hillaryLuke Rukdowski reports on the ground from the DNC, where it appears a full-fledged MUTINY against Hillary among Democrats is underway…


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  1. This is ONE of the major reasons why REPUBLICANS lost 2012.  Mit Romney’s establishment Republican party SHUT OUT THE TEA PARTY at the RNC in Florida!  WE HAD LEGITIMATE CONCERNS AND DEMANDS AS PARTY MEMBERS THAT NEEDED ADDRESSING & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

    But these arrogant schmucks thought they didn’t need the REAL conservatives.  They laughed, locked the doors and stuck out their tongues…. AND THEY LOST.  (we penned in Ron Paul, Mickey Mouse, etc.)

    Then in 2014, we began cleaning house in the senate & congress…. cleaning is slow, but steady.  Today, we completely KICKED establishment @ss clear out of the park.  Dems are an election cycle behind us, but they get the picture.

    ESTABLISHMENT Romney- Er, Hillary, ….here they are, locking out the Democratic (tea party if you will) AS IF THEY DON’T NEED THEM!?  This is history repeating itself in blue instead of red.  Now they got the stick shoved up their @sses, 4 years from now, ANY ESTABLISHMENT DEMOCRAT will get treated like our RED ESTABLISHMENT was treated this cycle.

    Democrats… in 2 years, I implore you to vote out your career senators and congressmen.  Vote out any money grubbing, lying scum that disrespects your constitutional rights, and the rights of people to live without war and death.  I’m Republican leaning, and we will disagree on the smaller issues, but together as a people of this once great nation, we can make a change with our pen, our vote, and get fresh blood representing the people.

    Lets also work together to push for semi-annual audits of all upper officers of state.  Corruption must be rooted out.  I think this is a nice middle ground we ALL can agree on. 🙂

    • @Shamus001


      “This is history repeating itself in blue instead of red.”

      Which reminds me.  Just who was the schmo  who came up with this red states = repubs and blue states = dems nonsense?  Given that liberalism, socialism, communism, and Marxism are 4 different branches on the same crappy twisted little tree, would it not be more appropriate for the Dems to be the RED states???  😉

      Great point on “the establishment” and the arrogance they display towards their base.  During the build-up to the 2012 election, one fat slug of a repub “operative” quipped on TV about the TEA party folks with “Well, where else are they going to go?”… meaning that they would have to swallow ANY insult the establishment cared to dish out and still vote repub.  My wife gave me a questioning look and I replied, “Well, some of us will just go fishing”.  The heck with them.  Agree that they got their dose in 2012 and the follow-on clean-up in 2014… and probably in 2016 as well.  The screws have only begun to tighten on these life-long politicians.  The Founding Fathers never intended that politics be a career.  They wanted people of good character to serve their country for a few years and then get back to their real business lives.  Many of them did just that.  Those looking for a free ride and dinner every night at the public trough stayed on… and on… and on…

      It’s WAY more than time to bust down the pen and let those little piggies go FREE!  🙂

      Well, the ones not serving time in prison, that is.

    • Wow, your a little late on your anger about a bad investment?  Golds been above 1180 for some time now. (currently 1330+)

      Hating someone’s GUTS suggests that you made a sizeable (to your standards, whatever that may be) investment based SOLELY on Polney’s comments.  I’m sorry for your loss.  If it helps, I’ve lost three times I think on penny stocks, hoping to get rich.  Pump & Dump they were… I lost like 250 bucks, 500 bucks and 750 bucks.

      The bright side of this sour rainbow is that I learned a valuable lesson, and so did you.  You’ll survive bud, just pick yourself up and be the “wiser” for it!

      Best of luck!

    • Like our Loretta AG, he was offered play ball or die.  Why else did he change his tune?  He had the man power at the convention, even though his supporters had their credentials withheld and were locked out of Platform meetings.  Right there would be enough for me to give the DNC the middle finger.

      It’s a sad day.  Bernie never stood a chance.

      RIGGED!!!      RIGGED!!!   RIGGED!!!

    • Note for public gaze:


      We can all get over being shocked by this and press on, stacking, packing, and whatever-else-ing we need to do.


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