Sisters who were split up at a Chinese orphanage together again at last

Two sisters with Cerebral Palsy who were split up after one of them was adopted from a Chinese orphanage and the other was left behind have been reunited after almost four years in Kentucky. Aubrey (right of middle, and bottom right) and Avery (left of middle, and top right) were living in the same Chinese orphanage but did not know they were related, before the former was adopted by Lisa Lumpkins (inset, and left with her family) and her family from Georgetown, Kentucky in 2013. Lumpkins discovered the link after seeing a picture of Avery on Facebook earlier this year. Since then, she had a DNA test done to confirm what she thought, and then worked to get Avery to the U.S. Had they not completed the adoption by August, the young girl would become ineligible in China and be forced to stay there her entire life.

Santa Clara cops say they won't staff games if Colin Kaepernick continues protest

Members of the Santa Clara Police Officer's Association, which provides about 70 cops for 49ers games, say they will stop attending if Kaepernick continues with his protest. In a letter to Niners officials, police refer to the protest as 'inappropriate workplace behavior', saying that failure to stop it 'may stop police officers working at your facilities.' Police singled out comments Kaepernick made about brutality and a pair of socks he wore during practice (inset) as two issues they are unhappy with. In the face of national outcry Kaepernick yesterday insisted that he is 'not anti-American' and will donate $1million to charity to further his cause.

Five women have been charged with child abuse and drugs offenses after cops say the children and animals were found inside a home with no electricity, no running water or gas, and not enough food.

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The Girls star sat next to the NFL athlete at the Met Gala in May and recently claimed that he determined she was 'not the shape of a woman by his standards.'

Indiana man Maurice Nelson (pictured), who was on the run after being accused of kidnapping, raping and keeping a woman in chains for four days in his basement, has turned himself in to police.

Paul Manafort, California state director Tim Clark, communications director Michael Caputo, and aides Ken McKay and Laurence Gay are among ten top Trump staffers who have not drawn a salary.

Inspectors find seven-foot deep illegal excavation in NYC, threatening the collapse of a

Behind a quaint four-story New York City apartment building, a a backyard seemed like an idyllic haven in the middle of the city (left). But under a blue tarp, astroturf carpets and white patio furniture, property owner Joseph Ienco was excavating the basement at 35 Perry Street to extend both the length and the depth (top and bottom right). Inspectors deemed the illegal excavation - which reached nearly seven feet deep - an 'immediate critical threat to public safety'.

Lawrence Taylor, 57, the former Giants linebacker and NFL hall of famer, has been arrested in Florida on suspicion of DUI after crashing his Bentley into a police cruiser while changing lanes.

A gay South Carolina police chief has been suspended for not reporting a sexual assault claim, two years after she was fired by 'anti-gay mayor' for her sexuality only to get the job back.

A foot chase with police in southern New Mexico ended Friday with one officer and the suspect both dead. 33-year-old Clint Corvinus of the Alamogordo Police was shot.

Francois Alexandre (pictured) says he was partying after the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals in 2013 - but said Friday in a suit that the festivities were cut short by a display of violent behavior.

Teen involved in Oakland police sex scandal arrested after flashing traffic

Jasmine Abuslin, also known as Celeste Guap, 19 (left), has been arrested for aggravated assault after spending just three days at a Florida rehab clinic for heroin and sex addiction, police say. Absulin is accused of running out of the center and into the street where she removed her shirt and flashed motorists, before attacking and biting guards. When police arrested her, they say she started hitting her head on the inside of their car while also trying to solicit sex. Absulin claims to have had sex with more than 30 California police officers, including Brendan O'Brien (top center) who committed suicide after she revealed their trysts online. The revelations forced the resignation of chiefs Sean Whent (top right), Paul Figueroa (bottom center) and Ben Fairow (bottom right) in the space of eight days.

David Dinkins (pictured), 89, clipped Bronx resident Rodrigo Garcia's bike with his Cadillac in June, causing the bike to spin and breaking Garcia's ankle, a lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan states.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln's new chancellor Ronnie Green has instituted a new, non-negotiable respect policy at the school. Some worry the policy is vague and so are its consequences.

Hillary Clinton 'couldn't recall' answers to series of FBI questions

The FBI released notes of its interview with the Democratic presidential candidate made when agents quizzed her on her secret server scandal, before its director decided not to charge her. The documents show Clinton said she didn't recall getting trained on how to handle classified information. She stated at one point that she didn't know a '(C)' marking stood for confidential information. Clinton used 13 mobile devices over the period the FBI investigated, but the agency wasn't able to obtain any of them for review. Republican Donald Trump said Clinton's statements 'defy belief.'

The government will hand over all of Hillary Clinton's schedules from her time as secretary of state to The Associated Press before the election, in a climb down by the State Department.

Bossie's secret weapons: an untapped reservoir of dirt on the Democratic nominee for president, an instant recall of opposition research and strategic instincts about how to deploy it.

The race for the White House has narrowed. A new Reuters/Ipsos Poll finds Donald Trump gaining ground in the head-to-head matchup, despite improvements from Hillary Clinton.

Latinos for Trump founder warns of 'taco trucks on every corner' if billionaire doesn't

If you're looking for (another) reason to not vote for Donald Trump, here it is. Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez (pictured right) warned there will be 'taco trucks on every corner' if the billionaire businessman doesn't win the White House in November. In a rather incoherent rant on MSNBC's 'All in with Chris Hayes,' Mexican-born Gutierrez attempted to deliver a dire yet delicious threat on what would happen if Trump loses the presidential election to Hillary Clinton. 'My culture is a very dominant culture and it's imposes and it's causing problems,' he told host Joy Reid (left) on Thursday night. 'If you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks on every corner.' Now, many on social media are now demanding #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner with hilarious memes flooding Twitter in response to Gutierrez's 'warning.'

'What you're saying about the Democratic plan - that plantation that they want black people on? It's the truth,' a participant in a Philadelphia roundtable event told Trump after they spoke behind closed doors.

The commission on presidential debates has announced the moderators for this year's high-stakes stand-offs between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who painted a bleak portrait of African American life in troubled cities, on Thursday night said his African American friends are 'living the good life.'

Hillary Clinton announced on Friday that if she is elected president, she will create an oversight panel to protect US consumers from price hikes on life-saving pharmaceutical drugs.

Shocking moment a basset hound owner boots a black Lab in San Francisco park

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Footage shared online Friday shows the man, who has not been named, wearing a hat and a plaid shirt, in the middle of an argument with fellow dog owners at Duboce Park. The crowd can be seen pulling him away from a woman and her black Labrador, telling him to keep his distance. The argument began with a 'minor scuffle' between the man's basset hound and the woman's Labrador, New York Times reporter Mike Isaac, who was at the scene Thursday, told the The woman (pictured left with her Lab) gets up and beings to walk away with her Lab on a leash, prompting the man to run towards them and kick the dog (center and right).

Researchers at the University of Alberta discovered each extra serving of fruit eaten by mothers-to-be corresponded with an increase in cognitive scores for their babies.

After the shooting deaths of Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson during a screening of her movie Trainwreck, Amy Schumer became a passionate advocate for gun control.

Serena Williams dropped the ball while dining at a famed eatery in New York, failing to tip the waitstaff - and not even thanking them after, it's been reported.

Attorney Mark Garagos (pictured) claimed Baylee Curran lied when she told police that while she was looking at some jewelry at Brown's home in Tarzana, outside Los Angeles, he pointed a gun at her.

Beaches closed and flights threatened as 30million people prepare for Hermine

As Hermine pushed through South Carolina with strong winds and heavy rains on Friday, it could strengthen back into a hurricane as it moves into the Atlantic coast over the Labor Day weekend (projected path shown bottom right), forecasters said. From Florida to New York, more than 30 million people were under tropical storm watches and warnings as Hermine weakened to a tropical storm while moving northeast, bringing the potential for drenching rain and devastating flooding (map of its projected path bottom right). The Category 1 storm made landfall in Florida early Friday, becoming the first hurricane to hit the Sunshine State in 11 years, and left one dead, 253,000 without power and forced dozens of towns in its path to evacuate. Georgia was spared the havoc it had expected when it placed 56 counties under a state of emergency, but 85,000 homes and businesses lost power from downed trees and power lines on Friday. Though sustained winds had weakened to 50mph, the tempest could strengthen again over water and possibly bring up to 15 inches of rain to the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states over the next 48 hours. Nationwide, airline travel seemed to only be moderately disrupted on Friday with an estimated 172 flight cancellations and another estimated 1,711 flights delayed as of 4pm EDT.

Residents of Steinhatchee, Florida, were counting the cost and beginning a clear-up on Friday after Hurricane Hermine left the streets littered with boats and a new marina destroyed.

The black turtleneck and other personal items are being auctioned online by Julien's Live. The black turtleneck in the auction includes the logo for NeXT, a computer company Jobs founded.

Fast cars, older men, foreign vacations - and a porn star past. The VERY racy lives of the

The racy background of the two women from Quebec, Canada, held in a massive cocaine bust can be revealed today. Melina Roberge, of Granby, outside Montreal (far left) has been described to by a boyfriend as a 'superficial woman always turned on by money and on the look-out for a sugar daddy.' Isabelle Lagacé (second from left) of Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal, has a secret past as a full frontal porn model (right, center and below). Both Lagacé, 28 and Roberge, 22, face life sentences if convicted after being arrested in Sydney accused of being mules in the international transportation of cocaine with a street value of $30 million (top right). They were detained along with an older man Tamine Andre, 63, who is a loner with no family ties and who lives in a tiny apartment in a suburb of Montreal.

At the IFA tech show in Berlin this week, audio hardware firm JBL said it chose the navy blue colour of its latest speaker to match 'a few more devices' that will launch 'in the near future'.

A report suggests Google is hosting a major event on Oct. 4th to focused on its latest hardware. Attendees can expect to get a glimpse of the Pixel and Pixel XL HTC handsets and the 4K Chromecast.

Etiquette expert William Hanson set out his top tips on how to ensure you are the dinner guest from heaven not hell when attending a candlelit supper.

Users of the secret sharing app Whisper have revealed the various ways they deceive and lie to their partners from small untruths to whoppers that could destroy their relationship.

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy spend Labor Day weekend with Michelle Obama

Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy have touched down in Maryland, apparently set to spend Labor Day weekend with the Obamas at Camp David. But, with Barack having jetted off to China for the final G20 summit of his presidency, it looks like the holiday weekend will double as a girls weekend. The megastar was spotted (left) stepping off a private plane in Frederick, Maryland, on Friday afternoon. Moments earlier, four-year-old Blue Ivy (right) climbed down the steps in front of her mom, getting a helping hand from a security guard as she stepped onto the tarmac. Beyoncé was wearing blue jeans and white top as she held Blue Ivy's hand and carried a pink bag (inset) to a waiting motorcade.

Dramatic pictures show the German charity Sea-Watch rescuing refugees trying to make their way to Europe on board overburdened boats drifting off the coast of Libya.

The bodies of lawyers, police officers and civilians have been recovered from the wreckage at the court building in the city of Mardan in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Battle of the bums: Kate's £21.99 trousers show Pippa's not the only one with a

Kate's jazzy tight-fitting pants won rave reviews on social media. The Duchess, who usually dresses demurely, won plaudits for the style update. Her little sister Pippa once captured attention with her bridesmaid's dress at the royal wedding. But Kate showed the world how good she looks in form fitting clothes too.

Custodian Russell Smith has been charged with poisoning Jackie Rocket-Smart Hansell's soda at Tavares High School in Florida after she had received a promotion.

When Emily Andras asked Lexi Alexander, who has recently worked on Supergirl and American Gothic, to direct an episode of Wynonna Earp, she received a pretty sharp response.

Burning Man enters final days as installations set on fire

Burning Man is entering its final days for 2016, with the more than 70,000 party-goers in the Nevada desert beginning to set fire to the huge wooden installations built for the week-long party. Amazing photographs show some of the incredible artwork, including the pyramids called the Catacomb of Veils (main), being engulfed in flames. People gathered around some of the smaller exhibits as they were on fire (inset). More than 70,000 have made the voyage to Black Rock City in the middle of the Nevada desert for the mind-bending festival, which runs from August 28 to September 5 this year. On Saturday, the centerpiece of the giant desert party - the enormous sculpture of a man - will be set alight as the revelers dance beneath it.

Samsung's Note 7s are being pulled from shelves in 10 countries, including Australia and the US, just weeks after launch. In the UK, those who have pre-ordered a handset will be sent a replacement.

The 36-year-old tennis star, who has seven Grand Slam titles to her name, kept a food diary revealing everything she ate during the four days leading up Thursday's match.

The Internet retail giant has built a high wall of hay bales to hide its secret drone testing area in a field around five miles east of its research and development centre in England.

Pennsylvanian boy killed in car crash after his mother swerved to avoid a deer

Isaac Thomas, six, died on Thursday from head injuries sustained when mother Amber Kinder swerved to avoid a deer while driving in Pennsylvania and crashed into a tree. Neighbor Mike Burkhart, who heard the crash, said he pulled Isaac and Kinder out of the vehicle after it flipped and landed on its side. Isaac was airlifted to hospital but later died from his injuries. Father David Thomas mourned his son on Facebook, writing: 'Can't believe I'll never hear his voice again; wish I could have protected you, I'm sorry Isaac.'

Ninja, left, and Yolandi Visser, right, of South African group Die Antwoord were accused of trying to cash in on the tragedy by Oscar Pistorius's psychologist Dr Lore Hartzenburg.

Physicists at New York University are working with scientists from Nasa to develop tractor beams that can take samples from passing comets and of dust in orbit around the Earth.

Police say that after walking around the store in Riverside, California, for some time, the suspect approached a nine-year-old girl who was alone in an aisle and put his hand up her skirt.

Alicia Keys explains why she's going makeup-free and gets Today's Tamron Hall to join in

Alicia wrote in an essay for Lenny Letter in May that she doesn't want to feel forced to wear makeup anymore, and has since been spotted at events with a fresh face. She went makeup-free on the Today show this morning and explained that it makes her feel empowered. Anchors Tamron Hall, Al Roker, and Billy Bush joined in, wiping off their makeup on-air.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny chaired a crisis cabinet meeting which agreed the appeal despite the strong reservations of independent ministers propping up his minority government.

Som and Krystin Lisaius's four-month-old daughter had ingested the drug through breast milk. The former Arizona Tuscon TV presenters face up to two years in prison for the offence.

Like all fashion victims, chimps love mirrors. They use them not just to check their appearance, but to examine areas that they can't see, such as the inside of their mouths.

New analysis of travel, climate and mosquito patters in parts of Asia and Africa found people in these regions were particularly at risk as Malaysia reported its first case of the virus.

Stanford rapist Brock Turner released from California jail after THREE MONTHS

Stanford rapist Brock Turner has been released from jail - after serving just three months of the six-month sentence handed down in June. Turner, who celebrated his 21st birthday in behind bars at the start of last month. He was met by his parents Dan and Carleen, who flew in from their home near Dayton, Ohio, to collect him. His father had asked a judge to not even send the rapist to prison, calling his offense '20 minutes of action' which had been 'shattering'. He will live with the parents in Ohio while under probation supervision. Turner, a former champion swimmer, was convicted in June of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman during a party at the Kappa Alpha frat house on Stanford's Palo Alto campus. He walked out of jail in San Jose at 6.09 am Pacific time without a word of contrition for his attack on the unconscious woman.

At least 10 people have been killed and another 60 injured after a bombing at a busy market in Davao City on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Planning inspectors were sent to his 600-acre Dodington Estate in Gloucestershire after being tipped off he had installed the pool at an estimated cost of £1m under the Georgian house.

A study by researchers in Copenhagen, Denmark, found that 'skinny' cheese does not lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure or help to trim the waistline - potentially denting the low-fat cheese market.

A new study has found that motorists' brains become overloaded during phone conversations, costing them milliseconds of reaction time when the car in front brakes sharply.

Discovery Channel host finds massive black slug as big as a small dog lurking the tide

Coyote Peterson, who hosts the Discovery Network's Brave Wilderness, had a camera rolling when he stumbled across the black sea hare in - the largest slug in the world - in California. Peterson (bottom left and right) found the two-foot long creature, which gets its name from its massive rabbit-esque ears, lurking in the tide pools of a Southern California beach while out exploring with local expert Aron Sanchez. Incredibly, the slimy black slug Peterson pulled from the water was on the small side for its species, weight only 10 pounds. They can grow to be three-foot long and weigh a whopping 30 pounds.

A French notice of construction outside the wooden-slabbed migrant camp being built in the historic Bois du Boulogne read: 'Centre for 200 places for a duration of three years'

Family and friends of British ISIS convert Sally Jones, 47, and her son Joe, 11, have spoken about their grief after images surfaced of the child killing a Kurdish prisoner.


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The first incredible images of Jupiter's North Pole reveal strange blue hue

Nasa's Juno spacecraft has sent back the first-ever images of Jupiter's north pole, taken during the spacecraft's first flyby of the planet with its instruments switched on.The images show reveal stormy conditions, high clouds and a strange blue hue on the planet at its north pole (far left and middle) while also showing the first ever image of its south pole (right) and even capturing an aurora on the planet (inset).

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hasn't revealed what caused Falcon 9 to explode. But UFOlogists claim it was a secret attack by aliens, which they claim can be seen in the footage from the failed launch.

Cannae Inc. claims it has demonstrated prototypes of a system that does not require on-board propellant to generate thrust, and will be used to launch a demo cubesat into low-Earth orbit.

Sister Paula Merrill was laid to rest in Kentucky (pallbearers are pictured outside of Bardstown's Saint Vincent Church) Friday, while Sister Margaret Held was mourned in Wisconsin.

Creatine is best known as a supplement for athletes, but it could help the elderly, pregnant women and people with Parkinsons, said experts from the Hudson Institute, Australia.

Michael Phelps shares too-cute video of baby boy Boomer

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps launched an Instagram account for his son Boomer with his fiancée Nicole Johnson. He does most of the posting, sharing cute videos and pictures. Today, he uploaded a professionally-shot clip of his five-month-old son floating on a pool raft. The little guy looks adorable as the camera captures different angles. This week, Boomer also met Jimmy Fallon and hung out on a Today show set (inset) with his dad.

Anthony Berden, 19, of Tampa, Florida, was arrested after he dressed up as a dinosaur while wearing a face mask and holding an Airsoft rifle. Berden said he was participating in flash mob.

Residents of Copenhagen's hippy enclave Christiania tore down the area's cannabis market after a suspected drug dealer shot two police officers and a bystander.

Mother shares hilarious before and after school photos of her daughter on Imgur

Kelly O'Brien, of Canton, Ohio, has shared hilarious before and after photos of her daughter Franky from the five-year-old's first day of school. Posted to Imgur, the first snap shows Franky grinning and proudly posing in her denim jacket and skirt - her hair neatly tied with a big blue bow (left). But a photo taken of her as she arrives home shows Franky looking exhausted (right) walking down the steps of the school bus with disheveled hair, no jacket and no bow. The snaps have since been viewed over 1.3 million times on Imgur.

Experts from the University of Portsmouth have revealed why active women look to sports bras to minimize pain, discomfort and even improve their sports performance.

The gunmaker posted revenue of $207million, and based on this stronger-than-expected number also boosted its full year revenue and net income guidance.

Geoffrey Goldstein, a former police officer in Florida drew a gun on a driver who had unwittingly pulled into his driveway while playing 'Pokemon Go', according to South Florida police.

The research comes from scientists at Oregan State University, who wanted to understand how every culture used complex carbohydrates, yet they do not have their own taste.

Enthusiastic mother creates incredibly catchy toilet training song

A mother from Washington D.C. created a 'potty time' song to help teach her two-year-old daughter how to use the bathroom. In Stacia Wright's case, she turned to music to make 'learning' fun and easy. Her two-year-old, Ginneh, is in the process of potty training and can't stop singing her 'potty time' song.

Close to 150 cases in Harris County have been dismissed so far because of the loss of evidence back in January, and more than a 1,000 other cases are being reviewed.

People who live on 27-year-old Timothy Valentin's route in Woodside had complained about undelivered mail. Valentin has said: 'I had to pick my daughter up at a certain time.'

Brittany Ann Bell, 37, at teacher's aide who worked at Summit Drive Elementary School in Greenville, South Carolina, has been charged with cruelty to children.

Francis 'Cadillac Frank' Salemme, now 83, led the New England family of La Cosa Nostra in the early 1990s. An indictment charges him and Paul Weadick with the murder of Steven DiSarro.

His mugshot will make you 'Holla!': Man with distinctive forehead tattoo arrested for the

A well-known bikini-clad street performer in Florida with 'HOLLA!' tattooed on his forehead was arrested for a 27th time on early Tuesday. Charles Easter (pictured), 38, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct in Fort Lauderdale around 1.46am while he was visiting a friend being treated in the emergency room at a local hospital, Easter, who is originally from Brooklyn, New York, allegedly became 'unruly' during the visit, which prompted police to step in. As he was being escorted out of the hospital by a police office, Easter yelled at a nurse, 'F*** off you c**t,' according to his arrest complaint affidavit .

Anissa Weier is accused alongside Morgan Geyser of trying to kill a classmate to please Slender Man two years ago. Payton Leutner, 12, was left for dead in woods outside Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Jose Ramos, 40 (left), and Annetta Ramos, 31 (right), were arrested Wednesday in Fort Worth, Texas and charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse.

Convicted swindler Troy Stratos, 50, appeared in court Wednesday and entered guilty pleas to 11 counts of wire and mail fraud, two counts of money laundering, and one count of obstruction of justice.

The veil may provide a 'strategic response' to the temptations and threats of modern western life into which Muslims are integrating, according to research by Oxford University professors.

Tupac really is dead says Chris Carroll the first cop on the scene

Retired Las Vegas cop Chris Carroll says a viral picture purporting to prove that Tupac Shakur did not die is false - because he saw the rapper's life slip away almost exactly 20 years ago. The image, left, showed a man who looks very much like the rapper in his heyday (right) and seemed to give hope to his fans that he is not dead. But Carroll (inset), the first police officer on the scene of the shooting, tells he knows the superstar died that night in Las Vegas after being shot multiple times.

The research comes from the University of Pittsburgh, and could have ramifications for how parents are advised to talk about math and numbers (stock image used).

The buses will drive around the centre of Lyon at 12mph in year-long experiment starting on Saturday. They can carry up to 15 people between five stops on a 10-minute route.

FILE - In this Monday, April 15, 2013 file photo, Uzbek President Islam Karimov leaves a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Moscow, Russia. A national newsreader has delivered a televised Independence Day speech on behalf of ailing President Islam Karimov, who remains hospitalized in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, with a suspected brain hemorrhage. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, file)

Diplomatic sources have revealed his death today after rumours that he had passed away had been circulating for days. His daughter Lola said earlier this week he had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Woman was 'humiliated' at a Babies 'R' Us after store offered her TWO CENTS for a stroller

Jessica Hucko (pictured, right and left with her husband) of Connecticut miscarried and had to return items to Babies R Us (insert) but said she was humiliated because of a lack of compassion from store employees. At Babies R Us she was asked repeatedly why she was returning her items and finally broke down when she said it was because her son had passed away. Hucko said the cashier was clearly mortified for asking but had trouble finding the items in the computer system and had to call a manager for help. The manager offered her only two cents for a stroller Hucko tried to return. She said she was so upset over the loss of her son and embarrassed by the manager's demeanor, she just wanted to leave. Later, Babies R Us apologized and offered her a full refund.

William Lewis Reece, a convicted rapist already charged with abducting and killing a 19-year-old woman in Oklahoma, was indicted Thursday in the 1997 slayings of two girls in Texas.

Hanna Blewett from Philadelphia is a freshman at University of Houston. She received a large package from home but opened it to find just a small sandwich bag with one potato chip inside.

According to a new study by Harvard Medical School, retreating to a relaxing resort eases stress, rejuvenates cells, and combats the effects of ageing.

Penn State University has sparked fury by announcing plans to honor coach Joe Paterno (right, with Sandusky), who allegedly ignored Jerry Sandusky's horrific child abuse.

Houston cop cleared by grand jury after shooting dead black man Ashtian Barnes

Ashtian Barnes (inset) was pulled over on a highway in Houston earlier this year, but took off when the officer asked him to step outside the car. The cop, being dragged alongside (main), opened fire, killing Barnes. Barnes' family have been outspoken in seeking answers in the deadly confrontation. However on Wednesday, a Harris County grand jury reached the decision to not indict that deputy constable. Barnes' family maintain that he was driving a rental and that any toll road violation wouldn't have been his.

Don Smith, 84, found the giant puffball (pictured) last week near Woodstock, Ontario - and was so delighted with his find he enlisted his granddaughter's help to broadcast it to the world.

Cyril Ramaphosa told MPs that 'scientific development' meant the new flavoured condoms do not make a funny noise during use or smell bad - complaints which plagued previous brand Choice.

This undated photo provided by the Madison County Sheriff's Office shows Keaun L. Cook of Godfrey, Ill. Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons said Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, that Cook was charged with material support for terrorism and making a terrorist threat. Gibbons said the threats were verbal and that Cook had been in contact with a terrorist organization via multiple electronic means. (Madison County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Keaun L Cook, of Godfrey, Illinois, was arrested on charges of providing material support for terrorism and plotting to execute mass casualty attacks in several Madison County locations.

Dramatic moment that a New Zealand boy is left dangling from a chairlift as his parents

A nine-year-old boy is lucky to escape injury after he slipped off his seat and was left dangling in the air because he failed to lower the safety rail at Mt Hutt ski field in the South Island of New Zealand (left). Staff members rushed to his rescue by grabbing a mat and positioning it beneath him. The boy's parent's were forced to let go of their son, dropping him from a 10 metre height (right).

A poll of 2,000 parents has revealed that mums and dads spend almost two hours a day stressed. Author and psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos offers her top tips to help parents to stay in control.

A 14-year-old boy on his way to school in Ohio was chased by a person in a clown mask with a knife, police say. He was heading to a bus stop when the incident happened Tuesday.

Portland meth addict arrested for 16th time for trying to BITE police officer

A man who was spared a two-year sentence in July after spending the past 15 years in and out of jail has a new mugshot to add to his growing collection. Matthew Joseph Medlin (pictured) damaged a police car, licked a man's face and then tried to bite an officer when he was arrested in Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday after reports that he was assaulting a woman, police said. The 32-year-old's descent has been documented through a series of mugshots which show his once-handsome face transformed with bizarre tattoos and open wounds over the years. Pictured right, Medlin's most recent mugshot. Top left, in June 2002, top right: January 2013, bottom left: April 2013, bottom right: January 2016

A viral video shows the toddler, called Nicholas, sitting next to his train set in front of father E. J. Masicampo, a teacher at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

The 63-year-old was fishing in a mountain creek in Gunma, northwest of Tokyo, Japan, when the 6ft 3ins creature set upon him in what he said was an unprovoked attack.

Sam Escobar, 26, a non-binary beauty editor from Brooklyn, New York, shared weight, bra size, dress size and height details online - prompting hundreds to respond and follow suit.

The Army Research Laboratory has shown off a prototype of its 'hoverbike,' a rectangular shaped quadcopter that has been named the Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle, or JTARV.

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Who knew Vulcans liked Starbucks? Mr Spock is spotted indulging at Star Trek convention in

Star Trek creators, stars and avid fans are gathering in New York this weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beloved franchise. Thousands of Trekkies are expected to attend as they get opportunity to meet other like-minded fans of the show, hear from some of the actors and creators as well as visit some of the sets and play with models.

Four fishermen off the NSW Central Coast were left stunned when a pod of humpback whales decided to pay them a visit swimming within arms reach and almost capsizing the boat.

Claus Jørstad, of Alta in Norway, has lodged a hilarious complaint to Ikea on Facebook after he got a testicle stuck in one of the retailer's red chairs with holes while having a shower (left).

The $55 million walkway in southern China is forced to close today after it opened on August 20. A spokesman said 'there were too many people', but he insisted there were no safety concerns.

Rihanna fans are left fascinated as a picture of the singer's bent fingers sweep Twitter

Beady-eyed fans were quick to notice one small but peculiar phenomenon about Rihanna as she sang her heart out onstage - her oddly twisted little finger. Twitter erupted with fascination over the 28-year-old's pinky, with one user even exclaiming that it looked like her finger was 'having an exorcism'.


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Watch cyclist cruise past motorbikes travelling at 50mph in California

Leg-power triumphs over horse-power in a video captured on the helmet cam of a gob-smacked motorcyclist, as he wound his way along a road in California. He exclaimed 'he's tucking in' as the cyclist disappeared into the distance, overtaking more vehicles travelling faster than 50mph. 'That's the funniest thing I've ever seen', the biker said.

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a man attempts to kidnap a child from the back of his mother's bike. The incident took place on August 27 in China. The man disappeared with the child.

An impressive video shows the woman - believed to be Polish - performing the splits as she slides down a set of carpeted stairs as though it were the easiest thing in the world.

A shocking video has emerged online showing a mother beating her two-year-old child in China. The footage shows onlookers arguing with the woman who fails to listen to them.

While helping his brother Able (right) get ready to face some curveballs at their home in Parsons, Kansas, Dax, (left) five, asks: 'Able, are you a baseball player or a kid?'

Group of Vietnamese teachers are lifted over a river by an EXCAVATOR

Teachers in the remote Yen Bai province in northern Vietnam were stranded when floods washed out roads between the villages and the school. So big-hearted construction workers brought in a giant digger and ran a makeshift ferry service taking teachers across the flood in its giant scoop. Headmaster Duong Xuan Truong - from the Nam Muoi Ethnic Day-boarding Junior High School - said: 'The path was closed because it had been washed away by very heavy rain.' He added: 'We didn't know how the teaching staff would get there until the digger arrived.'