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Student Discount & Volume Discounts

We understand that students and recent graduates are strapped for cash and we understand that multiple orders saves us money that we can pass on to you.  We've done our best to give a little, while still keeping our prices low to the general buyer.  That said, please do not ask for, or expect larger discounts, or to combine two or more discounts.  Catalog companies, please note that we do not have wholesale pricing (commonly 50% of retail), because we have chosen to be the direct sellers of our product.  For our general customers, this means that you are not paying retail mark-up.

Student Discount

We offer a modest discount to students and recent graduates (first two years).  Please request the discount code by emailing Sally a picture of your degree/diploma or student ID.  Discounts range between $10 and $40 depending on the set.

Multiple Purchase Discount

We offer a modest discount for multiple purchases (x2 or more of any set sent to the same address).

Educational Partners

We offer a modest rebate to seminar attendees and practice management members of our educational partners.  It these cases, our educational partners can furnish you with thier rebate details.