Stick Miles Teller and Jonah Hill on your poster, along with the words 'from the director of The Hangover' and everybody will be expecting a comedy, not a gripping thriller...

Who will win the great South African Soprano Handicap? After listening to Pretty Yende's pretty amazing debut album, Mystic Mellor predicts it will be her.

Event's Fringe tip for the top this year is Joel Dommett. In Pretending To Smoke With A Breadstick he serves up songs, stunts and inspired idiocy hung loosely around a tale of online dating gone wrong.

It's hard to shake the sense, most of the time, that the 22-year-old would sooner be nowhere near a stupid stage. Bieber is an unpersuasive presence at the centre of his own show.

The evening comes with stirring oratory, fizzing anger and, finally, tragedy. Strife is not just about the clash of labour; it's about hard men not giving in - and women and children paying the price.

Her fantasy novel The Secret Fire has been flying off the shelves over the past few months. Now there is to be a sequel, but her real-life story is as dramatic as anything she puts on the page.

The 54-year-old comedian Simon Day admits he had grave doubts about exhuming Alf Garnett

Why have Harry Potter, Superman and Animal Farm all been put to the flame? Former Home Secretary Kenneth Baker illuminates the strange history of book-burning...

Where wine is concerned, there are some classic combos that unlock a pleasure portal so spectacular it makes Stargate look more like a cupboard under the stairs.

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Bang and Oufsen

Her love was strong, her suffering great, but it is his egotistical genius, rather than Olga Ivinskaya's loyal trouser-ironing, that dominates this account of life as a poetic muse.

My mum used to work at the Rainbow Theatre so I saw a lot of gigs there when I was young - the one that stood out was Bow Wow Wow.

Bank Holiday you say? Next weekend? I cannot guarantee you actual sunshine, but if you tune in to my Bank Holiday Barbecue I can give you the perfect excuse to relax and pop the bubbly