• Security How the DNC hack is boosting anti-US sentiment in Russia

    Russian state-supported media is using the Democratic National Committee leaked emails to portray the American presidential elections as a corrupt spectacle akin to 'House of Cards.'

  • Surveillance For journalists in Russia, fighting off hackers is part of the job

    Reports that unknown hackers targeted the Moscow bureau of The New York Times is part of a worrying trend of alleged Kremlin spying against journalists in Russia.

  • Privacy As terror hits closer to home, Germany reconsiders privacy

    Following European terror attacks, German officials have suggested legislation that would force tech companies to decrypt private messages and other measures to increase digital surveillance.

  • What Teddy Roosevelt can teach us about cybersecurity

    Why wait years to grow new cybersecurity talent when you can take advantage of the talented federal workforce today?

  • Watch: Tools to teach privacy

    Join us on Tuesday, August 30 for a Privacy Lab talk that will look at two tools created to teach users about digital privacy. 

  • Security Can hackers sway public opinion with DNC and NSA leaks?

    Many cybersecurity experts say the Kremlin is attempting to manipulate debate in the US by leaking secret information on politicians and secret government operations.

  • Security NSA leak rattles cybersecurity industry

    The National Security Agency stockpiled sophisticated tools designed to penetrate commonly used security software. Now that hackers have revealed some of those techniques, companies are left scrambling to secure their systems.

  • Opinion: Cracking the cybersecurity gender code

    Attracting more women into the male-dominated cybersecurity field means ditching the bro pipeline of computer science, military, and intelligence recruits and drawing from disciplines such as law and public policy.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: NSA hack reveals flaws in White House zero-day process

    A potentially damaging hacking tool revealed in the apparent National Security Agency breach includes a zero-day vulnerability – or previously unknown security hole – in Cisco software. The government should have already disclosed that flaw.

  • Security Russia emerges as prime suspect in apparent NSA hack

    A previously unknown group dumped a cache of hacking tools on the web that appear to be from the National Security Agency. Now, cybersecurity experts say Moscow is once again behind a cyberattack on the US.

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: Why political campaigns need chief information security officers

    The Democratic and Republican parties – and their presidential candidates – should immediately put someone in charge of safeguarding their data. It's for the good of voter privacy and American democracy. 

  • Hackers Why hackers are so obsessed with picking locks

    It's the physical manifestation of what they often try and accomplish in the digital world, say lock-picking enthusiasts. 

  • Security Podcast: How the University of Central Florida built a hacking dynasty

    In this episode of The Cybersecurity Podcast, a team of student hackers from the University of Central Florida explain how they've managed to win three consecutive titles in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

  • Hackers In an age of digital insecurity, paying bug bounties becomes the norm

    From Apple to Airbnb, companies are increasingly turning to outside hackers to find – and eventually fix – their software security vulnerabilities.

  • Security Microsoft mishaps apparently exposed 'golden keys' to mobile security

    Microsoft apparently released a set of security protocols for unlocking security protections that could allow attackers to install malicious software on the company's smartphones and tablets.

  • Hackers Video: So you want to be a hacker? Advice from the kids of DEF CON

    Passcode caught up with some of the kids at r00tz Asylum to get their advice: What's the first step other kids – or anyone, really – should take if they want to be a hacker? 

  • Hackers At cybersecurity gatherings, a thaw between feds and hackers (+video)

    At an Atlantic Council event this week, cybersecurity researchers and experts said last week's Black Hat and DEF CON conferences showed that Washington is working harder to build better relations with the hacker community.

  • Hackers Lessons from a digital mercenary: Beware the ‘October Surprise'

    Cybersecurity expert Chris Rock researched ways to overthrow a government using only his computer for a talk at the DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas – and he says there are some lessons for the US elections.

  • Policy Obama plan to boost cybersecurity workforce fails to impress professionals

    Cybersecurity experts say a White House plan to bolster numbers of professionals working to safeguard federal networks doesn't go far enough. 

  • Espionage In aftermath of the DNC hack, experts warn of new front in digital warfare

    Last month's Democratic National Committee leaks underscore the value of data in the hands of nations, hacktivists, and terrorists.

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