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Shocking CCTV footage (center) shows the moment an explosion ripped through New York's Chelsea neighbourhood and injured at least 29 people (top left and right), one of whom is in critical condition. The video, whose authenticity was confirmed to DailyMail.com by the city's authorities, shows panicked bystanders running from the scene seconds after the tremendous blast. Authorities confirmed the explosion on 23rd street and 6th avenue - which is thought to have come from a dumpster - was 'deliberate'. Just as the chaos began to settle, a second explosive device was found just four blocks away. NYPD special operations were brought in to carry out a controlled explosion of a pressure cooker (bottom left) which was wrapped in plastic and connected to a cellphone with wires. Witnesses at a nearby restaurant told of how the explosion shook the building as they enjoyed their Saturday night out. Despite confirming the explosion was an 'intentional act', Mayor Bill de Blasio has claimed it has no connection to terrorism.

A sobbing woman, screaming cops and glass everywhere: Devastating video shows moments immediately after explosion in Manhattan injured 29 people

This is the terrifying moment after an explosion ripped through the neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan. A video posted to Twitter shows the devastating aftermath of the blast that injured 29 people. In the clip, glass lines the streets, emergency lights flash and people walk around in a daze. As the video begins, a woman can be heard sobbing while she sits on the sidewalk. Someone asks the man filming: 'Did you see what it was?' 'No,' he replies. 'I was in my apartment, but I didn't see. It looks like it hit a couple different areas or something.'

de Blasio said that while the explosion on Saturday evening in the Chelsea section of Manhattan was 'an intentional act,' he said that 'there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection.'

Two explosions in the tri-state area have left residents fearing the blasts could be related. Just 11 hours apart blasts went off in New Jersey and then Manhattan.


Both Clinton and Trump are referring to the explosion in New York City as a bombing, a description authorities didn't use publicly in the early hours of the investigation.

Mass stabbing at Minnesota mall: Rampaging knifeman dressed as a security guard attacks

At least eight people were taken to a hospital with injuries after a stabbing attack at a Minnesota shopping mall that ended with the suspected attacker, who reportedly made references to Allah, shot dead by an off-duty police officer, authorities said. The attack took place at Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud. St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said during a news conference shortly after midnight that eight people were taken to St. Cloud Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following the attack first reported about 8.15pm Saturday. One person was admitted. No further details were released. During the news conference, Anderson said the attacker who was armed with a knife made references to Allah during the attack and asked at least one person whether they were Muslim.

A pipe bomb exploded in a Jersey Shore town shortly before thousands of runners were due to take part in a charity 5K race to benefit marines and sailors, authorities said.

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The U.S. military said it may have unintentionally struck Syrian troops while carrying out a raid against the Islamic State group on Saturday. This could mark the first direct American strike on Assad's forces.

A new Reuters poll this week showed that Clinton's Electoral College lead dropped significantly. The race will be especially tight in swing states like Virginia, Michigan, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told residents 'we will not be intimidated' following the explosion that rocked Mahattan's Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday night.

Obama, Clinton will attend Congressional Black Caucus gala

President Barack Obama delivered his final keynote address to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation on Saturday but he started his speech with some not-so-subtle jabs at Donald Trump. Just a day earlier Trump admitted Obama was born in the U.S. ending his 'birther' movement. Obama began his speech saying: 'I've got an extra spring in my step tonight. I don't know about you guys, but I am so relieved the whole birther thing is over.' He called Trump a 'force of opposition' and said that while black Americans might have challenges, they're not stupid. He told the caucus if they wanted to protect his legacy and give him a good send off, they would vote this November. He told them although his name isn't on the ballot, his legacy is because Hillary Clinton's name is. Later in the evening, Clinton was given the Trailblazer Award for being the first female presidential candidate.

Clinton spoke before Obama delivered his final keynote address to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. The gala featured nearly four dozen black members of Congress.

Still struggling? Hot mic catches Hillary Clinton trying to hide a cough by not covering her mouth during a speech in DC

It has been nearly a week since Hillary Clinton's campaign revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, following a 'medical episode' during the 9/11 memorial ceremony. And now, as she hits the campaign trail, it seems that she still isn't well. The Democratic presidential nominee was coming to the end of her 20-minute speech to the Black Women's Agenda Workshop in Washington, DC, on Friday, when she let a couple of coughs slip. The 68-year-old (left) appeared to try and hide her cough by not covering her mouth and standing still, but the hot mic picked it up. Clinton (right) could also be seen coughing again, this time, covering her mouth as she exited the stage.

The gun was discovered in a bag as a member of his entourage passed through a TSA screening checkpoint. During questioning by police, the rapper admitted ownership and was charged.

He was one of Scientology's prized catches - pictured in the religion's promotional material alongside fellow stars such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

Iranian Bahman Golbarnezhad, 48, (left) reportedly broke his neck after losing control a downhill section of the course during the C4/C5 event in Rio.

Tatyana McFadden's mother was working for the US Department of Health and Human Sciences in St Petersburg when she met a six-year-old who would go on to win 14 Paralympic medals.

David Bowie may have killed himself according to a new book

Millions adored David Bowie (bottom right, with wife Iman). Most never got near him. For all the adoration, there are still the mysteries, the unanswered questions: What was the truth about his mother (shown top right with Bowie and first wife Angie) and his fears about her past? Did he get that startling left eye (shown main) in a punch-up as he claimed? And what were the real circumstances of a death which prompted such an outpouring of emotion? He died on Sunday, January 10. No one but the closest even knew that he was ill. Just as he wanted. Just as he'd lived. By his own rules. My account of David Bowie hangs humbly on my memories and personal experiences of the man and his music, and on those of a handful who were once close to him.

Authorities in Ocala, Florida are investigating the suspicious death of a naked man identified as 40-year-old James Raines who allegedly broke into a house and attacked three people on Saturday.

An hours-long standoff with an armed man who barricaded himself aboard an Amtrak train ended early Saturday after police used tear gas, and 46-year-old Darius Palmer was taken into custody.

Fans celebrated the 50th anniversary of the coach's first game Saturday. But protesters (one of them is pictured) held signs alluding to the child sex abuse scandal that shook Penn State in 2011.

The terrifying moment a Philadelphia cop was shot as he fled for his life during ambush by police-hating gunman who killed one bystander and wounded two officers

Nicholas Glenn (inset) was shot and killed by police after he went on a shooting rampage in West Philadelphia that claimed the life of one woman and wounded five others, including two cops. Dramatic closed circuit footage (above) has emerged showing the frightening moments when Glenn shot one of the officers. The footage shows how the wounded officer tried to flee and take cover while limping, collapsing on the sidewalk in the process. The officer is then aided by other cops who appear in the frame and engage the gunman, who is not clearly seen in the clip.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten (left) has found new love with James Coyle, an airline cabin services director. The pair met in Swiss resort Verbier in March last year when James shouted 'Hello!' to Ivar in a bar.

Wim Distelmans, who chairs Belgium's Federal Control and Evaluation Committee on Euthanasia, said in a statement that the first case was reported to his committee by a local doctor last week.

South Carolina couple bags itself an 800-pound alligator after hours-long hunt 

Jonathan Smith and his fiancée, Melissa Davis (above, left), went hunting for an alligator in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on the first day of the season - and they bagged themselves quite the catch. 'We saw the alligator and he went down,' Smith said. 'Melissa caught it when she threw a large, pink treble hook with an anchor rope attached to it. Once she snagged the alligator, I grabbed the rope and hung on until he tired out.' Finally, Davis shot and killed the gator with a bow and arrow.

Sierra Shields (pictured), 30, was last seen at LaGuardia Airport on January 14. A skull and bones surfaced on Rikers Island earlier this week. They belong to Shields, authorities said Friday.

Military officials have grounded 10 of the F-35 fighter jets because of faulty cooling lines in the fuel tanks - just a month after declaring the aircraft 'combat ready.'

Teen sues Oakland police for $66m after sex scandal and says she was a ‘modern day slave’ 

Attorney's for Jasmine Abuslin (left and top, right), a 19-year-old girl who claims to have had sex with about 30 police officers in Oakland when she was a minor, have slapped the department with a $66 million lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Oakland Police Department officers, 'either directly engaged in, stood by with a blind eye, or acted to cover up this modern-day slavery of (Jasmine)'. Meanwhile, the first formal charges were filed on Friday against retired officers Dan Black (bottom, right) and Leroy Johnson. Black is charged with multiple counts, including engaging in prostitution, lewd public behavior and giving alcohol to a minor. Johnson is facing charges for failing to report that his colleagues were engaging in sex with a prostitute who was also a minor.

The American flag was seen fluttering above the Kurdish base in Tal Abyad, Northern Syria, flown by the People's Protection Units (YPG) and was spotted in neighboring Turkey.

There has been frequent spillover of fighting between the factions in Syria into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, but this was the first time Iron Dome was activated to intercept fire.

George Washington's estate finally acknowledges his biracial family tree

The National Park Service and a nonprofit that runs George Washington's (left) Mount Vernon estate have concluded the first president's family tree has been biracial from its earliest branches. George Washington Parke Custis was 16 when he returned home from Princeton to Mount Vernon, where he would be accused of fathering children with slaves. The first official acknowledgment came in June when the Park Service re-enacted the 1821 wedding of Maria Carter to Charles Syphax (right, re-enacted by their descendants) at Arlington House, the hilltop mansion overlooking the capital that Custis built.

Penthouse Pet Simone Farrow had sex with a NSW prison guard for phone calls

A former Penthouse Pet model and prostitute allegedly had sex with a prison guard in an effort to get more privileges after being put behind bars for drug dealing. Simone Farrow (pictured) was jailed for 11 years on Friday for her role in running a drug smuggling ring that brought ice into Australia. However it has now been revealed that the 41-year-old secretly 'engaged in sex' with a guard in exchange for phone calls after being arrested in 2009, the Daily Telegraph reports.

People stroll in the Champ de Mars garden near the Eiffel Tower, beside the spot where a woman was allegedly raped earlier this week,  in Paris, Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. Three Algerian young men have been arrested in Paris under suspicion of raping a woman near the Eiffel Tower, according to a police official. One of the suspects chatted with her on Facebook days earlier and gave her an appointment. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

The suspected rapists were arrested this week in a Paris hotel after the woman was raped in the Champs-de-Mars garden near the famous tower where she thought she was being taken on a date.

Elections on Sunday could see Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) ejected from Berlin's state government, as voters warm to the AfD's anti-immigrant message.

Photographer Pamela Littky captures portraits of residents at Hollywood apartment

Celebrity photographer Pamela Littky's newest collection captures the spirit of Villa Bonita, a Los Angeles complex built in 1929. Littky documents a moment in the life of aspiring artists, painters, photographers and models, as well as stunning portraits of residents who have lived in the building for decades. The photos are stripped of Hollywood glamour, showing these subjects in the tub, smoking in bed, or cuddling.

Plastic glasses, knives, forks and food boxes are pictured in a takeaway restaurant in Paris Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016. France's efforts to reduce pollution will also affect nature lovers hitting the countryside for an outdoor meal. Under a controversial ban adopted last month, picnic-goers won't be able to drink their beloved rose wine in disposable plastic glasses, or to make ham and butter baguette sandwiches with plastic cutlery from 2020. (AP Photo/Bertrand Combaldieu)

From 2020, producers in France will have to ensure all disposable crockery can be composted and is made from biologically-sourced materials. The law is thought to be the first of its kind in the world.

William and Claire Rembis face child neglect investigation in Lubbock

William and Claire Rembis (left), 48 and 36, are under investigation for neglect in Lubbock, Texas. They have faced child welfare cases in at least three states since 2001. Neighbors said filthy children regularly climbed into trash bins and scavenged for food behind the West Texas house where the 11 children (ten of whom are pictured right) lived with their parents. Other residents heard screaming at night - one described 'shrieks of terror' - that were quickly followed by loud music to cover the sounds. One investigator in Lubbock suggested the family may be moving to avoid such investigations, which are difficult to track across states. But The couple denies the allegations, saying they move for jobs and that Texas officials are targeting them because they choose to homeschool their family, oppose vaccinations and have so many children.

Choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who is married to actor Natalie Portman, has come under fire for allegedly claiming large expenses bills, alongside other directors, whilst at the Paris Opera Ballet.

Father Gabriele Amorth, who claimed to have performed 70,000 exorcisms and last year declared 'ISIS is Satan', once said that horror movie The Exorcist was 'substantially exact'.

Dick Van Dyke slams Kardashian family cosmetic surgeon Simon Ourian

WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGE. Dick Van Dyke, 90, and his wife Arlene Silver reveal how she was left covered in sores and bleeding, pictured inset left, after she underwent a LipoFreeze at Dr Simon Ourian's Beverly Hills clinic Epione. The doctor has many famous clients including Kim Kardashian, he is pictured with her inset right, and Miley Cyrus. The couple share their ordeal in an interview with Crime Watch Daily that will air on Monday. they are pictured together main during the interview.

Muscles are made up of myocytes, cells commonly known as muscle fibres. When we stretch a muscle, the fibre is pulled out to its full length, which helps realign any disorganised fibres.

The gaunt models paraded their worryingly slender limbs in revealing creations from the Italian fashion house's Versus label on Saturday.

Shawn Grate's mom reveals her son has led cops to a 4th body

Shawn Grate's mom Theresa McFarland revealed that cops visited her home to tell her he had admitting killing another woman in Marion, Ohio. The revelation brings Grate's body count to four women across three Ohio counties - Ashland, Richland and Marion. McFarland, who has not seen her son in three years, said 'there may be more'. She is pictured right at her home in Ashland. Her son is seen left in a Facebook photo. Two of his victims are pictured Stacey Stanley (inset left) and Elizabeth Griffin (inset right).

Hands of my dinner! Hilarious video shows tiny dog taking on three lion cubs in a fight for food

Go pick on someone your own size! A funny video clip shows a tiny dog scaring off three lion cubs who try to take its food. As the felines approach in the footage, the pooch barks and charges at them - and the big cats retreat. The video didn't make clear where the 'food fight' between the animals took place.


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Whoops! Dallas man broadcasts police traffic stop on Facebook Live because he says he's being targeted for 'being black' - but accidentally records himself 'hiding his stash of drugs'

A Texas man pulled over on traffic violations says he was unfairly target by police and took it to Facebook Live video to capture his interaction with cops. But officers say he incriminated himself in footage of the incident, filming as he tried to hide drugs from police officers. Dominique Desha Green (pictured), 24, faces 11 charges, including drug possession, related to the Friday traffic stop in Dallas.A number of police officers can be seen in the video surrounding Green's car (right-bottom). Green was also arrested on charges of failure to use a turn signal, failure to wear a seat belt and resisting arrest (left).

The black cylinder full of 'perfectly preserved' Nazi mementos was found immersed in concrete in the Polish town of Zlocieniec - which was part of Germany until 1945.

Scientists in Bristol have discovered a dinosaur that was able to change the colour of its skin - a defence mechanism that has never been seen before in any other dinosaur species.

Michael and Tammi Bethel could each face six months in jail after their youngest son was found wandering the streets of Franklin, Ohio in August and had to be taken to a Subway for food by a police officer.

Ophthalmic technician Christopher McCleary spotted the image when carrying out a scan at Liverpool's Aintree Hospital and believes it looks like the father of evolution.

For me? The adorable reactions of abandoned puppies and kittens when they are given a soft bed for the very first time at an animal shelter

Over 100 cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in Australia were treated to soft beds donated by the public. Unable to control their excitement the animals can be seen eagerly pushing past their carers to try out their new bed. Dogs wagged their tails uncontrollably while cats immediately snuggled into the cushions to fall asleep.

The two fishing tools were discovered by Japanese archaeologists excavating Sakitari Cave in Okinawa Island where evidence suggests people lived there nearly 30,000 years ago.

A new study from the University of St. Andrews found that having tattoos can actually increase a candidate's chance at employment, especially for firms geared toward younger customers.

W. P. Kinsella's (pictured) death in Hope, British Columbia was doctor-assisted, his literary agent Carolyn Swayze said in a statement after the legendary author died aged 81.

The condition, which affects about two million Britons, occurs when the circulation that supplies the heart muscle with blood is reduced by narrowed diseased arteries.

Brockville women are charged with defacing disabled three-year-old boy's grave

Parents Alisha Tackaberry and Marc Gemperle (pictured right at their son's grave) were devastated after seeing footage showing the site being defaced at Oakland Cemetery in Brockville, Ontario. Graysen (pictured left with his mother) died in December 2013 at just three years old. He was born with severe disabilities due to amniotic band syndrome, which causes fetuses to become entangled in the band while in the wound. A horrifying video surfaced on social media this spring, showing two people violating Graysen's grave at the cemetery. The grainy video, which was shot at night, shows someone squatting to urinate at Graysen's grave. Another person throws an empty beer can. Katherine Collins and Haley Peyman, both 26, have been charged with committing an indecent act at the site, authorities said on Thursday.

Utah's Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest has brought hundreds of visitors to a series of attractions known as 'Fairy Forest:' tiny figurines, painted rocks and ornamental fairy houses. But park rangers aren't happy.

Writing in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Dr Horgan said when a woman looks for a potential father for a future child, she'll listen for information about his personality and wealth.

A study in Switzerland has taken a step towards proving 'beer goggles are real'. Beer appears to make people less shy about sex and drawn to happy faces and the effect was greater in women.

Food shortages in Venezuela, South America, has caused a dramatic increase in child malnutrition as these dramatic pictures demonstrate. In the capital numbers have doubled.

Las Vegas home boasts 15,000-square-foot bomb-proof basement

What appears to be an ordinary, two-story house in Las Vegas (inset center) conceals a luxurious 15,200-square-foot underground bunker built in in 1978. Girard 'Jerry' B. Henderson, a wealthy businessman who worked for companies like Avon cosmetics and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, was convinced the Cold War would end in a nuclear fallout. And so he and his wife made the case for living underground, sponsoring the Underground Home exhibit at the New York World's Fair in 1964 before building their own bunker. The 5,000-square-foot home sitting above ground remained empty, while the couple lived safely sequestered 26-feet below 3970 Spencer Street in a bomb proof, quake proof, and bug proof bunker (top left: the underground home, top right: a lavish pink bathroom, bottom left: the pink-trim kitchen, bottom right: a pool surrounded by fake landscaping)

Actress and business mogul Jessica Alba may be selling her consumer packaged goods startup The Honest Company for $1 billion, according to a report.

Making a stylish entrance to the star studded bash, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice were sure to make the evening a stylish mother daughter night out on Friday.

Volodymyr Zhemchugov was released on Saturday as part of a hostage exchange between separatists and the Ukrainian government in rebel-occupied Donbas.

Thousands have mourned the death of Nasir Shafi, 11, offering prayers after his body was found on Friday night. The schoolboy was apparently shot with pellets by Indian security forces in Kashmir.

Ohio man who nearly drowned 19 years ago surprises police officer in teary reunion 

In 1997, then-five-year-old Christopher Jones (inset) nearly drowned in a local swimming pool in Columbus, Ohio. Were it not for the actions of James Poole (left, embracing Jones), a heroic police officer, he would have died that day. On Friday, Jones got a chance to say thank you in person. The now-24-year-old adult walked into the Columbus Police Academy and provided a teary-eyed, heartfelt surprise to his savior, Officer James Poole, greeting him for the first time since that fateful day.

Katie Shirley of Arvada, Colo., joins her father, Russ, back, of Rapid City, S.D., in touching the casket bearing the body of her brother and his son, 24-year-old Levi Shirley, as the bodies of Shirley and Jordan MacTaggart were unloaded from an Amtrak train at Union Station early Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, in Denver. The two young American men, along with a third William Savage, died separately in combat after joining the People's Protection Units ¿ the main Kurdish guerrilla group battling the Islamic State in Syria. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Sobbing families of Levi Shirley, 24, and Jordan MacTaggart, 22, were reunited with their sons early Friday, in Denver, and presented with folded American flags.

In this undated photo provided by the Anne Arundel County police Andres Rafael Quintana Garcia is shown. Authorities in Maryland are looking for Garcia, whom they say stabbed two young relatives at a Glen Burnie, Md., home, killing a young girl and wounding a teenage boy. Both children were taken to area hospitals. Police said the girl died and the boy is being treated for injuries that aren't life-threatening.  (Anne Arundel County police via AP)

Searchers found the body of an Andres Rafael Quintana Garcia, 18, of Maryland on Friday who was accused of fatally stabbing his stepsister and wounding his stepbrother, authorities said.

During the half time show, the Rice announcer asked if there were 'nine judges on the Supreme Court or is it...?' At that point Rice's band created a formation of Roman numeral number nine - representing Title IX.

Officials discover 'escape hatch' at Center Point halfway house in Oklahoma City

Officers found the false wall (pictured) at the Center Point halfway house in Oklahoma City, the department of corrections said Friday. Inmates removed drywall to create a pathway outside and concealed it with a false wall, according to officials. Inmates would check in with security then sneak out through the hatch. The department will investigate security measures at the halfway house. Some inmates may see their sentences lengthened because of the escapes, Corrections Director Joe Allbaugh said. Officials also seized 18 cellphones, 87 phone chargers, 39 syringes, marijuana and methamphetamine.

A dead humpback whale washed up on the beach at the Jersey Shore in Sea Isle City. N.J., Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. (Jacqueline L. Urgo/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Bob Schoelkopf with the Marine Mammal Stranding Center says the dead male humpback whale washed ashore around 2pm Friday in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. He said it had no apparent injuries.

The New York Police Department has said goodbye to Commissioner William Bratton.Hundreds of officers and commanders applauded and saluted Bratton during a ceremony Friday.

A new study by scientists at Kaohsiung University in Taiwan found those with chronic sinusitis, or constantly running noses, were 50 per cent more likely to be impotent.

The episodes of The Grand Tour featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be aired every Friday on US-based Amazon Prime much like the BBC's Top Gear template.

Incredible slow-motion footage shows pieces of nozzle plug for NASA's SLS booster breaking apart during test

NASA has released a stunning new video of a booster for its Space Launch System (SLS) being tested. The footage of the June 28 test which took place in Utah was posted to YouTube on Friday. Parts of the booster's nozzle plug are captured flying in the air in incredible detail. NASA's Marshall Center wrote online: 'The smoky ring coming off the booster is condensed water vapor created by a pressure difference between the motor gas and normal air. The nozzle plug is an environmental barrier to prevent heat, dust and moisture from getting inside the booster before it ignites.' NASA's (SLS) is a powerful, advanced launch vehicle for a new era of human exploration beyond Earth's orbit.

The incident took place in the city of Ciudad Satelite in Mexico. The beating was recorded by surveillance cameras overlooking the car. The video has gone viral on social media.

In a video captured by surfing website Surfline, what is estimated to be a seven or eight foot juvenile great white shark is seen breaching the water just past the surf break at Ocean Beach.

Christopher Frick was charged in the October 2015 killing of Caroline Ekong. Frick had graduated with honors from high school and studied physics at the University of Delaware.

David Donald Hoppenjan, 52-year-old pastor and father of five, is among the 22 people arrested during an undercover sting in Pensacola, Florida, targeting child predators.

Hailey Baldwin leads the charge at Julien Macdonald's LFW SS17 show

The 19-year-old is making a splash in the UK as she worked the catwalk in a number of revealing ensembles for Julien McDonald's SS17 on Saturday. Taking London Fashion Week by storm, the American beauty displayed her killer walk for all to see as she donned a thigh-skimming embellished mini and crop top which flashed her taut stomach.

The Lufthansa Airbus was travelling to Germany from Washington, US, and had reached Nova Scotia before being diverted to Boston after a passenger reported a smell of burning.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Lakshmi Kanta Bhunia, 50, had been in the driver's seat when his bus collided head-on with a truck carrying bamboo poles near Digha, in West Bengal, eastern India.

The teen was pulled from the chimney and arrested Friday morning, Baton Rouge Police Sgt. L'Jean McKneely said. The teen is being held at a juvenile detention center on an attempted burglary charge.

The GoPro footage shows Dylan Balog's white-knuckle leap in Masontown, West Virginia. The plucky jumper admitted he was nervous and said there was 'no room for error' when he made the jump.

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Plus-size model comes in second in Miss Italy contest

A fashion model launched a body shamming assault on a Miss Italy contestant who came second claiming she is 'too fat' to be a beauty queen. Contestant Paola Torrente, (left and center) wowed fans with her ample figure when she came in second to Rachele Risaliti during the Miss Italy 2016 in Angri, Salerno. The 22-year-old engineering student, who measures up at 5 foot 9 inches, was a hugely popular choice with the audience and fans and was met with thousands of comments of support. But Croatian model Nina Moric, 40, launched a body shaming assault on her Instagram account claiming Miss Torrente was only chosen because of 'political correctness' and was joined by other online trolls.

A pig bound in China fell off a truck and was abducted on a highway on September 14. Police managed to contact the thief just before a butcher was set to kill the animal.

Amazing new footage shows what appears to be a Tasmanian Tiger in south west Victoria. Despite being declared extinct in 1936, thousands of people have reported sightings

Logan Wilson, nine, of Chesterfield, Michigan, loves baseball and football. Despite having spastic quad cerebral palsy he recently tried to stand as the national anthem was played.

From training like Olympic athletes to wearing wetsuits made from Navy Seal technology: Inside the barking mad world of competitive DOG surfing

Dog surfing has become a competitive sport in California with more than 70 dogs catching waves in contests through summer. They train like athletes and are using advanced equipment technology. The longest-competing and most decorated dog is Abbie (left), a 10-year-old Australian kelpie who is in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest wave surfed by a dog of 107 metres. She won the inaugural World Dog Surfing Championship last weekend, with Brandy the Pug (right) close behind.



Soggy start to Oktoberfest as six million revellers are expected to make their way to

Revellers from across the world have donned their finest lederhosen and dirndls as they make their way to the world's biggest beer pilgrimage. Some six million visitors are expected at the annual 17-day Oktoberfest, which gets underway in the Bavarian capital today. Undeterred by a rather damp and dreary start to the German folk festival, beer lovers are streaming into Munich's Theresienwiese for the event which will run until October 3. And Munich authorities are ramping up security precautions after Bavaria suffered three attacks in a week over the summer.

Elena Yatkina, 25, from Novosibirsk, Russia, posts dance routines online but has come under fire for twerking while pregnant - with some people suggesting she could be harming her baby.

Roger Hickey, 58, a US entrepreneur, came out of retirement this week in order to break the record in street luge, clocking in at an impressive 100.279 miles per hour during an event in Quebec, Canada.

The tiny bear met the public for the first time yesterday, 10 weeks after she was born at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park. She has been named 'Peanut', or 'Hua Sheng' in Chinese.

Police in Moscow were alerted to reports of a far-right activist annoying metro passengers. Yet when they arrived they found the disturber of the peace was in fact a white- coated Promobot.

That feeling when you scratch your brand new motor... British adventurer's land speed record attempt gets off to a disastrous start when his motorbike FALLS OVER 

Isle of Man TT star and adrenaline junkie Guy Martin is in Utah attempting to set a new two-wheeled world land speed record and beat the current 376.36mph - but it got off to a bad start when his bike toppled over. The 34-year-old from Grimsby has already faced setbacks after the event on his Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner was postponed following safety concerns on Thursday. With 1,000 brake horsepower, the 25.5ft-long vehicle is capable of reaching speeds of around 400mph - the fastest ever built by Triumph.