Black Lives Matter protesters storm the runway at London City Airport

Flights in and out of the airport have been disrupted since 5.40am when nine protesters stormed the grounds and lay down in the middle of the tarmac, chained to a tripod, to 'highlight the UK's environmental impact on the lives of black people'. In a series of claims about the protest, the group said black people are '28 per cent more likely to be suffer air pollution' and that the airport was allowing a 'wealthy elite' to fly around the world while migrants are drowning in the Mediterranean. Four hours on - despite the serious security breach - the protesters are still in the middle of the runway as police 'negotiate' with those responsible and await 'specialist resources' to unlock them. It is understood the group of demonstrators - who witnesses described as being 'white and middle class' managed to get onto the site after using a blow-up dinghy to sail across the Royal Docks.

Anjem Choudary accused of hypocrisy after photo shows him eating McDonald’s

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary spent years chiding the West, calling for Sharia law in Britain and even claiming he wanted to move to ISIS-occupied Syria. But, as a photo which emerged today shows, the notorious cleric was happy to enjoy the lifestyle provided by living in the UK. The picture, taken while Choudary was on bail ahead of his terror trial, shows him purchasing a McDonald's meal at Watford Gap Service Station.

PC Steven Walters, 47, who was based at Sutton Coldfield police station in the West Midlands, has been told he will 'almost inevitably' be jailed for sexually assaulting two women while on duty.


An article on August 11 reported that Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray failed to remove the make-up and bacteria from a make-up brush, resulting in it being awarded 0/5 during our product testing.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in the matter of public opinion versus Keith 'Call Me Jim' Vaz MP, I appear for the defence.

Science and health teacher Lynsey Haycock fell at the Forge Valley School in Sheffield last Thursday. She later died of medical complications from a broken leg.

Resentment can build, according to a study by the London School of Economics. Home workers feel isolated and annoyed that they have to pay utility bills. Bosses find their employees feel 'entitled'.

Keith Vaz tapes cast claims he had been drugged during liasons into doubt

The Labour MP was also recorded asking the sex workers detailed questions about sex-enhancing drugs called 'poppers' and asked them: 'Let me see what you do. How do you do it?' The new recordings cast doubt over claims that the politician was drugged and set up during his liaison with rent boys on August 27. In one exchange the married father of two complained one of the prostitutes 'treats me like a b****'. When the sex worker replied: 'You don't know what it means to be treated like a b****', Mr Vaz then said: 'Show me... show me.' He then told one of the male prostitutes 'show me how he's your b****' and when he declined the Leicester East MP urged again: 'Go on'. And in a series of questions about the use of poppers Mr Vaz said: What do you do? Open it, show me how it works, because I've never tried it before. Let me see what you do. How do you do it?'. Today new details have emerged as the man who allegedly paid the two male prostitutes a £150 'deposit' for Mr Vaz was named as Daniel Dimitru Dragusin.

Andrey Melnichenko moors his £225m Motor Yacht A on the Thames in London

Tens of thousands of ships have passed through Tower Bridge since it first opened more than 120 years ago, but few would have caught the eye as much as this extraordinary £225million bombproof superyacht. The distinctive white 'Motor Yacht A'- owned by Russian tycoon Andrey Melnichenko (inset, with his wife Aleksandra), who is known as the 'King of Bling' - was spotted sailing up the River Thames in London on a wet and windy Saturday afternoon. The 390ft vessel, which is one of the world's 25 largest superyachts, features three swimming pools, including one with a glass floor, luxurious cabins and an unconventional design described as an upside down hull. And the boat, which launched eight years ago and was reported in April to have gone on the market, was photographed mooring alongside D-Day bombardment vessel HMS Belfast having sailed up the Thames.

It has been revealed that GPs at two health trusts in Essex have been instructed to ask anyone needing surgery whether they have a private healthcare policy, to 'balance the books'.

At Winchester Crown Court yesterday, Christopher Gard (pictured), of Alton, Hampshire, was jailed for nine years after he admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

Whitehall officials have been told that as a starting point EU citizens wanting to work in Britain must secure a job before setting foot here.

Virtually every university in England plans to charge £9,250 tuition fees next year in return for attempting to break a 'middle-class stranglehold' on places.

Dr Zoe Fritz has called for the legal ban on euthanasia to be swept aside, by giving British courts the power to order a patient killed quickly with drugs in order to preserve their organs for others.

Around one in ten undergraduates drop out after just a year of studying at universities across the country, including Teesside, Leeds Beckett, Bedfordshire and Central Lancashire.

The Retronaut Guide To Raising Children proves that childcare used to look very different

Author Chris Wild has unearthed some astonishing historic photos for his new book - The Retronaut Guide To Raising Children: The Past Like You Wouldn't Believe. The incredible photos show young children lighting up (left), babies hanging on a washing line (top right), a homemade sign to warn drivers (bottom centre) and even two babies in a mini boxing ring (bottom right). While the Mumsnet generation of parents must be reaching for the smelling salts, we can only say: Please, don't try this at home!

Disgraced MP Keith Vaz had regular communications with male prostitutes

The disgraced Labour MP - now facing a parliamentary sleaze inquiry - had regular friendly text communications with the male prostitutes during the summer. Last night pressure was increasing on the married father-of-two to quit his £90,000-a-year job as chairman of the home affairs select committee, which meets today. Mr Vaz put on a breathtaking show of defiance yesterday as he headed to Westminster after emerging from his London home with his wife of 23 years, Maria Fernandes, who looked grim-faced by his side, pictured left. Right, Mr Vaz with one of the Eastern European escorts.

Members of the Commons home affairs select committee were considering a vote of no confidence in the senior Labour MP after he was caught allegedly paying rent boys for sex.

Keith Vaz's arrival in the House caused a stir of unease, a shifting, dare one say, of buttocks, writes QUENTIN LETTS. Mr Vaz plonked himself down in a little knot of Labour backbenchers.

The Houdini of modern politics is attempting to turn the tables by putting the Sunday Mirror in the dock, where most fair-minded people would say he should be standing, says STEPHEN GLOVER.

Royal Navy test unmanned drone on the River Thames

The impressive 32-ft Royal Navy reconnaissance vessel, which is equipped with 360 degree camera, radar and GPS, was seen cutting through the water in central London during an exercise earlier today. The vessel, which weighs 2,000kg and can reach speeds of up to 50 knots, has been designed using the Bladerunner hull structure which is commonly used on elite racing boats.

The entire resident population of Calais had a succinct and clear message aimed at the French government: the time has come for the vast migrant camp, 'the Jungle', to be dismantled.

The 42-year-old accountant is suspected of smothering the baby, named only as Daniel, as he and his older brother slept beside her on the final day of their week-long holiday in France.

Nespresso, advertised by George Clooney, has helped to push sales up by 30% despite a typical pack of 10 pods costing £3. A spoon from a jar of basic instant costs 2p.

Sainsbury's paid £1.4billion for Argos and Habitat earlier this year in a deal that gives customers access to over 90,000 products under one roof.


China, Australia, India, Singapore, Mexico, and South Korea are among the states who had expressed an interest in trade deals with the UK, according to the PM.

The Cabinet minister (pictured) for Brexit told MPs the public had delivered its 'instructions' to Parliament and pro-Remain MPs must get over it.

Britain's top prosecutor Alison Saunders warned social media is responsible for a new era of crime as she revealed scores are being prosecuted for 'revenge porn' offences.

Lord Fowler warned that Parliament must stop 'faffing around' with Lords reform and just do it as the number of peers in the House of Lords climbs to 800.

HM Revenue & Customs has revealed plans to open its call centres for the first time on a Sunday, and to extend opening times on a Saturday, after coming under fire for keeping callers waiting.

Sir Michael Wilshaw placed himself on a collision course with Theresa May after he rubbished the Prime Minister's plans to approve a fresh wave of grammar schools.

Smart mug keeps your tea at the perfect temperature for 30 minutes

Thomas Gostelow, an inventor from Chorlton, claims to have designed the world's first fine china heated smart mug. He now hopes to raise money through a Kickstarter funding campaign, where backers can pre-order mugs for shipment in time for Christmas.

Cancer rates among British women have dropped substantially in the last decade and medical experts say the 22 per cent fall is down to use of the contraceptive Pill.

The researchers from Lancaster University suggested that vehicle engines - especially diesels - could release the tiny magnetic particles during the combustion process.

British scientists yesterday described the pills as a 'designer drug' for asthma, both reducing inflammation in the lungs and warding off the viruses that spark attacks.

Doctors have warned that such visits have led to increased waiting times for those who need genuine medical treatment, saying that they are in 'no position' to treat dental problems.

Studies on almost 400,000 people found giving the drugs to infants increased their chance of developing the painful skin allergy by up to 41 per cent. The research will be presented today in London.

The jab was brought in for under-ones last September and since then instances of meningitis and blood poisoning, which can be caused by the same bacteria, have dropped by 42 per cent.

Dan Jarvis was targeted after warning that Labour faced 'annihilation' if Mr Corbyn won next month's leadership contest against Owen Smith - and has now been accused of holding 'secret talks'.

Former Shadow Chancellor and Labour MP for West Hull and Hessle, Alan Johnson shares the personal trauma of being forced to confront the father who was dead to him.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been embarrassed over a trickster she lobbied for who was jailed for a tax fraud after pleading guilty to grand theft and theft of state funds.

Cadbury's worker has tastebuds insured - and must now avoid vindaloos

A chocolate expert has had her tastebuds insured for £1million - on the condition she steers clear of vindaloo curries. Hayleigh Curtis, who works in the Cadbury innovation team, had her palate priced at £1million by specialist insurers Lloyd's of London in one of the first policies of its kind. She will also need to avoid sword swallowing, eating the notoriously poisonous fugu fish and chomping on chilli peppers. The average vindaloo sits between 250,000 and 400,000 on the Scoville scale's measurement of heat. Hayleigh works as part of a 300-strong team of creative inventors in the innovation kitchen at Bournville, the home of Cadbury, creating new flavours for the iconic chocolatiers.

Pete Taysum (pictured), 51, says he has reported the overgrown laurel and silver birch trees on Dover Avenue in Wardon, Worcester, to his local authority six times since last December.

Christopher Hay toppled out of the upstairs window of his family home in Halstead, Essex and fell 12 feet to the pavement.

Doting father Robert O'Shea, from Swansea, has taken photos of his children on their first day of school every year. Now 15, eldest son Conor's rise from little lad to strapping six-footer is charted well.

Three-year-old Paige Slocombe, from Whiddon Down in Devon, suffers from Dravet Syndrome, an ultra-rare form of childhood epilepsy that makes her prone to severe seizures.

Student Jennifer White, 19, from Birmingham, West Midlands, was diagnosed with scoliosis and X-rays revealed her spine was bent at a shocking 63 degree angle.

Glyn and Katie Garbett, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, cleared rubble and dramatically improved the 840 sq ft strip after buying the land - but were then told that it is green belt land.

Yorkshireman finally enjoys pineapple EIGHT years after he planted it

A man who left a single slice of pineapple on a window sill was stunned when it turned into a pineapple eight years later. Edward Simpson, 84, (pictured) has confounded the British weather by growing the tropical fruit in Huddersfield. It is thought to be the first pineapple grown in Yorkshire. Now Edward and his wife Maureen, who came to Huddersfield from Jamaica in 1960 and have been married for 57 years, are set to enjoy the fruits of their labours - with the first pineapple to come from the plant. Retired engineer Mr Simpson, 84, set about growing the plant eight years ago by putting the leafy top slice of a pineapple in a saucer of water. Later, it was put into a plant pot and fed compost and tomato feed - and left on the windowsill on the south-facing side of the house.

Five-year-old Ryan Cahill, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, is the only person in the world with a combination of two medical conditions that make him so small. He stands at 2ft 11inches.

John Lewis (pictured) was 'disgusted' by the comments, which he claims were made by an employee at the fast food chain's Barnstable Roundswell branch, in North Devon.

Anita Manning bought a bronze Buddha statue in a small shop in Sandwich, Kent after haggling the store's owner down to a price of just £50 - she then sold the item for 75 times that amount at auction.

Video of York police helping passerby wrestle knifeman to the ground

Have-a-go hero Andy Haigh confronted knifeman Dean Edwards while he was resisting arrest from PC Rich Farrar in York city centre. CCTV operators had picked up on the PC who decided to search Edwards while he was passing by (left). Then shockingly the knifeman lurched back and the tussle between the two spilled onto the road (centre). It was then that Mr Haigh - a professional cage fighting judge from Leeds, jumped out the taxi to come to the officer's assistance (right). Edwards (inset) was concealing a 12 inch butcher's blade in his waistband, and was later jailed for 30 months.

The Old Bailey heard how Anthony Constantinou, 34, head of financial group Capital World Markets (CWM) based in the City of London, allegedly assaulted a number of women in his office.

Omar Okai, 51, said the driver in central London launched into the aggressive tirade before making suggestive comments and asking how long they had been using buses 'in this country'.

Anita Jane Hare, 45, has pleaded guilty to outraging public decency after she was caught performing sex acts on a park bench on a female strange in Pilton Park, Barnstaple, in Devon.

Arkadiusz Tomczyk, 30, has been jailed after he was 'high on drugs' when he filmed a horrific sex attack while he dragged a terrified victim around her house in Handworth, Birmingham.

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine filmed a woman (pictured) unleashing abuse after he cycled in front of her car on a narrow street in Kensington, west London, on August 26.

CCTV shows final moments of murdered schoolgirl Paige Doherty

John Leathem (inset) pleaded guilty to murder this morning after Glasgow's High Court was shown CCTV of Paige entering his deli in Clydebank, Scotland minutes before she was brutally killed. CCTV shows Leathem arriving at the deli (bottom right) before Paige walks up to buy a breakfast roll at around 8:15am (main image). Leathem is then shown tidying up the kitchen after the attack (top right). He faces a life sentence for the murder.

Stockbroker Daniel Green, 26, allegedly attacked the young woman while she was asleep under a desk at his office following a late-night drinking session in central London.

Serial womaniser Michael Brain (pictured) would trick lonely hearts - including one elderly victim - out of cash that he then spent on booze and gambling, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Private John Watson allegedly bundled old friend Cavalryman James Dicks into the back of his car at the Queen's Guards' barracks in Windsor, Berkshire.

Ameen Jogee (pictured) was handed a second chance back in February in a landmark case, having initially been found guilty of the Paul Fyfe's murder, along with a friend, and given a life sentence.

Cheshire grandmother wins compensation after 'humiliating' strip search by police

Catering assistant Kay Earles, who had never been in trouble with the police before, was arrested over claims she was drunk and disorderly after a night out in Macclesfield, Cheshire. She says she was then threatened with a strip search before being thrown to the ground and having her clothes removed at the police station in nearby Middlewich. Ms Earles, 44, of Macclesfield, says she was the victim of an assault before the arrest and has branded her treatment 'scandalous'.

New footage from London's latest Underground line Crossrail - or the Elizabeth Line, as it is to be known - proved strangely hypnotic when it was shared on Facebook today.

A team was investigating an outbreak of the same strain of E.coli 0157 and found those affected had consumed Dunsyre Blue, made by Lanarkshire-based Errington Cheese, before they became ill.

Red Cross workers helped those stranded at Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion, North Wales, after heavy rain flooded a huge field - and drivers even paid farmers with tractors £200 to tow them out with ropes.

Bob Long (pictured) owns a fleet of vehicles that all have registrations relating to his surname. The Dartford Crossing's systems are getting them mixed up, and he is now relishing a court date.

The teacher also derided the Newcastle dialect as a 'speech impediment' and can now only see the eight and nine-year-old youngsters every two weeks under supervision, a court has ruled.

Yorkshire dale reclassified as peak after it was found to be almost ONE INCH taller

New technology used by the Ordnance Survey has calculated Calf Top (left) in the Yorkshire Dales actually stands at 609.602m - making it the 317th mountain in England and Wales. When it was measured back in 2010, it was found to be 609.58m tall - agonisingly 0.79 inches below the mountain threshold. But the new reading means the peak (pictured on a map, inset) is just 2mm above the required height to be classed as a mountain, which is 609.6m - or 2,000ft. The change in the landscape has been down to intrepid independent surveyors Myrddyn Phillips, John Barnard (wearing green on the right) and Graham Jackson (wearing purple on the right).

The overall winner George Stoyle will receive £5,000 for his remarkable rainbow image of a giant Lion's mane jellyfish, which he took while scuba diving off the coast of Scotland.

Plenty has been crammed into the two-bedroom property in London's Kensington, and the home comes in at a quarter of the average price of a terraced house in the local area, which is £4million.

Examples of the earliest collections of his work (pictured) will be on show in public in the For All Time: Shakespeare in Yorkshire event at the University of Leeds, which opens tomorrow.

British tourists flee Spanish wildfire in Xabia 'started by teenagers'

Holidaymakers, many of them British, left their homes and hotels for shelter as the flames burned through the province of Alicante on Sunday night and into Monday morning. Planes flew overhead dropping water as witnesses described the situation as like a 'warzone'. One British woman has described how her family was evacuated in the middle of the night as a fierce wildfire raged near their villa. Rosie Brown, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, was staying in a holiday home near the coastal resort of Xabia on the Costa Blanca when the blaze spread to undergrowth surrounding their property.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Two explosions in quick succession went off near the defence ministry in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, killing at least 24 people and wounding 91.

German chancellor Angela Merkel is under pressure to U-turn on her 'open door' refugee policy after her conservative CDU party was hammered into third place in the election in her home state.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pictures show a prisoner kneeling in a town centre in Syria with ISIS militants holding his arm across a chopping block as his sentence is carried out.

The terror group have banned women from entering their security centres in Mosul, Iraq, while wearing the full-face covering after a number of commanders were killed by veiled women.

The women reported that the perpetrators held them against their will and touched them between the legs in separate incidents at Welser Volksfest in Austria on Saturday night.

Seven people were injured in the fighting, which happened throughout the night at Moria on Lesbos. The brawl started around midnight in the area housing child refugees.



Officials are trying to determine the cause of the collapse in the Israeli city as rescue crews and medical workers converged on the scene, fearing there were people trapped in the ruins.

The former French president is accused of using illegal financing during his failed 2012 election campaign, which allegedly raised £33million - nearly double the £18.5million limit.

The 134,000 tonne Carnival Vista cruise ship caused chaos at the Sicilian marina in Messina simply by pulling away from its berth. The huge €700 million vessel moved off oblivious.

Caged animals are released from an Albanian zoo

Tomi (top right), known as the beer bear, was seized from his Albanian owner along with another brown bear, Pashuk (main), who was left with an open wound from the tight chains wrapped around him. They were left with cuts, severely damaged teeth and other injuries after years with the abusive owner, but are now on their way to a better life in Kosovo with international animal welfare charity Four Paws. After being tranquilised, Tomi (bottom right) was examined and vaccinated before being taken to Tirana Zoo where he will spend just a few weeks before he and Pashuk are transferred to Four Paws' bear sanctuary in Prishtina, Kosovo.

Stunned customs officers on the border between Spain and North Africa in Melilia found the four migrants hidden in a secret compartment under the front seats with one screaming for help.

The child's aunt had left two-year-old Yana Leonenko unattended for several minutes in a pushchair in a Russian park when a woman, named only as G. Sharaliyeva, seized her.

A record turnout helped sweep the newcomers into office in Hong Kong, most notably Nathan Law, a 23-year-old who was said to have been behind pro-democracy protests in 2014.

One evening in 1942 a little car draws up outside the home of Barnes Wallis, from which steps a familiar fatherly figure who has been summoned to inspect the throat of a child and her scientist dad.

In coming weeks the benches of the already bloated House of Lords will be swelled even further by a raft of new Cameron cronies who will take its membership to more than 800.