August 12, 2016

The truth finally comes out. The fix was in all the time.

For the last year, Bernie Sanders has been saying forces within the Democratic Party were conspiring to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

Now we know he was right. The head bosses of the Democratic Party conspired with Hillary Clinton…

August 11, 2016

Grand guestures are nice, but sometimes all it takes is a little effort to achieve dramatic results.

Anyone who’s ever tried to sell a home has probably wrestled with pricey renovation and remodeling projects that promise big returns.

We often forget about all the little intangible benefits…

August 11, 2016

As I pause and reflect on this country's promise of justice and equality for all, I am reminded of many barriers that have negated the fulfillment of this promise. Are we destined to continue dreaming an impossible dream? Are we destined to continue living in a country where justice and equality…

August 11, 2016

Somewhere between the Zika stories, the doping stories and the stories about what a fetid, toxic swamp Rio really is, I got the message: I was supposed to feel cynical about these Olympics, the way we feel cynical about pretty much everything these days.

I was supposed to marvel at our talent for…


August 10, 2016

Around this time of year, those to-do lists can get a little unwieldy. With the back-to-school rush for supplies, the ramping up of new seasons of soccer practices and swim meets, the push for one last mini-vacation before summer officially sets – it’s easy for that other item on our…

August 10, 2016

In the wake of CSX’s announcement to build an intermodal rail terminal in Rocky Mount, there has been much discussion about the promising future that this opportunity brings, and rightfully so.

But one notably lacking element in this discussion is the past — specifically Rocky…


August 10, 2016

For some time a lot of us have said we need a change after eight years and some even before that.

We need a change. Well, those of you who do not want to vote for Donald Trump, what is wrong with your brain?

You will get a change.

It may not be exactly what you have been used to but it is going to…

August 09, 2016

The next time you are at a sports event, watch the losers. One of the few true tests of an athlete’s character is how a defeat is handled. It is easy to be gracious when you are a winner.

But how do you handle failure?

For most of us, failure is not something we really embraced or learned how…

August 09, 2016

Maybe I just missed it. But in all the testimonials at the Democratic convention about what Hillary Clinton has done for other people, I do not recall anyone saying, “I started a business because of Hillary Clinton.” Or, “I hired someone because of Hillary Clinton.”

We heard…


August 09, 2016

The recent headline in the Rocky Mount Telegram and The Tarboro Weekly – “Lewis takes reins as town manager” – heralded good news. News that Troy Lewis was hired by unanimous vote also was good.

I have no reason but to believe this really is a great thing for the town of…

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