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Fiber Laser for Micro Cutting of Metals

Photonics West,2003 San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA, January 2003

K. F. Kleine*, K. G. Watkins**

* Laser Group, Guidant Corp., 3200 Lakeside Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

**Laser Group, Department of Engineering, University of Liverpool, Brownlow Street,
Liverpool L69 3GH, United Kingdom

The fiber laser concept is proven technology for telecom applications where its single mode performance and reliability is essential. Newer generation diode-pumped fiber lasers are using pump diodes especially developed for telecom applications and therefore offer excellent controllability of the laser pulse length and pulse frequency. In recent years the output power of fiber lasers has increased steadily. This high power performance enables the fiber laser to serve industrial applications like marking. High power fiber lasers are now available at power levels sufficient for micro cutting applications. This paper presents micro cutting results with pulsed fiber lasers.

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