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United States

Orders are now shipping in 3 business days and domestic/USA takes 3 days on average.

United Kingdom, Australia, EU, and Asia

Priority Mail International takes 10-14 days average worldwide delivery with tracking so you can keep track of your package. 


Priority Mail International takes 7-10 days to deliver to Canada.

What to Expect

Logiciastm Tools are delivered to 20+ countries in five continents with a nearly perfect delivery record.    Sets are packaged first in Tyvex envelopes, then in official USPS packages, then wrapped in industrial strength clear tape. 

All Worldwide orders and Canadian AP set orders ship with insurance, tracking, and delivery confirmation. To please our international customers, we have heavily discounted this premium shipping service.

All sets ship with sanitary trays for the tools, balm sample, cleaner, and Technique Primer PDF.

Items ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail usually within 3 business days.  If for some reason we are behind schedule with orders, you will be notified within 24 hours when you can expect your shipment.