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Tuesday 20 September 2016


Twin heirs to Doris Duke tobacco fortune claim life of abuse and torture

Despite all the outward trappings of a billionaire's lifestyle, the heirs to a slice of the Lucky Strike tobacco fortune say they were brutally abused by their nannies and drug-addicted father

The pair have spoken before of their deeply troubled and cloistered childhood which included owning a pet lion cub and bring diamonds to school for ‘show and tell’
The pair have spoken before of their deeply troubled and cloistered childhood which included owning a pet lion cub and bring diamonds to school for ‘show and tell’ 

As the twin heirs to a slice of the $1 billion dollar Lucky Strike tobacco fortune they were born into a world of unimaginable privilege, but behind the closed doors of their Wyoming mansion they now claim they were being battered and horribly abused.

According to claims by Georgia and Patterson Inman, now 16, they were cruelly treated by their drug-addicted father and a succession of nannies who locked them in a filthy, rat-infested basement and forced to them to eat vomit and faeces.

“People see this luxurious life but at the same time we were living in hell,” said Patterson in the pair’s first television interview yesterday with Dr Phil, the American popular psychologist.

The pair, who stand to inherit part of the fortune of Doris Duke, the late tobacco heiress, when they turn 21, say they now want to take legal action against their alleged abusers.

“I want these people to be put away. I want to see all these people in a jail cell with me giving a thumbs up,” said Patterson, adding: “I'm coming after the --------. This is a battle cry. This is serious. They're going down. I don't want to be a victim. I want to be a victor.”

Among more extraordinary allegations was that a nanny had once made them play Russian roulette and - when they were four years old - that their father had forced them to watch a thief being tortured to death with bamboo spears while on a trip to Japan.

“[They] would play Russian roulette with us,” Georgia said of their nannies. “They thought it was funny. They’d load the gun, spin it and shoot it at me and my brother.”

The pair have spoken before of their deeply troubled and cloistered childhood which included owning a pet lion cub and bring diamonds to school for ‘show and tell’.

In an interview last year with Rolling Stone magazine they said they had never heard of the game musical chairs and still believed in Father Christmas at the age of 15.

They are currently living in Utah with their mother, Daisha Inman, 54, who took custody of the two children in 2010 after their father, Walker Inman Jr, died of a methadone overdose.

Inman, the nephew of Doris Duke, was a drunk and a heroin addict who married five times and lived on a reported $90,000 monthly inheritance.

The twins’ fortune is held in a trust by JP Morgan and is currently the subject of a legal tussle between Mr Inman's fifth wife and their mother, who has made headlines for her alleged demands on the trust that included $6,000 [GBP3,650] for a Halloween party and $1,000 [GBP600] per month for the children to eat out, especially at Starbucks.

Court filings showed the trustees had turned down several of these requests, raising questions about the true size of the twins inheritance.

Both children detailed a litany of alleged abuses, including being dropped into a scalding hot bathtub and eating excrement. “They were feeding me my own ----,” said Patterson, “I just remember being in the basement and they were like pretending it was food. They were like, "Chew! Chew!"'

His sister also accused their father of beating and abusing her. “He would pick me up by the ankle and just drop me on my head because he wanted to make me stupid,” Georgia claimed. 'He used to slice my feet up with knives.”

Her brother, who also shared fonder memories, refused to speak about the claims against his father, but did alleged that his father had forced him and his sister to watch the torturing to death of a thief in Japan as a four-year-old.

“They put him on a chair,” Patterson claimed, “They stripped him nude. They were sticking an object - bamboo - between the splits in the chair. They did it nice and slowly.”

Georgia added that a man also sliced open his stomach, leaving his intestines to fall out. “I was scared, I was crying,” Patterson concluding, dissolving into tears, “I was terrified. I tried to grab on to my father. He brushed me away. I think this whole thing was about stealing. It really messed with my head a lot.'


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