When tradition meets the modern world: African tribeswoman in goatskin clothes checks out

Tradition meets the new world in this stunning series of images as a woman from Nambia's Himba tribe is pictured shopping for groceries in her local supermarket. Carrying a young child on her back, who appears completely oblivious to the attention the elegant woman is attracting (right), she is seen picking up flour, sugar and washing powder (left and centre). Her 50,000-strong semi-nomadic tribe in the north of the African country is renowned for its traditional dress and use of mud as sunscreen. The series of images were taken in a grocery store in the village of Opuwo. Swedish documentary maker Bjorn Persson, who took the pictures, said the contrast left him feeling 'fascinated, confused, happy and sad'. He also captured scenes of Himba tribe members in their rural heartland, including an image of a woman cooking using pots outside her home (insert).

Every woman's nightmare: Harrowing CCTV footage captures oblivious victim being followed

Alarming CCTV released by Great Manchester Police captures the suspect following the lone woman as she walks down a dark Bolton street. He is first seen with a push bike as he follows her at a distance past a parade of brightly lit shops (top). But a later clip shows him without the bike as they approach a junction. He runs up behind her as the clip ends (bottom) - moments before he held a knife to her cheek and dragged her down an alley. Fortunately she managed to escape and call the police before he fled.

The decision by North Yorkshire hospital bosses to halt operations on smokers and people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above could become the norm, health experts have warned.

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Mercedes Benz drivers will be able to find each other car parking spaces in a new piece of technology being developed in Stuttgart, Germany.

It captured viewers' imaginations with its quirky premise and talented cast in the nineties. And the special proved to be just as popular as fans took to Twitter in their droves to beg the BBC.

Michael Lane, of Brighton, was charged with the murder of teenager Shana Grice on Friday evening. The tyre fitter had been released on bail by officers at the end of August.

Too fat to foster: Student, 32, who weighs 21 stone is told she is too big to look after

A 32-year-old from Salford has been told she is too fat to foster children despite the council being in desperate need for foster parents. Zoe Young has lambasted the council for its decision after it became apparent that the main reason for their rejection of her foster application was due to her size-21 stone. When Young was initially assessed for her foster parent suitability she was recovering from perforated bowel. She says she is more mobile is now and on a weight loss programme.

Of all the pests that plague the British gardener, nothing is quite as frustrating as the Spanish Slug. These five-inch slabs of muscle and stomach are carnivorous, amorous and enormous.

EXPOSED: The hard-Left doctors who care more about bashing the Tories than your health  

The walkouts have been co-ordinated by the BMA's Junior Doctors Committee (JDC), chaired by Dr Ellen McCourt (right). Fierce industrial disputes are in her blood. Her mother Kath McCourt was chairman of the Royal College of Nursing when it threatened its own national walkout four years ago. Take also the committee's deputy chairs. They are David Rouse, a Labour member, Aaron Borbora, a trade unionist who has spoken at meetings of the National Shop Stewards Network, and Lucy-Jane Davis, a Bristol-based Remain supporter who has used her Twitter feed to accuse the Leave lobby of 'rage and racism', and advised followers to vote Labour at the last General Election. Other highly influential members of the committee include Yannis Gourtsoyannis (left), a hard-Left Marxist who has spoken alongside Jeremy Corbyn at 'fight austerity' rallies, and Pete Campbell, a Momentum supporter who wears 'Make Capitalism History' T-shirts and has used his Facebook page to promote talks in his native Newcastle on the subject of 'how capitalism is killing you'. Activists have been seen protesting on the street with many holding up banners saying 'protect or NHS'.

Junior doctors' leaders and organisers of the walkouts can claim the money from the British Medical Association as well as expenses for hotels and business-class travel.

In a leaked letter, Mr Johnson - who recently attended a meeting of foreign ministers in Slovakia - noted what are understood to be his four non-negotiable 'red lines' for the negotiations.

Baroness Wheatcroft must have expected it to be plain sailing after being invited by Cunard to be a guest speaker on the ship's swanky 14-day cruise from Rome to Athens last month...

How British mother nicknamed 'Mrs Terror' turned her son into ISIS killer

Family and friends of British ISIS convert Sally Jones, 47, and her son Joe, 11, have spoken about their grief after shocking images surfaced of the young child (centre) killing a Kurdish prisoner with other kids (inset). Today we reveal how the adorable new born at a hospital in Kent in 2004 (left) was raised by his mother (right), taken to Syria three years ago and became an executioner. Friends and relatives, including his grandmother, have spoken of their utter grief at being separated from Joe when he vanished with Jones and the trauma of discovering what he has been coerced - or at the very least, brainwashed - into doing. They have also told how the little boy once called them from Syria but was prevented from speaking freely by his mother who stood beside him.

Men are now bombarded with images of the perfect male physique. Just look at the number of times we see Aidan Turner scything shirtless in Poldark, writes DR MAX PEMBERTON.

In her latest appearance in Vogue magazine, Victoria Beckham pours out her heart in an emotional letter to her insecure teenage self, AMANDA PLATELL writes.

Lorry drivers will block motorways on Monday in protest at the rising numbers of attacks by migrants. It means families returning to the UK face being trapped for hours as they try to catch ferries.

A study by researchers in Copenhagen, Denmark, found that 'skinny' cheese does not lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure or help to trim the waistline - potentially denting the low-fat cheese market.

Mother-of-three with a 'billionaires' row' house is paid £170 a week in benefits

Mother-of-three Manal Morrar, 46, of north London (left), has been accused of 'taking the p***' out of taxpayers' after receiving £170-a-week in benefits while living in an £11million 'billionaires' row' house near Hampstead Heath (right). The mum boasts of rubbing shoulders with music stars Bill Wyman (inset) and Will.I.Am at glittering red carpet events.

Mr Clegg said he also suffered from chest pains and chronic coughs. He became so overweight that the former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown berated him for his size.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has defended a £20,000 fee from Iranian channel Press TV for four appearances between 2009 and 2012. The channel is banned from broadcasting in the UK .

The National Portrait Gallery is mulling over doing the works on the Chandos image (pictured) for the first time in its almost 400-year history and it could take up to a year to complete.

I was undertaking an epic journey to raise funds for Alzheimer's. But it wouldn't help anyone if I got myself eaten on the first leg, a few days out from my starting point near Toronto, says CHRIS GRAHAM.

Fast cars, older men, foreign vacations - and a porn star past. The VERY racy lives of the

The racy background of the two women from Quebec, Canada, held in a massive cocaine bust can be revealed today. Melina Roberge, of Granby, outside Montreal (far left) has been described to DailyMail.com by a boyfriend as a 'superficial woman always turned on by money and on the look-out for a sugar daddy.' Isabelle Lagacé (second from left) of Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal, has a secret past as a full frontal porn model (right, center and below). Both Lagacé, 28 and Roberge, 22, face life sentences if convicted after being arrested in Sydney accused of being mules in the international transportation of cocaine with a street value of $30 million (top right). They were detained along with an older man Tamine Andre, 63, who is a loner with no family ties and who lives in a tiny apartment in a suburb of Montreal.

Drugs paraphernalia, including a crack pipe and dirty needles, are said to have been uncovered at the firm's headquarters in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, during an investigation.

The sexual assaults only came to light when the girl spoke to their mother while they were walking home from school. She later told police about her brother's 'yucky' acts, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Terminally-ill woman who touched thousands with brave TV shows about living with cancer

Inspirational Rowena Kincaid, from Cardiff, died of breast cancer after a three-year battle. She presented two documentaries and defied doctors to make it to her 40th birthday last year. She was diagnosed with secondary cancer after having treatment in 2013 and said she was living on borrowed time. She created a bucket list of things to do before she died, hoping to make it to her 40th birthday, which she celebrated in Cardiff Castle last year, pictured left. She said she hoped to be buried in her wonder woman outfit, pictured right, and bravely cut off her hair before her treatment, inset. Rowena died on Friday September 2.

The number of regular soldiers in the Army has fallen to the lowest number in 200 years, as statistics show the number of trained and counted full time soldiers at 79,390 at the beginning of July.

Researchers at the University of Alberta discovered each extra serving of fruit eaten by mothers-to-be corresponded with an increase in cognitive scores for their babies.

This week, BEL MOONEY advises a 48-year-old woman whose boyfriend's nasty mood swings are putting her off the idea of spending a year travelling the world with him.

Their dramatic Olympic final against the Netherlands had millions of viewers holding their breath. Now, the shinpads are off - and the British golden girls are getting glammed up.

Fifi Geldof 'to be married in church that Peaches and Paula's funeral took place'

Fifi Geldof is set to tie the knot on Saturday, at the same church where the funerals of her mother Paula and sister Peaches were held. The 33-year-old daughter of Sir Bob Geldof and the late TV presenter Paula Yates will reportedly marry sand sculptor Andrew Robertson, pictured left, at St Mary Magdalene & St Lawrence Church in Kent, pictured right. The church in Davington is next door to Bob's country home and has been a place of both joy and sorrow for the Geldof family. Bob and Paula, pictured inset with Fifi and newborn Peaches, had a blessing there after their wedding, and Paula's funeral was held there in 2000, as was Peaches' in 2014. Bob returned to the church to marry his girlfriend of 18 years Jeanne Marine a year ago.

The Bishop of Grantham, Nicholas Chamberlain, has become the first C of E bishop to declare that he is in a gay relationship but said he didn't want to make a 'big thing about coming out'.

A priest with St Lawrence's Church in Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire is under fire after he was filmed fox hunting. Footage shows the clerical collar wearing Rev Neil Patterson atop a horse.

Tiffin School (pictured), a top grammar for boys in Kingston, south-west London, requires pupils to have the official blazer, costing £105 to £120.

Teacher Paul Sheppard was stopped at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of serious sexual offences against James Glynn (pictured) - a former pupil at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire.

Mums too POSH to parent: Never mind nannies, some super-rich parents hire professional

A new Channel 4 documentary is lifting the lid on the lives of Britain's super-rich parents who 'outsource' every aspect of their childcare - from organising playdates to Lego therapy. They are parents like Nina Naustdal, pictured, who admits to spending somewhere in the region of £200,000 a year ensuring the lives of her three children - and seven chihuahuas - are run with utmost precision. It's a different world to the one most of us inhabit, and one that will doubtless have you wanting to chuck a (non-bespoke) shoe at the screen.

Just 15 years ago, he was living in Zomayi, in the Volta region, with his parents Dan and Regina, brother Senanu, sister Edinam as well as their grandparents in a cramped house.

It is the first time Candice Brown and Liam Macaulay, her boyfriend of four years, have been seen in public since his conviction for dealing cannabis in 2009 became known last week.

The announcement, which comes as heads of the G20 leading group of nations meet in China, means the Paris Agreement drawn up in the French capital comes closer to being adopted.

Australia's first women-only sex club opens its doors in Sydney

Sydney's first women's only sex club is turning the heat up with its second party on Saturday night after a successful debut in June. Dancer Vegas Hart, pictured, will be dancing at the exclusive event. The themed party promises to be a raunchy even where lesbian, bi-sexual and bi-curious women can get together. The co-director Renee Nyx says it is a pressure free environment but sex is allowed, and does happen.

Of the six new pro dancers, four of them are married or engaged. They include husband and wife Katya and Neil Jones (centre). Could this help break the Strictly love curse?

Trevor Timon, (pictured) of Plumstead, is accused of viciously beating Oliver Dearlove, 30, from Eltham, south east London, who was out with friends on Sunday, August 28.

The 11-year-old and nine-year-old sons of Australian Sara Connor, who is accused of murdering a policeman in Bali two weeks ago, have begged their mum to come home in an emotional video.

Transport For London replaced the traditional 'go' sign in 50 traffic lights in June around the Trafalgar Square area as a nod to those taking part in London Pride.

Maya the dog waits outside Elda Hospital for six days waiting for her owner to return 

Spaniard Sandra Iniesta was rushed to hospital with severe abdomen pain while travelling back from a holiday with her father Andres - not the World Cup-winning footballer - and Akita Inu breed Maya (pictured). The 22-year-old underwent an operation and has been in the Elda Hospital for almost a week now, but despite Andres' best efforts Maya refuses to be dragged away from the doors.



James Dyson's basement swimming pool in his home could land him in hot water

The self-made billionaire (pictured inset with his wife, Deirdre), inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, has been caught out more than four years after the work was completed and may now have to rip it up or face an unlimited fine or even prison. Planning inspectors were sent to his 600-acre Dodington Estate in Gloucestershire after being tipped off that he had installed the pool at an estimated cost of £1million under the 18th century Georgian manor house.

In the latest slap in the face for commuters, Southern's parent company Go-Ahead revealed profits soared 27 per cent to almost £100million in the year to July.

Passengers could pay £5 to be fast tracked at passport control in Edinburgh airport. Officials say the initiative will ease congestion in busy periods but Scots have called the scheme 'unfettered greed'.

Like all fashion victims, chimps love mirrors. They use them not just to check their appearance, but to examine areas that they can't see, such as the inside of their mouths.

The FBI released notes of its interview with the Democratic presidential candidate made when agents quizzed her on her secret server scandal, before its director decided not to charge her.

One website, DoctorsNote Store, offers 'guaranteed 48-hour delivery' of an 'authentic-looking replica doctors' sick note certificate ... on official doctors' notepaper, with real stamp'.

The Formosa sisters, from Bexleyheath, south-east London, were born conjoined - fused together at the abdomen and sharing part of an intestine. Their parents had little idea what the future held.

Mother Teresa's 'miracle' doesn't feel special, just loved

Marcilio Haddad, pictured with his wife Fermanda Nascimento Rocha (left) claimed to have been cured by the nun, who died in 1997. Rocha said when he fell ill she prayed 'with all the strength I had.' When a surgeon went to Andrino's room, he was awake, pain-free and asymptomatic, according to the priest spearheading Mother Teresa's sainthood cause, the Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk. Within six months, Andrino said Friday, he had returned to work.

A new book has revealed how famed TV presenter Kenneth Clark was a serial adulterer - a constant seeker of affairs, even with the wives of his close friends.

Joshua Dobby, pictured, of no fixed abode, appeared at Bromley Magistrates' Court on Friday accused of causing the deaths of Makayah McDermott, ten, and his aunt Rozanne Cooper, 34.

Robert Peston, the former BBC economics editor, was among the first to notice the message. The BBC said a technical error had triggered a link to a report from its Bengali service.

Anita Jane Hare and Martina Loosemore had both been drinking at the time. Performed their lewd acts in Pilton Park, Barnstaple, where children were playing.

Edward Vines, 46, bombarded BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis with letters over the course of 20 years after becoming 'obsessed' with her, Oxford Crown Court heard today.

Don Smith, 84, found the giant puffball (pictured) last week near Woodstock, Ontario - and was so delighted with his find he enlisted his granddaughter's help to broadcast it to the world.

The first incredible images of Jupiter's North Pole reveal strange blue hue

Nasa's Juno spacecraft has sent back the first-ever images of Jupiter's north pole, taken during the spacecraft's first flyby of the planet with its instruments switched on.The images show reveal stormy conditions, high clouds and a strange blue hue on the planet at its north pole (far left and middle) while also showing the first ever image of its south pole (right) and even capturing an aurora on the planet (inset).

Experts from the University of Portsmouth have revealed why active women look to sports bras to minimize pain, discomfort and even improve their sports performance.

Katie Simpkins, 23, was forced to sleep in the back of a police car for nearly four hours after being turned away by Green Lane Hospital, a mental health facility in Devizes, Wiltshire.

Despite the Bank of England (pictured) base rate being slashed to 0.25 per cent last month, the average annual credit card interest rate has climbed from 21.2 per cent to 22.3 per cent since January.

Graham Jackson, 59, was jailed for five years after leaving Hull University Union on the brink of collapse by taking cash for expensive holidays, cars and the weddings of his two daughters.

A new study has found that motorists' brains become overloaded during phone conversations, costing them milliseconds of reaction time when the car in front brakes sharply.

IT engineer Ashar Niazi, 35, (pictured) was riding his £19,000 Yamaha R1M superbike through Godstone in Surrey with three friends when the accident happened.

Thugs drag a girl to the ground in shockinglyviolent video uploaded to Facebook

The clip of the attack in Short Heath Park, Erdington, was filmed and shared on Facebook. The family of the victim say they have not contacted the police for fear of further repercussions. It is believed the video was filmed by a boy who witnessed the attack and then shared it on social media. An older sister of the victim said the incident was completely unprovoked. She said: 'It was totally unprovoked and nothing was said to her by the girls first.' The family say they want attention to be drawn to this type of bullying and for action to be taken. They added that the girl was left with scratches, cuts and bruises.

Theresa May is set to fly into a diplomatic row with China at the G20 amid growing indications she could pull out. Sources say the PM will tell President Xi Jinping that he will have to wait for an answer.

Alexander Thomson, 32, who had just lost his job, allegedly attacked Thomas Hulme, 23, after a night out with former work colleagues from a recruitment firm in Farringdon, London .

A survey conducted by the Eve Appeal found one in seven women were unable to name a single gynaecological cancer, despite half a million women worldwide dying from them every year.

At least 10 people have been killed and another 60 injured after a bombing at a busy market in Davao City on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Sisters who were split up at a Chinese orphanage together again at last

Two sisters with Cerebral Palsy who were split up after one of them was adopted from a Chinese orphanage and the other was left behind have been reunited after almost four years in Kentucky. Aubrey (right of right) and Avery (left of right) were living in the same Chinese orphanage but did not know they were related, before the former was adopted by Lisa Lumpkins (inset, and left with her entire family) and her family from Georgetown, Kentucky in 2013. Lumpkins discovered the link after seeing a picture of Avery on Facebook earlier this year. Since then, she had a DNA test done to confirm what she thought, and then worked to get Avery to the U.S. Had they not completed the adoption by August, the young girl would become ineligible in China and be forced to stay there her entire life.

At the IFA tech show in Berlin this week, audio hardware firm JBL said it chose the navy blue colour of its latest speaker to match 'a few more devices' that will launch 'in the near future'.

Retired Las Vegas cop Chris Carroll says a viral picture purporting to prove that Tupac Shakur did not die 20 years ago this weekend is false - because he saw the rapper's life slip away.

Cancer Research UK says its September Dryathlon is to challenge the nation to prove its willpower, offering a twist on the traditional Dry January because drinking rises over summer.

Norwegian man's hilarious complaint to Ikea after getting a TESTICLE caught in stool

Claus Jørstad, of Alta in Norway, has lodged a hilarious complaint to Ikea on Facebook after he got a testicle stuck in one of the retailer's chairs with holes while having a shower (left). After he referred to his genitalia as 'the skipper and two sailors', the Swedish company (inset) dealt with the complaint about the Marius stool in the post's reply section with maritime references as it was shared tens of thousands of times. Claus has since showed the annoying holes to his Facebook followers (right).

London cafe owner Sevjan Melissa said she asked Roberto Lattarulo to leave when he 'intimidated' staff after being given a lemon and ginger teabag instead of a lemongrass and ginger one.

Mint Walk Recreation Ground in Surrey, once featured a concrete tunnel tall enough for a toddler to stand up in.However the play tunnel has now been demolished and the park is partially closed

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy spend Labor Day weekend with Michelle Obama

Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy have touched down in Maryland, apparently set to spend Labor Day weekend with the Obamas at Camp David. But, with Barack having jetted off to China for the final G20 summit of his presidency, it looks like the holiday weekend will double as a girls' weekend. The megastar was spotted (left) stepping off a private plane in Frederick, Maryland, on Friday afternoon. Moments earlier, four-year-old Blue Ivy (right) climbed down the steps in front of her mom, getting a helping hand from a security guard as she stepped onto the tarmac. Beyoncé was wearing blue jeans and white top as she held Blue Ivy's hand and carried a pink bag (inset) to a waiting motorcade.

Thousands of buyers considering investing in one of the UK''s shared ownership scheme are among the 500,000 savers who have opened one of the government's flagship Help to Buy Isa.

Lloyds Bank also found that, on average, 74 per cent of homeowners not living in the house that they will stay in for the rest of their life reckon that it will take up to two more houses to get there.

Jackie Levitas, 79, (pictured) had campaigned for years to stop student housing taking over her neighbourhood in the heart of the historic cathedral city of Durham.

Kevin Naylor has told of his grief over the death of his son Dominick, 15, (pictured) on Wednesday after the teen drowned in the river in Walton-on-Thames while swimming with four friends.

Uzbekistan's hard man president Islam Karimov dies at 78 and in the wings to replace him

Uzbekistan has been plunged into the greatest period of uncertainty in its post-Soviet history following the death of strongman dictator Islam Karimov.(inset, top) The 78-year-old, who crushed all opposition in the Central Asian country as its only president in a quarter-century of independence from the Soviet Union, died of a stroke yesterday. People in Karimov's hometown mourned his passing (left; right, top and bottom) and youths wore black clothes.

Officials claim charges for 'fast-tracking' travelers will ease congestion. But letting passengers skip the queue for a fee has sparked a backlash, with claims this is unfair and greedy.

A new album, Music for Cats, has been put together by musician David Teie, who says he applied 'real, scientifically credible' research into his compositions for the major label release.

Jeremy Corbyn has called for an end to after-work drinks, saying that it benefits 'men who don't feel the need to be at home'. He was speaking at an event to launch his policy on equal rights

Alan Hawe, who is suspected of murdering his wife and three young sons at their family home in Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan, is understood to have left a note explaining his decision.

Horrific moment a man savagely stabs four people repeatedly with a 'gigantic' butcher's

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Horrifying footage from Argentina shows man, 26, randomly stabbing victims - including an 89-year-old woman - in brutal attack before bystanders held him until police arrived. Miraculously no-one was killed and three of the four victims described as 'serious' in hospital were said to be stable today.

A poll of 2,000 parents has revealed that mums and dads spend almost two hours a day stressed. Author and psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos offers her top tips to help parents to stay in control.

The Uber driver from Charleston, South Carolina, films his passengers and uploads them to a YouTube channel. They provide an insight into the everyday life of a taxi driver.

The astonishing picture was only recently found by researchers features some of the regiment's most famous members following Operation Squatter, the SAS's disastrous first raid in Libya in 1941.

She's an award winning TV presenter, sports pundit and autobiography writer but the tireless Clare Balding has added yet another string to her bow - by writing a children's novel about horses.

The best discounts on a new car

Motor dealers absolutely adore this time of year as people flock through the door to put a deposit on a car adorned with the latest number. But that doesn't mean the salesman has to be in the position of strength when it comes to negotiating the price you pay. We've teamed up with car buying site CarWow to tell you which models have the biggest savings.

The Home Office is encouraging Britons to come up with ways they can help the Government wage the war on terror by rewarding good ideas with sums from £10,000 to £100,000.

The underground brokers are targeting undocumented African migrants who arrive in Cairo desperate for cash. They offer sex workers as a 'sweetener' before taking the organs.

Leslie Ireland, 60, was charged and taken to court after he stopped his bus to reprimand a woman texting at the wheel - and using her knees to steer her car on the busy A47 in Norwich.

The footage shows a Cape Rain Frog making a bizarre shrieking noise - its body entirely puffed up as he crouches on the ground in front of a family and their dogs in Tokai Forest in Cape Town.

Seagull screams in for ice cream: Greedy gull swoops on unsuspecting Thai student on

Tara Dalyntara, 23, from Thailand, was ready to enjoy the treat (left) on a trip to Brighton, East Sussex, over the Bank Holiday weekend when the brazen bird helped itself to a beak full. (right) She wrote on Instagram: 'Only 3 seconds then its gone. I hope the bird took that ice-cream's cone too and used it to build its nest.' The post has attracted more than a thousand likes, with plenty of people writing about their past seagull encounters.

Mohammed has topped the list for most popular boys' name in the UK as the 14 varieties of spellings - including Mohamed, Muhammed and Mohammad - put it above Oliver.

Amani-Cane Elouazani, from Surrey, says she has made around £12,000 from her bespoke lingerie business which she puts towards funding her law degree at Oxford Brookes University.

Ninja, left, and Yolandi Visser, right, of South African group Die Antwoord were accused of trying to cash in on the tragedy by Oscar Pistorius's psychologist Dr Lore Hartzenburg.

The buses will drive around the centre of Lyon at 12mph in year-long experiment starting on Saturday. They can carry up to 15 people between five stops on a 10-minute route.

Burning Man enters final days as installations set on fire

Burning Man is entering its final days for 2016, with the more than 70,000 party-goers in the Nevada desert beginning to set fire to the huge wooden installations built for the week-long party. Amazing photographs show some of the incredible artwork, including the pyramids called the Catacomb of Veils (main), being engulfed in flames. People gathered around some of the smaller exhibits as they were on fire (inset). More than 70,000 have made the voyage to Black Rock City in the middle of the Nevada desert for the mind-bending festival, which runs from August 28 to September 5 this year. On Saturday, the centerpiece of the giant desert party - the enormous sculpture of a man - will be set alight as the revelers dance beneath it.


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His mugshot will make you 'Holla!': Man with distinctive forehead tattoo arrested for the

A well-known bikini-clad street performer in Florida with 'HOLLA!' tattooed on his forehead was arrested for a 27th time on early Tuesday. Charles Easter (pictured), 38, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct in Fort Lauderdale around 1.46am while he was visiting a friend being treated in the emergency room at a local hospital, Easter, who is originally from Brooklyn, New York, allegedly became 'unruly' during the visit, which prompted police to step in. As he was being escorted out of the hospital by a police office, Easter yelled at a nurse, 'F*** off you c**t,' according to his arrest complaint affidavit .

Four fishermen off the NSW Central Coast were left stunned when a pod of humpback whales decided to pay them a visit swimming within arms reach and almost capsizing the boat.

New Orleans has always embraced its drink and music culture and as Daily Mail's Siobhan Warwicker discovers, the city has shaken off Hurricane Katrina and ready to party.

Mother shares hilarious before and after school photos of her daughter on Imgur

Kelly O'Brien, of Canton, Ohio, has shared hilarious before and after photos of her daughter Franky from the five-year-old's first day of school. Posted to Imgur, the first snap shows Franky grinning and proudly posing in her denim jacket and skirt - her hair neatly tied with a big blue bow (left). But a photo taken of her as she arrives home shows Franky looking exhausted (right) walking down the steps of the school bus with disheveled hair, no jacket and no bow. The snaps have since been viewed over 1.3 million times on Imgur.



World's highest glass bridge in China closes due to 'overwhelming volume of tourists'

The world's longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge has been forced to close after an overwhelming number of tourists flocked to walk across the transparent structure standing some 980 feet high. The walkway in southern China, which cost £48 million to build, opened on August 20 and halted its operations today. A spokesman from the attraction told MailOnline that the bridge is designed to support a maximum of 800 people at a time, and it has received around 10,000 tourists a day since its opening. The spokesman insisted the glass floor of the bridge is safe.

Coyote Peterson, who hosts the Discovery Network's Brave Wilderness, had a camera rolling when he stumbled across the black sea hare in - the largest slug in the world - in California.

The drunk had paralysed the city centre bus in Chelyabinsk, central Russia, when he began to pull strange poses on the roof while it was at a stop. One witness said: 'Bus drivers are pretty tough.'

The Hyde is set on the grounds of the Netherwood Estate in Tenbury Wells. The historic property is full of luxurious touches and there's an award-winning chef living on site.

Horrific moment a man with one leg is mowed down by a speeding driver in the middle of the

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The upsetting incident took place in the city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The 42-year-old man was taken to hospital but he died of his injuries soon afterwards. The 29-year-old driver survived thanks to the car's airbag. He was also taken to hospital but was later discharged after a medical check-up. A police spokesman said: 'The speeding Toyota Aristo driver knocked down a pedestrian who was crossing the street at an unauthorised point. The investigation is ongoing'.