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The Shelter offers gap year opportunities for people between the age of 18 and 30, who love to serve in a hostel and share the gospel. On this page we explain more about how you can grow and which skills you can develop, serving at the Shelter and spending a gap year abroad.

We want to be a place where you can have the opportunity to discover your unique gifts and talents given to you from God. Our gap year opportunities facilitates a great way to gain more life experience and to grow in your faith.

Skills that you can develope participating in our gap year opportunities:

The Shelter gap year opportunities offer a great chance to grow in the area of personal development

  • Develop your personal identity to gain more understanding of who you are, what strengths you have and which challenges you face
  • Step out of your comfort zone - do things you have never done before

Another area where people in the Shelter gap year opportunities are growing is the area of leadership

  • Lead one of the weekly smallgroups
  • Host and organise evangelistic activities, like Hostel Night or Dutch Food Tasting

The gap year opportunities offer a chance to grow in your social skills

  • Improve and develop your communication skills
  • Become more comfortable of speaking in front of groups
  • Discover who you are in a group through living in an international community

The multicultural aspect creates a great condition to grow in the area of intercultural interaction

  • Learn how to relate to people from other cultures, backgrounds and mindsets
  • Experience living in an intercultural environment
  • Get more understanding of your own culture

And of course, during the Shelter gap year opportunities, you will grow in reaching out to unbelievers

  • Build relational bridges and present the gospel to unbelievers in a clear and understandable way
  • Learn the importance of listening and understanding the ‘language’ of the other person and meeting them on their level
  • Confirm what you believe and grow in your faith

Are you interested in our gap year opportunities?

Read more on how you can apply for the Shelter gap year opportunities in the section 'Christian Gap Year Program'.

Christian Gap Year Program

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