London to Manchester in 18 MINUTES with radical Hyperloop system

Two Los Angeles firms racing to make Elon Musk's futuristic transport network a reality have had talks with the UK government about bringing the network to England. The brainchild of billionaire and head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, Hyperloop will use magnetic train-like pods to shuttle passengers and freight around a network of tubes at close to the speed of sound.

Chinese social media users reported satellite debris was recovered from Shaanxi province in southern China following the 'failure' of a satellite launch last week.

Researchers from Umeå University in Sweden served pasta with a 'CRISPRy' vegetable fry to a radio reporter. The researchers say that this marks a new phase of agriculture

Swansea University Medical School scientists called it a 'cancer smoke detector' as it finds mutations in red blood cells which occur when cancer is present, rather than the cancer itself.

The new headset was unveiled at the recent IFA tech show in Berlin and will compete with more established devices like the Oculus-made Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive

Ancient horse statue has uncanny resemblance to Donkey from Shrek

An animal sculpture dating back two centuries has shot to fame in China - because of its entertainment value. The clay statue, which depicts a horse head (right), has become a trending topic on social media for its entertaining facial expression. Many people think the horse's expression bears an uncanny resemblance to the Donkey, a character from animated film Shrek (left).

Copyright monitoring firm Vobile, based in Silicon Valley, California made the requests on behalf of Warner Bros. and also works for Netflix, Paramount and MTV owner Viacom

The findings, by researchers in California and Pennsylvania, contradict previous studies which had shown social media is associated with loneliness and depression.

A new report carried out by Gert Frølund Pedersen, a professor at Denmark's Aalborg University ranked 26 smartphones for call quality. Four iPhone models came out worst in the tests.

California-based Facebook appears to be testing the feature on some Android users, although it is not clear if this is just in certain areas. The feature collects and displays posts from your friends.

The photo- and video-based social networking app firm, which is based in Venice, California, has already dabbled in augmented reality with its wildly popular filters, hinting at an AR gadget

After discovering some ground-breaking research at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland, the team of Trust Me, I'm A Doctor decided to have a trial of their own, which presented jaw-dropping results.

Smart mug keeps your tea at the perfect temperature for 30 minutes

Thomas Gostelow, an inventor from Chorlton, claims to have designed the world's first fine china heated smart mug. He now hopes to raise money through a Kickstarter funding campaign, where backers can pre-order mugs for shipment in time for Christmas.


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Rosetta's lost lander is spotted on comet 67P just weeks before probe's suicide mission

It has been careering through the solar system on the frozen, dark surface of a comet, completely alone for nearly two years. Now the Philae lander (outlined in red), which bumped messily down onto the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November 2014, has finally been foundon the comet's surface. Cameras onboard Europe's comet orbiter Rosetta has spotted the tiny lander Philae for the first time since its crash-landing. The discovery comes a few weeks before the European Space Agency plans to crash Rosetta on to the comet end its mission.

Archaeologists believe that subtle difference found at Lambityeco - at the modern day city of Tlacolula de Matamoros in in Oaxaca - raise new questions about its local cultural ties.

JK Scheinberg, who was spent 21 years working for the tech giants, applied to work in an Apple Store after he retired - but was turned down after going in for an interview.

Computer scientists at Aberdeen University have developed an algorithm that offers words of encouragement during stressful situations in an attempt to tackle mental health issues early.

The discovery was made using a computer simulation, which took longer than a year, and was conducted in China, Zurich and Heidelberg.

Resentment can build, according to a study by the London School of Economics. Home workers feel isolated and annoyed that they have to pay utility bills. Bosses find their employees feel 'entitled'.

The findings were compiled by 80 scientists from 12 countries at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in Hawaii.

Ahoy there! Jeff Williams tweets incredible panoramic video showing boats sailing down New York's Hudson River - as seen on a sunny day from space

Record-breaking US astronaut Jeff Williams revealed the stunning image in a tweet - and Nasa staff on earth were even able to create a video panorama for him appearing to show a sail down the Hudson River. The ISS has several cameras on board, and a selection of lenses for them. 'They are actually video clips made of panoramas of still photography stitched together, and folks on the ground have made a video clip of them,' he explained.

Writing for The Conversation, Valerie Voon explains how dopamine plays a role in humans' thrill-seeking behaviour, along with upbringing, peer pressure, and other factors.

Though just one has been found so far, the team says the 'ghost snake' found at Ankarana Reserve is a new species of cat-eyed snake, earning its name based on its appearance and mysterious behaviour.

Compared with desktop and tablet usage, Americans are spending more than 50 percent of their digital media time using smartphone apps as of this past July, according a comScore analysis.

Bindi Lee Porth was walking along Broome's Cable Beach at sunset on Sunday afternoon when she stepped in the fossilised footprint of a carnivorous dinosaur from 130 million years ago.

Royal Navy test unmanned drone on the River Thames

The impressive 32-ft Royal Navy reconnaissance vessel, which is equipped with 360 degree camera, radar and GPS, was seen cutting through the water in central London during an exercise earlier today. The vessel, which weighs 2,000kg and can reach speeds of up to 50 knots, has been designed using the Bladerunner hull structure which is commonly used on elite racing boats.

Animal assisted therapy is slowly becoming a mainstream treatment, says Dale Preece Kelly, who runs Critter Assisted Therapy in Worcestershire and works in both the NHS and private hospitals.

The announcement was first shown at the Freddie Mercury 70th Birthday Party in Montreux, Switzerland. The asteroid was discovered in 1991, the year Mercury died.

Biologists at the University of Otago in New Zealand were surprised to see an endangered Hector's Dolphin surfacing in a strange way that allowed it to take gulps of air into its mouth (pictured).

The Red Footed Booby is normally found in the tropical Galapagos Islands. But one of the creatures appears to have been blown off course after being spotted on Hastings beach in East Sussex.

Researchers from the University of Oxford reveal how the distribution of housework has changed between 1961 and 2011. Men are now taking on a higher share than they used to, the study found.

Geochemists at Rice University in Houston Texas, say an embryonic planet similar to Mercury smashed into our planet 4.4 billion years ago, delivering carbon into the mantle and crust.

Thylacine thought to be extinct 'caught on camera' in a South Australian backyard

Animal enthusiasts believe they have captured footage of the extinct Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, wandering around a backyard in Adelaide in February this year. The footage, which lasts about three seconds, was posted online by the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia. Researcher Neil Waters claims the animal in the footage is a small thylacine. The thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, became extinct in 1936 when the last known animal died at Hobart zoo.

Researchers who have studied the brains of people in Manchester and Mexico City believe the particles linked with dementia are more likely to have come from air pollution (stock image used).

The FTC says many cars will store a user's personal information when they connect a smartphone - including their text messages and even home and work addresses.

Apple's new iOS 10 software, expected to be released on Wednesday, will include a new Home app built by Apple to make home control easier.

Samsung said on Friday it had stopped selling the Note 7, and would replace models that consumers had already purchased - but consumers Reports says it needs to do more.

Joel Snell, a robotics expert from Kirkwood College in Iowa, says that people will rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions to sex robots, which would always be available (stock image)

Some seven per cent of people were found to completely ignore a robo-security guard and steal 'reserved' food in an experiment by researchers at Cornell University in New York City

A grainy video uploaded to YouTube appears to show a small object flying over the SpaceX rocket moments before it exploded in Florida.

Both Iran and the US, the two major suppliers, say drought will decimate the number of nuts farmed this year, cutting the global supply by 86,000 tons from 529,000 tons.

The ghosts of U576: German U-Boat is found is 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina

Wreckage of the submerged U-576 submarine was discovered by sonar near Ocracoke on August 24, seven years after the search began. The vessel went down during a wild battle off the Outer Banks on 15 July, 1942, during the Second World War. It is believed the 44 sailors (some pictured top and bottom left) who were on board at the time are entombed inside. Video footage shows the U-Boat resting on its side on the ocean floor. It lies below an area where Third Reich sailors destroyed merchant ships and caused chaos on trade routes, eight months after the United States entered the war. They killed hundreds of people in the process. The wooden decking has rotted away after more than half a century under water. But the hull, gun deck and the hatches leading to where the bodies likely lie are still visible.

The Eastern gorillas' status on the latest global Red List of Threatened Species has changed from 'endangered' to 'critically endangered' - just one step away from extinction.

Wild animal numbers in southern China have increased following intensive conservation efforts from Beijing and wildlife conservation charities.

In this April 2015 photo released by NOAA Fisheries, a Saildrone, a 20-foot sailing vessel research platform developed by California-based Saildrone Inc., is tested in the Bering Sea. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel Oscar Dyson is in the background. Two of the unmanned sailing vessels were launched May 24, 2016, from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, for marine mammal, fish and oceanographic research in the Bering Sea by federal and private researchers. (Mark Frydrych/NOAA Fisheries via AP)

Two self-sailing ships have been travelling across the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska. The boats are operated by Saildrone, which is creating sailboats that can travel without sailors for eight months.

Apple is expected to reveal its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets, along with the Apple Watch 2, at an event in San Francisco on 7 September which is set to begin at 6pm (BST)

A BMW i3 Range Extender is now on patrol in the Wandsworth Borough Commander, to allow the Met to determine how zero emission electric cars perform in a live operational environment.

Scientists at Stanford University in California have found the ventral tegmental area, which is part of our internal reward system, also plays a role in preparing our brains for bed.

A new study has found that motorists' brains become overloaded during phone conversations, costing them milliseconds of reaction time when the car in front brakes sharply.

A study has shown that a man will spend 23 minutes of each shopping trip standing around awkwardly while their other halves shop. This amounts to 24 days over an adult lifetime.

Has this baffling new footage of huge hairy legs captured the Sasquatch? 

An astonished local Law Enforcement Officer was taken aback by the footage, filmed in the Sequoia National Forest in Northern California. The short 10 second clip shows two huge hairy legs but does not reveal the creature's face. The recording was taken 27 miles deep into the park, in a region only accessible by foot. Officers were reportedly on the hunt for guerrilla grown Marijuana, where they had set up camera traps to catch the growers on film. Instead might they have stumbled upon the fabled BigFoot?

A Sydney mum has created a pop-up carrier that creates a dark and quiet space for babies to sleep on flights. Emma Lovell came up with the idea after flying with her five-month-old daughter.

Yale University neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt was convinced her brain had been struggling with a pattern of yo-yo dieting since her teens.

More Britons are avoiding restaurants as they are becoming too loud, with a recent study finding 90 per cent of people with hearing difficulties saying noise stops them from eating out.

Jane Fryer (pictured) tried lighting candles and cosying up in a bid to find happiness according to the Scandinavian idea of hygge - which is all about enjoying simple everyday pleasures.

Washington-based Microsoft has teamed up with Liebherr to make the SmartDeviceBox. The system is currently a prototype and the technology is still being improved.

Researchers from the Natural History Museum, Museum of London and Durham University looked at ten infant skeleton from cemeteries around London.

An instructional guide handed out to volunteer soldiers protecting Australia during the peak of World War II explains the best way to kill invading Japanese and German 'enemies.'

Researchers discovered that reading ability significantly improved following the consumption of Omega 3. Experts say the findings reiterate the importance of the fatty acid in children's diets.

Lil Miquela Instagram fans can't decide if model is real or a computer game character

Insta-famous model Lil Miquela has sent her 65,000 fans into frenzy as they debate whether her doll-like features are real or if she's actually computer game character. Miquela regularly treats her Instagram followers to pictures of her posing in off-duty model worthy athleisure (left), but people think her huge almond eyes and pillowy lips can't possibly be real (centre). One fan pointed out that the way the straps on her bikini top sit is proof the image is computer generated (right).

Experts from the University of Portsmouth have revealed why active women look to sports bras to minimize pain, discomfort and even improve their sports performance.

A report suggests Google is hosting a major event on Oct. 4th to focused on its latest hardware. Attendees can expect to get a glimpse of the Pixel and Pixel XL HTC handsets and the 4K Chromecast.

Researchers at the University of Michigan have been mixing using blood with the medical dye Indocyanine green (ICG) to boost laser signals, showing changes at the molecular level.

Israel's Spacecom, which owned the AMOS-6 satellite, have reportedly been hard hit by the loss. The satellite was supposed to provide home internet for Africa and the Middle East.

The footage shows a black 'UFO' gliding above a Malaysian village in the in Kuala Krai district as local villagers cry out in 'amazement'. The video has gone viral in the country.

Volcanologists want to drill 1.9 miles into the Campi Flegrei under the Gulf of Naples, Italy, in the hope of gaining new insights that could help them predict when it might erupt.

The National Portrait Gallery is mulling over doing the works on the Chandos image (pictured left) for the first time in its almost 400-year history and it could take up to a year to complete.

This artist's impression shows a powerfully-built sailor believed to be the ship's carpenter - a man in his mid to late 30s, who was around 5ft 8in tall and died below deck in the Solent channel.

Conspiracy theorists claim ALIENS sabotaged SpaceX launch

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has yet to reveal what caused the SpaceX Falcon 9 to burst into flames yesterday. However, alien hunters believe they have the answer, as a video shows a strange anomaly passing over Falcon 9 as it sits on the launch pad before, during and after the explosion. Some believe it was a secret alien laser attack, while others believe it was simply a bird flying over the rocket.

Cannae Inc. claims it has demonstrated prototypes of a system that does not require on-board propellant to generate thrust, and will be used to launch a demo cubesat into low-Earth orbit.

Physicists at New York University are working with scientists from Nasa to develop tractor beams that can take samples from passing comets and of dust in orbit around the Earth.

According to a Stanford-led study, the 'warm West, cold East' temperature gap in the winter is steadily expanding, and is likely being driven by human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

At the IFA tech show in Berlin this week, audio hardware firm JBL said it chose the navy blue colour of its latest speaker to match 'a few more devices' that will launch 'in the near future'.

In late 2015, a long-reliable wind pattern suddenly changed, Nasa has revealed. It has since returned to normal, and astronomers are working to understand the implications of this event.

A survey conducted by the Eve Appeal found one in seven women were unable to name a single gynaecological cancer, despite half a million women worldwide dying from them every year.

The research comes from scientists at Oregan State University, who wanted to understand how every culture used complex carbohydrates, yet they do not have their own taste.

Snapchat has released tools to create custom geofilters. The new on-demand geofilters page lets users choose a theme and add colors and text to personalize templates for their special event.

The first incredible images of Jupiter's North Pole reveal strange blue hue

Nasa's Juno spacecraft has sent back the first-ever images of Jupiter's north pole, taken during the spacecraft's first flyby of the planet with its instruments switched on.The images show reveal stormy conditions, high clouds and a strange blue hue on the planet at its noerth pole (far left and middle) while also showing the first ever image of its south pole (right) and even capturing an aurora on the planet (inset).

This is part of a global push to streamline its hardware efforts, two people with knowledge of the matter said. The company's aim was to create a phone that could be customised on the fly.

YouTube users reacted angrily after adverts were stripped from their videos for breaching 'advertiser-friendly content guidelines' that govern politically incorrect or offensive views.

A University College London study has found smoking just one cannabis joint reduces a person's motivation to work for money and raises fears it could effect and individual when they are not high.

According to a new study by Harvard Medical School, retreating to a relaxing resort eases stress, rejuvenates cells, and combats the effects of ageing.

The research comes from the University of Pittsburgh, and could have ramifications for how parents are advised to talk about math and numbers (stock image used).

A change to the law was expected to force anyone watching BBC shows on catch-up via the iPlayer internet service to purchase a TV licence but it has emerged students can still dodge the fee.

The incredible video shows the solar wind as it leave's the sun's surface in organised 'rays' - in stark contrast to the gusty and turbulent wind as it approaches Earth.

Kazuo Hirai, CEO of the Tokyo-based company, took to the stage at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. He said that Sony was keen to explore new areas of technology, including AI and robotics.

Incredible aerial photos show Earth as you've never seen it before

From a Japanese volcano mid-eruption (top left) to the snaking tendrils of an Iranian lagoon (bottom right), a new book capturing breath-taking aerials of planet Earth will be released this week. Overview: A New Perspective is a collection of images inspired by New York author Benjamin Grant's Instagram account, Daily Overview. His stunning images showcase the dusty makeshift community at Nevada's Burning Man festival, a labyrinthine settlement in the orange sands of Abu Dhabi's desert (top right), as well as the surprising organisation of Ipanema beach (bottom left). He hones in on the mesmerising serenity of Angkor Wat (top centre) and the intricate design of New Delhi (bottom right).

Sony unveils 'She': bluetooth headset can act as smart assistant

The Xperia Ear wireless earpiece can update you with any missed calls or messages as soon as you slot it into your ear. At the IFA show in Berlin today, the firm confirmed it will launch this November.

Facebook Messenger on Thursday added the ability to stream live video, adding a feature enjoyed by fans of rival application Snapchat.

Spectators had to don special protective glasses to filter out the Sun's harmful ultraviolet and infra-red rays ©Richard Bouhet (AFP/File)

The celestial phenomenon was only fully visible to people in a narrow, 62 mile (100-kilometre) band stretching across central Africa, Madagascar and Reunion, for two and a half minutes.

Led by Bristol University, the Big Tick Project looked at almost 15,000 dogs from across the UK last year, finding 31 per cent of those animals checked at random were carrying a tick (pictured).

In a new explanation, however, an astrophysicist describes a scenario that could debunk the alien megastructure theory - and researchers may have found another star that fits the mold.

The Hungarian trainer who managed to keep canines still in in an fMRI scanner for eight minutes while wearing earphones and a coil on their heads has revealed how she did it.

Researchers at Stanford University in California, created the new textile that allows the body to discharge heat in two ways that would make the wearer feel cooler than if they wore cotton clothing.

In a new study, veterinary experts reveal 'food puzzles' can help indoor cats take advantage of their instincts to fight the issues associated with captivity, from obesity and diabetes to aggression.

The video of a charred Galaxy Note 7 that prompted Samsung to pull millions of handsets

A viral video showing a charred Galaxy Note 7 has led Samsung to recall millions of handsets from around the world. The video, posted on YouTube Ariel Gonzalez, shows a handset that reportedly caught fire shortly after its charger was unplugged. The video, posted on YouTube Ariel Gonzalez, shows a handset that reportedly caught fire shortly after its charger was unplugged. Samsung's Note 7s are being pulled from shelves in 10 countries, including Australia and the US, just weeks after launch. In the UK, those who have pre-ordered a handset will be sent a replacement.

Amazon's Alexa could be upgrading its home to bigger hardware. A report from CNET reveals Amazon is currently in discussions with Lenovo to bring the AI to Windows PCs and other devices.

The marine mammal, named Iceberg, had not been seen since Spring 2012. Just one in 10,000 killer whales are completely white, and researchers were alarmed by Iceberg's long absence.

Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC has unveiled a new mid-range phone at the IFA 2016 in Berlin - the HTC One A9s. It has a lower resolution screen than the One A9 but will also be cheaper.

Lausanne-based Logitech have designed two models - an Air Vent which attaches to the dashboard, and the ZeroTouch Dashboard which can be attached to your windscreen.

Two ewes, complete with thick fleeces, ear tags and woolly tails - and hi-tech fittings - have been stationed in fields in North Wales as part of a study to see how to improve welfare and productivity of flocks.

Starch grains in the teeth of Mesolithic people in the Balkans more than 8,000 years old (pictured) suggest wheat and barley formed part of their diet long before farming was introduced in the region.

Taiwan-based Acer revealed the curved Predator laptop during a presentation at the IFA conference in Berlin. The screen matches the curve of the eyes and gives a wider field of view.

Sony unveiled the new models at the IFA 2016 Conference in Berlin. The Xperia XZ has a loop surface design, in which the 5.2 inch glass display merges into the back metal piece.

The eight foot aliens who live on 'Earth 2.0'

With the recent discovery of 'a second Earth', alien hunters are revisiting a conspiracy theory that surfaced in 1957. A team of California psychologists claimed they spoke with an 8-foot tall humanoid known has 'Hands'. This creature is believed to be a Cenos alien who calls Proxima b home. Some believe these Cenos aliens helped build the Sphinx, Mayan pyramids and most recently, made an appearance in Taiwan (featured is the picture taken during this sighting).

Researchers at the University of Buckingham found that the ability to think flexibly seems more important than hours of practice, particularly when it comes to solving cryptic crosswords.

By analyzing records of the European Neolithic communities, which existed roughly 9,000 years ago, researchers have identified the warning signs of societal downfall.

Workers at a semiconductor factory in Israel were offered a free pizza voucher, $30, a 'Well done' text or nothing at all, in a study carried out by psychology professor Dan Ariely of Duke University.

With September fast approaching youngsters will be using the internet regularly in school and at home - and are easily susceptible to identity theft and malicious viruses.

Researchers at the Mountain View-based giant say Google is on the verge of reaching 'quantum supremacy' by creating a PC capable of performing calculations out of reach of classical computers.

London-based educator CGP Grey explains how traffic jams are often due to poor human reaction times and coordination. He says self-driving cars will be able overcome these problems.

With September fast approaching youngsters will be using the internet regularly in school and at home - and are easily susceptible to identity theft and malicious viruses.

Experts from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found women who drank at least a 250ml glass a day - 14 servings a week - were 18 per cent less likely to conceive over a year.

Nasa may publish paper on 'warp drive' that could take humans to Mars in 10 weeks

Many argue the concept is simply hype, suggesting the design goes against the laws of physics - and now, a Nasa lab that has been studying the concept is set to publish its findings for the first time. The so-called EmDrive creates thrust by bouncing microwaves around in an enclosed chamber, and uses only solar power.

Scientists have discovered that people who purchase Android phones are more honest and humble than those who pick iPhones, showing a person's mobile phone choice can display their personality.

The black turtleneck and other personal items are being auctioned online by Julien's Live. The black turtleneck in the auction includes the logo for NeXT, a computer company Jobs founded.

How there were concerns the Wyoming park would become a failure may surprise tourists who visit today, but back in the 19th and early 20th centuries it was wholly reliant on footfall.

90 scientists and 286 crew members have taken part in an ambitious elephant census in Africa over the past two years - and the final total was far less than they had estimated.

In 2012, Dropbox reported a data breach. But the firm failed to mention it was a hack that stole credentials from 68 million users'. Motherboard obtained files that shed light on how serious the situation was.

A British tourist took a vertigo-inducing shot on the Empire State Building in New York, using a 360-degree camera. The technology allows the viewer to see all of the surrounding area.

The buses will drive around the centre of Lyon at 12mph in year-long experiment starting on Saturday. They can carry up to 15 people between five stops on a 10-minute route.

Michelangelo may have concealed symbols for female anatomy in Sistine Chapel

Scientists at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre in Brazil, claim to have found hidden symbols of female anatomy and femininity in Michelangelo's ceiling fresco in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. They say rams' heads in the painting (pictured left) resemble female reproductive organs (right). Meanwhile Eve's arms form the shape of a downward pointing triangle at the very centre of the ceiling (pictured bottom) - a pagan female symbol.

Researchers have found that psychopathic individuals may actually experience fear, in contrast to previous beliefs, but fall short in their ability to recognize and respond to threats.

The findings, published in the journal Nature, showed that people who took the drug had a reduction in the amount of amyloid present in their brain after a year.

A Stanford physicist has proposed a radical idea in the form of a new equation, ER=EPR - and it could build a space-time bridge between the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics.

An international team from the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) institute is investigating a burst of microwave radiation, picked up on May 15 last year in Russia.

When operating during their preferred time of day, researchers at Indiana University Bloomington found that people tend to undermine their own performance, sabotaging their ability to do tasks.

Metal pieces of the second solar boat of Pharaoh Khufu are seen at the restoration laboratory, located behind the Great Pyramid of Cheops  on the Giza Plateau ©Khaled Desouki (AFP)

A piece of wood recovered at a dig near the Great Pyramid of Giza shows for the first time that ancient Egyptians used metal in their boats.

Motorola's Moto Z phone, with the Hasselblad True Zoom attachment, is viewed from the top side, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, in New York. The orange camera shutter button is at right. Motorola says the attachment will appeal mostly to photography aficionados, but the company believes that's a sizable market. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Apple isn't saying much about its next iPhones, but there's been plenty of speculation that the giant Plus model will have two camera lenses - and there are already phones out there that offer this.

Billionaires at war: 'Disappointed' Mark Zuckerberg hits out at SpaceX after Facebook's

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his 'deep disappointment' at the destruction of his revolutionary $200million satellite on Thursday when the SpaceX Falcon 9 owned by Elon Musk's company suffered a catastrophic explosion on the Cape Canaveral launch pad during a routine pre-launch check. Zuckerberg is currently visiting several countries in Africa and likely would have marked the occasion of Facebook's Amos 6 satellite being launched into orbit on Saturday, had it not been destroyed around 9am in the massive blast. The satellite was to provide at least 14 countries on the continent and Middle East with free broadband. Zuckerberg's statement about the loss of the satellite appears to be a jab at fellow billionaire Musk, who lost about $390million as the stock prices of two of his companies, Telsa and SolarCity, dropped after the accident at Cape Canaveral.

Researchers at the University of York have shown that small alterations to a person's appearance, such as wearing glasses, can significantly hinder positive facial identification.

The timber was found on the site in Monmouth, Wales, which lies on the shore of what was once a huge lake caused by an Ice Age blockage in the Wye gorge.

Instead of a physical keyboard, the $500 Yoga Book unveiled in Berlin instead has a second large touchscreen that can turn into a keyboard when needed.

Using metal detectors, archaeologists unearthed artifacts and memoirs near Beaufort, South Carolina that helped piece together the exact location of the bloody Battle of Grays Hill that took place in 1779.

Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone are being delayed as the firm conducts additional quality control testing for the premium device - as some unconfirmed reports claim batteries exploded.

Neuropsychologist Catherine Loveday, from the University of Westminster, explains how music provides an important channel of communication as other abilities are failing.

The Ohio State University study found the spatial awareness of taller athletes (such as Venus Williams, pictured) was superior even when they were sat down and shorter people stood on a box.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo analysed the birth timings of cows reared in uniform conditions on a farm to find birth rates were was statistically higher during the near full and full moon.

White House unveils stunning 3D maps of Alaska as part of project to track climate change

As climate change poses an ongoing threat to the global ecosystem, few areas are being affected as rapidly or severely as the Arctic; the region is warming at double the rate of the global average temperature. In efforts to track these changes and mitigate the risks they present, researchers have launched a collaborative effort to create satellite-based elevation maps of the entire Arctic by 2017. The project is the result of an Executive Order made by President Obama last year, and now, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Science Foundation have completed a major step toward this goal, revealing a stunning new series of 3D maps plotting Alaska's terrain. On left, Alaska's Wolverine Glacier is pictured, while Mount Aniakchak (top) and the Seward Peninsula (bottom) can be seen on right

Astronomers at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC have spotted two strange stars that are unusually close to each other but have three giant planets in orbit around them.

Women have a a smaller body size and lower metabolic rate, factors which mean they shed heat faster. They are also more likely to suffer Raynaud's disease, a painful reaction to the cold.

The software update is set to be made available 'within weeks', Musk said on Twitter, claiming it dramatically improves the use of radar data.

The consumer technology fair, which runs from 2-7 September in Berlin, will see major launches from smartphone and smartwatch makers, highlighting the must have gadgets for Christmas.

The rare reptile found in Canada, with a wingspan of 'only' 1.5 metres (4.9ft), would have been dwarfed by its cousins from the Late Cretaceous era 77 million years ago.

While eastern gray squirrels primarily rely on plant based foods, researchers from Boston University say they are opportunistic eaters, and will gnaw on exposed bones if given the chance.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have now developed a new extraction method that does not use toxic chemicals such as cyanide and mercury, and recovers more gold.

Amazon Prime customers can now buy day-to-day items including coffee, toilet roll and laundry detergent by pressing a button in their home which orders the essentials online via wi-fi.

Terrifying 1965 PDAD humanoid used to test spacesuits will be offered at auction

More than 50 years ago, Nasa designed a life-size android to test spacesuits, in order to understand how the human body would act in a pressurized suit - but it never fulfilled its mission due to its tendency to leak oil. Now, Nasa rejected robot is being offered at auction starting September 15 for a 10 day long sale online from RR Auction, who has marked the metallic astronaut with an $80,000 price tag.

Scientists at the University of Adelaide in Australia have worked out a way of estimating the intelligence of early human ancestors by looking at the amount of blood flow to the brain from fossil skulls.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield tasked a computer programme with distinguishing between a swarm of robots, and a second learning group, which mimicked the first.

Tasmanian devils have undergone rapid evolution to develop resistance against a horrific facial cancer that has caused their numbers on the Australian island to plummet by 85 per cent.

Jordan Raine, a researcher at the University of Sussex explains how a baby's cry causes an increase in her oxytocin levels and encourages care-giving behaviour (stock image used).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for one contest the beholders are AI. Beauty.AI used 5 robots to judge 6,000 selfies and choose winners for an international beauty contest.

The first autonomous tractor has been revealed at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, and it can do everything from planting and spraying to harvesting - without a farmer in sight.

Scientists in Germany recovered evidence of Yersinia pestis bacteria from two sixth century skeletons found in Altenerding, Southern Germany, which were dug up 50 years ago.

Researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University say the finding highlights new targets that could 'deter excessive alcohol consumption with fewer side effects.' (stock image used)

Nasa's observatory captures amazing footage as Earth and moon block its view

As stargazers in southern and central Africa marveled at the spectacular 'ring of fire' eclipse early Thursday morning, Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory made a remarkable observation of its own. The SDO captured the moments both Earth and the moon crossed in front of the sun, briefly blocking its view. In footage of the event, Earth can be seen passing across the face of the sun first, distinguished by its 'fuzzy' appearance, and ending just in time for the observatory to witness the end of the lunar transit.

The University of Strathclyde used iPad games to diagnose autism with 93% accurately. They found children with the disorder have a greater force of impact than those typically developing.

Scientists have discovered a new species of pterosaur from the Patagonia region of South America. The cranial remains were in an excellent state of preservation.

Waze Rider finds you the most convenient, affordable ride to work by connecting you to fellow commuters already driving with Waze, the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

The app will use Waze's navigation system to learn the routes drivers most frequently take to work and match them up with people looking for a ride in the same direction.

Researchers from the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Graz, Austria used the Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System (MIDAS) on board the Rosetta space probe.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox shows that couples in long relationships actually share many idiosyncratic habits, like arguing, public affection and indulging in good sex.

When personal wealth suddenly increases, single women are more likely to start a new business than men, according to a study from University of Stirling and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Planet Nine could wreak havoc on our solar system

Researchers from the University of Warwick, have suggested that when the sun dies, Planet Nine could hurl one or more planet out of the solar system, in a sort of 'pinball' effect. The researchers used a unique code that can simulate the death of planetary systems. Mapping the numerous different positions where Planet Nine is thought to lie, the researchers showed that the further away and more massive the planet is, the higher the chance that it will wreak havoc on the solar system.

Whiteflies are pictured on a leaf in this photo taken by Dr. Lance Osborne, professor of entomology at the University of Florida in Apopka, Florida in 2005

A tiny, invasive whitefly that is resistant to pesticides and carries crop-devastating viruses has been found outdoors in the United States for the first tim...

WELT is a $69 smart belt packed with sensors and a pedometer to monitor users' waistline. Unlike other fitness trackers, this Samsung backed device tracks user's waistline, activity and eating habits.

The Icelandic Met Office has issued an alert after finding earthquake activity within the caldera of the Katla volcano was at four times higher than normal. Pictured: The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010.

Nasa has set up a global portal where the public can find Nasa-funded research articles. Topics include how to survive a day on Mars, how planets form and if there is life on Titan.

The two Irish wolfhound puppies, who were part of a litter of seven, are genetically identical and were attached to the same placenta when they were born in South Africa.

MIT has built a robot that works in sewers, where it sifts through human waste to find data. Called Luigi, this 'poopbot' sucks up waste and traps bacteria so researchers can study urban health patterns.

This July 16, 2016, photo taken from underwater  video  shows the "Washington", which sank during a storm in 1803. The team of underwater explorers says it has found the second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian owned-sloop that sank in Lake Ontario 213 years ago. The three-member western New York-based team says it discovered the wreck of the Washington earlier this summer in deep water off Oswego. (Roger L. Pawlowski via AP)

The American-built, Canadian-owned sloop Washington sank in in deep water off Oswego on Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago during an 1803 storm.

An atmospheric scientist from the University of Reading has created a new visualization to show how a trip from New York to London changes with each day,

In this Aug. 11, 2016 photo, Angela McArthur, left, director of the Anatomy Bequest Program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, walks with Jean Larson, widow of a donor in Minneapolis. Once a relatively rare option, body donation has surged at medical schools, including the University of Minnesota. The increase has helped provide cadavers for dissection by first-year medical students, and for research and surgical training. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King)

Many U.S. medical schools are seeing a surge in the number of people leaving their bodies to science, a trend attributed to rising funeral costs.

Adelaide researchers can now help women undergoing IVF get pregnant quicker after they successfully trialled a technique which allows an embryologist to simply analyse photos (above).

Metal detector enthusiast David Blakey, 57, stumbled across the valuable haul of coins, during an early morning session in Wold Newton, East Yorkshire.

Washington researchers found divorce rates consistently peaked in March and August, the periods following winter and summer holidays.

The Aladin instrument, which was designed by Airbus in France, incorporates two powerful lasers, a large telescope and sensitive receivers. It will be used to make maps of Earth's winds.

Five thousand robots are gearing up to 3D map 35m galaxies. Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) will use these 10-in-long bots to learn how dark energy is expanding our universe.

A revolutionary technology could see the end of people leaving forgotten clothes gathering dust in wardrobes - because the garments will send messages if they haven't been worm in a while.

The group finally came out of their dome on Mauna Loa volcano, 8,500 feet above sea level in Hawaii, as their mission ended Sunday (pictured). The dome replicated living conditions on Mars.

Samsung's next smartwatch will come with GPS capabilities and the ability to call or text for help by triple-tapping a side button.

A parasitic wasp in Finland has been found to use jumping spiders as a living host for their eggs, paralyzing them with venom and stitching them into a nest made from the spider's own silk.

The overhaul of the 'iPlayer loophole' means that from tomorrow viewers in the UK will need to pay the £145.50 licence fee to catch up on programmes using their mobile devices and laptops.

The scary music played when sharks appear on screen - such as the Jaws theme - may actually be threatening their future by hindering conservation efforts, according to research.

The move has been made after a huge number of ivory tusks were discovered in the Siberian tundra - with fears that it could lead to an increase in illegal elephant ivory trading.

Researchers from the University of Connecticut took inspiration from the sea creatures to produce materials for use in anti-glare screens and spy-like encryption methods.

Researchers from Kyoto University have suggested the two black holes detected by Ligo could have formed from the extreme density of matter present soon after the big bang.

Excavations at Hillsborough Castle in County Down have unearthed a well-preserved skeleton (pictured), which experts believe may be that of a young woman.

SmartAssest gathered data in four areas in order to compile their list: DUI per thousand drivers, Deaths per thousand drivers, Google trends on driving tickets and percentage of drivers in the state with insurance

SmartAsset's study suggests you should watch out for Florida license plates while driving. The firm released a list of the top 25 states with the worst drivers and Florida is number one.

Archaeologists unearthed the grave of a noblewoman though tto belong to the mysterious Okunev culture. She was found clutching the skeleton of a child and surrounded by carvings.

Wyp Aviation has completed its first manned test in a wind tunnel in Ontario, Canada. The vision is for thrill-seekers to be towed by a plane and 'surf' behind it as if riding a wakeboard.

The Army Research Laboratory has shown off a prototype of its 'hoverbike,' a rectangular shaped quadcopter that has been named the Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle, or JTARV.

Astronomers have discovered the most distant galaxy cluster ever observed, glimpsing a stage of evolution that's never been seen before. The cluster is roughly 11.1 billion light-years away.

This Black Mamba has just as much venom as the snake. Designed by Silex Powers, Valene Black Mamba features in-hub electric motors that help it go from 0 to 62 mph km/h in less than 4.2 seconds.

A team of astronomers from the University of Manchester, the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and the University of Bonn looked at the galaxy, using a telescope in Chile.

A fish with human-like teeth that's native to South America and related to piranhas has been surprisingly showing up in several southeastern lakes in Michigan.

Austin, Texas is set for an invasion of delivery robots. The UK firm, Starship Technologies, will begin testing its semi-autonomous 'ground drones' in packages, groceries and restaurants.

Airbus, based in Toulouse, France, is creating a fleet of flying taxis named CityAirbus (artist's impression pictured), as well as an electric, autonomous helicopter in a project called Vahana.

The giant pearl was discovered by an un-named Filipino fisherman off the coast of the Palwan Islands and kept under his bed for a decade as a good luck charm.

EXCLUSIVE: British engineers at Airbus in Farnborough, came up with the radical design. It flies by day on solar power which also recharges its lithium-sulphur batteries to power it by night.

Researchers from The Australian National University in Canberra, created detailed reconstructions of climate spanning the past 500 years.

The man, who has not been identified, had his brain jump-started with new ultrasound technology in an experiment by UCLA.

Researchers from the University in Utrecht, Netherlands, used evidence from magnetic patterns from the oldest part of the modern Pacific Plate, and seismologic data.

In an image featured on Playbuzz, the eagle-eyed are being asked to spot the moggy in this messy rubbish dump picture. But how long will it take you to find it?

The researchers visited lava flows in a section of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, north of Iceland, called the North Kolbeinsey Ridge, using a deep-sea torpedo robot.

The Smithsonian revealed the stunning high resolution 3D model to mark the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission.

The Internet retail giant has built a high wall of hay bales to hide its secret drone testing area in a field around five miles east of its research and development centre in Cambridge.

Stunning timelapse footage captured by the ISS shows the calm eye of Hurricanes Lester, Madeline and Gaston - two of which were seen over the Pacific Ocean and one over the Atlantic.

New Yorkers will soon get a whiff of 'rotting flesh' at the New York Botanical Garden. A corpse flower is set to bloom this week and release a stink for 24 to 36hrs, which has been 10 years in the making.

Lockheed Martin is hoping to revitalise the use of blimps to deliver heavy cargo and passengers to remote locations around the world - and it will even come with a drone of its own.

Just 20 of these open-top missiles will be made, all featuring a 6.5-litre V12 motor. But you might as well hang up on your account manager now because Lamborghini has already sold them all.

According to, the NX will be a portable console with handheld controllers that can be detached - but can also be plugged into a TV for play at home.

Though it's formally called thecacera pacifica, a marine creature has become commonly known by its nickname - the 'Pikachu sea slug.' It has a cartoonish yellow body and black-tipped 'ears.'

The clay hand grenade, which is shaped like an acorn with a fuse hole in the top, was found as part of a collection of metal jugs and candle sticks pulled from the sea off Hadera in north Israel.

The flexible system is best suited for minimally invasive surgeries, and can slither down a patient's throat to reach typically hard to access areas.

Researchers from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, at the University of California at Santa Cruz, modelled the movement of material that had been ejected during previous impacts.

Researchers led by ETH Zurich have pieced together what causes the blob to glow, revealing the echo of the past activity of a black hole as it grew rapidly.

One can't predict a shooting from exposure to violent video games. But that's not to mean there's no link between these games and aggression, says psychology expert Brad Bushman.

The dwarf planet Ceres is the largest body in the asteroid belt, orbiting the sun beyond Mars. The latest findings reveal the extent of its internal processes and surface formations (pictured).

Astronomers using a telescopes on Hawaii have discovered a new minor planet with a weird tilted orbit they have called Niku, which they believe may have been bumped by a yet to be found planet.

The 66-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil was transported from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to Amsterdam's Schiphol International Airport by Dutch airline KLM.

The two new species - Gumardee springae (skull shown) and Gumardee richi - were discovered from fossils found in the Riversleigh World Heritage Area of Queensland.

An MIT startup has made a new kind of 3D hologram. Using scanned images and an inkjet printer, Lumii's approach prints images in layers onto clear paper that, when put together, form holograms.

O2 customers who have not updated their passwords are most at risk, because data stolen from Hong Kong-based gaming website XSplit three years ago has been used to access accounts.

The BLOODHOUND car can reach speeds of 1,000mph, but it has only been done in a 'virtual wind tunnel'. Swansea University is ready to validate the computer modular in the real world.

Nasa's OSRIS-REx spacecraft will launched in September and travel to the asteroid Bennu. It will harvest samples and map the surface, which the first US mission that returns an asteroid to Earth.

The government now says that the so-called 'smart' nuclear bomb will enter the production engineering phase. By 2020, the US will commence full-scale production.


Colorado-based Space Systems, a division of Lockheed Martin, spoke to MailOnline about its plans to uncover the subterranean structure of the red planet using meteorite impacts.

Japan-based Capcom, said that nausea when playing Resident Evil would go away with time, as familiarity gained by players can help them become more accustomed to immersion.

Researchers from Facebook based in California, have found a way to counteract the problem of limited internet access in remote areas, that does not require large cell towers.

The  Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner is set to take to the Bonneville Speedway in Utah within weeks to try and break the motorcycle world land speed record.

Iraqi media claim the remote-control vehicle is clad in Teflon armour and can be operated at up to a kilometre away. The size of a small golf cart it could be used to help retake Mosul from ISIS forces.

EXCLUSIVE: A theoretical physicist working at CERN, headquartered in Geneva, told MailOnline the official results will be revealed at the end of next week, but that the additional tests did not find the 750GeV particle.

Physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory revealed their plan for a next generation fusion device in a paper published in the journal Nuclear Fusion.

Researchers led by the University of Copenhagen discovered the Greenland shark, which hunts in the North Atlantic, has a life expectancy of at least 272 years but can live to up to 392-years-old.

Apple remained the top tablet maker in the second quarter, shipping 10 million iPads to command 25.8 percent of the market, IDC reports ©Justin Sullivan (Getty/AFP/File)

Worldwide shipments of tablet computers shrank anew in the second quarter of this year, International Data Corporation reported on Monday. A total of 38.7 mi...

While the photos captured by Cassini show this from a great distance, Gill's renditions reveal a close-up look at the effects of a tiny moon on the Keeler Gap, as it induces a wavy pattern along the edge.

Dihedral doors, a three-seat 'arrowhead formation' layout and 0 to 62mph in less than five seconds - there's a lot to like about Nissan's latest electric car unveiling. But will the Japanese brand make it?

The photographs capture the storm from the unique perspective of an plane window. They were captured at an altitude of 37,000 feet, as the plane travelled from North America to Ecuador.

A team, led by researchers at the University of Virginia, showed participants video footage (illustrated, stock image), of a murder and violent conduct in sports matches.

They are run by the United States Air Force and operate from a private terminal at McCarran nicknamed Gold Coast. The fleet does have a name of sorts - Janet Airlines, after its call sign.

A study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln proves a strain of SIV carried by chimps can also infect humans. The researchers wanted to understand why humans had certain strains but avoided others.

The stop in Cinderford, Gloucestershire was at a statue called 'Strata' which symbolised the local geology in the area and the adjacent quarry.

As part of the announcement, China also launched a competition for members of the public to come up with a name and logo for the rover.

The  bizarre concept is designed to reach places normal drones or even humans would struggle to get to. Roko swings from branch to branch using extendable arms with hook-grip hands.

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have conducted research that suggests oxygen began to rise in the oceans in hotspots that allowed the first animal life to evolve (fossil pictured).

The Tridika pod serves as part of a living room, until needed - when it detaches and turns into a driverless car. The cube-shaped people mover concept hovers on magnetic levitation tracks.

ESA and Nasa's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or Soho, captured the amazing moment just hours ago when the sun tore apart and vaporized the comet.

The remains of 115 dogs were found at a site called Ust-Polui, which is in a town called Salekhard in Russia's Arctic circle. Dog graveyards have been found before but none this large.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland used data from Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, looking at more than 100 gully sites across Mars.

The foam was spotted by residents on Thursday in Bluffdale and early reports indicated that it was cause by the same toxic algae currently covering 90 percent of Utah Lake.

The stunning image was taken in the Hagal Dune field just south of Mars' north polar cap. Experts believe the limited amount of sand in the area led to the strange patterns forming as winds blow.

The mark was thought to be droppings from a bird, as Edvard Munch often worked outside. However, researchers from the University of Antwerp have now analysed the mark to unveil the true source.

If counting is not your thing, you may want to look away right now. For this puzzle, created by a Playbuzz user, requires you to be good with numbers - and have a great deal of patience.

Biologist Erica Peyton found the mouse in Virginia with an abnormal swelling. When she squeezed it, a large botfly larvae emerged. The mouse weighed just 23g and the botfly 1g.

Chris King, 57, from Rossington, South Yorkshire, lost both his hands, except the thumbs, in an accident involving a metal pressing machine at work three years ago.

New research from the University of Oslo suggests that when we listen to music, we tend to mentally simulate the body movements that we believe have gone into producing the sound.

In this July 28, 2016, photo, Jonathan Wong of Samsung's Knox Product Marketing, shows the iris scanner feature of the Galaxy Note 7, in New York. Samsung releases an update to its jumbo smartphone and virtual-reality headset, mostly with enhancements rather than anything revolutionary during a preview of Samsung products. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

The 5.7inch Galaxy Note 7 will come with an iris scanner, which matches patterns in your eyes with what was detected by your phone during setup. It will be available in the US starting August 19.

The Pal-V craft switches between drive and flight mode in just 10 minutes, and the Pal-V One Liberty edition will be delivered next year to the first customers.

The U.S. Air Force has declared an initial squadron of Lockheed Martin Corp F-35A fighter jets ready for combat, a move experts slammed as a publicity stunt.

Professor Fiona Harrison, the principal investigator of NuSTAR at Caltech in Pasadena is lead author of a new study that found the most obscured black holes, hidden in thick gas and dust.

By pouring hydrogen peroxide into a mason jar and then using yeast to separate out the oxygen, you can create a simple homemade rocket engine by adding a tube of ziti pasta on top.

The 3D printed case gives smartphones 'kinetic capabilities.' Not only can the wheeled case help to kick your oversleeping habits, but it will also roll toward you whenever a notification pops up.

New research from Tohoku University in Japan looked at sediments from Haiti and Spain. Researchers suggest that an ejection of soot killed the dinosaurs but not other animals.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have provided evidence to support the theory that these stones were placed in relation to the movement of celestial bodies.

Do you know your USA from your Canada and Latvia from Lithuania? If the answer to that is a resounding yes, then check out this quiz. But how quickly can you do it?

The skull (pictured), thought to belong to a 35-year-old Columbian mammoth, was found in the neighbourhood of El Ejido San Rafael, near Galeana in north east Mexico.

Researchers from the University of Warwick uncovered this strange pair of stars using various Nasa and Esa telescopes. The star lies 380 light-years from Earth.

FILE - This June 24, 2015, file photo, shows the Netflix Apple TV app icon, in South Orange, N.J. Netflix reports financial results on Monday, July 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Dan Goodman, File)

Netflix is running into trouble as the internet video service wrestles with slowing U.S. subscriber growth and an ambitious international expansion amid stiffening competition.

Facebook will soon 'see' objects in a photo just like humans. The three step process consists of algorithms piecing the image together, outlining shapes of objects and then accurately labeling them.

OurMine and PoodleCorp have both claimed they were behind attacks which caused the Pokemon Go server to crash at the weekend. Niantic has neither confirmed or denied the claims.

The model mom opened up about her illustrious career as a model and raising a billionaire in an interview with Daily Mail Online.

The US rail operator has awarded a $2.0 billion deal to French manufacturer Alstom to supply new trains for its key Acela service between Washington, New York and Boston.

Europe's glaciers have lost about two thirds of their volume since 1850, but last year the Hornkees glacier in the Austrian Alps retreated by 446 feet while Pasterze glacier retreated by 177 feet.

Witnesses have taken to Twitter to post images of the event. The rocket was due to launch on Saturday on a mission to deliver Facebook’s first satellite to orbit.

A team of researchers from Denver Museum of Nature and Science, looked at fossils from proto-turtles - ancient ancestors of turtles, who lived 220 million years ago that did not have fully fused shells.

The endangered Pallas's wildcats have been hunted by poachers for their fur which can be sold on the black market to be made into mittens. They are native to southern Siberia.

Engineers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, created the technology which lets users and virtual characters interact with videos.

Concept habitats will be built here on Earth, to help the space agency gain a better insight into the needs and opportunities for extensive manned missions around the moon and beyond.

Unearthly footage appears to show two UFO's hovering near the International Space Station - convincing many that aliens exist and are monitoring the space station.

The Russian Advanced Research Foundation revealed the test, which could lead to far more efficient rockets able to carry heavier loads into orbit.

Joanna Verran and Matthew Crossley, both lecturers at Manchester Metropolitan University, say there are four main ways we could deal with a zombie apocalypse.

The storm that caused the deep-Earth tremor was a 'weather bomb' that struck over the North Atlantic. As the storm hit, groups of waves pounded the ocean floor between Greenland and Iceland.

Geologists have discovered conical structures known as stromatolites on a rocky outcrop in Isua, southwest Greenland, that are the oldest fossils to be found in the world.

The team at the University of Melbourne determined that Meritamun was a high status woman between 18 and 25 years old, and suffered from anaemia and tooth abscesses during her short life.