LogicIASTM Tools & Instruments Guarantee - Logiciastm

Top Quality Guaranteed

If any of these quality characteristics fail to meet your expectation, we will allow exchange or full refund for 45 days from the date you receive your tool(s).

Superior Multi-Step Polishing

Vital for patient comfort and lessens the coefficient of friction on the skin so that the tools can be used with little oil or none at all.

Well-Designed Geometry

Profiles and edges that are versatile, efficient, and clinically effective in daily practice.

Sure Grip

Tools are easily held & ensure comfort for practitioner use.  Ergo Grips with a finished handle, scalloped edge, & large radius head on the handle can be used for additional applications. The Sport Grip version featuring identical main treatment edges & economical non-slip handles.

Easily Sanitized

All edges and "flats" are polished to keep the tools easy to clean. Sanitary trays are included for setting the tools between procedures.

Transition Finished

An extra step that eases all abrupt angels created around tight curves.  This allows more flexibility when making tissue contact.