The ultimate beach huts of Airbnb revealed

MailOnline Travel has rounded up 12 of Airbnb's top beach huts around the globe - from houses made of bamboo on a jungle-fringed beach in the Philippines to quintessentially British painted huts right on the sand in England - all within a few minutes' walk from the sea. And with a range of budgets available, there's probably the perfect one for you.

A tourist-free side of China that few ever get to see

These stunning photographs of densely-populated China show there are rare moments and remote regions where another soul is not seen for miles. The images have been taken in picturesque locations like the rice fields of Yuanyang (top left), deserts of Dunhuang (top right), the serene waters of the Li river (bottom left), the towering cliffs of Huangshan (inset) and the barren landscape of the Muztagh Ata mountains (bottom right).

Australians have been sharing their tips for tourists planning a visit. The guidance includes advice on surviving deadly animals and difficult terrain, as well as Aussie fashion sense.

The survey of British workers revealed that one in five would be happy to give up 10 per cent of their salary, the equivalent of £2,760 a year, for a well-deserved break.

Tui Discovery recently launched from Palma in Majorca. The revamped ship has a host of entertainment and free drinks included in the fare that will be sure to make you smile.

The Independence Of The Seas accommodates up to 4,375 passengers and currently offers itineraries around the Mediterranean. Grease is just one of the many shows on board.

Bicheno locals have come up with a unique way to rescue a stranded dwarf minke whale while waiting for Tasmanian authorities, wrapping it in a colourful towel to keep it wet.

Australians have entered the 'golden era of travel' after a slump in flight bookings caused agencies to slash the price of airfares in a bid to drum up new business.

Photographer Paul Reiffer brings landscapes to life with slowly shifting 3D images

From Arizona to Iceland, stunning landscapes from across the globe are brought to life in these incredible 3D images. Professional photographer Paul Reiffer, 36, spent six years compiling superb landscape shots from all over the world that could be transformed into a 3D video. He said: 'The first image of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is my favourite. It is the most dramatic.' The one minute and 42 second video consists of around 20 images of landscapes including one in Iceland where a block of ice literally pops out of the picture. Pictured clockwise from top left: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco; Horseshoe Bend, Arizona; the Great Wall of China; and Pulpit rock, Dorset.

Holidaymakers, many of them British, left their homes and hotels for shelter as the flames burned through the province of Alicante on Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Rebekah, wife of Leicester striker Jamie, who's expecting the couple's second child together, has put stamps in her passport from a host of exotic countries in recent months including LA and Dubai.

Holidaymaker photobombs other tourists posing at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in hilarious

A tourist has made a photo album of himself at the Leaning Tower Of Pisa in Italy, using his fellow tourists as props. Instead of leaning against the tower the man spent his time at the Italian site leaning against the other men and women who were posed up next to the building. In the pictures, he looks like he is high-fiving or leaning against mini people.

Couple discover they're the only ones on a Firfly flight and dance across the aisle

A couple from North Yorkshire were unexpectedly treated to a private flight after realising they were the only two passengers on the plane (left inset). Carrie Fisher and her partner Kyle McNicol (right inset), both from York, were travelling from Krabi, Thailand, to Penang in Malaysia when they made the surprising discovery. Deciding to take full advantage of their situation, the couple decided to seat hop (main) around the plane and even experiment with some quirky dance moves.

The iconic Cleethorpes Pier in Lincolnshire is being sold by the Huxford family after a two-year restoration. They say they've taken the business as far as they could.

The 134,000 tonne Carnival Vista cruise ship caused chaos at the Sicilian marina in Messina simply by pulling away from its berth. The huge €700 million vessel moved off oblivious.

The £420,000 solar-powered motor boat that travels up to six knots in SILENCE

A £420,000 solar powered boat (left) is set to become the world's most sustainable water taxi. The eye-catching 39ft catamaran is being developed by Dutch marine designers Soel Yachts in a bid to capitalise on the growing ecotourism market. It is hoped that this new design, which can even be connected to waterside houses to top up their energy supplies, will transform the way tourists go sightseeing. 

Angelica, which has just five en-suite cabins, allows its passengers to explore some of the smaller islands in Croatia. One of the stops is Dubrovnik, which was featured on Game of Thrones.

Regent Seven Seas Explorer is billed as the most luxurious cruise ship ever. It was launched by Princess Charlene of Monaco (pictured) and its most expensive suite costs $10,000 a night.

New Zealand lodge where you can gaze upon the landscape that inspired  Peter Jackson's

Queenstown has long attracted tourists with its stunning scenery and adventure sports. Its glorious Lake Wakatipu was transformed into the mythical woodland of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings (inset). Take in its beauty from the comfort of your bed (top left) or bath (bottom right) at Azur Lodge, a luxury hotel perched among the trees above it. With nine standalone cottages and uninterrupted views of the water, it's hard not to feel just a little of Tolkien's magic during a stay at this stunning boutique hotel.

John Craven travelled on the AmaSonata for a two-week cruise. The ship took him from Budapest to Amsterdam along three rivers and during the journey, he discovered many culinary delights.

There has already been substantial funds set aside to promote the game according to reports and there are even proposals to make parts of the game exclusive to Japan for a limited time.

Incredible aerial photos show Earth as you've never seen it before

From a Japanese volcano mid-eruption (top left) to the snaking tendrils of an Iranian lagoon (bottom right), a new book capturing breath-taking aerials of planet Earth will be released this week. Overview: A New Perspective is a collection of images inspired by New York author Benjamin Grant’s Instagram account, Daily Overview. His stunning images showcase the dusty makeshift community at Nevada’s Burning Man festival, a labyrinthine settlement in the orange sands of Abu Dhabi’s desert (top right), as well as the surprising organisation of Ipanema beach (bottom left). He hones in on the mesmerising serenity of Angkor Wat (top centre) and the intricate design of New Delhi (bottom right).

Verdenskortet, in the town of Hobro, Denmark, is an enormous map of the world that you can explore on foot. Impressively, it was all created by a single man.

You might be surprised to learn that New Zealand is one of the cheapest places for treatment if you do get into an accident while the USA is one of the most expensive.

Welcome to 'granite town': The 65ft-tall rock formations just discovered in Siberia

These breathtaking images are among the first ever taken of the unusual rock formations in the Ulakhan-Sis mountain range - a natural wonder as yet undiscovered by the tourist market. Noted wildlife photographer Sergey Karpukhin who crowdfunded an expedition to the remote Arctic location described the buttes as like 'warriors on a march, who were suddenly petrified with malicious intent of a local shaman centuries ago'.

Avignon may be the subject of a famous French song but there is more to this handsome gateway to Provence than dancing on the bridge. Here, Mail on Sunday rounds up the six things you must not miss.

Footage reveals the disgusting condition of Saudia Airlines plane 'on FIRST flight'

A revolting video that appears to show faeces left on the toilet seat (left) and tissues littering the gangway (centre) of a plane has recently emerged online. Several toilets were included in the short clip, including several which had dirty items outside (right) as well. The footage was reportedly filmed on an inaugural flight from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Since it was posted online on August 30, the clip has amassed over 124,000 views with many viewers shocked and disgusted by what they have seen.

Author Giles Milton went glamping with his family for the first time in Chard, Somerset, and was surprised to find how comfortable the experience was.

What do you do when there's a tarantula infestation in Skuton? Eat them!

The Cambodian town of Skuon is so overrun with tarantulas they have taken to eating them. Considered a delicacy and likened to chicken or cod, they are deep fried and served with a pinch of herbs on a bed of noodles or rice. The gruesome practice began in 1970s when famine struck under Pol Pot's regime and city dwellers were forced to move to the countryside. Unable to farm and slowly starving they decided to eat the spiders.

The Hyde is set on the grounds of the Netherwood Estate in Tenbury Wells. The historic property is full of luxurious touches and there's an award-winning chef living on site.

Regional tourist boards are reporting significant increases in visitors with many hotels enjoying record numbers of bookings in places from Cornwall to the Cotswolds.

Adorable photographs show inseparable tiger and lion cubs in southern Japan

Big cats are not generally known for being friendly creatures but these adorable photographs show how a pair of newborn cubs have become the best of friends at a zoo in Japan. The new arrivals, a lion and a tiger cub (pictured), are seen cuddling each other and play fighting like they were siblings. They seem completely oblivious to their differences as they snooze side by side. 

Iceland is truly one of the natural wonders of the world. To celebrate the launch of MailEscapes, readers are being offered the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to the dazzling country.

Passengers could pay £5 to be fast tracked at passport control in Edinburgh airport. Officials say the initiative will ease congestion in busy periods but Scots have called the scheme 'unfettered greed'.

Greece – at its dramatic best: Hunting inspiration for her new novel, author Victoria

Author Victoria Hislop began her Peloponnese journey in Nafplio (top left). The Peloponnese is divided from the rest of Greece by the Corinth Canal (bottom left) and has all of the advantages of island life, including beaches (top right) and harbours. As she travelled around the region, she discovered its charming churches (bottom right), small villages and historic sites. She even took in some of the inland sights via a trundling train through the region (main).

According to a new study by Harvard Medical School, retreating to a relaxing resort eases stress, rejuvenates cells, and combats the effects of ageing.

Two planes from unknown airlines 'came into conflict' above Gatwick Airport in London after they took off within minutes of each other but were not seen by an air traffic controller on his radar screen.

US sportswear company Colombia is looking for two Directors Of Toughness. They will be paid $39,000 (£29,500) to test new outdoor gear at challenging and exotic locations worldwide.

A picture of a mid 20th century travel bag from the American airline Pan Am has been posted online. Offered more than today's flyers, the retro kit includes items such as a nail file, cologne and mouthwash.

The BBC drama Poldark is making its long-awaited return to our TV screens on September 4. Fans keen to follow in the cast's footsteps can use this filming location guide along the Cornish coast.

The Ocean Majesty cruise ship made its way under Tower Bridge in London when it was raised at 2pm. The boat, which was originally built in 1966 as a ferry, will moor alongside HMS Belfast for two nights.

Susan and Philip Moiser, from Co. Durham, bought the bus for £5,000 and spent £100k refurbishing it into a hotel. To stay it costs £220 per night through the week and £250 a night on a Friday and Saturday.

The Crystal Serenity, which set off from Seward, Alaska on August 16 with nearly 1,000 passengers, is scheduled to dock in New York on September 17. It is sailing through the Northwest Passage.

The exotic allure of Morocco’s magical Fes

Glenys Roberts returns to Fes (top left and bottom right) 30 years after her last visit and discovers that little has changed in the Moroccan city - save for the fact that it's now easier than ever to get to. The magical city is the perfect base to explore the hills of Irane (top right) and the Roman ruins of Volubilis (bottom left).

Gordos in Tallahassee, Florida, has tried to use Hurricane Hermine to attract new business. The Cuban eatery advised people to come inside and get drunk as the storm loomed.

The Uber driver from Charleston, South Carolina, films his passengers and uploads them to a YouTube channel. They provide an insight into the everyday life of a taxi driver.

Airlines are slashing prices of their first class and business class seats. In the US, some business class flights are a third cheaper compared to last year, a study has revealed.

The illness has been spreading since June from at least 24 hotels in the Riviera Maya coast area of Mexico near Cancun. Victims suffered stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

BA suspended flights in 2012 amid instability in the country. Six return flights a week will operate between London Heathrow and Tehran. Sanctions against the country were lifted in January.

Pilotless airlines and robot hotel staff could all become a part of the travel experience by 2035, according to a new report. And forget leaving home, you could travel the Grand Canyon with virtual reality.

The St Barths hotel owned by Pippa Middleton's soon to be in-laws has been voted the best in the world by readers of Conde Nast Traveller. Here, MailOnline Travel rounds up some of the other winners.

People are sharing pictures online of embarrassing local art that includes sex, genitalia and bodily excrement. In Iowa, a sculpture looks like faeces and Pennsylvania has an anus statue.

Meeting animals in their natural habits can be a terrifying experience. For example, visitors to South Africa's Kruger National Park narrowly escaped injury after an elephant charged at them.

Louboutina the Golden Retriever is now a New York tourist attraction thanks to her love of 'hugging' strangers. Fans are sharing their meet-and-greets with the dog on Instagram

A decade on from Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is in prime party mode

New Orleans, home of its infamous Mardi Gras (right inset), has always embraced its drink (left inset) and music culture and as Daily Mail's Siobhan Warwicker discovers, the city has shaken off Hurricane Katrina and ready to party. And in between the fun, there's a city with French charm and creole cuisine to discover.

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority said the celebrity-packed video 'detracts from the scope and direction of the safety message' but ultimately deemed it acceptable for use.

Delta's new app takes data from over 300 aircrafts to create a colour-coded 3D (pictured). The US-based airline hopes the technology will reduce costs and injuries from turbulence.

The first thing that hits you about the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is the sheer size of the place. You can see it before you arrive - and from absolutely miles away.

Japanese airline ANA says it will replace the engines on its fleet of Boeing 787s after a series of engine failures caused by corrosion and fatigue cracking of turbine blades.

Hotels from around the world that employ dogs and cats part of their welcome team

Many animal-loving hotels employ pets in their welcome team. They include peacocks at Warwick Castle, water buffalo in Phuket and a dog at a Cornish hotel that is hired out for walks. Pictured clockwise from top left: Waggers, a miniature labradoodle at Staybridge Suites London, Zeffie the Shar Pei at Ellenborough Park in the Cotswolds, and Skabenga the cat at The Oyster Box in Durban, South Africa.

The Syrian Ministry of Tourism has released a bizarre promo video bragging about the beauty of the country with people having fun at the seaside - despite the horrific realities of the ongoing civil war.

Urban explorer Jason Kirkham captured these striking images at Dinosaur Land, Tamworth, where replicas of T-rex, a mammoth and other pre-historic creatures are left gathering dust.

Some churches around the world are popular with worshippers and tourists alike. For example, the Church of Hallgrimur in Reykjavik offers some of the best views of the Icelandic city.

Rebirth of a New York icon: Inside the 135-year-old landmark skyscraper transformed into a

The Beekman hotel has opened its doors after three years of renovation. Originally constructed as one of the first skyscrapers in New York in 1881, part of the historic Manhattan property has been left vacant since 1940. As a result, much of the original interior including a spectacular nine-storey atrium is intact (top left). The 287-room hotel is also home to TV chef and restauranteur Tom Colicchio's latest eatery Fowler & Wells.


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