Honduras (2000-2010)

  • Conducted national survey to assess consumption patterns
  • With members of Congress, passed comprehensive legislation allowing revision of fortification standards
  • Sponsored adaption of international industry best practices in fortification quality assurance and quality control
  • Supported launch of regional initiative to harmonize fortification standards

Rwanda (since 2007)

  • Conducted a Fortification Rapid Assessment Tool (FRAT) survey to identify fortification vehicles
  • Guided formation of country’s first National Fortification Alliance (NFA)
  • Supported drafting and validation of country-specific fortification standards and drafting of Ministerial Decree to mandate fortification for maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, and salt
  • Supported the adoption of a national fortification logo and logo guidelines
  • Trained Ministry of Health and Bureau of Standards food inspectors on the sampling and testing of fortified foods
  • Conducted an industry assessment and engaged industry in specific scale-up efforts
  • Supported the country’s largest maize flour producer to begin fortification
  • Currently supporting government in the design of monitoring and reporting systems
  • Currently working with the Consumer’s Association and MoH in the design of advocacy campaigns
  • Currently ensuring all other staple food producers are ready to fortify once the decree is signed

Malawi (since 2009)

  • Assisted in the revitalization of the country’s National Fortification Alliance (NFA)
  • Evaluated current fortification reporting systems; developed a comprehensive database and reporting tool that tracks compliance data and trained staff on its use
  • Assisted in revising fortification standards and Gazetting the standards for maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, and salt
  • Drafted a national micronutrient strategy adopted by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC)
  • Facilitated food inspector trainings and drafted national logo guidelines
  • Currently helping to ensure sufficient monitoring mechanisms are in place using PHC’s Fortification-specific Management Information System with the goal of effectively tracking and improving upon product compliance to national standards

Liberia (since 2010)

  • Used WFP survey data to infer consumption of staple products and propose vehicles for fortification
  • Assisted in drafting protocols for a national micronutrient deficiency study
  • Guided formation of country’s first NFA
  • Supported drafting, adoption, & harmonization of country-specific standards, a national logo, and logo guidelines for maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, and salt
  • Assisted country’s only wheat flour producer and country’s largest flour and oil importers to produce and procure fortified products that meet national standard
  • Supported the training of Ministry of Health and Commerce inspectors on sampling and testing protocols
  • Currently working with the wheat flour producer to ensure effective internal monitoring is in place
  • Currently working with the National Standards Laboratory and importers to ensure products continue to meet national standards, advocacy campaigns are designed, and monitoring and surveillance systems are in place
  • Currently working with the National Standards Lab to ensure adequate testing and auditing procedures are in place

Burundi (since 2012)

  • Facilitated the creation of the country’s first NFA
  • Guided the leadership of the NFA in the design of logo and logo guidelines
  • Facilitated the gazetting of EAC standards for maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, and salt
  • Facilitated the drafting and passage and national legislation making fortification mandatory throughout the country
  • Facilitated the training of Bureau of Standards staff on a national sample collection and testing plan
  • Working with the Bureau of Standards to streamline inspection and testing processes and to ensure an effective monitoring and surveillance system are in place
  • Working with domestic industry to facilitate fortification scale-up

Zimbabwe (since 2013)

  • Assisted in the drafting of national regulations for maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, and salt
  • Supporting partners in the design of fortification logo and logo guidelines, and drafting of advocacy campaigns
  • Working with government to map food inspection process and provide the necessary training to inspectors
  • Working with government to provide scale-up assistance to staple food producers
  • With government, developing a comprehensive database and reporting tool for monitoring using Zimbabwe’s already-existing online health management system