macOS standalone app

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If for any reason you want to build the latest version in github of mkchromecast, or if you are seeing the Illegal instruction: 4 error you need to install all python3 and all requirements contained in requirements_app.txt:

pip3 install -r requirements_app.txt

Then, you also need to install the following:

pip3 install bs4 
pip3 install google py2app

Once the requirements are fulfilled, you will need to install pyqt5 and qt5 using homebrew:

brew install pyqt5 qt5

Once it is done, use the Makefile as follows:

make deploy

This should create a mkchromecast/dist directory with both dmg and app files. Drag to install the app. Then, you can clean as follows:

make clean

Note: Deploying using qt5 5.6.1 is not working right now. I have submitted a bug report in the qt bug tracking system. To install qt55.6.0 check this issue in homebrew.