgoing 13-year-old DB9 and follows the styling route set by the DB10 which starred in the last 007 movie Spectre but never went into production. We put it to the test.

Dr Steven Murdoch, a research fellow from University College London, says it will be years before a new secure card is available for customers.

A group led by San Francisco State University physicists searched through the list Kepler had returned to find those most likely to support life like our own. 216 Kepler planets are located within the 'habitable zone'.

It seems Samsung is taking cues from its mortal enemy Apple. A patent has surfaced that reveals drawings of a smartwach that looks almost identical to Apple's product and the patent was filed this year.

Experts say the new Nasa map is crucial to better predicting how the ice sheet will react to a warming climate. The bottom of the ice is often tens of degrees warmer than at the top.

Researchers at the University of Washington compared the genome of modern humans with the genetic code for chimps, gorillas and orangutans, as well as Neanderthals and Denisovans.

This June 2, 2016 photo shows a Visa payment ring near a payment terminal in New York. Visa, a 30-year Olympics sponsor, is the official payment provider of the Olympics, providing payment infrastructure for the games themselves. This year they are giving 59 of their Olympic athletes a wearable ring that can be used to pay for things by tapping the ring on a payment terminal. (Charles Sykes/AP Images for VISA)

Brands as Visa and Samsung are taking the opportunity to show off their latest tech - by giving it to athletes to use. Each will receive a phone from Samsung, and some will get a Visa payments ring.

Charlie Miller and Chris ValasekIn showed the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas, a new method to take control of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee they hacked the year before.

The chimeric embryos will look normal but the pancreas will be made entirely from human cells

The National Institutes of Health unveiled a new policy to permit scientists to get federal money to make the chimeras under certain carefully monitored conditions.

Mysterious light over Gateway Arch stumps St. Louis

A light that appeared high over St. Louis' Gateway Arch is perplexing officials. The mystery started when an Illinois man shot video of the light early on Tuesday morning and shared it with KTVI-TV. 'I've been out there for a little over a month now and I've never seen anything above that arch,' Chase Rhoads told the local station. The independent cleaning consultant had been outside the Casino Queen during his break between 2.30am and 3am when he filmed the clip. Mike Buehlhorn, director of the Metro East Parks and Recreation District, says he doesn't know if he believes in UFOs, but 'there's something weird with that one.' Spokesmen for the nearby Scott Air Force Base and the Federal Aviation Administration say they know nothing about the source of the light.

Facebook says it is cracking down even harder on clickbait by using a system that targets headlines that withhold information needed to understand what the article contains or which exaggerate to mislead readers ©Kimihiro Hoshino (AFP/File)

Facebook has begun updating its News Feed formula to cut down on "clickbait" headlines that promise much more than they deliver.

Facebook could be working a new way of sharing emojis. A patent reveals a 'computer device' that would replace a typed emoji with a photo of the users that displays a similar emotion.

Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London tracked four female bees and found some braver bees would constantly scout out new feeding sites and travel widely to find new sources of nectar.

To dig deep into the evolution of farming in the west, researchers at Middle East Technical University in Ankara and Uppsala University looked at the genes of ancient individuals.

An international team of researchers, led by Peking University in Beijing, say that the flood occurred in 1920 BC, which is later than Chinese historians previously thought.

Researchers at New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury discovered ancient Echovenator sandersi (pictured) had the ability to echolocate.

Australian researchers at RMIT University were able to the metal alloy galinstan move through water and change shape by changing the pH, which could lead to T-1000 style machines (illustrated).

Watch the amazing moment a comet crashes to a fiery death as it passes past the sun at 1.3 MILLION miles an hour

ESA and Nasa's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or Soho, captured the amazing moment just hours ago when the sun claimed its latest victim. The 'sungrazer' comet was attempting to fly by the solar surface when it was torn apart and vaporized by the intense forces near the sun.

Using data from Dawn, scientists from the solar system dynamics group at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena have mapped the variations in Ceres' gravity for the first time.

Researchers from the University of Virginia looked at the drinking habits of 2,425 pairs of twins in Washington to find those who were married tended to drink alcohol less frequently.

University of Southern California researchers said photography forces people to focus on what we are doing, rather than distract them from what they are doing.

Brits shared their holiday pics with a psychologist, who revealed the meaning of their photos. For example, people who pose next to novelty landmarks like the Tower of Pisa think they are witty.

Princeton University conducted what it says is the 'largest and most detailed measurement of online tracking' to find new ways hackers are plotting our movements (stock image used).

Scientists in China are set to launch the first 'quantum satellite,' which could make for an ultra-secure global communications network. It contains a crystal that produces entangled photons.

The 'experimental service' will not replace the entire normal broadcast, but instead 100 hours will be shown in 360 throughout the 16-day event in Brazil.

Japan-based Capcom, said that nausea when playing Resident Evil would go away with time, as familiarity gained by players can help them become more accustomed to immersion.

An international team of scientists, led by the Max Planck Institute in Seewiesen, Germany, measured the brain activity of frigatebirds and found that they sleep in flight.

Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, say the material is the first key component of futuristic uniforms that will respond to and protect from chemical hazards.

Google self driving trucks to take to American roads by the end of the year

By the end of the year, small owner-operators and larger commercial partners will begin using Otto's self-driving kit developed by ex-Google employees. The company has a target of 'thousands' of testers by 2017. For now, the robot truckers would only take control on the highways, leaving humans to handle the tougher task of wending through city streets.

Researchers at the University of North Texas say that rather than the Tinder lowering self-worth, it may be that people with lower self-esteem are more drawn to these types of apps (stock image used)

Researchers say people are more likely to delegate when the decision comes with potentially negative consequences, as delegating allows them to avoid blame and feelings of responsibility

The University of Washington revealed how hackers could insert images into dodgy apps and recording the brain's unintentional reaction using brain-computer interfaces.

Researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette showed the creatures can repair hair cells after being damaged, using a cocktail of proteins.

FILE - This Feb. 7, 2016 file image released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and distributed by the Korea News Service (KNS) shows a rocket lifting off, said to be carrying North Korea's Earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4, at the Sohae launch pad in Tongchang-ri, North Korea. North Korean space officials are hard at work on a five-year plan that they say will put more satellites into orbit and lay the groundwork for a shot to the moon.  (Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP, File)

Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered space officials in North Korea to put a plan into place that will see them put more advanced satellites into orbit and even attempt a moon landing.

Horses are so in tune with their rider's body they can detect their discomfort, revealed sports scientists following a survey that discovered some 40 per cent of women experience breast pain while riding.

Engineers are launching a bid to put Britain on the winning podium of an epic 1,800-mile (2,897km) car race in Australia, powered by the sun. Last year's winning car is pictured.

Nissan reveals dart-like BladeGlider electric car used at the Olympics 2016

Dihedral doors, a three-seat 'arrowhead formation' layout and 0 to 62mph in less than five seconds - there's a lot to like about Nissan's latest electric car unveiling. But will the Japanese brand make it for the public?

Changes mean that listed species, such as raccoons (pictured), can no longer be imported, grown, bred, sold or released into the environment in the UK without a permit.

Deep inside its Silicon Valley headquarters, Facebook engineers have stocked a new lab with computerized lathes, industrial mills and tools for making physical goods.

The flexible patch can detect a person's blood-alcohol level from their sweat. It can even message doctors and even police if the wearer drinks too much.

The explosion of the smartphone means that the average Briton spends the equivalent of a day a week online and most people have confessed to feeling 'hooked' to their devices.

The National University of Singapore believes China will be at the forefront in genetic enhancement and it will make the more competitive. Whereas Westerns say it is unethical and dangerous.

Japanese researchers predict that the right type of rock, colliding head on at high enough speeds can result in the molten layers, and even magnetic fields, of planets (illustrated).

Researchers at the University of Maryland built and tested the machine which has just five ions - electrically charged atoms - trapped in a magnetic field at its heart.

A University of Utah study of sites in the US dating back 5,000 years ago revealed the plant, called pitseed goosefoot, was one of the first crops to have been cultivated.

Global warming could release waste from Cold War military base buried in Greenland ice

Millions of liters of waste, including gasoline, PCBs, and nuclear coolant water lay buried beneath the ice sheet at an abandoned Cold War base in Greenland, and climate change could soon send it spilling into the ocean. Along with chemical and biological waste, there are thousands of tons of physical remnants from abandoned infrastructure that sit dormant at Camp Century - a site which covers an area roughly the length of 100 football fields. The US base was decommissioned nearly 50 years ago under the assumption that the waste would remain trapped underground forever, but a new analysis reveals that warming temperatures could unearth hazardous waste in just 75 years.

A video by Munich-based animation studio Kurzgesagt - German for ' in a nutshell' - explains what a gamma ray burst is and what would be the consequences if one occurred in our galaxy.

Jason Young, an asset manager from St Helens, Merseyside, claimed he saw the beast on Saturday, July 23, as it chased a deer by old Roman ruins near the tourist town of Ambleside.

China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover has spent 31 months surveying the moon's surface

The Chang'e-3 rocket carrying the Jade Rabbit rover blasted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province on December 2, 2013.

A study of the bug life in homes in the US found that the bigger the house, the greater the insect variety. The study said that the lush landscaped gardens in wealthy areas allow wildlife to thrive.

Californian sea lion Ronan's head-bopping suggests the neural underpinnings of beat-keeping may be more ancient and widespread than previously thought. This is because sea lions are not 'vocal mimics.'

Valery Spiridonov, from Russia, is set to undergo the risky procedure next year. The 31-year-old, who is wheelchair reliant due to a muscle-wasting disease, spoke at a press conference today.

New aqua-themed brain-teaser leaves the Internet baffled 

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas has created another tricky cartoon, this time challenging the internet to find the fish hiding in underwater scene along with some octopuses. The fish is cleverly disguised alongside octopuses of a similar hue to it. Dudas first drove the internet mad trying to find a panda among a group of snowmen, then he challenged people to pick out a cat blended into rows of owls.

Research by the University of New Hampshire tested 1,100 participants and found movers enjoy a 'relocation bump' that helps them remember things when they up sticks to a new home.

Researchers from the University of Manchester, New Jersey State Museum and the University of Massachusetts diagnosed the dinosaur, which was discovered in New Jersey.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge traced the gene from various bird and reptile species back to the ancient archelosaur genetic line - the ancestral lineage of turtles, birds and dinosaurs.

Youngsters in the Syrian city of Douma are increasingly downloading the hit game - and risking their lives clambering on to bomb-damaged buildings to capture Pokemon characters in the game.

Research led by the University of Leicester identified details of the retina in the eyes of 300 million year-old lamprey and hagfish fossils found in the Mazon Creek fossil bed in Illinois.

Google has just caught up to Amazon and will begin testing its delivery drones at a US site. This is part of The White House's project to understand drones and what safety measures need to be put in place.

UCLA found that wines made with 'green' grapes and an eco-friendly process taste better than the traditional. And eco-certified red wines are tastier than eco-certified white wines.

A cybercriminal has listed credentials for 200 million alleged Yahoo accounts for sale on the dark web. Yahoo has neither confirmed nor denied the claims, and users may want to reset passwords.

Impressive video shows enormous US-led naval fleet which is patrolling the Pacific Ocean

In an amazing display of military cooperation, almost 50 ships and submarines, 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel from 26 nations have gathered in the Pacific Ocean - and it even included China.The RIMPAC multinational training exercises in recent weeks have included an impressive formation of aircraft carriers (main), military ships (top right) and aircraft including helicopters (bottom right).

Companies including Nike have turned to 3D printing technology, wind tunnels and more to increase the innovation in apparel for athletes during the Rio Olympics, to give athletes that extra edge.

Researchers at the University of Leicester have revealed that a shop's losses more than double when self-service technology (stock image) is used.

Apple revealed the improvements in gender and ethnic diversity and has stayed ahead of fellow Silicon Valley powerhouses Google and Facebook in hiring minorities.

A video from Canadian-based YouTube channel ASAPScience explains both the differences and similarities between the male and female orgasm and who is more likely to reach a climax.

A researcher at Penn State university in Pennsylvania, said a genetic mutation may have helped modern humans adapt to smoke exposure from fires, which made Neanderthals (illustrated) sick.

A data scientist has scoured the archives of heavy metal lyrics and compared them with a major corpus of documents to reveal the 'metalness' ranking of 10,000 words.

As the weather gets hotter, it's tempting to store food in the fridge but keeping it cool doesn't always keep it fresher, according to experts who have drawn up a list of food to keep in the cupboard instead.

Scantilly's campaign was rejected by Facebook on the grounds that it doesn't allow ads 'that promote sexual acts, sexual videos and publications', however they have since reversed the decision.

US Marines test machine gun wielding robot that can also throw grenades

A machine gun wielding robot has joined the US military. Called Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS), this robot, pulls wounded soldiers to safety and is fitted with a M2 M24OB machine gun. This realistic 'Terminator' can be used in dangerous areas where humans are unable to travel, as it is controlled by a human at a safe distance. QuinetiQ North America is the maker of this unmanned ground vehicle, which it is currently being tested with US Marines.

Earth's fever got worse last year, breaking dozens of climate records, NOAA scientists said in a massive report nicknamed the annual physical for the planet.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University said the evidence suggests 15 per cent of Millennials aged 20-24 had no sex since they turned 18 compared to just six per cent of Generation X.

More than 350 million devices have been upgraded to Windows 10 since the software was released last year

The Anniversary Update comes just days after Microsoft ended a free global upgrade program. As part of the roll out, virtual assistant Cortana is now more central and can be used in any search.

According to skincare experts, using mobile phones is wreaking havoc with our faces, causing all sorts of ailments from sagging jaws and forehead creases to tired eyes and tech neck.

Engineers from the University of California, San Diego, came up with the device which comprises a 'temporary tattoo' that sticks to the skin and a magnetic circuit board.

Recent analysis of more than 10,000 cannabis joints found they contained an average 0.3g of marijuana - lower than the 1g estimated by officials, says Ian Hamilton, a lecturer at York University.

This situation is the most dire in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, home to the greatest diversity of remaining large mammals. Large wildlife species that need large spaces are most vulnerable to threats,

Plans in a patent awarded to the Washington-based online retail giant detail smart headphones which could suspend noise-cancellation when triggered by key words or phrases.

Tintagel archaeologists unearth royal palace believed to be King Arthur's birthplace

After just four days of excavation, the first glimpses of the stone walls of a palace have been uncovered at Tintagel in Cornwall. Now new excavations are shedding light on how and when the buildings were constructed, as well as what they were used for. Researchers believe the 3ft (1m) thick walls being unearthed are from a palace belonging to the rulers of the ancient south-west British kingdom of Dumnonia.

Neurologists from the universities of Foggia and Bologna in Italy said the medieval heroinemay have had a type of epilepsy that affects the part of the brain responsible for hearing.

The Facebook-owned company says the new feature, which is being rolled out globally, is for those who worry about posting too many pictures and clogging up their followers' feeds.

Rick Hay and Lily Soutter reveal exactly what your convenience meals could be doing to your body - including disrupting your sleep patterns, destroying you libido and immune system.

Experts have revealed that using cliché words to describe yourself - such as 'ambitious', 'creative' and 'a perfectionist' - only sets you up to fall at the first hurdle.

Stunning new images show the Perseid meteor shower over The Scorhill Circle in Devon. Catching a glimpse of the shower depends on your location, but it is best to look for them in a dark sky.

Researchers from the University of Sydney used a remote telescope in the outback of Australia, at a site free of radio interference, to listen to the hisses from the star's life before its explosion.

'Parabiosis' involves the transfusion of blood plasma from a young donor, and has recently begun clinical trials on humans. The practice has caught the attention of tech investor Peter Thiel.

Google's latest patent transforms bathrooms into lifesaving devices. Filed in 2015, this application describes noninvasive health-monitoring devices that can 'sense' the person's health.

X-rays uncover a mysterious face in Edgar Degas' 'Portrait of a Woman'

A team at Australia's Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, where the piece is currently on loan, took the painting to the Australian synchrotron in order to uncover its hidden secrets (pictured black and white and false colour, left and right). Art historians have known since 1922 that an outline of the hidden portrait had been emerging from the painting (inset), but traditional techniques had only been able to reveal a faint outline. Using X-ray analysis, researchers were able to build computerised maps of the layers of paint the work contained, including the abandoned portrait hidden underneath for so many years.

GlaxoSmithKline and Google parent Alphabet have launched a new firm to market bioelectronic devices to fight illness by attaching to individual nerves.

Virgin Spaceship Unity is unveiled in Mojave, California, Friday February 19th, 2016. VSS Unity is the first vehicle to be manufactured by The Spaceship Company, Virgin Galactic's wholly owned manufacturing arm, and is the second vehicle of its design ever constructed. VSS Unity was unveiled in FAITH (Final Assembly Integration Test Hangar), the Mojave-based home of manufacturing and testing for Virgin Galactic¿s human space flight program. VSS Unity featured a new silver and white livery and was guided into position by one of the company¿s support Range Rovers, provided by its exclusive automotive partner Jaguar Land Rover.\n\n

The firm says the operating license awarded by the FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation will ultimately permit commercial operations.

Researchers at Penn State University, Pennsylvania looked at spores from fungi that grew on large animal dung. These were extracted from lake cores, and used to determine when the mammoths died.

Biologists at the University of California San Diego used mathematical models to demonstrate birds use 'torque and vertical wind' to help them pick efficient soaring path through thermals.

The update will have more than 100 new emojis, including female athletes, single-parent families and a rainbow flag. The water gun (left) will replace the pistol (right), a press release suggests.

Waze is adding more time to your commute - but for your own good. Google's app will now reroute Los Angeles drivers from difficult intersection and is looking at the same for high-crime areas.

FILE - In this Aug. 24, 2015 file photo, a kayaker paddles along Zephyr Cove, the sight of the 19th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit in south Lake Tahoe, Nev. A new study says the average surface temperature of Lake Tahoe has risen faster over the last four years than any time on record - 15 times faster than the long-term warming rate over the past half century. The annual report issued by the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center says continued warm and dry conditions contributed to several record-breaking measurements at Tahoe in 2015. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

The average surface temperature of Lake Tahoe has risen faster over the last four years than any time on record - 15 times faster than the ...

Nasa has plans to launch its first crewed flight in 2023, spending a total of $16 billion in preparation, but according to the report from the US Government Accountability Office, these figures are not reliable.

The great attractor is not an object but instead a point in the centre of the supercluster of galaxies in which our Milky Way sits, Dr Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, said.

The skull (pictured), thought to belong to a 35-year-old Columbian mammoth, was found in the neighbourhood of El Ejido San Rafael, near Galeana in north east Mexico.

Watch the heartwarming videos of napping baby macaques smiling that reveal how we got our grin

They come and go in just a matter of seconds, but the lop-sided smiles of sleeping newborn macaques may tell a story that stretches back more than 30 million years. Spontaneous smiles have been seen in both human and chimp infants, and are thought to be the evolutionary origin of smiles and laughter. Now, observations of this behaviour in macaques suggests this expression may have emerged much earlier than previously thought, at the point when ancient monkeys first diverged from direct human ancestors.

Captured by the gas giant's gravity, the probe (illustrated) is falling back towards the planet, ready for its closest pass yet. Scientific instruments have been brought back online, to start collecting data.

A bitter two-year battle to become China's biggest taxi firm has finally ended with a £26billion deal between Uber and its rival Didi Chuxing - which controls 90 per cent of the market.

It is believed tribes picked the plant as Europe's glaciers started to retreat, but not just for its psychoactive highs, says a study by the German Archaeological Institute.

The existence of a black beaked whale looking like a porpoise has been confirmed - but it is so rare it still doesn't have an official name. The whale was confirmed through genetic testing.

The San Francisco-based ride hailing firm has said the maps will contain more relevant information for drivers than Google maps, including traffic flow and improved accuracy for pickups (illustrated).

Australia's local coordinate system, the Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA), was last updated in 1994 and officials said it will be out by six feet (1.8 metres) by 2020 unless it is corrected.

A team of researchers at Yale University claim to have finally worked out why women have orgasms and believe it is all to do with ovulation and the need to be stimulated before releasing an egg.

The bones were discovered by cavers in the caverns and crevices under East Gippsland, in Victoria, and have lain stuck to the floor of the cave by calcite crystals for four decades.

Video reveals what it is like to fly U-2 spy plane to the edge of space

It is one of the Air Force's most recognisable planes - and one of its most secretive. However, in a new video pilots finally reveal what it's like to fly the U-2 Dragon Lady. The manned aircraft can fly for 12 hours at 70,000 feet - twice the altitude of a commercial plane - reaching speeds of more than 475 mph. Pilots have to wear pressurised suits (top left), and often see see a natural occurrence called the terminator line that separates day and night.

Deszo Molnar, a former US Air Force pilot and rocket engineer based in Los Angeles, is trying to build a new type of vehicle to avoid the traffic on the freeways (pictured).

Colin Bull, at Software Quality Systems in Germany, said despite the benefits, drones ' must be embraced and feared in equal measures'. It follows news that Amazon will tests its drones in the UK.

Maker of the app, Niantic, in San Francisco, California, issued the first Pokémon Go update over the weekend, including the axing of the three-step counter showing the proximity of Pokémon.

New York based Red Balloon Security invented the malware, named 'Funtenna'. Funtenna exploits radio frequencies, or RF signals, to turn office equipment into bugging devices.

Experts at the UK Cards Association say that people are at risk of contactless card fraud because customers are too often handing their cards over for payment.

US-based YouTube channel, End Times Prophecies, also predicted a giant asteroid would collide with Earth in May. Nasa says a polar flip would be unlikely to end the world.

A special pipe system for the laying of fiber optic cables is shown by an employee of WEMACOM?during a industry conference for the broadband supply in North Germany in Zarrentin, Germany, 24 November 2011. Reports state that the fiber optic conference is searching for ways to get villagers in the German states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein with slow internet connections on to the information highway.  EPA/JENS?BUETTNER

The Wireless Association, an industry trade group also known as CTIA, and other groups are petitioning for the case to be reheard by all of the court's judges.

Netflix and chill on Saturday night was interrupted for some customers who reported outages all over the US and at least a dozen other countries. Netflix finally resolved the problem just after 11pm.

The world's smartest people of all time revealed

Libb Thims, a Chicago-based electrochemical engineer, has ranked the 40 smartest people of all time, from world-famous polymaths such as Johann Goethe from Germany and da Vinci from Italy, to child prodigies. Goethe (pictured top left) was ranked number one, followed by Albert Einstein (top centre) and da Vinci ( top right). Child geniuses including Ainan Cawley (bottom centre) made the list as well as a number of women, including Marie Curie (bottom left) and Hypatia of Alexandria (bottom right).

The Ministry of Finance said the additional funding had been made available in order to help China's regions respond to the large number of 'extreme weather events' this year.

Experts have revealed a 'vortex laser' that can encode information into its twists. This allows it to transport information far faster than conventional lasers.

A new patent suggests it could make a comeback in a future iPhone or iPad. Apple’s recent application describes a ‘rotary input’ attached to iOS-based devices that would be used to adjust the volume, scrolling, resizing text, among other actions. Pictures is a concept drawing of the digital crown

A new patent suggests Apple could revive the thumbwheel. Deemed a 'rotary input' the pages describe hardware attached that would adjust volume, scroll, resize text and more.

The Impossible Burger contains no meat but its makers claim it looks, smells, sizzles and tastes like real beef. Momofuku Nishi in Manhattan, New York, is the first restaurant to serve the burger.

Researchers in Korea have created an ultra-flexible screen that conforms to the surface of your skin. It could help to improve the capabilities of wearable devices and augmented reality.

Researchers argue that other potentially habitable worlds could one day produce life given enough time, roughly 10 trillion years. They say life on Earth, on a cosmic scale, may be premature.

China's radical elevated bus that drives over the TOP of other cars

The 22-meter-long, 7.8-meter-wide and 4.8-meter-high TEB-1 can carry up to 300 passengers over the top of cars and let traffic pass underneath it.

Researchers from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College tested a range of buying and selling goods with a different range of prizes, on volunteers split into pairs.

Climate Explorer uses data from climate stations across the country, and shows how temperature, precipitation, and other weather patterns could be swayed by greenhouse gas emissions.

After nearly 10 years, the rare 'corpse flower' has bloomed in the Big Apple, and release a smell for 24 to 36 hours that is only delightful to pollinators that feed on dead animals.

Clothing of the future could have the ability to repair itself after a tear - all you need to do is add water. Researchers have developed a coating that can heal itself, and neutralize chemicals.

Professor Stephen Hawking (pictured) has written about his concerns over humanities attitude to money and the way wealth is divided unequally and it leaves him concerned about our species' future.

EXCLUSIVE: The tool, created by RS Components in Corby, allows user to input their age and then tells them when to expect self-driving cars and colour-changing clothes, for example.

Medals aside, just watching Simone Biles twist, turn, flip, and leap has got the US buzzing. Dr Thomas Jessell of Columbia University explains the science behind her skill.

Artists imagine what Rio, London, Paris and Sydney of the future look like

The designers have taken inspiration from a new computer game to come up with the impressions of what Rio, London, Paris and Sydney, among others, will look like in the year 2029. The host city of the Olympics is depicted with a huge metal structure leading to Sugarloaf Mountain , and Berlin has re-instated a military-style wall. The designers, who took inspiration for new computer game Deus Ex: Mankind Dividend, also created futuristic interpretations of Barcelona, Blackpool, Moscow and Stockholm.

Cyber attackers set up a fake website for donations from what appears to have been a Russian IP address and then harvested donors' details, sources said.

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and transparency website WikiLeaks are clashing over how best to handle the publication of sensitive data, in a public spat played out over Twitter.

It's not believed the glitch puts users of the Mountain View, California-based app at any risk, but it seems to be an anomaly in the company's focus on security.

This process, developed by a team at the University of Illinois, uses artificial leaves and energy from the sun to turn water and carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuels.

The print was found in Chulku Mayu, about 40 miles (64km) outside the city of Sucre in central Bolivia by a tourist guide earlier this month. The area is well known for dinosaur tracks.

Nasa's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will launch by 2018. TESS will be able to learn the sizes of the planets it sees and how long it takes them to complete an orbit.

Dr James Carney, a Senior Research Associate in Psychology from Lancaster University explores the possibility of communicating with alien species.

Archaeologists have discovered a tin of cheese on the wreck of the 17th Century Swedish flagship the Kornan, which sank in 1676, off the south-east coast of Sweden.

The 'soy shape' containers that create optical illusions when sauce is poured in

These dishes give a new meaning to dinner and a show. Called Soy Shapes, these dipping dishes play on the colour gradation that occurs in soy sauce at shallow depths to produce an optical illusion. Once the whimsical saucers are filled, sushi lovers will think a 3D object has appeared. The Japanese-based firm opened a Kickstarter page to fund this project and are seeking $6,615. Consumers can get their own optical illusion for just a pledge of £15 ($20 USD), which will ship in October.

Washington-based Microsoft will officially withdraw the free download offer of its new Windows 10 operating system and from tomorrow onwards users will have to pay to get the software.

A new video by Alabama-based YouTube channel SciShow, reveals the consequences of having too much ethanol in the body and what happens to the brain.

The researchers from the University of California said that inbreeding has caused a catalogue of health problems including breathing difficulties, heart defects and autoimmune diseases.

Boeing has revealed it may end production of its 747 Jumbo Jet aircraft after a dip in orders for the plane. In the first six months of 2016 it delivered just three 747s compared to nine in 2015.

A malfunction in US company PetNet's computer program, which connects 'smart' feeders to owners' phones, caused them to stop working. Customers were urged to feed their pets 'manually'.

Ricky Ma Wai-kay. from Hong Kong, built a robot resembling Scarlett Johansson and now plans on helping others to build their own android by creating a 'handbook'.

The seal matrix (pictured) was found in Boarhills, Fife. Other objects include 17th-century button proclaiming political allegiance to William of Orange found at Dalreoch, West Dunbartonshire.

The lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano vent has attracted thousands of visitors since it began oozing down in May and finally reached the ocean this week.

Jupiter’s shadow causes the atmosphere of its volcanic moon Io to COLLAPSE

Scientists at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in Boulder, Colorado used two telescopes to study what happens to Io's atmosphere as the temperature drops during these eclipses.The study used the large eight-metre Gemini North telescope in Hawaii and an instrument called the Texas Echelon Cross Echelle Spectrograph (TEXES).

The study, by researchers at the University of Hawaii found that more than half of the species in the Clarion-Clipper Zone were new to science, reiterating how little is known about life in this region.

The number of jellyfish blooms are on the rise in coastal waters, The Marine Conservation Society found. And tourists heading to Devon and Cornwall should be extra-wary.

FILE - In this Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, file photo, electronic screens post prices of Alphabet stock at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York. Business is booming at Google¿s parent company, Alphabet Inc., even as it loses billions of dollars on risky projects that may never produce any revenue. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Business is booming at Google's parent company, Alphabet, even as it loses billions of dollars on kooky-sounding projects that may never produce any revenue.

Princeton as designed the ultimate selfie editing tool. This new technology modifies images as if they were taken far away. It can also alter the pose of your hide, allowing you to capture the perfect selfie.

Revenues jumped 31 percent to $30.4 billion, Amazon said in stronger-than-expected result ©John MacDougall (AFP/File)

Online giant Amazon said Thursday profit in the second quarter surged ninefold to $857 million, lifted by cloud services as the tech giant expanded its offerings.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of, has become the world's third-richest person as of the market close for the first time, Forbes magazine said

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone maker has hired the former head of BlackBerry's  car software division - and is 'prioritizing development of an autonomous driving system'.

According to a new study, reservoirs half a mile underground can store CO2 for over 100,000 years without corroding the rock above -10 times longer than time needed to avoid climatic impacts.

Alter the Japanese robot can control its own limbs and facial expressions

A creepy humanoid robot has been unveiled in Japan possessing a neural network similar to the human brain (main and inset). 'Alter' has complete control over its own movements and can even sing. Scientists said it was a remarkable breakthrough to design such a sophisticated robot.

Austin, Texas is set for an invasion of delivery robots. The UK firm, Starship Technologies, will begin testing its semi-autonomous 'ground drones' in packages, groceries and restaurants.

While the peak for the shower will be tonight and tomorrow night, the display will continue until around August 23, overlapping with the Perseid shower, which occurs in mid-August.

For players hoping Nintendo's Pokémon Go Plus wearable would be available by the end of the month, the firm has bad news - the wristband is now set to be released in September.

The Apollo astronauts suffered high levels of deep space radiation and are dying from cardiovascular problems, a study at Florida State University found.

Wyp Aviation has completed its first manned test in a wind tunnel in Ontario, Canada. The vision is for thrill-seekers to be towed by a plane and 'surf' behind it as if riding a wakeboard.

Researchers from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and KU Leuven found added pleasure that a song brought to the experience was transferred into the beer's flavour.

Skeptics call it a parlor trick, but Stanford University found hypnosis change three hallmarks of the brain. Emotion, the 'brain-body connection' and awareness of action were found to be altered.

Three wheel Black Mamba design to replicate adrenaline rush of riding motorbike

It might look like something from the Batman series, but this sleek roadster provides the same adrenaline rush as riding a motorbike, but with the safety of a car. Called Valene Black Mamba, this electric car features in-hub electric motors that allows the vehicle go from 0 to 62 mph in less than 4.2 seconds. Silex Powers is taking preorders for the vehicle starting at € 35,000 ($39,315), which should be shipped sometime next year.

It's rumoured Britain's Special Forces could use the headset, following in the footsteps of their American counterparts, which are trailing the tech by Halo Neuroscience in California.

EXCLUSIVE: One in 10 handsets would not charge and half were not in a good enough condition to be sold. Dominic Littlewood, TV host and journalist, provides MailOnline with tips on stay safe online.

A study by experts at Imperial College London found British women have grown from being on average 5 foot in 1914 to 5 foot 5 today thanks to better access to quality food and fewer illnesses.

The 'donkey whisperer' is Mark Ineson, the owner of 'Real Donkeys' in Yorkshire, UK. He has teamed up with Merlin Events to offer donkey rides 'with a difference' in London's Jubilee Gardens.

The strange sphere was sucked off the sea bed during a live-streamed Nautilus exploration by the Channel Islands of California. Scientists believe it may be a type of marine mollusc.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg told Bloomberg that they plan to use virtual reality to connect all the 7 billion people in the world and believes this technology will lead to a new frontier - telepathy.

A recent examination of British and American English language shows that publications now largely use the American version, swapping words like 'centre' for 'center' after the 1880s.

Asteroid that is set to narrowly miss Earth could come back and hit us 40 years later 

An asteroid ( set to narrowly miss Earth could cause 'immense suffering and death' years later if its orbit is changed when it passes dangerously near to our planet. The space rock, called Bennu, crosses Earth's orbit once every six years and is set to pass between the moon and our planet in 2135. Scientists are worried the 500-metre wide asteroid's orbit could be tweaked by Earth's gravity as it passes by, causing it to smash into our planet later in the century. Nasa is so concerned by Bennu that it is sending a probe to the asteroid's surface to analyse it.

It was first introduced by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 - and now, current Apple boss Tim Cook has revealed the firm has now sold a billion iPhones.

Facebook profits have leapt 186 percent from a year ago to $2 billion as the world's biggest social network blasted past most analyst forecasts for the second quarter.

The finding comes from Harvard University researcher Professor Alexandra Killewald, who analysed data on the lives, marriages and finances of 6,300 couples, including 1,700 who had divorced.

Microsoft may have just released the ultimate selfie app for iOS. Called Pix, it uses AI, computational photography and video stabilization to make sure people and scenes in pictures look their best.

On average, temperatures in Cornwall stay above 10C (50F) for more than seven months of the year, meaning it can be classed as subtropical, according to a report from Exeter University.

MailOnline Travel consulted several survivalist experts and African safari guides to amass the ultimate worst-case-scenario guide, should you be faced with an aggressive wild beast.

The fossil (pictured) of Heterodontosaurus tucki was analysed at the European Synchrotron Radiation Source (ESRF) in Grenoble, France.

UFO hunters claims to have found rock on Mars that looks like Donald Trump's head

A bizarre claim has some conspiracy theorists wondering if the US Republican nominee is part of an alien culture from Mars. Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily claims to have spotted Donald Trump's face, nose and hair superimposed on rock laying on Mars. Captured by the Opportunity Rover in 2010, this rock could mean The Donald is an alien or 'or decided from the aliens on Mars'.

Amazon MarketFresh customers living in parts of London are the first able to use the Dash gadget in the UK, which lets users add groceries to their basket by scanning them, or by talking.

Researchers at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, examined infrared images of the area where the star sits, taken with Nasa's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wise).

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma have developed a robotic exoskeleton that allows infants at risk for cerebral palsy to crawl, promoting brain development and build new motor skills.

Raving about hit smartphone game Pokemon GO, Cook stressed that Apple is 'high on [augmented reality] for the long-run' and investing heavily.

The Clinton campaign has commissioned a new film called 'Not Reality TV' paints a bleak picture of failing crops, floods, fires, and food shortages if global warming continues unabated.

Once you reach 12, you are far more likely to light up a joint in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington than anywhere else in the United States, according to new federal data.

The newly discovered ant species found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea was named by scientists from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

CamSoda, the adult entertainment webcam company will make virtual reality sex possible globally using 'teledildonics' - connected sex toys that relay touch between users.

Eerie video shows woman 'floating out of body' after her death in Chinese hospital 

The footage shows a woman covered in a sheet lying prone on a bed in a hallway in the hospital in China before an eerie figure seems to float out of her body and out of the door. According to a writer on Tuko : 'It has captured a unique experience we all are doomed to undergo - the death.' The footage was filmed in 2014 at around 4am. It is not clear what hospital the woman died in, nor whether there is evidence the video was been doctored.

The research comes from a team of scientists affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea, who were inspired by the behaviour of bees.

In his endorsement of her, Barack Obama described Clinton as the most qualified presidential nominee in U.S. history. But two Yale psychologists explain why voters are not so convinced by her.

It's been nearly 50 years since scientists first discovered the natural drug 'rapamycin' hiding within the soil at Easter Island, and now, it's been hailed by some as the 'fountain of youth.'

The discovery from Durham University shows orangutans could have the ability to control their voices. This research might answer the question of where spoken language came from.

The bacteria, called Staphylococcus lugdunensis, could be used as part of a nasal probiotic say researchers from the University of Tubingen in Germany.

Researchers from Boston University have studied the process of Jupiter's atmospheric heating since 2012. Temperatures recorded were much higher above the Great Red Spot.

Builder Eli Maguire found and dismantled a card skimming device outside an ANZ bank in Kiama, NSW (pictured). Skimmers are used to glean credit card details and plunder savings accounts.

Physicists at the Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary, have found in order to accurately calculate their position using a sunstone it was best to take readings close to sunrise or sunset.

Russian mini motorbike fat tire motorbike that can be taken apart in five minutes

Designed by Russian firm Motovezedhody, Taurus 2x2 is a 132-pound, two-wheel drive motorbike that can be taken a part in just five minutes and stowed away in the trunk of a car. This Russian agriculture bike has added 12-inch wide, 25-in in diameter fat tires to the design, allowing it to trudge through the mud and slush - making it ideal for hunting, fishing, travel and off-road terrain. And is now available for 75,000 Russian rubles (around $1,100).

Fire investigators believe the blaze that destroyed a tiny village built on wooden stilts in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, 3,000 years ago, was started deliberately, possibly in an attack by raiders.

Apple's iPhone sales fell for the second straight quarter, although the 15 percent drop was less than feared - and shares rose almost 7 percent in after-hours trading.

Twitter reported a rise from 310 million to 313 million monthly active users in three months

Twitter failed to meet financial analyst expectations in its latest earnings announcement, as the site's number of users grew by just three million in the la...

Disney's latest patent aims to help personalize their visitors' experiences. Using cameras and sensors, this system will track attendees as see what rides, shows and stores peak their interest.

Dr Simone Marchi from the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado and colleagues from Italy and Germany used data from the Nasa Dawn mission study global crater distribution.

The researchers at Pew Research Center, based in Washington DC carried out a survey of more than 4,700 US adults. They asked about gene editing, implantation of brain chips, and transfusions of synthetic blood.

Bristol Bullet is companies first new car in over a decade

The Bristol Bullet was unveiled at The Dorchester in central London, and production is set to begin in Chichester, West Sussex, early next year. Bristol Cars began hand-building luxury models in Filton, Gloucestershire, in 1946 as a division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company. The Bristol Bullet is a handmade two-seater, described by the firm as 'a sublime British sports car' that will cost 'under £250,000'. Its top speed is 155mph and it can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds. It will be sent to UK customers in January.

Scientists at the European Space Agency in Cologne will today turn off the system on the Rosetta spacecraft used to communicate with the stricken Philae lander on the surface of the comet.

In a study conducted on 5,000 people dating back to the 1990s, researchers found that nearly half of Samoans may have this gene, while the variant was 'virtually non-existent' in other populations.

The move by the Seattle-based company is the result of a deal with the British government that aims to understand how drones can be used safely and reliably.

There are 150,000 of the chipmunks in 12 separate colonies across France, with more than 10,000 counted in the Sénart forest south of Paris. The rodents carry ticks which spread Lyme disease.

Rumours come from Taiwan-based DigiTimes, who wrote: 'Apple is likely to roll out new iPhone devices with iris sensors in 2018.' Other rumours say the iPhone 8 will have edge-to-edge display.

Researchers from York University have put together a risk assessment for the Government. Defra is so concerned that it has commissioned a report into potential spread and options for eradication.

EXCLUSIVE: According to the inforgraphic,created by a marketing firm based in Cumbria, thousands of people ask Google if they are pregnant every month, and some question if men can get pregnant.

World's largest self-driving warship aces its first sea trials

The self driving warship has now completed its first trials - and passed with flying colours. Experts say it has the potential to revolutionise not only the military's but also commercial shipping. The at-sea tests took place off the coast of San Diego, California. The completion of Sea Hunter's performance trials is the first milestone in the two-year test program co-sponsored by Darpa and the Office of Naval Research.

Although the sun is in a period of low activity, it isn't staying quiet. Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured three M-level flares over the weekend that are the strongest this year.

The report from Apfelpage comes from Chinese supply chain sources, who claim to have  have seen packaging and labelling that indicates the new phone will be called the 'iPhone 6SE'.

The heat wave gripping parts of the country including Philadelphia, where thousands are gathering for the DNC, will hit a peak on Monday with temperatures in the city feeling like 108 degrees.

The blistering temperature was recorded in Mitribah, Kuwait, on Thursday. And yesterday, Iraq was nearly as hot, as the mercury soared to 53.9C (129.0 degrees Fahrenheit).

If so, you may have hyperacusis, a severe sensitivity to sound. John Phillips of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals says this may trigger pain, distress and tearfulness.

Osaka University scientists say those most at risk were people those who watched multiple episodes of a series in one sitting. They advise viewers to pause the TV every hour to stretch their legs.

Spanish scientists looked at the genomes of indigenous Australians, Papuans, people from the Andaman Islands and from India. Parts of their DNA did not match any hominin species on record.

Four ewes at Nottingham University have been revealed as clones of the world's first cloned mammal - Dolly the sheep. They are part of a study of the long term effects of cloning.

Scientists reconstruct the head of Bronze Age woman who died in the far north of Scotland

Archaeologist Maya Hoole and her team have looked into the eyes of a woman who died more than 3,700 years ago. Known as Ava, this Bronze Age woman's remains were unearthed at Achavanich in Caithness in 1987 and forensic artist Hew Morrison used her ancient skull, two-dimensional reconstruction software and stock images to create a face that hasn't been seen for thousands of years.

Professor Christopher Zollikofer, from the University of Zurich, led the study that looked at 15 Neanderthal skulls. These included six adults and nine children, with the youngest aged nine weeks.

MIT has designed a movie screen that lets viewers enjoy 3D films from any seat and glasses-free. This prototype, Cinema 3D, uses lenses and mirrors to replicate the same content to all seats in the cinema.

The research, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany, suggests that climate-related natural disasters could drive problems between different ethnic groups.

To be called Space Mission Force,  the U.S. Air Force Space Command says the group will utilise existing satellites and new weapons to 'operate as warfighters' in orbit.

Biologists at the Universities of Nottingham and Royal Holloway, University of London have identified a gene that encodes an enzyme which plays a role in controlling softening of the tomato.

The debate over which biscuit is best for dunking normally comes down to a matter of personal taste - but Rich Tea has come out on top in a scientific test that involved a robotic arm to dunk the confections.

Over the next few weeks, Instagram users will see a 'Videos You Might Like' channel appear on Instagram's Explore tab. US users have been able to use the tool since April.

The discovery used data from the Subaru Telescope which is owned by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), which is located at the Mauna Kea Observatory on Hawaii.

The strangest aircraft ever to take off revealed

Some look like spaceships, others leave you wondering how they even managed to get off the ground. These are the strangest-looking aircraft ever designed. Aircraft technology has come a long way since the Wright brothers invented, built, and flew the world's first successful plane over North Carolina in 1903. But some designs went in decidedly odd directions. Pictured top left is Alexander Lippisch's Aerodyne, bottom left Boeing's 747 Dreamlifter, top right the Lockheed Martin LMH-1, bottom right the XF-85 Goblin and inset the de Lackner HZ-1 Aerocycle.

The clever case, which acts like a target for an iPhone, was designed by a student in Australia, who is selling it for £4.90 ($6.44) and giving away the plans online so players can make their own.

Experts spied the 105-year orca named 'Granny' with other whales on 27 July an claimed she was in 'high spirits' in the Salish Sea, near Washington.

Though logical in theory, experts at the Santa Fe Institute warn workplaces can be a hotbed of viral transmissions, and the sick worker's germs may still be lingering.

A Tesla Model S car on display in Shanghai ©Johannes Eisele (AFP)

Electric car maker Tesla said it won agreement from SolarCity to acquire the solar company for $2.6 billion, confirming a deal that has been criticize over to the fact CEO Elon Musk is a major shareholder.

Researchers from Kyoto University have suggested the two black holes detected by Ligo could have formed from the extreme density of matter present soon after the big bang.