Are you suffering from hair loss? There are many reasons why people lose their hair, and this post is mostly for those of you that lost hair after using WEN hair products. You should do these things if youre losing hair:

Get a hair catcher.

Drain-Hair-CatcherFirst, you should get a hair catcher for your drain.

This is the best way to monitor your hair loss. You should empty it every time you shower and take note of how much hair is in it.

If you notice that theres still an abnormal amount of hair shedding then youll know that what youre doing to improve your hair isnt working.

If youve made the right changes and youre not losing as much hair, youll immediately notice that what youre doing is working!

Stop using WEN or other questionable hair products.

do-these-things-if-youre-losing-hairYouve probably already stopped using WEN (especially if youve done your research and read WEN Causes Hair Loss).

Surprisingly, I have received some e-mails and comments from people that continued to use WEN after they noticed thinning. They just didnt think it was because of the shampoo, and as a result their conditions got worse!

If youre prone to being sensitive to certain products then make sure you switch to something credible and natural. If youve been happy with a shampoo in the past then you may want to switch back.

Start using a shampoo and conditioner that will improve your condition.

Before I tell you what you should use I want to make sure that you know what you shouldnt use. Do not switch to NIOXIN unless you are experiencing hair loss for other reasons (like aging, menopause, etc.). NIOXIN works in a specific way and I cannot guarantee that it will fix the problems that WEN has caused.

Here are some product suggestions that have worked for others:

Help your hair from the inside.

If you want your hair to be healthier and thicker then you need more than some great products. What we put in our bodies shows on the outside, so you should eat well and keep out as many toxins as possible.

Check out Eating For Your Skin & More for tips on how to eat well for your hair health!

Also, you should take a vitamin supplement to help make your hair stronger and grow faster (always consult your physician before taking a new supplement). Biotin is the most popular vitamin for improving your hair. So, if youre not already taking a supplement read about biotin and how it can make huge improvements!

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9 Responses to Do These Things if Youre Losing Hair

  1. Roxanne says:

    My hair used to be so sick and now it is so sad I have bare spots and you can see my scalp Im so depressed over the loss of my hair couldnt figure out why I was going so fast and rapidly I stopped using the WEN hair care products and has slowed way down and it is trying to grow back in I have about a quarter of the hair that I used to have.
    Sincerely depressed
    Roxanne Hesson

  2. Connie Hoselton says:

    I started using WEN in December of 2013. I noticed a dime shaped bald spot on the top of my scalp in early 2014. I didnt think too much about it as my husband was going through some significant health issues and thought my hair loss might be related to stress. However, mid 2015 I noticed the bald spot was getting bigger. I also switched fragrances of WEN in 2015. My mother told me about the lawsuit on WEN products, so in January of Yr 2016 I started to see a dermatologist. They started with some steroid injections which didnt work. I quit using WEN in March of this year-2016. I have now had three biopsies and blood work and my blood work is normal. The first biopsy came back as scarring alopecia, but wasnt conclusive, so they took two more biopsies at the bald spot and it came back inconclusive, definitely not scarring alopecia. However my dermatologist really didnt know what could be causing the bald spot. When I got on line and started doing some research about WEN hair loss, I saw pictures of women with bald spots that looked exactly like mine. My dermatologist gave me more injections and a topical cream to try to get the hair to grow back.
    I appreciate this feedback of shampoos and vitamins to use. I will definitely give that a try. If anyone has further suggestions for hair re-growth, Id love to hear about them!

    • Erika says:

      Im so sorry that happened to you! There are a lot of great suggestions from other readers that experienced hair loss after using WEN, as well as some tips from me here.

  3. sherrie says:

    Im another Wen hair care complaintent. I echo every complaint posted that I have read. I just want my hair to stop falling out. It falls out at every shampoo. Should I just cut it off. This really sucks!!!

  4. Patti says:

    I started using Wen over 2 years ago, a friend recommend it. After about 3-4 months I noticed when I put my hair in a ponytail it felt so tiny, I could wrap the band around 3 times! I could barely wrap it twice prior to using Wen. I kept using Wen not knowing it was causing hair loss, I just stopped using it 3 months ago. I still have not started getting my thick hair back. I am currently using Living Proof.

    • Erika says:

      Which Living Proof products are you using? I like that brand, but I dont think they have anything thats know for helping with hair thinning or hair loss.

  5. MARIE BLAND says:

    Im very upset about using this product. Ive been using it since October and to be honest, I thought it was doing wonders for my hair. In November I noticed the texture of my hair felt different, dryer. One of my friends asked me if I had cut my bangs, which I did, but she said they looked thinner, not actually shorter, but thinner. I went home and started lifting my bangs in sections and noticed, what looked like to me regrowth, but now Im sure it is my hair that has been breaking off. Im much much thinner on the front of my scalp then ever. In late November I got a text from a friend telling me about the WEN products causing hair loss. I immediately stopped using the product and cancelled my membership. I just started to take biotin and am looking into getting the products that you suggested. I can deal with the breakage of my hair, as long as it will grow back, but Im totally freaking out because what I have read, it seems that even if you stop using it, you continue to loose your hair. I guess Ill have to wait and see what happens and do what I can to prevent further damage. Thanks so much for the information you have provided!

    • Erika says:

      Your welcome! The sooner you switch, the better! WEN gives hair a similar feeling that homemade soaps do. Ive had clients that only use homemade soaps because they are scared of what companies put in products.not because they are allergic. Those soaps are horrible for hair and the feeling of clients using those and clients using WEN was VERY similar!

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