"The incredible bogosity of unix is one of the best kept 'open secrets' in the business." - Oct 1991

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weenix.zip, 542,976, bytes, 1990-07-17 to 1993-10-04
No part of this archive was published in The Unix-Haters Handbook.
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Unix Admin Horror Stories

WATCH...as the monster begins its dreadful killing spree!
CRINGE...as the horrid pattern of user hostility takes shape!
CHANT..."You don't want to DO THAT!" as yet another system is led to Certain DESTRUCTION!
TRY to FLEE...until you realize THERE IS NO ESCAPE!

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    "Your book is a pudding stuffed with apposite observations,
    many well-conceived." - Dennis Ritchie

    (on The Unix-Haters Handbook, ISBN 1-56884-203-1, p.xxxvi)

    ("He [Dennis Ritchie] and Ken Thompson are considered by many
    to be the fathers of Unix.", ibid, p. xxx)

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