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The State Parks in Mendocino District offer several spectacular and picturesque sites for weddings, receptions or other special events. We are proud to be able to make these areas available for your private function. We have created the guidelines and restrictions to ensure the integrity and preservation of our parks' cultural and natural resources. Please take time to read this guide carefully; we look forward to hosting your event.

  1. Fees
  2. Insurance
  3. Caterer/Food/Drink and Party Rentals
  4. Vehicle Access and parking
  5. Miscellaneous rules and regulations
  6. Completion and Approval of your permit papers


A filing fee of $35.00 must be submitted with the Special Event application and is non-refundable.
An Event Fee will be charged according to the following schedule:

Commercial events may be charged additional fees based on percentage of gross or flat fee negotiated in advance. A damage deposit may be charged for large events.

The $35.00 non-refundable filing fee is not deducted from this cost. Fees are subject to change. Checks should be made payable to California State Parks.

Day use fees will be collected in addition to the event fee in those areas that charge for day use.

An additional charge for a Special Event Monitor(s) may be charged. The cost is $80 per hour with a four-hour minimum ($320). A monitor is required when necessary to insure the safety of the participants and integrity of the park. The need to have a monitor will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Special requests or additional workload may require higher fees.


Liability Insurance is required for most events.

Permittee shall provide a Certificate of Insurance with proof of liability insurance coverage 30 days prior to the event. The following endorsememts must appear on the Certificate of Insurance:

  1. The State of California, its officers, agents, employees and servants are included as additional insured, but only insofar as the operations under this agreement are concerned.
  2. The insurer will not cancel the insured's coverage without 30 days prior written notice to State, except in the case of cancellation for nonpayment of premiums in which instance insurer shall give State ten (10) drays written notice prior to the effective date of the cancellation.

The permittee may get insurance through any insurance company or if they have a caterer they may already have the insurance to cover the event. Either way a Certificate of Insurance must be completed (Accord 25).

Permittee agrees to pay for any/all damages and repairs to State Park lands and facilities or other resources, as may be necessary incidental to the event.

Caterer/Food/Drink & Party Rental's:

State of California alcoholic beverage laws are strictly enforced. Permittee is required to collect all trash and deposit in approved department trash receptacles. If no department trash receptacles are available at your location, the trash must be removed by the permittee.

Large events may require additional portable toilets and trash receptacles to be paid for by the permittee.

Any party rental equipment to be used must be delivered on the day of the event. The permittee will provide a monitor for any equipment to be placed on State Park lands. All equipment must be removed from the park immediately after the event. The Department of Parks and Recreation assumes neither liability nor responsibility for any rental equipment or supplies incidental to the event. It is the responsibility of the permittee to ensure that compliance is agreed to and met by any catering/rental companies that may be used. All equipment must be approved in advance.

Vehicle Access and Parking

All vehicles must be legally parked. Vehicle access will be allowed on park roads open to the public. Vehicles will not be allowed off road.

Miscellaneous Rules and Regulations:

Event participants shall not throw rice, birdseed, flower petals or other objects; party balloons shall not be released.

Amplified music is generally not allowed but may possibly be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

The event organizer will ensure that a responsible person is on site at all times during the event. This person must have a copy of the permit and be identified to State Parks.

Areas used for ceremonies or special events cannot be closed to the public.

All event locations are to be cleared of all equipment and trash by the end of the event. State Park property shall be returned to original condition to the satisfaction of the State.

All plants and other features are protected in State Parks. Disturbing the ground, cutting or trampling of vegetation is prohibited.

Any of the following must have prior approval.

Failure to comply with any of these provisions may result in the termination of your permit during the event. Please inform your guests and any caterers/rental companies involved of the rules, regulations and sensitivities of the park.

Special events are not permitted during the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends and the Fourth of July holiday period. Special events are not permitted at beaches during minus tides during Abalone Season.

Completion and approval of your permit papers

Reservations can be made a maximum of 1 year in advance. On the first of each month, permittee will have access to an entire month of available dates up to one year in advance. Example: For an event in May 2010 reserve the site on or after May 15 2009. At least 30 days advance notice is needed to process an application. You may call to see if a date is available, if so we will pencil you in. We will hold this date for 30 days to allow time for you to file the permit application (other fees & insurance not due at this time). If you require a "rehearsal" date as well as the event date we may approve this (must be submitted on the same application) additional fees and insurance may apply.

The $35.00 filling fee is required upon turning in the application. Please make checks payable to "California State Parks". A walk through may be necessary prior to the approval of the permit. In cases where a caterer and/or party rental company will be involved a walk through with the company may be required to review all rules and regulations concerning your event. The last meeting should be held one month prior to your event.

Large or commercial events may require additional environmental review.

The event fee must be paid and the insurance certificate must be received 30 days prior to the event. Refunds cannot be granted, however, rescheduling can usually be accommodated.

The Special Event Coordinator must approve any changes to the approved permit.

By signing and accepting the Special Event Permit you are hereby accepting non-exclusive use of the area chosen. The Department will make every attempt to have the area clean for your event. However, grounds and structures may by subject to periodic maintenance, repair, or restoration. Permittee will accept the grounds in the condition provided.

Thank you for your interest in Mendocino District State parks. If you have any further questions please call (707) 937-5804. We hope that your event is a successful one.

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