What to Do With an Old Piano - Upcycled Project

I am so excited to show this project! My dad has gotten on the trash to treasure bandwagon and started creating his own projects. After trying to get rid of their big upright grand piano, my parents decided the only thing they could do was disassemble it and use the wood for projects. 

I felt terrible about it, because it was the piano I grew up playing and it was still in working condition. But I had no place to put the beast! And neither did anyone else. So, imagine my happiness when my dad came up with this!

He made it for my sister out of the wood from the piano, and he recessed the keys in sort of a shadow box. This photo doesn't include the glass, but he had a piece of heavy duty safety glass cut for the top that fit perfectly in the inset groove.

Since the above table is for my sister, he's working on a second one for me. Yay! Notice how he reused even the foot pedals. 


  1. I hate to see an instrument not played, but at some point its "musical life" is done. So glad that he saw the beauty in it. I love this table.

  2. This is super cool! I would have a hard time seeing a piano torn apart but his repurposing it is super neat.



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