To Bang Or Not To Bang?

Tyra Banks Bangs

Tyra Banks
Bold/Straight Full Bang

Having trouble deciding whether or not to get bangs at your next hair appointment?

Youd be surprised at just how many women out there are pondering the question day and night like its life or death.

 I consider bangs to be one of the most highly fretted choices that woman face in the salon.

Why, you say?

It sounds like a silly thing that hardly matters.but it does.


Should I get bangs?

Choosing to get bangs or not get bangs means several months of suffering while you wait for them to grow out. It means changing your entire look and not knowing whether you will like it or notthen being stuck with it for better or worse!

Thats why Im giving you the lowdown on bangs, and hopefully itll be a breeze!

Things to Consider

Before you go crazy thinking about bangs and clipping pictures out of magazines there are a few things you need to know. Your hair characteristics can tell you whether or not you should get bangs and what type of bang you should get.

Carrie Underwood
Dramatic/Swept Side Bang

I know that some of you may be thinking, Whats that got to do with it? I either cut them or I dont..while others are anxiously contemplating the decision.

Some of you are torn, nervous, and acting as if this will be one of the biggest decisions of your life.

If youre not a teenagertheres no excuse for getting dramatic about it!

Hair is not always as simple as you may think.

The texture of your hair, your cut, and those funny cowlicks can tell you a lot.



Is your hair curly, wavy, or straight?

Do you let it air dry or do you blow dry and flat iron?

All of these things can make a huge difference on which way you go with the bangs.

  • Curly The curlier your hair is, the more weary you should be of getting bangs. If youre willing to straighten them everyday it might work out, if not you will look like a poodle. I feel that full bangs with curls just dont mix.why straighten only one part of your hairhello 7th grade!
  • Wavy This type of  hair is a little easier, you can straighten them if you want, or let them flow(I would only suggest a side bang here!).
  • Straight Then we have straight hair.Im more fond of full bangs in this situation. If your hair is too straight side bangs may look awkward.

Your Part

Sometimes we can work with a stubborn part line, sometimes we cant.

It all depends on how flexible your hair can be. Believe me, if you get the wrong bangs for your partyou will regret it!

  • In the Middle -If you have a definitive middle partside bangs may be a difficult option. Your hair has been going the same way all its life, dont confuse it!
  • No Part If you wear your hair on ONE side or the OTHER and change it with the windyou may want to skip the bangs. Go for a long side bang or nothing at all, they are more flexible and anything else will probably be a pain.
  • Side Part If your hair is always parted on the same sideget the side bang! I love side bangs! The best part is youll barely notice it if you want to grow it out!


Everyone has them, but some of us are less fortunate than others. If you have a cowlick right smack in the middle of your front hairline please dont get full bangs! I cant even say how much this annoys me!

I learned this lesson in the 3rd grade and I cant stand seeing someone deciding its a good idea at 20! They will never lay straight and you will suffer while growing them out! Sometimes a cowlick like that can make side bangs look awesome, its what I stick with and it works.


Full Bang vs. Side Bang

Taylor Swift
Romantic Side Bang

The first question I always ask when someone is contemplating bangs is whether they want it to the side or full & straight across. Im often surprised because most people have no idea what they want.

I consider full and side bangs to be complete opposites.

I can usually look as someone and tell which one they would look best with, so there must be something to it!

We are all unique and what we want may not be what we need!

Hopefully after reading this section on the pros and cons to each type of bang you will know exactly what to go for!

If youre still unsure about which way to go feel free to contact me for advice!

Full Bangs

  • Require regular trims, usually every 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Are much harder to grow out than side bangs.
  • Will change your look more drastically than side bangs.
  • Looks great with more simple, straight styles.

Side Bangs

  • Dont have to be trimmed as often, sometimes I go as long as a few months.
  • Can be easily grown out if you decide you dont like them
  • Will change your look slightly but sometimes a little goes a long way!
  • Are easily incorporated into a wide variety of styles.

NEVER try to cut your own bangs!

Its not going to work.its just not.

Things to Remember

  • If you cant stand hair around your face, bangs are probably a bad idea.
  • If youre not willing to come in and get them trimmed regularly, full bangs may not be the best option. When people trim their own bangs it just doesnt work!
  • If youre having a mini life crisis make the decision after your emotions have calmed down.breakup bangs or haircuts are usually an impulsive mistake!

Just another friendly reminder.
Please dont attempt to cut your own bangs!

As always, feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions or just cant make the decision!
If you attach a photo I will gladly give you a mini consultation on whats best for you!

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73 Responses to To Bang Or Not To Bang?

  1. Emma says:

    This was a great article and I know its older but I would really appreciate if you replied!
    So Ive had the same hair for most of my life, long and usually parted in the middle. Ive been experimenting lately though because I want to look older. Im considering getting side bangs because I really love the look of them. Im still not positive though. I have a heart shaped face and finer hair then Id like. I have a slight cowlick when I part my hair, not in the middle now, but nothing major.
    I like the idea of side bangs because they are really easy to pull back and like you said, there are low of hair styles for them. Any advice would be great and much needed! Thank you!

    • Erika says:

      If you havent had bangs before, then side bangs are a great choice! I think side bangs are a great way to change your look without going too drastic, so I say go for it! Start with a longer bang if youre really unsure to see if you like it.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Hi there. I have straight, brown hair and usually part my hair to the left. But I have a cowlick on the left side very front of my head, making me to have a deep part or close to middle part. I would love to have bangs again because I had them when I was young. Is there any bang style that wont make me regret cutting my hair to have bangs. Thank you in advance.

  3. Erin says:

    i have a cowlick smack in front (a little left of center) AND I have a itty bitty forehead (no, seriously its like a twohead). Your thoughts on bangs??

  4. Mariam says:

    Hi I have an oval face and normal-thick dark brown wavy-curly hair that I always wear straight and I will be having a keratin smoothing treatment done soon (Winter in Australia atm). I have a cowlick on my left side just next to my middle part.
    I can wear my hair on both sides and middle, when its in middle part a small peice of baby hair (length of it goes to my cheek bone) sticks with the way the cowlick goes. I would like a front bang, kind of loose.
    Do you think this will suit me? When I put my long baby hairs down to the front they do seperate at the cowlick if I got a thick one would it work? Also, where is the best place to send you a photo of my hair?

    • Erika says:

      Hi Mariam! You can send me a photo from the contact page. Even with the keratin treatmentif you have a strong front cowlick then there isnt much you can do with that when it comes to bangs. Full bangs would be much harder to style as they will probably always separate. It sounds like your best option is a side bang.

  5. Alex says:

    I have Abe always want bangs but my mum never let me because of reasons. Lately Ive been asking my mum if I could have bangs and shes been considering it, but I really want them but I dont know if I can have them so lets cut to the chase.

    I have long thing ( not SUPER thin) straight blonde hair that goes past my elbows but before my bum. I have a side part That can go to any side but not the middle. can i have side bangs? If so how much will be cut off because I love my long hair? If not what would be best for me?
    BTW I have an oval face.

    • Erika says:

      It sounds like a side bang would look great from what youve said about your hair! I suggest choosing one side to wear your part on(if possible). Your side bangs will look better if they are cut to be worn on one side only. You can do it the other way, but its not my preference.

      What are the reasons why your mom doesnt want you to get bangs? My only guess is your age because you said that lately shes been thinking about it. Orshe doesnt want to have to keep up with the trimmings(side bangs can go 3-4 months if you cut them shorter). I also considered that your hair may be too thin(you can send me a photo of your self from my contact page if youd like more advice).

      ❤Thanks for reading!

      • Alex says:

        My mom let my older sister who is now 16 have bangs when she was about 10. My mom didnt like them on her so I guess she doesnt want the same thing to happen to me because she loves my hair. The only big difference is, my sister has VERY thing long hair but i have thin.

      • Alex says:

        Also since you probably saw what my hair looks like could you please tell me what would look best on me?

  6. [] just leave it to the pros. Before you start snipping you might want to read To Bang or Not to Bang for some great insight on deciding whether or not to get []

  7. Ayesha says:

    Hi, so I have wavy hair and I have already gotten 2 different types of bangs, right now i have side swept bangs I used to have 2 side bangs and Im thinking of changing back. The reason I dont like my hair now is that when I pull my hair in a pony tail my face looks weird because I have a squarish face? Also, is it possible to change back now because side swept bangs required 1 part but I look better in a mid part but i cant do that because it leaves a bump on one side? Finally if I do get 2 side bangs will I be able to wear whatever part I want because I look good in either part and I like to mix it up? Sorry, but one more thing can you recommend a haircut place because all the haircut places Ive been to are terrible (I live in Novi,MI).

    Thank You!

    • Erika says:

      It depends on how they are cut. If you go to someone that knows what theyre doing then you can get the bangs and change your part to some extent. If your bangs are cut too blunt then it will be harder to be flexible with your styles. It sounds like your hair texture allows for the type of cut you need to be able to do that.

      I can help you a little more if you send me a photo. Please contact me and I will reply with an e-mail address for you to send a photo directly to me. :)

    • Deanna A. says:

      Nita @ Gina Agosta on Grand River/Haggerty, I have naturally curly hair, a couple cowlicks, and growing out bangs she does a great job blending mine in. Plus, each stylist specializes so you wont have your hair stylist (cut) pressuring you into a color. Not sure if that is ever a problem for you but has been in the past for me.

  8. [] for your shape. Keep the layers around medium length and depending on your face shape adding bangs or an angle is great []

  9. [] Proceed with caution! With an average body type you will want to go with a longer length pixie cut. Bangs are also a great way to balance everything out if you want to go pixie. If you go too short with an []

  10. Atrayee Samaddar says:

    hi!! I need an advise. I love side bangs but i have a V shape hair in front of the (middle) forehead (may be a cowlick) i dont know what to call it. But it has always prevented me from cutting my hair short in front. Is there any way I can manage that and cut side long bang????

    • Erika says:

      Is it a widows peak? As long as you go with side bangs, I think that can look great. That type of hairline gives instant volume to your bangs, youll just need to have them cut a little longer. Try starting with the shortest piece laying at the edge of your eyebrow(when dry).

      Also, it depends on how you part your hair. Do you have a middle or side part?

  11. Charlie says:

    Hi i have wanted a front fringe for a long time now but i have a cowlick, its not very big, but i am very insecure about my forehead and i was just wondering if it was possible to have a front fringe? Thanks

    • Erika says:

      When your hair is wettry combing it down (about a half inch of hair, or more if you want a thicker fringe).

      What does the hair do? Does it pucker where your cowlick is, or does it somewhat stay combed down?

  12. Niamh says:

    Hello I was wondering if bangs would look okay on me, I have a round face shape but curly wavey hair. Some days its curly but sometimes it goes into loose waves. I had full bangs when I was 10 but due to a cowlick my bangs seperated and I never had much time to style them so I let my bangs grow. Ive now started wearing glasses so I dont know if it would hide my face too much?

    • Erika says:

      It sounds like you had the same issues with bangs when you were younger as I did. My wavy hair didnt come out until teen years(I tried full bangs again then and it was horrible). When I was in elementary school the full bangs were fine.

      So, I think you should try a side bang if you part your hair on the side, or at least off-center. Your glasses wont make a difference. I think glasses with side bangs are great! Side bangs will lay perfectly on the edge of your frameskeeping them from falling into your eyes :) .

  13. [] youre not sure if bangs are for youcheck out my post, To Bang Or Not To Bang?. I compare full bangs and side bangs, explain cowlicks and help you decide which bangs(or no bangs) []

  14. Christine Anne says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me decide. I have an oval face and a thin super straight hair that falls below my shoulders. Also, I kinda have a wide forehead and my hairs side swept. Should I get bangs?? And if I can, what type of bangs?? Pls help my dilemma :((

    • Erika says:

      It sounds like you would look great with a side bang! If youd like to send me a photo of how you normally wear your hair please message me from the contact page or e-mail me at !

  15. [] so ask your stylist for their opinion if youre not sure. You can also read my post To Bang or Not to Bang to help you decide which way to []

  16. Mary says:

    Hi.. I am wondering, I have very think straight across bangs that are barely bangs at all.. I would like to get fringe bangs the ones that start far up instead of at the base of your forehead. Will the fringe bangs just over them up? Thank you!

    • Mary says:

      Very thin*

    • Erika says:

      If your hair is thick enough elsewhere, then you can get bangs that come from a little father back. It really depends on your hair and your hairstyle. There are certain points on the head that bangs should begin well as points where they should not go past!

      Ask your stylist for suggestions and make sure you feel confident about the answers you are given before you proceed.

  17. Antoinette says:

    Hi so Ive never gotten my hair done at a salon before and have always had my mom cut my hair straight at home. I have thick medium length hair with slight waves to it and can pretty much part my hair on the side or in the middle. I would part my hair more in the middle but because my hair is kind of flat at the top, it always looks weird. I also have a slight cowlick in the front but Im able to manage it. I want to get bangs but I would like bangs that I can wear both on the side and across my forehead. I dont want them to be super thick bangs but almost thinned out bangs. I want to go to the salon but I dont know how to ask for it or if itll even look good on me. I even want to get layers. Ive seen pictures of how I want it done but still nervous the salon wont get what Im trying to say. Please help!

    • Antoinette says:

      I also have what I believe in to be an oval face if that helps.

    • Erika says:

      If you decide to do it you should definitely bring the photos with you! I think that a lot of stylists struggle with cutting the type of bangs you want properly. Thats because its difficult with all of the variations in your part, the cowlick, and your hair texture.

      Youll need a longer length bang, and possibly one that is cut unevenly (in a good way). I think you should play with your part and the hair that would be bangs. While its wet move it around and if it pops up funny in one spot or wont lay right, then youll know that it wont work.

      Here is a more detailed explanation on how to test out your bang area: Bangs

      • Antoinette says:

        When you say a longer length do you mean pass or at my eyebrows? I dont want the thick straight across bangs but bangs that I can wear with both a side and middle part but still be able to kind of blend it in with my normal hair when I dont want a really noticeable bang look. I wish there was so way to show you the pictures of what I hope to have. Theres this Korean idol who has hair the exact way Im talking about.

        • Erika says:

          Longer bangs are at the edge of your eyebrow(smallest point) or longerin my opinion. You can send photos via my Facebook page or via e-mail:

  18. [] sure to read To Bang or Not to Bang for more tips & let me know how it []

  19. daniella says:

    I think I have an oval face. I have light wavy hair and have had side bangs all my life. I love them but have been wanting to try front bangs for a long time. I have a middle part!! can u suggest ?

    • Erika says:

      Heres a little test to help you decide:

      When your hair is wet

      Take a comb and section off about a half inch of hair (that would be your bangs), then comb it straight down in front of your face. Does it quickly separate in the middle where your part is, or does your hair nicely comb down and somewhat stay in place?

      If its hard to keep down and un-parted, then full bangs might be difficult for you to style. In your case, that would be the only reason to not get bangs. This can sometimes be considered a cowlick.

  20. Aastha S says:

    Hello! Ive thicker, slightly wavy hair, with a natural middle part. Im kind of a low maintenance person when it comes to hair, but Im 15 and had long layers all my life, and really wish to change it up a bit and get bangs. I read in many places that for starters and low maintenance, its best that I get a side bang. But when I shift my part to the right, I have a small cowlick. Do you suggest I go for it?

    Also, is it necessary to blow dry it? My hair is thick, but kind of versatile, I always air dry. I dont wash my hair daily either. If I get it cut long enough to tuck it behind my ear if need be, will it look awkward when I tie a pony (and dont tuck it)? My guess is yes haha. Helpful post btw :)

    • Aastha S says:

      I forgot to mention, Ive a round face, but I can imagine bangs and I know they would suit me, yet I have some questions without which I wouldnt dare to get them!

  21. Erin says:

    Hi, Im in the process of growing out full bangs, I have a cows lick but because the hair was taken so far back on my head it works but after for years of a fringe Im ready to move on. My hair naturally has a side part and I dont know how to get my hair to behave or work in a side part because of the huge cows lick, any tips?

    • Erika Brown says:

      It depends on how long your bangs are and how you style your hair. You can pull your bangs back with a bobby pin and that looks really cute by itself or with a ponytail. I do it when my bangs get too long and I dont feel like cutting them :)

  22. Jen says:

    I love, love the look of full bangs. But I have a cowlick. I know my face shape could really pull off full bangs and I know they would really suit my personality and style. Isnt there anything I can do? Is there a way to train/tame my cowlick. Id even be willing to put in the work for a while before getting the cut so it would look okay. Any suggestions?

    • Erika Brown says:

      Your cowlick will pretty much always be there.not much you can do besides styling it (and it must be cut specifically to the cowlick for it to work when styled). In my opinion, a cowlick is with you for life. Think of a boys head of hairmost have a cowlick at the crown, which causes a swirling effect. This is somewhat like the cowlick in your bang area. It will never go away and cant really be trained permanently to go one way or the other.

      Where is your cowlick located? I think you should use your cowlick to your advantage to great a beautiful style! Even if it isnt the trend you can still use it to your advantage to have awesome hair!

  23. Sophia says:

    Hi! I need serious help! I have slightly wavy hair and I LOVE fringes and I want to get one really badly! Im not sure which one I should get Can u help? Also I have a front parting so do u think I should change my parting to a side one a couple of weeks before I get a side parting ( if I get one) thanks and I hope u can help!

    • Sophia says:

      Also I have quite thin hair!!

      • Erika Brown says:


        What type of bang do you like/want to get?

        Wavy hair with a fringe will require a few extra minutes of styling in the morning, but thats okay! There are things you can do to make it quick and easy. The type of bang you get will be determined by- 1)If youre okay with having to style it everyday 2)They type-full or side 3)Your part and whether or not you are able to move it around.

        Some people can train their part. People like me cant! Thats why I ask that you try it or if you have always had the same part. My part looks ridiculous on the other side or in the middleI just wont do it.its that bad! I may post some photos for an example so you can see the difference..changing my part makes me look like a different personand its not pretty! Something like a part may not seem like a big deal to some, but your hair thickness/texture can make all the difference!

        Can you send me an example photo of what you want in a bang? Also, I would like a photo of you (how you normally wear your hair and one with a middle and opposite part from your norm). Its hard for me to give you great advice without seeing your hair and the bangs you desire (full and side bangs can be cut/styled 100s of ways!)

        Please send your photos to info< @>

        *Dont forget to omit the < " and "> symbols in me e-mail address! I put those there to prevent spam :) You can also send me an e-mail via the Contact tab on the Menu bar and I will reply so you can send the photos!

  24. Gracie says:

    That thats it im asking my mom tonight and if she says I dont know im gonna tell her why cant you cut it at home and if she says im not an expert Ill say it doesnt matter I found a video with the bangs I want and the person cutting her own bangs didnt look like an expert AND she ended up with some cute bangs sooo yeah and If she STILL says no Ill say well you can take me to sport clips because my best friends mom works there and she is an EXPERT with bangs sooo and if she leaves Ill say MAKE IT SOON I HATE WAITING THIS LONG and yeah Ill do it so I can get it cut the next day or sooner :( :)

  25. Andrea says:

    Hi I have tried a fringe before and remember telling myself a couple of years ago when growing it out NEVER to have a fringe again! I was not comfyit being on my face although I absolutely loved the way it looked, but I have wavy/curly hair and thinning on top so thinking it may be a good idea to have another side fringe cut soon. I ideally want my furrowed brow to be covered but dont think a full bang will work. I can always pin it back when exercising right? Help!! Cant believe this can be such a traumatic experience with what goes on in the world! :-((

    • Erika Brown says:

      Bangs are traumatic.Ive seen lots of people cry while getting their bangs cutnot just kids. I even had a 20-something cry after I cut her bangs when I asked her several times if she was sure and let her think about it for 15 minutes.

      Theyre just bangs I would say! Lol.if youre really conflicted about it then wait and make a change elsewhere. The big deal for me with full bangs is styling them in the morning.

      Will it be easy for you.or a challenge before leave for work everyday? If its challenging, then get a different kind of bangs or a new cut. Dont do anything that will frustrate you in the morning.

      If you send me a pic of your hair I am happy to help you decide. Heres my e-mail:

      info< @>

      *Omit the < and >.I have to add that so I wont get spammed :)

  26. Gracie says:

    Thanks now Ive decided to get bangs..WISH ME LUCK!!!!:)

    • Erika Brown says:

      Dont forget to come back and tell us how it went! Good Luck! :)

      • Gracie says:

        O.O why in the world is this taking so long! Im only a kid and I have 2 wait for an appiontment and my mom hasnt brung up anything about getting bangs -_- I EVEN HAD A DREAM ABOUT IT!!!! now im anxious to get a haircut like whenever we go out im always hoping mom stops by the salon but no hasnt happened. -_-

        • Erika Brown says:

          Sorry, I just got back from a conference in D.C.! Didnt have time for e-mails unfortunately!

          Have you thought about tagging along when she has an appointment? Maybe you could get bangs when she gets her hair cut, and you know she wont cancel or miss her appointment :)

          What kind of look are you going for?

          • Gracie says:

            Well, about that we usually never get haircuts so I dont know and I want to keep it a secret from my dad and when we go out hes usually with us and every night when my mom tucks me into bed I ask: when are you going to take me to the salon? And my mom replies I dont know. And we used to go get our hair cut at Fantastic Sams but now we dont because they never cut it the way my parents want it cut and we have to find a salon with that so I really dont know and WHY CANT SHE CUT IT AT HOME I mean shes not a hair professional and I found a video with the bangs I want (straight across) and if she doesnt cut it at home I could just tell her to go to sport clips because my BEST friends mom works their and she is an EXPERT with bangs (and my friend has some pretty nice side bangs) so yeah either one but..I never found the time to tell her because my dad is ALWAYS around and I try at bedtime but when she tucks me in she leaves straight away and I dont have enough time to tell her so yeah..THANKS FOR THE TIPS ON BANGS! :)

            • Erika Brown says:

              1. Never try to hide things from your parents. They already know everything and tell each other everythingthey are a TEAM. Be honest and truthful always and life will be so much more simple.

              2. Listen to your mom. Sometimes we dont know why our parents say NO, but there is a reason. So.just let it go.maybe she will surprise you one day.

              3. I dont care what video you watched, nothing on Youtube can replace real skills. I will not even share my tutorials with the general publicthey are meant for students and cosmetology professionals only. The girl in the video probably looked okay, but what you dont see is how she looks when she realized she jacked up her bangs and has to pin them back with a bobby pin every morning.

              4. No one at Sports Clips is an expert unless its in Mens cuts. No offense to those of you that work there, but its called Sports Clips! If a stylist is doing clipper cuts all day, she is probably good ad it. Seek a stylist that has an appointment book filled with women that are particular about their cut colorthats a better bet if youre looking for an expert.

              5. Straight Across bangs are not simply cut straight across. Try it if you dont believe me.theyll turn out crookedand youll have to keep trying to straighten them up..until they get too short. My mom did that to me several times as a child.I have photos to prove it :) .

              • Gracie says:

                1. I want it to be a SUPRISE for my dad
                2.i messed up on straight across I actually meant full bangs
                3.i just asked my mom last night and she said she thought I didnt want bangs anymore
                4.she said shell set up an appointment this week so :) yay!
       you live in mississippi because im talking about the sport clips their
                6.the video was a TEST in case my mom wanted to see it
                7.i WAS expecting a surprise but no still she thought I didnt want bangs soo im glad I asked
                8.:( im only a child ; (

                • Gracie says:

                  P.S your a cosmetologist or how ever you spell it and im only a child I dont know these things! Next im about to give up on this website because yeah I HATE comment sections because I just comment stuff and then something goes wrong you know and still im only a child and yeah I dont know these things and stuff and :( next I dont want to start conflict with you because yeah you helped me make my decision on bangs and yeah ; ( :(

                  • Erika Brown says:

                    Yes, thats why I gave you advice. The more you know and applyrather than having to learn the hard waythe better :).

                    There is a difference between conflicts arising and someone being up front with you. As you grow up you will appreciate that even more because few people in this world are straight-forward.

                    You should do something cute like this- write Mom, I want bangs. <3 Gracieon lots of post-it notes. Some of them could say- Mom, I really want bangs :)., for example. Thenstick them in all kinds of placeslike in her coffee mug, the silverware drawer, her makeup bag, the shower, etc. LOL.she will not forget!

                    • Gracie says:

                      Thanks! But I already asked my mom and she said shell set up an appointment THIS WEEK so yay! 😀 next if I didnt ask her I probably wouldve went with your idea and yeah im PRAYING that I get good bangs that I dont have to pin up or something so yeah and YAY IM GETTING MY BANGS CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 and now im going back to my very first comment WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Ill tell you how it went ok bye! :) 😀

  27. Emma says:

    Hi! I know you posted this a few years back now, but I wondered if you could give me some advice considering which bangs to go for. I have fairly thick hair, except at the front, so Im worried bangs wouldnt look as good as I like. Also, Ive got quite a large forehead, a four-finger-forehead I guess you could say. I would really like to have a full bang, but yeah, Im just not sure it would fit me. What do you think?

    Greetings from Sweden

    • Erika Brown says:

      How do you normally part your hair? If you can move it around as you please and dont have a stubborn cowlick, then you can probably do either type of bang. Thats the first thing that I think about because if you have trouble controlling your hairline/part then full bangs will be a huge pain every morning!

      Your hair thickness will only matter if you are going for a specific look. There are tons of ways to cut a full bang and I bet there is one that will flatter your face and work with your hair type :).

      As for your forehead.Ive never heard of the four-finger-forehead.naturally, I just looked in the mirror and tried it after reading your comment! I can fit four fingers on mine and Ive never felt that mine is unusually large.

      Everyone thinks they have a big forehead, and those that dont usually have a very tiny forehead area (which is even worse for trying to do bangs at times). My bangs are pulled back at the moment and if I stare at my forehead long enough.yes I start to think that its big. My point is that you probably have a lovely face with or without bangs!

      I cant tell you to definitely go for it or not without seeing a photo of you the way you normally wear your hair. If you usually wear a side part, I would go with the side bang. If you want more detailed advice feel free to send me your photo via e-mail:

      • Emma says:

        Thank you very much for the great tips! I just sent you an email with a picture, it would be great if youd take a look! :)


  28. Courtney C says:

    HelloI was wondering if side bangs would look on my face shape. Any tips or comments on how to find out?
    Thank you so much for all the help!

  29. mafalda says:

    Hello, loved your article but still dont know if bangs would look good on me because i just cant imagine. I do know i wouldn work with side sweep bangs because my hair is as straight as it can be , however i wear glasses everyday and the combination of blunt bangs and glasses might hide my face 2much? pls reply :)

    • Erika Brown says:

      Thats pretty common when youre going for full bangs! Can you send me a photo? In my opinion it depends on the look youre going for and your facial shape/characteristics. I know a 20-something year old girl that went from no bangs to full bangs.the cut looks good, but it made her look like a little girl because of her facial shape and the softness of her features. I will know when I see your head shot. If you can, send me one that shows how you normally wear your hair! You can send it to me on Facebook. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

  30. [] strands. If youre looking for more advice, your stylist knows best. I also found this blog, to be very helpful. Good luck! View Comments blog comments powered by Disqus []

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