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    ignore my incredibly shitty singing its Friends: Cuckservative edition

  2. sorry to all my twitter and snapchat friends ive just been busy as hell the past month

  3. women shouldnt be allowed to vote

  4. somebody get me 66 followers i gotta hit that 3k

  5. i probably shouldnt give attention to the losers and haters, but its so easy to destroy them with just a few words

  6. turns out your content is shit bro at this rate youll never be as popular as me low energy! sad!

  7. ok lets check out your content and see how hilarious you are

  8. this dude is really upset that im more popular than him

  9. you can be a man, crave dick, and not be homosexual. you can be physically attracted to men and not be homosexual

  10. anyways subscribe to my youtube and ill start using it more with better and longer content probablt (maybe)

  11. I should probably start using my youtube channel more but it doesnt really feel worth it tbh i hate youtube

  12. Jews Rock!

  13. so youre in a relationship and youre tweeting about masturbating to the Canadian PM 😂😂😂😂 thanks for proving my point

  14. i bet youre used to dealing with alot of random guys too bad they never call back so you can catch their names

  15. just saying the word jazz is actually a form of jazz

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