Participate in the EAI Activities

The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), is a unique platform that facilitates networking between scientists and other key actors of the Innovation Cycle: industry, investors, policy makers, government, and entrepreneurs.

The ultimate aim of the EAI is to foster technology-based innovation and technology transfer, so that research can grow its impact on the civil society.

As a founding member of the EAI, ICST encourages ICST members to join EAI activities.

As a scientist, participating in EAI activities will help you to:

  • Find new partnerships and funding opportunities;
  • Transfer your discoveries and inventions to the market;
  • Disseminate your results outside the boundaries of the scientific community;
  • Access services like courses, white papers, product reviews, job board and more.

There is definitely an EAI activity that fits your needs.

Find out more below what EAI can do for you and what you can do for European innovation and the European society.

SIB Councils

The technical interest groups of the EAI, each specializing in a technological domain. SIBs organize and provide content for the EAI activities, much like professional societies do. For the latest SIBs Councils positions please go to SIBs opportunities on the EAI website.

SIB Summits

The place where all players in European innovation meet, network, disseminate their ideas and partner together to create new things. They are organized annually by each SIB Council. Find out more information on Summits opportunities.

EAI Engineering for Innovation Symposium

The scientific and technological conference of the SIB Councils, located within each SIB Council’s Summit. Presenting a paper to the EAI Engineering for Innovation Symposium (EIS) means to reach over to an audience like no other scientific conference. Find out more information on EIS opportunities.

The Innovator

The magazine of the EAI, where innovative discoveries and inventions are disseminated to policy makers, standards institutions, business executives and investors. Find out more information on Innovator opportunities.

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