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 Announcing for City Council District Six, Republican small businessman Skip Steele said, “I filed for office because I believe there is economic potential in East Tulsa that is not currently receiving the encouragement or representation it  deserves. The climate in East Tulsa is ripe for attracting new businesses, but we need strong leadership for District Six to welcome investment, ensure public safety, encourage prosperity and advocate on behalf of our people.”

“Public safety concerns must be addressed. Reducing crime protects our people, encourages business investments and grows our customer base.  A safer Tulsa is a better Tulsa for everyone,” Steele continued, “As your City Councilor, I will focus City attention on long-term growth and policy solutions rather than temporary fixes.  I will be an advocate for District Six in building support for real solutions that work in a transparent, efficient, modern and effective City government.  

“To protect and grow East Tulsa will require broad community effort and I will work with business, civic, church and social groups and encourage community interaction through regularly scheduled town hall meetings.  It is important to engage the full community to best represent them.”

Skip Steele has contributed in building Tulsa for over 35 years.  He holds a business degree from John F. Kennedy College, operates “All Hours Computers” located in District 6 and attends Boston Avenue Methodist Church. With this executive experience and drive, Skip Steele will foster a business friendly citizen responsive approach to City issues that impact everyone.

Skip Steele sees opportunity for all in East Tulsa. 

Skip Steele has the history of service, motivation and leadership skills required to work within government and alongside developers to improve the quality of life for east Tulsans.