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    HITA Offers Continuing Education

    Next Classes

    HITA offers Continuing Education to keep up with licensing requirements of the State of Tennessee. Classes are held each quarter. Classes are a great place to network, and get your inspection questions answered.


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    HITA Membership Levels

    HI, HCI, HMI

    HITA membership classifications are based on the experience of the members. All HITA member inspectors are required to be licensed Home Inspectors by the state of Tennessee. Once completing 100 inspections, and passing peer review, you qualify for HCI (HITA Certified Inspector). After completing 500 inspections and passing peer review, you qualify as HMI (HITA Master Inspector).


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    Home Buyers - Find a Licensed Home Inspector

    HITA Inspectors

    Learn everything about your new home BEFORE you buy it. All HITA Inspectors are licensed by the State of Tennessee. Not only do they have to pass tests to get licensed, but are required to complete Continuing Education classes each year.


HITA - Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the readily accessible systems and components of a primary residential structure. A home inspection report is the written product of this evaluation. Because there exists no established objective criterion for the condition of the home prior to title transfer or sale, there is no passing or failing of a home inspection. There are many factors that are not in the scope of a home inspection that would aid in the determination of the acceptability of a home’s condition. The assessed value of a home is dynamic depending on many factors, such as market trends, past sales of comparable property, the condition of the property, etc. The expertise of a real estate professional is a valuable tool in determining the weight given to the condition of the property in this formula.

History of HITA

The Home Inspection Licensing Program

tn-seal 100x100In July 2006 the state of Tennessee enacted a law through the Tennessee Commerce and Insurance Commission Division of Regulatory Boards regulating the Home Inspection Industry named the Home Inspection Licensing Program.  The law has education requirements, insurance requirements, successfully passing National Home Inspectors Exam, and adopted a Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics. For complete requirements you may visit the  Tennessee Commerce and Insurance Commission's Official Website or for your convenience you may view the "Rules" here.

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What are the benefits of using an HITA inspector?

Choosing a HITA home inspector means choosing an inspector familiar with and experienced in the sometimes unique conditions that affect homes in Tennessee.  HITA inspectors are focused on construction issues in Tennessee and not the myriad of national issues that might be important in other areas.  HITA inspectors adhere to the Tennessee standards of practice and code of ethics.

We invite you to visit us at one of our quarterly meetings. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

The meeting dates for 2016 are February 6, May 7, August 6 and Education Expo is September 30th -October 1.  Registration for these meetings opens approximately 1 month before these dates.  Look for the Classes Tab and click on Meetings/ Continuing Education Tab to register for the meetings.

For Saturday, Feb. 6th Meeting

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