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April 24-26, 2009 MIT

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Featured Public Events
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Agenda is subject to change.

Communications Forum
Global Media
(panel questions)
Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, University of Georgia
Jonathan Gray, Fordham University
Aswin Punathambekar, University of Michigan
Abderrahmane Sissako, African filmmaker
Moderator: Henry Jenkins, MIT
Thursday, April 23
5:00-7:00 pm

(a sign-in period for MiT6 registrants will be held 4-5 pm outside E25-111)

Special MiT6 Event: Whatever Happened to Loneliness? Social Thought about Communication, 1959/2009 , a discussion with John Durham Peters, University of Iowa
Friday, April 24
9:30-11:30 am

Plenary Conversation 1
Archives and History
(panel questions)
John Miles Foley, University of Missouri
Lisa Gitelman, Harvard University
Rick Prelinger, The Prelinger Archives
Ann Wolpert, MIT Libraries
Moderator: Peter Walsh, Andover Newton Theological School
Friday, April 24
12:30-2 pm
Wong Auditorium

Plenary Conversation 2
New Media, Civic Media (panel questions)

Jessica Clark, Center for Social Media (American University)
Ellen Hume, Center for Future Civic Media (MIT)
Persephone Miel, Media Re:public and Internews Network
Dean Jansen, Participatory Culture Foundation
Jake Shapiro, Public Radio Exchange (PRX)
Moderator: Pat Aufderheide, American University
Friday, April 24
6:30-8 pm
Wong Auditorium

Plenary Conversation 3
Institutional Perspectives on Storage
(panel questions)
Claude Mussou, INA France
Pelle Snickars, Swedish National Archive
Richard Wright, BBC Research and Information
Moderator: William Uricchio, MIT and Utrecht University
Saturday, April 25
10:45 am-12:15 pm
Wong Auditorium

Plenary Conversation 4
The Future of Publishing
(panel questions)
Gavin Grant, Small Bear Press
Jennifer Jackson, Donald Maass Literary Agency
Robert Miller, HarperCollins
Bob Stein, Institute for the Future of the Book
Moderator: Geoff Long, MIT
Saturday, April 25
6:45-8:15 pm
Wong Auditorium


Plenary Conversation 5
Summary Perspectives
Mary Bryson, University of British Columbia
Marlene Manoff, MIT Libraries
John Durham Peters, University of Iowa
Thomas Pettitt, University of Southern Denmark
Moderator: James Paradis, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies
Sunday, April 26
12:30-2 pm
Wong Auditorium

Thursday, April 23
5-7 pm

Communications Forum
Global Media
(panel questions)
Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, University of Georgia
Jonathan Gray, Fordham University
Aswin Punathambekar, University of Michigan
Abderrahmane Sissako, African filmmaker
Moderator: Henry Jenkins, MIT
MiT6 Conference Agenda  
Friday, April 24 Saturday, April 25 Sunday, April 26  
10:30 am-12pm
Ting Foyer
Wong Aud.
Welcome and Introductions
David Thorburn, MIT
William Uricchio, MIT and Utrecht Univ.
Wong Aud.
Plenary Conversation 1
Archives and History
John Miles Foley, Univ. of Missouri
Lisa Gitelman, Harvard Univ.
Rick Prelinger, The Prelinger Archives
Ann Wolpert, MIT Libraries
Moderator: Peter Walsh, Andover Newton Theological School
2-2:30 Break  
2:30-4 Call Session 1  
E51-145 Future of Performance
Sarah Florini, The Impact of Convergence Culture on Live Performance
Cortney Lohnes, Kimberly McLeod, Ngen Celebrity Vlogs: The Virtual and Virginal Performances of the Disney Triumverate on YouTube
Sangita Shresthova, Investigating the Migrating Dimensions of Bollywood Dance
Ananya Ghoshal, English and Foreign Languages University (India)
E51-315 The Digital Library and Archive
Del R. Hornbuckle, Afro-Folksonomy: Visualization Journeys though Multiple Publics, Art, Public Space and Narrative Mapping
Amalia Levi, Archiving Women, Minorities, and Indigenous Peoples in the Digital Era
Marlene Manoff,
The Digital Record and the Future of Libraries
Moderator: James Paradis, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies  
E51-385 Database Logics
Pat Brereton, Database Logics and New Media Convergences in Science Fiction Film
Yongsuk Shim, Margins of Digital Databases
Moderator: Mary Hopper, Northeastern University
66-144 Online Communities
Andrew Feldstein, Analyzing Online Communities: A Narrative Approach
Karl J. Mendonca, How to Grow a Community from the Ground
Moderator: Greg Peverill-Conti, Weber Shandwick
66-156 Youth Narratives
Mary Bryson, Can We Play ‘Fun Gay’?: Disjuncture and Difference in Millennial Queer Youth Narratives
Magda Rodrigues da Cunha, Youth and Media Consumption: A New Reader Arises
Jennifer Jenson, Education@Play: Untangling Simulation and Imitation
Kevin Leander, Tracing Youth Mobilities Across Social Spaces
Moderator: Mark Kelsey, Cambridge Public School District
66-160 Learning from Maps
Jason Farman, Information Cartography: Visualizations of Internet Spatiality and Information Flows

Andrew Wong
, Maps for the Fourth Wave: Revealing the Future of Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh from the Ground Up



Transmedia Stories
J.R. Carpenter, A Bookish Novel: Transmediation in Words the Dog Knows
Martin Foys, Weaponized Media and the “Book” of Beowulf
Lin Zhang, Carnival and Cybserspace: Egao as a Chinese Internet Subculture
56-154 Media Past, Present, Future
Carolyn Lee Kane, Early Digital Color Systems at Bell Labs
Alison Kozberg, Judy Fiskin and The End of Photography
Anastasia Logotheti, Kindling Great Expectations
Andrea McCarty, Burkino Faso Newsreels
Moderator: Richard Wright, BBC Archives
4-4:30 Break  
4:30-6 Call Session 2  
E51-145 Cult Media and Global Fandom
Dennis Downey, TextFlows: A New Kind of Reading

Petra Kwong
, Remapping the Relationship between Authors, Readers and Texts among Chinese Fan Communities in the Cyber Age
Derek Kompare, Time Vortext: Versioning and the Fluid Text
Shawn Shimpach, The International Circulation and Afterlife of Doctor Who
Moderator: Chris Gerben, University of Michigan
E51-149 Archiving the Arts and Humanities
Pieranna Cavalchini, Isabel Meirelles, Art Micro-Sites:  A Manifesto!
Madeleine Clare Elish, Whitney Trettien, Acts of Translations: Digital Humanities and the Archive Interface
Moderator: Kurt Fendt, MIT HyperStudio for Digital Humanities
E51-315 Digital Archives: Case Studies 1
Gail Bayliss, On the Digitisation of Historical Photographic Archives
Hanno Biber, Evelyn Breiteneder, Anne Burdick, Karlheinz Moerth, Digital Editions of Literary Journals in the Austrian Academy Corpus
Kirsten Kozolanka, Micheal Lithgow, The Digital Archive and Alternative Media in Canada
David Mimno, Hanna Wallach, Computational Papyrology

Moderator: James Paradis, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies
66-144 Copies and Fakes
Kevin Kearney, Virtuality, Immateriality, Homosexuality: Network Theory and the “Bad Copy”
Lana Swartz, Figuring out Fakery
Moderator: Jason Rockwood, MIT CMS
66-156 Online Activism
Bill Herman, Using Web Graph Analysis to Study Online Policy Advocacy
Lisa Lynch, A Toxic Archive of Digital “Sunshine”: Wikileaks and the Archiving of Secrets
Hector Postigo, Web 2.0, Social Networking Technologies and Human Rights Organizations
Moderator: Audobon Dougherty, MIT CMS
66-160 The Aural / The Oral
Ieuan Franklin, Secondary Orality and Wireless Technology
Robert MacDougall, Our New Aural Ecologies: Podcasting, Publicity and Secondary Orality
Moderator: Nick Seaver, MIT CMS
66-168 Learning Stories
Sean Galvin, Personal Experience Narratives and ePortfolios
Lori Landay, Virtual KinoEye: Mutability, Kinetic Camera, Machinima and Virtual Subjectivity in SecondLife
Young Imm Song, Media, Art, Culture and Digital Storytelling
Jason Zalinger, StoryFox: A Design Proposal for Self-Reflective Storytelling
Moderator: Hillary Kolos, MIT CMS


Reconsiderng Media History
Fiona McQuarrie, Leighann Neilson, A Cultural Analysis of Musical Theater Recordings and Professional Wrestling
David Parisi, Cybernetics and the Design of Cutaneaous Communictions Systems, 1892-1960
Laura Tropp, Pregnancy in New Media Environments
Moderator: Nancy Mauro-Flude, University of Tasmania
6-6:30 Break  
Wong Aud.
Plenary conversation 2
New Media, Civic Media
Jessica Clark, Center for Social Media (American Univ.)
Ellen Hume, Center for Future Civic Media (MIT)
Persephone Miel, Media Re:public and Internews Network
Respondents: Dean Jansen, Participatory Culture Foundation
Jake Shapiro, Public Radio Exchange (PRX)

Moderator: Pat Aufderheide, American Univ.
Saturday, April 25 Friday, April 24 Sunday, April 26  
Ting Foyer
Coffee and Rolls    
9-10:30 Call Session 3  
E51-145 Paying Attention to Mobile Media
David Bogen, Eric Gordon, Designing Choreographies for the “New Economy of Attention”
Liu Jun, Mobilized by Mobile Media: China’s Transitional Communications Order, Societal Changes and Citizenship
Eduardo Campos Pellanda, Mobile Communication as a Bridge Between Virtual and Actual Spaces: Brazilian Context
Sam Tobin, Map, Hourglass, Ship – Saving, Pausing and Playing with the Nintendo DS
Moderator: Sarah Wolozin, MIT CMS
E51-149 Cartography 4D: The Archive, the Map, and the Handheld Interface
Imar de Vries, Mobile Mementos: Expanded Archives, Fragmented Access
Adeola Enigbokan, Archiving the City 
Sybille Lammes, Transmitting Location: Digital Cartographical Interfaces as Transformative Material Practice
Nanna Verhoeff, Screens, Maps, and Fingertips: Of Handheld Timespace in Screenspace
Moderator: Elliot Pinkus, MIT CMS
E51-151 Sound/ Noise/ Signal
Dominic Pettman, After the Beep: Answering Machines and Creaturely Life
Tara Rodgers, An Uneasy Ocean of Air: Sound Waves as Media and Metaphors of Storage and Transmission
Julius Schaffer, Contact Audio: Evolved Modes of Listening in Dynamic Media
Nick Seaver, Physical Practice: The Artifacts of Noise Art
Moderator: Nancy Mauro-Flude, University of Tasmania
E51-315 Digital Archives: Case Studies 2
Akrivi Katifori, Eirini Savaidou, Aristotle Tympas, Automation of Historical Research in Digitized Media Archives
Meral Ekincioglu, Terrorizing Istanbul.s  Memories: Architectural Media Stories between Storage and Transmission
Tilottama Karlekar, Digital Media Archives and the Case of
Jon Saklofske, Interfacelift: Modding the Doors of Perception to the William Blake Archive
E51-325 Locative Media
Robert Biddle, Brian Greenspan
, Linking Narrative and Locative Media
Chris Eaket, Performativity of Language in Real and Imaginary Spaces
Michael Epstein, Narrative Techniques for Mobile Devices
Astrid Vicas, Why Divided Attention in Pervasive Gaming Can Be a Good Thing
Moderator: Sarah Brouillette, MIT Literature
E51-335 Digital Classroom / Digital Curricula
Jami Carlacio, Lance Heidig, Teaching Digital Literacy Digitally
Julio Gonzalez-Appling, Technology as a Bridge in the 21st-Century Classroom
Bernadette Longo, Using Social Networks and Mobile Technologies to Enhance the Classroom Space 
Alice Robison, New Media Literacies by Design: The Game School
Moderator:  Sean Galvin, LaGuardia Community College 
E51-345 Archiving Television
Max Dawson
, The Ephemerality of the Apparatus: Preserving Television’s Material Culture in an Age of Convergence
Maire Messenger-Davies, Archiving Television: Two Case Studies
Bob Rehak, The Perishable Paratext: Emerging Forms of Ephemera in Transmedia Networks
Moderator: Bjorn Ingvoldstad, Bridgewater State
E51-361 What Motivates Participation?
Mats Bjorkin, Will Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Systems Change Media Production?
Philip Napoli, Transitioning from Access to the Media to Access to Audiences
D.E, Wittkower, The Digital and the Cute
Moderator: Mike Ananny, Stanford University

Innis / McLuhan / Ong
Francis D. Coffey, The Durability of Scripture in the Time of Portable Media: Innis, Scripture and Semiotic
Michael Darroch, Interdisciplinary Vocabularies at the University of Toronto’s Culture and Communication Seminar, 1953-1955
Rory Litwin, Exploring the Ethical Implications of Technological Change through the Thought of Walter Ong and Other Media Theorists
Robert Logan, The Innis-McLuhan Communications Revolution
Moderator: Les Perleman, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies

E15-376 Media and Authority
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Peer-to-Peer Review: Authority in Digital Scholarly Networks
Stuart Geiger, Evolving Governance and Media Use in Wikipedia: A Historical Account
Alexander Halavais, Knowledge Everywhere: The Distributed Memory of Social Media
Claudia Schwarz, In Words We Trust: The Changing Medium of “Truth”
Moderator: Bob Cullen, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
10:30-10:45 Break  
Wong Aud.
Plenary conversation 3
Institutional Perspectives on Storage
Claude Mussou, INA France
Pelle Snickars, Swedish National Archive
Richard Wright, BBC Research and Information

Moderator: William Uricchio, MIT and Utrecht Univ.
12:15-1:30 Break  
1:30-3 Call Session 4  
E51-145 New Media Business Models
Goran Bolin, Mass Media, 'Me Media' and the New Business Models for the Digital Media Economy
Leif Dahlberg, Digital Screens in Public Space: Advertising, Actors, and the Remaking of Place
Moderator: Daniel Pereira, MIT CMS
E51-149 Publishing
Raizel Liebler, Nell Taylor, The Chicago Underground Library: Ranganathan’s Library Rules Applied to the Digital Age
John W. Maxwell, Unix Culture and the Coach House
Karen Petruska, A Contemporary History of TV Guide
E51-151 Digital Girlhood
Burcu Bakioglu, Poaching Lonelygirl15, ARG-Style
Stella Marrs, Online Video and Feminist Content
Moderator: Margaret Weigel, Project Zero, Harvard
E51-315 Archival Limits? What to Digitize
Gabriele Balbi, Doing Media History in 2050
Johan Bossewitch, Aram Sinnreich,
Strategic Agency in an Age of Limitless Information
Alison Byerly, What Not to Save: The Future of Ephemera
Andre Donk, The Digitization of Memory: Blessing or Curse?
Moderator: Diana E. Henderson, MIT Literature
E51-325 Streaming Information and Stories
Michelle Gardner, Katie Del Giudice, The Message of the ‘Pensieve’: Realizing Memoriesthrough the World Wide Web and Virtual Reality
Elisabeth Jones, Network Television Streaming Technologies and the Shifting Television Social Sphere,
Moderator: Sheila Murphy Seles, MIT CMS

E51-335 Ways of Knowing
Suzanne de Castell, Jennifer Jenson, Nicholas Taylor, One Code to Rule them All? Re-Constructing Knowledge through the Digital
Theo Hug, On Knowledge Media, Mediality, and the Mediatization of Knowledge
Andrew Piper, Next to the Book: Towards a Theory of Translational Humanism
Michael Szurawitzki, Digital Germantic Philology? Questions, Challenges and Obstacles for Scholars of German
Moderator: Astrid Vicas, Saint Leo University
E51-345 Television as a Participatory Medium
Mark Bresnan, Sports Fans, Media Technology and Participatory Texts
Robert Gehl, Building a Blog Cabin During a Housing Crisis
Eggo Muller, Spaces of Participation: Interfaces, Conventions, Routines
Moderator: Derek Kompare, SMU

Asian Media in Transition
Wu Mei, Mapping the Information Flow in Chinese Discussion Forums
Joonseong Lee, Neo Liberalism, Media, and New Korean Funeral Culture
Ramesh Srinivasan, Considering Diaspora and Social Networks: ICT Design Possibilities
Muhammad Waseem, E-Media Evolution in Pakistan: Emergence of Visual Democracy – Building Concepts, Discourses and Frameworks

E51-372 Time and Space
Michael Grabowski, Biases of Digital Communication: Obscured Realities and the End of Frontier
Till A. Heilmann, The Durable, the Portable and the Processible
Aysha Mawani, Time and Space in the Global Economy: Financial Derivatives and the Technologies Embedded Within
John Durham Peters, Calendar, Clock, Tower
Moderator: Carolyn Lee Kane, NYU
E51-376 Why Remix Culture Is More Copyright Friendly Than You Think, or, The Perfectly Legal Mashup
Workshop with Pat Aufderheide, Center for Social Media, American University
E51-395 Race, Nationality and Digital Technologies
John Edward Campbell, From Barbershop to BlackPlanet: The Construction of Hush Harbors in Cyberspace
Kate Hennessy, Repatriation, Digital Cultural Heritage, and the (Re)Production of Meaning in a Canadian Aboriginal Community
Adam Klein, A Space for Hate: The White Power Movement’s Adaptation in Cyberspace
Nancy van Leuven, The New Mediated Environment of American Indians
Moderator: James Paradis, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies
3-3:15 Break  
3:15-4:45 Call Session 5  
E51-145 Privacy Control in E-Communications
Jesse Drew
, Surveillance as Mass Media
Paul Ham, It’s as if You’ve Known Me Better than I Ever Knew Myself, or Meta-Privacy and our Personal Electronic Communications Under Judicial Scrutiny
Sarah Salter, Legal Distinctions of Communications
Jennifer R. Whitson
, Surveillance and Democracy in the Digital Enclosure
Moderator: Kevin Driscoll, MIT CMS
E51-149 Hypertext & Interactive Fiction
Roderick Coover, Unknown Territories
Ananya Ghoshal, Hypertext and the New Book: (Re)Reading as (Re)Writing

Natalie King, Hypertext and the Postmodern Frankenstein
Moderator: Nick Montfort, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies
E51-151 Second Lives
Mary E. Hopper, COSMA, Constructing a Kingdom of Knowledge
Flourish Klink, Religions of the Book, Religions of the Screen
Mary Leigh Morbey, Carolyn Steele, Beyond the Remix: Clarifying Mastery in Virtual Environments
Moderator: Burcu Bakioglu, Indiana University
E51-315 Databases, Encyclopedias, Archives
Paul Arthur, History in Motion: Digital Approaches to the Past
Erinc Salor, Encyclopedic Endeavor and the Internet
Peter Walsh, The Uses of Catastrophe: Ninveh, Layard, and the Future of Knowledge
Moderator: Josh Diaz, MIT CMS

Reimagining the Public Sphere
Tim J. Anderson, Blogging and Distribution and the Experiential Products in the Age of Social Networking
Chris Gerben, The Future of Democracy, Economy, and Identity in 21st-Century Texts
Mark Leccese, Political Bloggers’ Lack of Linking to Primary Source Material
Moderator: Tarleton Gillespie, Cornell

E51-335 Gutenberg, Authority, and the Ordering of Experience
(organized by the Gutenberg Parenthesis Research Forum)
Marianne Borch, Voice and Epistemological Crisis in Seventeenth-Century Publications
Tom Pettitt, Reformulating the Gutenberg Parenthesis: Containment and Articulation in Media Technology, Cultural Production, and the Perception of the Material World
Lars Sauerberg, The Encyclopedia and the Gutenberg Parenthesis
Moderator: Whitney Trettien, MIT CMS
E51-345 Television in a Post-Network Era
Miranda Banks, The Next Big Thing: Hollywood Labor and Digital Technology
Joshua Green, Imagining the Contemporary Television Network
Jennifer Holt, The Other Digital Transition: Telelvision's Great Content Migration
Moderator: Ben Aslinger, Bridewater State
E51-372 Digiteachers: Media Culture in the Education Classroom
John Pascarella, Blogging as a Liberatory Practice
Aumnat Tongkaw, Trevor Woods-Harper, Integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) at Adang Island School, Southwest Thailand
Dina Tsoulos, Student-Centered Instruction


Transnational Migration of Texts
Koen Leurs, Postcolonializing the Internet: Digital Media, Migration and Glocalized Youth Cultures
Xiaochang Li, Dis/locating Audience: The Online Circulation of East Asian Television Drama
Moderator: Lan Le, MIT CMS


Spectacular Multimedia and Archivization: Case Studies from Expo ‘67
Monika Gagnon, Reconstructing Two Immersive Multimedia Pavillions from Expo '67: The Christian Pavillion and the Telephone Pavillion
Janine Marchessault, Living Space: The New Media City of Expo '67
Moderator: Madeleine Clare Elish, MIT CMS

4:45-5 Break  
5-6:30 Call Session 6  
E51-145 Transforming the Textbook
Gary Keller, Arizona State University, College Board and Google Offer Math Through APWorlds
Virginia Kuhn, Documentary Is the New Black: Filmic Textbooks
Catalina Laserna, Can One-to-One Computing Interrupt the Textbook-Based Tradition of Rote Memorization?
Moderator: Les Perleman, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies
E51-149 Old Books and New Media
Jun Mizukawa
, Rethinking the Love and Labor of Reading
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Playing with the Text: An Interactive Digital Archive of Early Moveable Books for Children

Whitney Trettien
,Poetry Machines in Early Modern Books
E51-151 The Sacred and Canonical
Brian S. Bantugan, Integration of Actual, Virtual and Augmenting Realities of the Optical Mediascape of Quiapo
Rahilya Geybullayeva, Canonical Text and its Modification: From New Forms of Distribution to New Forms of Literature
Bette U. Kiernan, Examining Sacred Texts
Anna Olszewska, Scott Simpson, Are Wooden Pixels More Pagan than Plastic Pixels? The Slavic Idol of Swiatowid in Old Materials and New Media
Moderator: Vincent Rocchio, Northeastern University
E51-315 Applied Archives: Looking Beyond Institutional Limits
Mateusz Halawa, Doing Visual Sociology as Going to the Archive
Thoko Mnisi, Using a Digital Archive to Save Lives in a Rural Area in the Age of HIV and AIDS
Mirko Tobias Schaefer, Explicit and Implicit User Participation in Online Data Collections
E51-325 The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Multiplicity
Juri Joensuu, Literal Aurality: Digital Poetry and Temporal Poetics
Raivo Kelomees, Aura of Multilocal Artworks
Raine Koskimaa, The Experience of the Unique in Reading Digital Literature
Virve Sarapik, Digital Author: Author’s Desire, Pseudonym and Virtual "Self"
Jaak Tomberg, On the Status of
Science Fiction and Realism in the Age of Dissolved Technological Aura

Piret Viires, In Search of the Lost Aura

Moderator: Raine Koskimaa, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Virtual Worlds / Education
Erik Champion, Experientially Pollinating Virtuality and the Living Transcripts of Escape Space
Jody Clarke, Chris Dede, Shari J. Metcalf, Virtual Worlds for Education: River City and EcoMUVE
Hector del Castillo, Pilar Lacasa, Laura Mendez, Rut Martinez, Notebooks, Videogames and Blogs as Evocative Objects: Building Digital Schools
Moderator: Russell Francis, MIT CMS



Innovation and Distinction: New Challenges and Interventions in Games Studies and Design
Andreas Jahn-Sudmann, Do Mainstream Games Exist? - Reflections on Independent Game Culture
Geoffrey Long, Video Games and Transmedia Storytelling
Doris C. Rusch, Metaphorical Game Design: A Chance for Independent Game Developers to Create Unique Experiences
Philipp Schweighauser, Game Studies, Literary Anthropology, and Strategies of Distinction; or, Why It Pays to Take Another Look at the Work of Wolfgang Iser
Moderator: Dimma Davidoff


Fiction and Media Change
Jonathan Butler, Novel Obligations: The Future of Fiction in the Digital Age
Staffan Ericson, Death at Broadcasting House
Joanne McNeil, New Media in Fiction: Why the Novel’s Protagonist Never Plays with his iPhone
Annika Olsson, Narratives of Literature in Print and Cyberspace
Mark Kelsey, Cambridge Public School District


Media Temporalities: Genre, Queer Space, and Digital Archives in Transition
Melanie E.S. Kohnen, Outside of Space and Time: Screening Queerness in Boys Don't Cry and Brokeback Mountain
Anne Kustritz, Surveillance and Self-Presentation: Foucault’s Arts of Existence in the Digital Archive
Louisa Stein, Transmedia Noir: Genre Continuity and Transformation Across Media
Sarah Toten, Bury the Archive: A Look into Analog and Digital Time Capsules
Moderator: Julie Levin Russo, Brown University

E51-376 The Politics of Platforms
Kevin Driscoll, YouTube in Decay
Tarleton Gillespie, The Politics of “Platforms"
Steven James May, Weekend Pictures: Privacy and User-Generated Content
Moderator: Jean Burgess, Queensland University of Technology
E51-390 Media in the Developing World
Diane Varner, Searching for Better Measurements of Press Freedom in Conflict States Like the Democratic Republic of Congo
Gilbert Wilkes, What Canada Can Learn from a Communications Revolution Taking Place in the Developing World
Moderator: Mary Leigh Morbey, York University
6:30-6:45 Break  
Wong Aud.
Plenary conversation 4
The Future of Publishing
Gavin Grant, Small Bear Press
Jennifer Jackson, Donald Maass Literary Agency
Bob Miller, HarperStudio
Bob Stein, Institute for the Future of the Book
Moderator: Geoff Long, MIT
Ting Foyer
Sunday, April 26 Friday, April 24 Saturday, April 25  
Ting Foyer
Coffee and Rolls  
9-10:30 Call Session 7  
E51-145 Reinventing Journalism
Ilan Tamir, Yair Galily, Sports Journalism in Israel as a Case Study
Kurt Lancaster, Documentary Journalism
Kyle Magee, Marilyn Yaquinto, 2008 Election Coverage by 40 College Reporters in Missouri Using Fresh Eyes and New Media Tools
Ryan M. Rish, User-Generated Content of an Online Newspaper: A Contested Form of Civic Engagement
Moderator: Florence Gallez, MIT CMS
E51-149 The Future of Books
Maria Anikina, Reading in Russia: Is it out of Fashion?
Elizabeth Lenaghan, How Book Collectors Demonstrate the Contemporary Significance of Books
Joanne McNeish, The Resilience of Paper
Moderator: Andrew Whitacre, MIT CMS
E51-151 New Media and National Identity
Bjorn Ingvoldstad, The Lithuanian Mediascape in the Post-Accession Era
Benjamin Peters, Why the Soviet Internet Failed
Didgem Sezen, Tonguc Sezen, The Confusion Behind the Internet Bans in Turkey
Moderator: Colleen Kaman, MIT CMS
E51-315 Media and the Museum
Mark Nimkoff, The Newseum and its Digital Modes of News Storage, Exhibition and Transmission

Joana Pimenta, A Path through the Virtual Museum: On Chris Marker’s Pictures at an Exhibition
Maggie Stogner
, The Media-Enhanced Museum Experience – Debating the Use of Media Technology in Cultural Exhibitions
E51-325 Locating Art in Time and Space
Lanfranco Aceti, When Art Creation Is Ephemeral: Digital Migrations of Contemporary Time-Based Media and Obsolete Space-Based Media
Paula Levine, The Wall
McKenzie Wark, The Shape of Space in the Second Industrial Revolution: Constant’s New Babylon
Moderator: Michelle Moon Lee, MIT CMS
E51-335 The Digital Classroom
Nicola Cavalli, Elisabetta Costa, Paolo Ferri, Andrea Mangiatordi, Stefano Mizzella, Andrea Pozzali, Francesca Scenini, University Students and New Digital Media: Some Results from Field Research
Vincent F. Rocchio, Video Education for the Netcasting Era; Towards a Critical Practice Pedagogy
Andrea Sciacca, Paperless Classrooms and Kitchens
Moderator: Derek Kompare, SMU
E51-345 YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture (supported by Polity)
Jean Burgess, YouTube: A Short History of Competing Futures
Joshua Green, Mapping YouTube's Common Culture
Henry Jenkins, What Happened before YouTube?
Moderator: Pelle Snickars, Swedish National Archive


Digital Geographies
Jacob Gaboury
, “Where 2.0” and Virtual Geography
Ksenia Prasolovo, Irina V. Yegorova, I’m Not Here Right Now: Virtual Tourism in Fictional Worlds
Lalitha Vasudevan, Education Remixed; Digital Geographies of Youth
Peter Durant, Marjoriikka Ylisiurua, Virtual Tourism in Habbo US
Moderator: Chris Gerben, University of Michigan
E51-376 Music and Participation
Ben Aslinger, Work that Bootie: Mashups and Musical Politics
Heidi Gautschi, Emilie Moreau, Vinyl and MP3 Storage formats in the Sharing and Creation of Music
Al Larsen, Showing and Sharing on Saturday Night: Participatory Dynamics in Real-Space Event Series
10:30-10:45 Break  
10:45-12:15 Call Session 8  
E51-145 News: Traditional and Online
Pablo Boczkowski, The Consumption of Online News at Work
Joshua Braun, Gatekeeping in New Media Contexts
Christopher Harper, Media Criticism Moves Online
Susan Jacobson, The End of Journalism Education: The Great Good Place
Moderator: Ellen Hume, MIT Center for Future
E51-149 New Literacies / New Texts
Justin Hayes, Iconic Literacy

Katie Hornstein, “Original” Copies and the Re-Reproduction of the Crimean War in France
Marc Kosciejew
, Crossing the Print to Digital Rubicon: A Documentary Analysis of Media Migrations
James McFarland, Prognosis of the Unpredictable: Walter Benjamin’s Persistent Political Relevance for Media Studies
E51-151 New Forms of Documentary
Ingrid Erickson
, Flickr Documentarians: Presenting the Physical in the Virtual
Jamie O’Neil, Mashing-Up as Video Essay Writing: A Distinct Form of Literacy
Jan Simon, Mobile Phone Movies: A New Format or Old Hat?

Shari Y. Tamashiro
,The Hawaii Nisei Story: Creating a Living Digital Memory
Moderator: Kurt Lancaster, Northern Arizona University
E51-315 Archiving Cyberspace
Paul Benzon, Typosquatting, Transmission, and the Globalization of Error
Meghan Dougherty, Charles van den Heuvel, Historical Infrastructures for Web Archiving: Animation of Ephemeral Collections for Research
Orit Halpern, Histories of Representation, Perception and Archiving in New Media
Peter Jakobsson, Fredrik Stiernstedt, The Long History of Google
Moderator: Alex Halavais, Quinnipiac University


Digital Art
Aleksandra Kaminska
, Paint, Sketches, Tools and Notes: Analogies of Code in Digital Arts
Nancy Mauro-Flude a.k.a. sister0, Tactical Media for Artists and Activists
Courtney Lee Weida, Material Culture and Artists’ Codices; Museum Education through Artists’ Books
Moderator: Lanfranco Aceti, Sabanci University (Turkey)
E51-335 Media Pre-History / Archeologies
Bob Cullen, Early US Postal Routes and the Communications Infrastructure

Craig Robertson, Storing and Transmitting Identity: The Emergence of the Modern US Passport
Rebecca Ross
, The British Postcode at Large
sam smiley, Tin-Can Telecommunication: Performances and Interventions
E51-345 Cinema Today and Tomorrow
Jim Bizzocchi, The Fragmented Frame: The Poetics of the Split-Screen

Kristen Daly, Radical Potential: Social Aspects of Cinema 3.0
Sharron Greaves
,The Promise of Nigeria’s Digital Movie Empire and the Blemish of 4-1-9
Geoff Way, Using Battle and War in The Lord of the Rings to Understand Adaptation
Moderator: Ana Domb, MIT CMS
E51-372 Intellectual Property
Keidra Chaney, Raizel Liebler, The Intellectual Property of User-Generated Content

Artur Matuck, Ewriting Prospective: Rescripting Authors’ Rights in the Electronic Domain
Mark Willis, Shape-Shifters in the Fair Use Lab
Eva Hemmungs Wirten, Translation and Copyright: The Transmission of the Law
E51-376 The Scholarship of Sound and Image: Producing Media Criticism in the Digital Age a presentation of media criticism by Christian Keathley, Andrew Miller, Eric Faden and Craig Cielikowski, with response by Jason Mittell  
12:15-12:30 Break    
Wong Aud.
Plenary Conversation 5
Summary Perspectives
Mary Bryson, University of British Columbia
Marlene Manoff, MIT Libraries
John Durham Peters, University of Iowa
Thomas Pettitt, University of Southern Denmark
Moderator: James Paradis, MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies
Sunday, April 26, 12:20-2 pm, Wong Aud., E51