LulaRoe-Size-Chart-ClothingHere’s the LulaRoe Size Chart for skirts, dresses, leggings, tops, and girls’ clothing!

If you’re not sure about your size, then you might want to attend a local LulaRoe Pop-Up Party to try on the styles you like before you buy them.

You should also take your measurements so you can have a better idea of which items will look best on you(this is great for skirt lengths and inseams). I know it’s a pain, and no one likes doing it when they’re on the couch ordering clothes online, but it’s SO worth it!

Also, you don’t have to attend a LulaRoe Pop-Up Party at someone’s home to try on stuff! There are tons of public events and stores that have LulaRoe clothes available to browse and try on! Just find someone in your area and contact them for more information.

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This chart can be used to find your size for all LulaRoe clothing items, to include:

  • Leggings
  • Amelia Dress
  • Ana Dress
  • Julia Dress
  • Nicole Dress
  • Lucy Skirt
  • Madison Skirt
  • Azure Skirt
  • Perfect Tee
  • Classic Tee
  • Randy Top
  • Irma Top
  • Maxi Skirt
  • Lola Skirt
  • Cassie Skirt
  • Monroe Kimono
  • Girls’ Clothing
  • Girls Cassie Skirt
  • Girls Leggings
  • Dot Dot Smile
  • Temple Dress
  • Temple Skirt

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    • Judy F. says:

      For those of us who do not live near a live event, it would be very useful to connect with an online seller who has measured some of the items to give a general idea of the actual size. The size chart could also be updated with actual measurements. For instance, instead of “14-16” or “18-20”, how about bust, waist, hip measurements for those specific ranges. I usually wear a size 18 in most ready-to-wear clothes, but the “18-20” Nicole dress was way too tight. Now, my only option really is to resell it, as I don’t want the hassle of a return, nor do I want to mess up my nieces’ pop-up party perks, as she “hosted” the party and got some benefit from it. It is very unlikely that I will ever again purchase from LuLaRoe. Btw, I don’t expect you to post this message on your website. It is a suggestion that I’m sharing with you only.

      • Erika says:

        The size chart is provided by a Lula Roe seller, I did not make it. The girl that I buy from posts tips during sales to help everyone with sizes. For example, she will let everyone know if you should order up or down a size for each specific item.

        Your suggestions are great, but they should be directed to Lula Roe corporate as I am not an affiliate of Lula Roe. I just posted this information because I had trouble finding it myself.

        Here’s a link to the seller that I like:
        Shop LulaRoe

  2. Erika says:

    If you’re very tall, definitely order the tall & curvy leggings unless you’re a size 4 or smaller!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Erika,
      I am new to finding out about the LulaRoe leggings, skirts, etc. and am reading sizing information to help me select the appropriate size since I am unable to try them on first. Above, you comment that unless someone is a size 4 they should order the tall & curvy size. That is very helpful is it is accurate as I hate when leggings are too small or don’t fit me right. Hoping you can help guide me – I am typically a size 10 (sometimes 8), I am 5′ 7″ tall, weigh around 160 pounds and tend to carry my weight in my tummy area. Should I purchase the TC versus the OS??? Thank you for any guidance you can provide! I have never purchased or worn this brand.

      • Erika says:

        I would go with the OS unless you are curvy. It sounds like you’re saying that your hips/thighs are not overly curvy, so that would be the biggest concern with One Size vs. Tall & Curvy leggings.

        Overall, it sounds like you should order the One Size Leggings!

        Thanks for reading my blog!

        • Vicki says:

          Thank you so much for your help, Erika. You’re correct, I am not overly curvy or carry weight in my hips or thighs, just my tummy area. I appreciate your assistance and I’m excited to try these!

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