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Stories Are Powerful.

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Don’t let another year go by; make the commitment now. Whatever your writing project, the help and advice you need to write something amazing that reflects your passions and interests is within your reach.


Nov 9-13, 2016

With a mixture of workshops, practical writing exercises, editing techniques, mindful creativity sessions, and jungle and river walks to contemplate what is emerging, you’ll leave this retreat with a clearer sense of your story, and have done a good chunk of writing, editing or redrafting and preparing your pitch. During this retreat you will learn about the ingredients of a great story, one that is honest and authentic, compellingly told, well executed, carefully edited and polished, then pushed out in the world to achieve maximum impact. Some people use this retreat to write a short story or copy for their business, others leap right into writing a book; the story you tell is very personal yet the techniques for doing it successfully are the same. And on this retreat we can make more great stories together.

Stories Are Powerful.

stories The most successful films, novels and brands all have compelling, human stories behind them.  It is our stories that mark us out as different from others. A workshop will help you to:

  • review your story – getting clear about what works and what doesn’t.
  • get more writing done faster
  • find out how to edit, redraft and polish your work
  • strengthen and differentiate your writing by knowing your story more clearly
  • be sure your writing is a good fit for your needs and wants
  • do what needs to be done to get on the right track and/ or complete the work
  • plan your next steps after you leave the retreat

You will also find out how to use your own back story, a vital part of promoting creative projects. sawah_trek Practicalities – the retreat features:

  • Workshops on writing technique and discussion sessions
  • Walks and meditation – these are optional but recommended to allow you to process thoughts and ideas
  • A Writer’s surgery session where you have one-to-one time
  • A copy of Jacq Burns’ e-book, Write a Bestseller so that you can do some pre-work for the retreat.
  • A visit to the local markets, a relaxing Balinese massage and a rejuvenating dip in the lakeside hot springs.

At the start of the retreat we meet at the writing wall where we will each post up images, words, book titles, timelines or ideas, anything that helps us set our intentions for our writing on the retreat.  Your wall will be there to inspire whenever needed. It’s great unblocker if the words stop flowing as it’s a different way of seeing your idea.  We will also work on who your reader is; who you are writing for. In addition to the scheduled programme there is free writing time to put what you’ve learnt into practice.  There is also a Writers’ Surgery where we will deal with any blocks and problems. The universal principles of storytelling, editing and practical writing skills mean that this retreat is suitable for all types of writing. It could be a book, a dynamic ‘about you’ piece, a blog, a workshop, a brand story.  All will be enhanced by your work here; you will make your own progress on your project as well as learn skills you can tuck away ready to use for any future writing project.


Nov 9-13, 2016

If you need practical advice and inspiration to write and are ready to make it happen, this is the retreat for you.  Join us to write your next ‘chapter’ with a clear and powerful sense of how you would like it to unfold.


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Nov 9-13, 2016




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