American tourist breaks her back falling down cliff fleeing sex attacker in Thailand

Hannah Gavios (right), 23, got lost on pitch-black Railay Beach in the resort of Krabi when a local man who offered to show her the way to her hotel sexually assaulted her. 'I started punching him in the face and beating him up and biting off his ear. I was biting his ear so hard it almost came off. His ear was half torn off,' Ms Gavios said. She ran from him and feel off a cliff in the darkness. The man scrambled after her and sexually molested her again as she lay helpless. Eventually Ms Gavios, from New York, was saved (left) and rushed to hospital in Phuket.

Sydney owner of American Staffies that attacked elderly woman speaks out

The young owner of two American Staffie dogs that mauled an elderly woman said she felt sick when she saw the 81-year-old's injuries. Miichaela-Louise Platt (pictured left and right) had popped out to McDonald's for 20 minutes when she returned home to find police cars lining her street in Wentworthville in Sydney's west. Her two American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Roxy and Zeus, had been chained up but somehow escaped from their backyard about 1pm on Monday and attacked the elderly woman on the street. Four people, including a man (inset) who was savaged in the face and leg, were also injured as they tried to save the woman.

A 37-year-old woman who has been accused of dressing her daughter in a Playboy outfit, restraining her and letting men rape her, broke down in court on the Gold Coast and she denied the charges.

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Azad Chaiwala caused outrage as he said he was 'coming out' on Good Morning Britain, as he defended his websites, which now have more than 100,000 members.

Ice cream lovers rejoice - Streets Icecream has released a hybrid version of two of Australia's favourite ice creams - a Cornetto and Golden Gaytime, creating the 'Golden Gaynetto'.

A 36-year-old Sydney man has been jailed for up to three years and nine months for using a five-year-old relative to accept money for heroin in three of five deal police were monitoring at the time.

Married At First Sight Australia couple Dave and Jess call it quits

They didn't even make it past their honeymoon. On Tuesday night's episode of Married At first Sight Australia newlyweds Dave (right) and Jess (left) have called it quits, with Dave citing Jess's 'insecurities' as a deal breaker. The breakup came after Jess confided in Dave and told him she felt insecure wearing swimwear on their honeymoon. Dave interpreted this as a lack of confidence, and said he did not see the relationship progressing. With that, Jess packed her bags and left (inset). Here, Femail takes a look at how the other couple's fared on Tuesday night's episode.

They have not even known each other a week. But Married At first Sight Australia groom Keller has sealed the deal with his new wife Nicole by getting a tattoo on his leg in her honour.

Constance Hall says she has a violent child

Perth mummy blogger Constance Hall (pictured left and right) has admitted that her two-year-old son Rumi (inset) is 'violent' and that she's caught him attacking his twin sister with 'meth head force'. In a Facebook post, Ms Hall said that people shouldn't judge the parents of violent children, and that her three other kids are very gentle. She said that Rumi 'lashes out' and that 'it's just who he is'.

Australians have been sharing their tips for tourists planning a visit. The guidance includes advice on surviving deadly animals and difficult terrain, as well as Aussie fashion sense.

NEW The 15-month-old son of MMA fighter Marcus Kowal has been hit and killed in a suspected drunk driving incident after a 72-year-old woman smashed into his stroller Saturday in in Hawthorne, California.

They said WHAT? The Family Feud answers so cringe-worthy even host Grant Denyer was left scratching his head (and banging it on the desk)

From claims Thai food is Chinese to assertions superman is a legitimate occupation, these are the cringe-worthy Family Feud Australian answers that left host Grant Denyer scratching his head. Another contestant claimed 'Big Trucks' was 'something you associate with trucks,' and another said 'pot' was something you leave outside a tent. Family Feud is notorious for drawing some bizarre responses from contestants, but these answers have gone above and beyond the average bloopers to take social media by storm.

The findings, by researchers in California and Pennsylvania, contradict previous studies which had shown social media is associated with loneliness and depression.

Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort considers euthanasia

Belgian Paralympic champion Marieke Vervoort has an incurable spinal degenerative disease, and is in such pain she is considering euthanising herself after the Games in Rio. Four years ago at the London Paralympics, the 37-year-old wheelchair athlete won gold in the 100m sprint in her T52 class, and silver in the 200m. But since then constant sleepless nights and the agony of her condition where Vervoort faints regularly, has pushed the 37-year-old to the brink of despair.

From tips to prevent soggy sandwiches to making stylish snacks, experts and creative mothers and fathers share how they keep their children's lunches interesting.

JonBenet Ramsey documentary debuts never-before-seen footage of Burke talking to police

The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered aired Monday night on A&E.; The new documentary aired never-before-seen footage of Burke Ramsey's police interview in 1998, two years after his little sister's murder (left). In the interview, Burke, then 9, recalls the last time he saw his sister. JonBenet's father also sat down for an interview with A&E;, again proclaiming his innocence. For years, JonBenet's parents Patsy and John (Mr Ramsey pictured top right, in his A&E; interview_ were the subject of public suspicion about the case, but police have since cleared their names. JonBenet Ramsey (bottom right) was six years old on December 26, 1996, when she was found strangled to death in her basement in Boulder, Colorado. Experts who spoke with A&E; said they believed an intruder was to blame.

Resentment can soon build up, according to an LSE study. Home workers feel isolated and annoyed that they have to pay utility bills. And bosses find that 'entitled' employees often 'push back'.

The cousin of Aboriginal teenager Elijah Doughty has been fined $1,000 and ordered to pay compensation following the racial riots that erupted outside a Western Australian courthouse.

The amazing moment a fearless six-year-old girl tries to stop an axe-wielding robber as he attacks a man in her father's electronics shop

Six-year-old Sarah Patel is being hailed as the bravest girl in New Zealand after she confronted an axe-wielding attacker who was part of an armed robbery at her father's electronic store in Auckland. CCTV footage has revealed the moment she grabbed a man standing over one of her father's employees before running off and leading person to safety. Her father, Suhail (inset with Sarah), said he was proud of his daughter's actions and despite her being shocked by the ordeal at first, was recovering well.

Hacks for removing fake tan patches without painful scrubbing include slathering on hair removal cream and baby oil or making a paste with lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda.

Lindt siege gunman Man Haron Monis collapsed at a Sydney hospital and simulated chest pains when he was told of his former wife's death on the night of April 21, 2013, a trial has heard.

Bruce Springsteen reveals his battle against crippling depression in recent years

NEW Legendary rockstar Bruce Springsteen has detailed his battles with depression in a soon-to-be released autobiography. Springsteen, 66, explored his history with the mental illness and his father's (right of right in 1972) fight against it in his upcoming book, Born To Run. 'You don't know the illness's parameters,' he said. 'Can I get sick enough to where I become a lot more like my father than I thought I might?' Springsteen also told Vanity Fair he was almost crippled by the mental illness in recent years. 'I was crushed between sixty and sixty-two, good for a year and out again from sixty-three to sixty-four,' the 66-year-old (left) writes in his tell-all, according to the magazine. Springsteen' autobiography, Born To Run, will be released internationally on September 27, and he was interview for October's edition of Vanity Fair.

JB Hi-fi is tipped to buy whitegoods retailer The Good Guys for a $900 million bid. If the purchase goes ahead, it will make JB Hi-Fi a major player in the whitegoods market in Australia.

Warehouses and health stores have sprouted up across Sydney to ship baby formula, vitamins and Weetbix to Chinese buyers who don't trust locally made products.

Stanford rapist Brock Turner signs sex offender registry in hometown where he has been

NEW Stanford rapist Brock Turner was seen going into Greene County Sheriff's Office in Xenia, Ohio on Tuesday morning for a probation meeting where he signed the sex offender registry. The meeting came just four days after being released from a California jail, where he served just three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious 23-year-old woman. Probation department sources told Daily Mail Online that he will be expected to check in with them 'at least once a week'. The 21-year-old will remain on the sex offender registry for life - and will have to put up with regular visits from local law enforcement.

Victorian father Mark Tromp has apologised for the 'hurt and concern' he caused by packing up his family and leaving for a bizarre 'off grid' holiday after the sage sparked an interstate manhunt.

NEW California-based Facebook appears to be testing the feature on some Android users, although it is not clear if this is just in certain areas. The feature collects and displays posts from your friends.

Ann Coulter calls Captain Humayun Khan's father 'snarling Muslim'

Right-wing political commentator Ann Coulter (right) left Australian TV host Andrew Bolt (left) speechless when she called the father of a dead U.S. soldier a 'snarling Muslim' during Monday night's program. Coulter, a conservative supporter of Donald Trump, was defending the billionaire businessman's public criticism of Khizr Khan (inset) following his impassioned speech at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia last month.

Global supermarket chain Aldi is offering Australian women the chance to get their hands on a selection of luxe anti-ageing products that each cost less than $20.

Australian electronics retailer Dick Smith had stockpiled 141 months' supply AA batteries and 131 months' supply of AAA batteries before its collapse in January.

Suspended ABC science host Maryanne Demasi loses workers' compensation claim

ABC presenter Maryanne Demasi has had a claim for workers compensation rejected after she broke her hip on a morning jog while working from her Sydney home in January, 2014. Dr Demasi, who hosts science program Catalyst, was suspended from the broadcaster for three months in July after she was found to have breached editorial standards when a report on her show claimed mobile phones and Wi-Fi caused health problems including brain tumours. Demasi's claim against her insurer was dismissed because she was unable to prove the morning run was an 'ordinary' break in her line of work.

Today co-host Karl Stefanovic lost it during a segment about a chicken wing eating competition held in Buffalo, NY where champion eater Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut ate 188 wings in 12 minutes.

Australians have entered the 'golden era of travel' after a slump in flight bookings caused agencies to slash the price of airfares in a bid to drum up new business.

Women share the worst photos of them snapped by their boyfriends

A selection of hilarious pictures from Chinese social media have proved how men could turn their girlfriends or wives from attractive to unflattering with a click on the camera. These photos show the women's normal looks (bottom row) as well as awkward moments of them snapped by their male partners (top row). These images were first shared by a Weibo user named ' mid-night teacher Xu ' on August 26 in an article called 'never let your boyfriend take pictures of you'. She said the pictures were sent to her by web users after she asked on her account: 'How does it feel to have your pictures taken by your boyfriend?'

Rebecca Loos reveals she has NO regrets about 'David Beckham affair'

EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Loos may have become famous over an alleged affair with David Beckham, inset bottom. But twelve years on, the only footballers Rebecca is interested in are the tiny schoolboy players, both her sons, inset top, running around outside her idyllic family house in the Norwegian mountains. The stunning 39-year-old, left and right, who is about to launch a blog about family life in the Scandinavian wilderness, today tells how caring for her 'little vikings' and doctor husband has transformed her from celebrity glamour girl into a Nordic domestic goddess. 'I clean the house, scrub the bathroom, make dinner every night, do the washing - I love caring for my home,' she tells MailOnline, from the tiny ski hamlet of Hemsedal.

Watch as contestants struggle through simple opening round questions on Channel 9's Australia Millionaire Hot Seat game show. You wont believe what they get wrong.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Disturbing video footage shows a vicious pit bull attacking a beagle while its owner cries out for help and gets caught up in the mauling herself in Boston.

Mother's terror as her knife-wielding, meth-fuelled ex-partner breaks into her home as she hides inside with her three children

Sonia Gates (left) said she had 'expected to die' after her ex-husband Daniel Frewin (right) entered her Banora Point home armed with two large kitchen knives and began an ice-fuelled rampage. Chilling security footage shows Frewin destroying the property, throwing chairs and attempting to kick down the bedroom door where Sonia was hiding with her three children. Sonia left Frewin after years of violence and controlling behaviour and took out Apprehended Violence Order's, but that didn't stop her ex-partner from breaking into her home.

Senator Derryn Hinch says he has spoken to Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop about blocking the passports of registered sex offenders in a bid to stop them going on 'child rape sex tours in Asia'.

A convenience store in Andergrove, in regional Queensland, refuses to serve customers who are talking on the phone. The business points to a sign to get the message across to distracted customers.

Punk rock duo The Soap Girls are branded 'sl*ts' and have fake blood thrown on them at gig

South African sisters Mie, 22, (left) and Mille Debray, 24, (right) aka The Soap Girls, were shocked when the fake blood was thrown over them mid-song during their gig at the Union Bar in Hastings, East Sussex. Police have launched an investigation into the incident, but the pub landlord, Paul Osman, has hit back at the sisters on Facebook (inset) saying they are damaging the feminist movement and they should 'stick to lapdancing clubs'

Laura Dargaville, 29, from New Zealand, overhauled her life after having children, shedding 28 kilos in weight and winning a bodybuilder competition two weeks ago. She wants to inspire other mums.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused $1800 in damages to a Perth hotel room after it exploded

A Melbourne man says he nearly had a panic attack after his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploded into flames as he slept, causing $1800 worth of damages to his hotel room. The man, identified on Reddit as Crushader, says the phone was charging on his bed when it 'fizzed and then popped open' before bursting into flames and smoke. Samsung Australia recalled over 50,000 of the Galaxy Note7 smartphones after discovering batteries of some phones exploded while they were charging.

Harrison Sellick, now 10, tried to kill himself when he was five years old when he was taking a brand of asthma medication that has been linked to psychotic episodes in children.

For Sydney-based escort, Ryan James, it's his job to know how to please a woman between the sheets. He charges from $400 to upwards of $6,000 for his professional services.

It's a puppy dance party! Watch adorable moment Alaskan Malamute litter hear music for the very first time - and are very confused

Many a mother coos over the first time her baby reacts to the sound of music and the owner of these adorable Alaskan Malamute puppies was no exception. Footage shows five pups sitting in the boot of a car. But when their owner begins to play some music they stand up and cock their heads. At one point they adorably move their heads to the beat of the rhythm, stopping dead still when their owner pauses the music.

Hawleywood's Barbershop at Newtown in Sydney's inner west is being criticised on social media after a woman was told to wait outside for her boyfriend while he got a haircut.

Twins Ethan and Ahren Masters, from Eastbourne, were born looking identical but within weeks Ethan, developed an angry red lump across his face.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederick of Denmark attend service for Danish soliders

Crown Princess Mary has shed a tear for fallen soldiers at a solemn event commemorating Danish armed forces who have been deployed overseas. The 44-year-old attended the event along with Crown Prince Frederik and got emotional during the ceremony. The pair both looked poised, with Mary opting for a 1940s inspired outfit of pencil skirt, belted jacket and nude heels.


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Mother-of-two who exercised throughout her pregnancy flaunts her washboard abs

Kristy Ardo, 25, from Phoenix, Arizona has revealed that she restored her pre-baby body just ten days after giving birth to her second child, Tate (pictured right). The mother-of-two gained 30lbs during her second pregnancy but says she lost 20lbs before she had even got to the hospital. Pictured: Kristy two days after giving birth (left) ten days after (centre) and now (right).

The researchers from Lancaster University suggested that vehicle engines - especially diesels - could release the tiny magnetic particles during the combustion process.

Police and SES are searching Midgegooroo National Park, Perth Hills, for 31-year-old Katrina Elizabeth Hall who has gone missing. The Perth woman's car was found on a dirt track off the highway.

Old-school Sydney bistro transformed into Australia's first ever vegan pub

The Green Lion is set to become the first vegan pub in Australia when it opens its doors on Saturday the 17th of September in Rozelle in Sydney's inner west. The restaurant will serve traditional pub food without using any animal products, with a 'Green Mac' burger (left), a Baja-Style Fishless Taco (top right), and a cheeseless cheese platter (bottom right) included on the menu. The pub will also offer up a very unique twist on an Australian favourite, with a meatless meat tray raffle.

Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios has hit out at Australian tennis coach Roger Rasheed after he questioned why the enigmatic youngster played doubles while injured at the US Open.

Not everybody is interested in hearing endless updates on Hiddleswift, with the graphics team over at Channel Seven's Sunrise taking matters in their own hands to slam the couple.

A two-year-old boy from Melbourne was mistakenly kidnapped in a botched car theft on Father's Day after his dad accidentally left his keys in the ignition while the boy was in the back seat.

Aircraft engine falls from a heavy-vehicle trailer in Sydney causing traffic chaos 

Emergency services were called to Arncliffe, south Sydney, about 9:30am on Tuesday, where a seven-tonne Air Force aircraft engine had fallen from the side of a heavy-vehicle trailer and onto the road.Police say the driver allegedly used restraints for a 900kg load when the engine weighed more than seven times the amount. The road was blocked for two hours while the machine was salvaged with the help of a passing crane. The spare engine was for an Air Force KC-30 Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft.

Karen, 52, from Cambridgeshire, is one of the many thousands in the UK who develop cancer of unknown primary (CUP) each year. CUP means the cancer has no obvious starting point.

Meat and Livestock Australia releases ad urging Australians to 'come together over a shared love of lamb' in an attempt to celebrate diversity.

Rachel Carrie, 31, from Yorkshire, who is trolled for her pastime says she'll never stop killing animals because her efforts aid conservation, as well as keeping her fridge stocked up with meat.

Kristi Moseley has filmed the terrifying moment dozens of crocodiles lingered beside Cahill Crossing in Kakadu National Park on Sunday as daring drivers ploughed through the floodwater.

Briton ‘burned down New Zealand villa from 260 miles away after booby-trapping  printer’

Chris Robinson, 68, is accused by Insurance Australia Group Ltd of rigging up a printer to ignite matches and torch his Bay of Islands home as he continues to fight the firm for a £1.6million payout. He and his wife were in Hamilton - 264 miles away - on the night of the fire in September 2011. It is claimed he remotely accessed his home PC and sent a command to the printer, which set fire to the house they bought in 2005.

Parker 'Parks' Bryant may not be able to walk yet, but footage from Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast shows the six-month old toddler can hold his own behind the handlebars of a wakeboard.

Jeannette Hunnisett, 45, from Surrey, weighed a whopping 23 stone when she drifted off while driving her five-year-old daughter and brother. The near-miss then prompted her to overhaul her lifestyle.

Gabriella Stearne had the lifesaving surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she was also fitted with a prosthetic lung. She was finally able to go home to Wisbech in Cambridgeshire this week.

Following Kensington Palace's announcement that Prince Harry is set to visit the Caribbean this autumn, female fans have been sent into a frenzy on social media, vowing to track him down.

Couple discover they're the only ones on a Firfly flight and dance across the aisle

NEW A couple from North Yorkshire were unexpectedly treated to a private flight after realising they were the only two passengers on the plane (left inset). Carrie Fisher and her partner Kyle McNicol (right inset), both from York, were travelling from Krabi, Thailand, to Penang in Malaysia when they made the surprising discovery. Deciding to take full advantage of their situation, the couple decided to seat hop (main) around the plane and even experiment with some quirky dance moves.

Archaeologists believe that subtle difference found at Lambityeco - at the modern day city of Tlacolula de Matamoros in in Oaxaca - raise new questions about its local cultural ties.

Copyright monitoring firm Vobile, based in Silicon Valley, California made the requests on behalf of Warner Bros. and also works for Netflix, Paramount and MTV owner Viacom

Belinda Kay Norris, 55, of Fort Worth, Texas was charged last week with invasive visual recording of her roommate, 45, who is not being named, court records show.

Laotian President Bounnhang Vorachit, left, and U.S. President Barack Obama toast during an official state luncheon at the Presidential Palace in Vientiane, Laos, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Making the first visit to the nation as a sitting president, Obama said too few Americans are aware of the United States' covert bombing campaign in the south Asian country.

Scientists studying whales in South Africa come face-to-face with great white shark

NEW The small team of scientists were observing southern right whales' behaviour in Hermanus, Eastern Cape, South Africa, when a great white shark came just feet from their craft. The two beasts crossed paths in front of the amazed scientists, and the unusual coming together made for some amazing photographs. One of the experts Jean Trefson said: 'There is just so much we don't know about these incredible predators and it was fascinating to observe both species in close proximity from above.'

The photo- and video-based social networking app firm, which is based in Venice, California, has already dabbled in augmented reality with its wildly popular filters, hinting at an AR gadget

The discovery was made using a computer simulation, which took longer than a year, and was conducted in China, Zurich and Heidelberg.

Computer scientists at Aberdeen University have developed an algorithm that offers words of encouragement during stressful situations in an attempt to tackle mental health issues early.

The findings were compiled by 80 scientists from 12 countries at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in Hawaii.

Teacher who groomed future German Playboy model to be his lover as a teen is prosecuted

Teacher Michael Kersebaum, 46, from Muenster, Germany, is facing stalking and invasion of privacy charges after he allegedly sent the picture of 20-year-old Charlotte Gliszczynski. The photo was taken when she was his 17-year-old lover, one year after she was his student at a comprehensive school. Their relationship subsequently ended and now he is facing prosecution after being accused of sending a naked picture of her to one of his friends.

Trump based the criticism on the 'deals she's made.' 'She's responsible for so many bad things that have happened to our country, including the signing by her husband of NAFTA,' he contended.

Michelle Obama is to hit the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton, hoping to give the Democrat's chances a boost in the crucial final months before the election.

Rob and Heather Absher of Falls Lake, North Carolina, say their six-month-old son Auburn is the youngest person ever to water ski. Auburn went for his first ride over the weekend.

Andrey Melnichenko moors his £225m Motor Yacht A on the Thames in London

Tens of thousands of ships have passed through Tower Bridge since it first opened more than 120 years ago, but few would have caught the eye as much as this extraordinary £225million bombproof superyacht. The distinctive white 'Motor Yacht A'- owned by Russian tycoon Andrey Melnichenko (inset, with his wife Aleksandra), who is known as the 'King of Bling' - was spotted sailing up the River Thames in London on a wet and windy Saturday afternoon. The 390ft vessel, which is one of the world's 25 largest superyachts, features three swimming pools, including one with a glass floor, luxurious cabins and an unconventional design described as an upside down hull. And the boat, which launched eight years ago and was reported in April to have gone on the market, was photographed mooring alongside D-Day bombardment vessel HMS Belfast having sailed up the Thames.

Footage from Wellington in New Zealand shows a performer clad in a bizarre costume losing his balance while performing for spectators and taking an embarrassing tumble into the water.

Laetitia Gonnon, 24, from Poland, managed to make her way across the 280ft-long slackline above Leonidio, Greece. But heart-stopping footage shows how she lost her balance at one point.

Pope Francis met Leo the black Labrador at the Vatican, along with his police handlers. The rescue dog saved four-year-old Giorgia in the town of Pescara del Tronto, central Italy.

The 33-year-old man made the harrowing discovery in Lower Saxony and police believe the skeleton belongs to a woman who went missing from an address three miles from the house in 1976.

The still images... that move! Photographer brings incredible landscapes to life with slowly shifting 3D pictures

From Arizona to Iceland, stunning landscapes from across the globe are brought to life in these incredible 3D images. Professional photographer Paul Reiffer, 36, spent six years compiling superb landscape shots from all over the world that could be transformed into a 3D video. He said: 'The first image of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is my favourite. It is the most dramatic.' The one minute and 42 second video consists of around 20 images of landscapes including one in Iceland where a block of ice literally pops out of the picture.

An animal sculpture dating back two centuries has shot to fame in China. Many people think the statue, which depicts a horse head, looks like the Donkey from animated film Shrek.

Writing for The Conversation, Valerie Voon explains how dopamine plays a role in humans' thrill-seeking behaviour, along with upbringing, peer pressure, and other factors.

A Northern potoo bird proved to be a master of disguise after one photographer confused it with a tree stump in Belize.

Often 'barn find' is a term for a model of significant worth, hidden away and neglected for years. However, after 21 years in storage, this 1978 Datsun 260Z looks to be in incredible condition.

Minke whale wrapped in beach towel to keep her wet as beachgoers struggled to save her

Bicheno locals have come up with a unique way to rescue a stranded dwarf minke whale while waiting for Tasmanian authorities, wrapping it in a colourful towel to keep it wet. The whale was spotted on the rocks and locals reacted quickly keeping it wet, until wildlife authorities were able to move it into deeper waters. The minke whale swam away strongly during the successful rescue.

An American passenger face swapped with an aeroplane cabin's ceiling during a flight. On her face, two reading lights serve as her eyes and the operating buttons are her nostrils.

WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT: CCTV images of the footage taken in Moscow show how a Mercedes collided head-on with the presidential BMW, killing the driver.

The ultimate beach huts of Airbnb revealed

MailOnline Travel has rounded up 12 of Airbnb's top beach huts around the globe - from houses made of bamboo on a jungle-fringed beach in the Philippines to quintessentially British painted huts right on the sand in England - all within a few minutes' walk from the sea. And with a range of budgets available, there's probably the perfect one for you.

Christopher Halliwell, 52, pictured in the dock, admitted he had taken Becky Godden, then aged 20, from the streets of Swindon in Wiltshire, had sex with her and then killed her.

UFC fighter Miesha Tate has helped rescue a six-year-old girl who had fallen and broken her arm at the top of a mountain in the Mary Jane Falls in Nevada, by carrying her two miles back down.

Joshua Salyers, 29, has been charged with murder after Barbara Dailey was attacked inside her Muskegon, Michigan, house while she was home alone, and her neighbors were at a picnic.

Garett Pope Snr said his family had 'never felt pain like this before' after his son, Garett Jr, 11, a sixth-grade student from South Carolina died after cutting off his airways to achieve a feeling of euphoria.

New Zealand lodge where you can gaze upon the landscape that inspired  Peter Jackson's

Queenstown has long attracted tourists with its stunning scenery and adventure sports. Its glorious Lake Wakatipu was transformed into the mythical woodland of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings (inset). Take in its beauty from the comfort of your bed (top left) or bath (bottom right) at Azur Lodge, a luxury hotel perched among the trees above it. With nine standalone cottages and uninterrupted views of the water, it's hard not to feel just a little of Tolkien's magic during a stay at this stunning boutique hotel.

Jenny Davies, 28, escaped the inferno with three of her children but little Jac (pictured) was trapped in his bedroom. Davies was arrested and held for questioning into the fire near Swansea.

Giant Panda Yang Yang relaxes with month-old twins at Vienna's Schönbrunn Zoo

The heart-warming pictures of the panda mother and her cubs from Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna has ended a month of speculation as it was confirmed for the first time they were a boy and a girl. Having tried to determine the gender of the two newborns since August 7 using just a camera, Schönbrunn Zoo director Dagmar Schratter said today that the fact that one of them is a female is particularly good news after all three cubs born previously were males.

Guest at Hotel Fuerstenhof in Leipzig in eastern Germany, were evacuated as armed police moved in to check rooms for explosive devices.

The North Korean leader praised his military after watching troops test fire three ballistic rockets towards Japan on Monday as leaders from 20 major economies were in a summit in China.

Zack Porter, 19, a Derby University student, needed 21 stitches to his cheek after the entire right-side of his face was left 'hanging off' when he was brutally attacked by drunk Daniel Minns in the city centre.


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Piccolo Me cafe serves up 1kg Nutella ice cream ball

The latest food porn fad taking over Sydney is a pumpkin-sized ball of Nutella ice cream which is deep fried and covered in caramel sauce (right). It takes three to four hours to prepare the extravagant dish, which weighs upwards of 1 kilogram. Daily Mail Australia reporter Steve Trask (left) gamely tried to conquer the dish, only to throw in the napkin halfway through.

The dead child's mother says nurse Melissa Dye (pictured left) 'desecrated' the special room at their home in Hampshire. Dye met the child at a Sussex hospice (right). She admits having sex on her bed.

The boy and girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are accused of killing 49-year-old Elizabeth Edwards and her 13-year-old daughter Katie at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire.



Tourists fling themselves off the edge of a 22-storey building in Amsterdam 

A set of vertigo inducing photos have revealed the incredible view the 'Over The Edge' swing in Amsterdam offers its visitors although those who are afraid of heights should avoid the experience! Sitting 330ft above ground, on the roof of a 22-storey skyscraper, the swing is the tallest in Europe and is one of the Dutch capital's newest attractions.

Christopher Halliwell, 52, pictured in the dock, admitted he had taken Becky Godden, then aged 20, from the streets of Swindon in Wiltshire, had sex with her and then strangled her.

Staci Yevich, 36, a stay-at-home mother, from Connecticut, has filled an entire room of her house with Monster High and She-Ra figurines that takes a two hours a week to dust.

A tourist-free side of China that few ever get to see

These stunning photographs of densely-populated China show there are rare moments and remote regions where another soul is not seen for miles. The images have been taken in picturesque locations like the rice fields of Yuanyang (top left), deserts of Dunhuang (top right), the serene waters of the Li river (bottom left), the towering cliffs of Huangshan (inset) and the barren landscape of the Muztagh Ata mountains (bottom right).