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  1. Rescuer bursts into tears as he pulls a newborn girl from rubble in Syria

  2. 70 world leaders see former Israeli leader Shimon Peres laid to rest

  3. 'World's unluckiest elephant' finally freed after spending 50 years in chains in India

  4. Rescue ‘fortress’ in Tanzania protects albinos from human hunters

  5. Egyptian MP says women should pass virginity test for admission to university

  6. Rescuer bursts into tears as he pulls a newborn girl from rubble in Syria

  7. Pakistan threatens to destroy India with a nuclear bomb

  8. Reykjavik turns off its street lamps so residents can watch spectacular Northern Lights

  9. Typo leaves Russian charity's 'Do good' Christmas leaflets saying 'Exterminate Beavers'

  10. Man throws his £719 iPhone 7 Plus off world's highest building - and it doesn't survive the fall

  11. Ghana's dead buried in coffins shaped to represent their jobs

  12. Japanese police fear hospital worker has killed 48 patients by poisoning their drips

  13. 'Who gets up at 3 o'clock in the morning to engage in a Twitter attack against a former Miss Universe?'

  14. Chinese tourist attraction opens tree-top public toilets made of glass

  15. Three minority HS students face suspension after dressing in KKK costumes

  16. Hillary lays into Trump for 3am Twitter rant against 'Miss Piggy’

  17. EU seeks to prevent violent extremism by putting on classical music concerts for young people

  18. German woman escapes militants in Syria with baby she had in captivity

  19. German mayor clubbed unconscious 'by Neo-Nazis'

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