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Choice Shonky Awards name and shame Australia's dodgiest products

A carpet cleaner that's as helpful as water (top right), an exploding smartphone (bottom right) and bottled air that sells for nearly $250 (main) are among this year's biggest product fails. Consumer group Choice's 'Shonky Awards' has named and shamed nine companies that it says have misled consumers with dodgy advertising and false claims. Among the dishonourable mentions was Vanish Preen Powderpowder carpet cleaner, Samsung, Kellogg's Pringles (top left), Amex (bottom left) and Green and Clean's bottled air.

The video that shows how Melbourne crime is out of control: Brazen African Apex gangsters invade a milk bar with baseball bats and tools to attack rival gang members in 'turf war'

CCTV footage (left) allegedly showing a group of thugs storming into a Melbourne store (right) where they begin a violent fight over turf is just one of the record number of crimes swamping Victoria. Short-staffed police officers across the state have been struggling to answer calls and senior sergeants have been left deciding between no-win situations as they try decide between attending a call of 'family violence or a hot aggravated burglary'.

NEW A Qantas flight from Darwin to Brisbane was forced to turn around an hour into the flight after a fault developed with the air conditioning and the plane dropped 30,000 feet.

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NEW Sexpert Tracey Cox reveals the warning signs that your marriage could be heading in the direction of an affair and says that alone time can actually prevent a partner from looking elsewhere.

An Illawara granddaughter has accused her grandfather of molesting her by fondling her breasts and penetrating her vagina with his fingers, as well as masturbating his pet dog in front of her.

A flash overseas travel sale offering Australians discounts of up to 70 per cent on flights, cruises, tours and accommodation for some of the world's most sought-after holiday destinations is on the way.

Talitha Cummins speaks out about her alcoholism on ABC's Australian Story

When journalist Talitha Cummins (left and right with her baby boy, Oliver) fronted cameras to deliver the news nobody knew she was hiding a secret that would almost end her career. Cummins described herself as the modern face of alcoholism - young, professional, educated and high-functioning. At the height of her alcoholism, the Sydney-based journalist would consume up to four bottles of wine a night but now she has been four years sober. She shares her battle on the ABC's Australian Story.

Sydney hairdresser Nasrin Abek, 35, was found dead inside her apartment in Potts Point last week after she was allegedly killed by her husband Amir Darbanou, 42, in a frenzied knife attack.

Disgraced Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns who admitted to knowing about paedophile priests in his diocese before he died in April is set to sell his luxury beachfront property for $2million.

A young couple enjoying a date in Adelaide on Tuesday had parked their Suzuki 4WD on a hill to view the lights when a giant sinkhole opened up beneath them at about 11.30pm.

The AFL player's untamed beard that took 200 days to grow was shaved off for charity on Tuesday. And, Jimmy Bartel's adorable son Aston met a beardless daddy with plenty of confusion.

Glamorous fake Instagram account of Louise Delange tricked 50,000 people

From frolicking on the beach (bottom right) to shopping (top right) and hanging out (main), Parisian model, Louise Delage's, Instagram profile looked like so many others when it appeared in August. However, it was revealed last week that the account was fake. Can you spot what's going on with these pictures?

Rockhampton's Isaac Baguley is a hero for donating bone marrow to his sick brother Ethan

Isaac Baguley (main picture, at right) was just four-years-old when he donated his bone marrow in an attempt to keep his little brother Ethan alive. Ethan (main picture, at left) was born with a rare genetic condition called Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, and also developed aplastic anemia, which meant his bone marrow did not function properly. Ethan tragically died, but his brother Isaac, now six, has been recognised for his heroism and efforts to save his younger brother.

A Sydney doctor who collected thousands of signatures for a petition against the Safe Schools program wants it abolished because it is promoting views that offend Chinese culture.

A 50-year-old woman has allegedly returned a reading of more than six times the legal blood alcohol limit after crashing into a six-year-old girl while reverse parking in Sydney's north-west.

Creepy video shows 'woman's soul leaving her body and staying at the scene of fatal motorbike accident' 

In a chilling scene showing the aftermath of a crash between a truck and a motorbike, a 'ghost' appears to hang in the air above the corpse of a girl caught up in the horrific accident in Thailand. CCTV outside the Phibun Songkram Camp in Lopburi captured the event. Critics however have slammed the video, claiming the images are photoshopped and are 'disrespectful' to those involved.

NEW Ruben Majok Aleer Aguer's ACT business Long Life Family Daycare received $1.6million in funding for 74 children that Education Department staff never heard or saw during 13 inspections.

NEW ANZ Chief executive Shayne Elliott was asked to justify his $6.1million salary despite a decrease in customer satisfaction and plummeting bank profits in Canberra on Wednesday.

MICHAEL JACKSON'S bodyguard says Kim Kardashian's security looked 'fishy'

Investigators in Paris are now trying to track down the gang responsible for holding Kim Kardashian at gun point and stealing her jewellery but mystery still surrounds how the men got into her apartment. MailOnline poses 10 unanswered questions that remain following the heist in the French capital while martial arts guru Matt Fiddes, the former bodyguard of Michael Jackson, gives his view on the robbery.

Kim Kardashian's ex-bodyguard who was fired by Kanye West says robbery was inside job

He was fired in May this year after Kanye West reportedly accused him of flirting with his wife. Now, Kim Kardashian's former bodyguard Steve Stanulis, 42, has weighed in on Kim's terrifying Paris attack that took place earlier this week as being a product of 'karma'.  During an interview with 2Day FM's Rove and Sam on Wednesday, Steve was quizzed about whether he felt that he could have prevented Kim's attack if he had still been employed by Kanye West and the Kardashians at the time. 

Lagerfeld had written Kardashian a note on Monday saying: 'We are all with you' after she was robbed in Paris. But he criticised the star for showing off jewellery to her social media followers.

The 39-year-old rapper, a source told the New York Post , 'had a nervous breakdown' and 'a massive meltdown' after his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show and heads rolled soon after.

Cheating boyfriend seeing Denny's waitress exposed by 'nosy neighbour' on Rove and Sam

A woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her when she received a letter from her 'nosy neighbour' (right). 'He doesn't trust you...maybe because of what he is hiding,' the letter reads. The letter was revealed on the Instagram account of Australian radio duo Rove McManus and Sam Frost.

Steve Fesus, 46, who is accused of strangling and burying his wife Jodie, 18, in 1997, ticked a box on a form indicating his wife was dead, well before the missing woman's body had been found.

Queensland retiree Gaye Lyons, 60, has lost her bid to become the country's first deaf juror after a High Court ruling dismissed her claims against discrimination, ending her four-year legal battle.

Georgia Love said her series is different to The Bachelor as there is no 'clear crazy person,' referring to Alex Nation. The admission came after her chat with Fitzy and Wippa on Wednesday.

Has Banksy finally been caught on camera? Woman claims she recorded legendary graffiti artist spraying street art in Melbourne 

A woman claims to have caught the elusive graffiti artist Banksy on camera in Melbourne. Shaky mobile phone footage shows the woman, called Mia, approaching a man (left) down a dark alleyway as he sprays paint on a wall. The mysterious man puts his hood up and walks away as the woman approaches the wall, where she finds graffiti depicting Australian anti-Muslim politician Pauline Hanson (right) next to what she claims is Banksy's signature. In the video, the woman races after the man, who turns and tries to block the camera with his hand, shouting 'f*** off, f*** off', before escaping down the alley. It is not known if the footage is genuine, or if the graffiti is a Banksy. Banksy has never been caught while creating his graffiti and his identity has never been confirmed.

Lorrette Doueihi, 83, suffered severe facial injuries after she was pushed to the ground by a woman trying to steal her handbag as she walked in Moorebank in Sydney's south-west last week.

Australian TV program The Project suffered an embarrassing glitch during a live cross about Kim Kardashian's jewel heist when a bizarre picture of a baby with funny hair flashed onto screen.


A crafty driver who replaced his number plate with a sheet of paper reading 'Getting work done 4 RWC' (Road Worthy Certificate) has been nabbed by police in Cairns.

When one of Cathy Nunn's dogs had an allergic reaction, she had no idea what to do. This prompted the Tasmanian woman to learn pet first aid, which later helped her save another animal.

Brisbane travel blogger Nicola Easterby turned gap year into 4 years abroad

After one year at university, Brisbane resident Nicola Easterby decided to take a gap year. That was four years ago. Today the 22-year-old is a successful travel blogger, and it's safe to say, the world is her oyster. Her Instagram Polkadot Passport has a staggering 151,000 followers who watch her go from Indonesia (left), to Rome (right) and Colombo, Sri Lanka (inset). Since she started travelling at 19 years old she has visited 35 countries, but surprisingly, did not set out to become a travel blogger. Here she shares her stories from around the world, and gives her tips on how you can do it too.

Beverley Barlow of 7-Eleven's Australian stores is selling her Noosa Waters holiday home

The co-owner of 7-Eleven's Australian stores is selling her waterfront holiday home for $3.4 million, only months after her company was slapped with a record fine for exploiting workers. Businesswoman Beverley Barlow doesn't have enough time for her pad with a pontoon at Noosa Waters, Queensland.

Priceline are to 'educate' staff after an alleged racial profiling incident in a Melbourne store left young Ethiopian woman, Hiwot Birhane, feeling like a 'second-class citizen'.

Tony Abbott (pictured), who is in Birmingham for the Conservative Party Conference 2016, has been telling his fellow right-wing supporters he can lead Australia a second time.

Dogowners share hilarious photos of their very unphotogenic animals

NEW A quick glance at anyone's Facebook or Instagram today would make you think the world is filled with incredibly photogenic animals. But these hilarious photos serve as a reminder that even our furry friends can have an off day. From the dog who managed to get a stick wedged in its lip (top left) to the emotional cat holding its paw against its chest in distress (bottom right), these pictures show that even the most adorable pets can take a bad photo.

Australian entrepreneur Franziska Iseli cringes every time she hears the 'girl boss' hashtag, which was popularised by US e-retailer Sophia Amoruso in her book of the same name (pictured).

Australia has overtaken the US when it comes to women on boards, with Australia's biggest companies doubling the proportion of female directors since the GFC in 2009.

The household gadgets adding $1,000 a year to Australian electricity bills

A new report has revealed that some household appliances use up enough energy to add $1,000 a year to Australians' electricity bills with air purifiers, portable air conditioning units and smart fridges the biggest offenders.Energy prices rose by another 1.5 per cent in July, but if Australians want to slash their rising energy bills there are a few gadgets that they must be careful how much they use of.

Angelina, who filed for divorce from Brad Pitt two weeks ago, is reported to have 'moved overnight' to the new home that she's renting for $30,000 a month.

Xiaoying Tan is suing Rowville Primary School in Melbourne's east and a camp facility after her son Junpeng Tan, 7, died following a suspected brown snake bite while on an excursion in 2013.

NEW ames Bruce, 20, and his brother Matthew, 19, will not serve time in prison despite surveillance footage revealing their brutal attack on an innocent passer-by in Melbourne.

Where do YOUR prawns come from? Disgusting video shows shrimp being injected with jelly that makes them appear 'fresh' in the supermarket

A video has shown how workers in Vietnam inject tiger prawns with substances to make them look big and fresh when they are sold and imported to places like Australia. The footage shows tiger prawns in a Vietnam factory being injected in the head, tail and middle with a substance to make them heavier for when they are sold. Vietnam is the largest source of imported prawns in Australia and they are sold in major supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles.

A woman who contracted arthritis after being bitten by a mosquito while training hairdressers in Oodnadatta won a workers compensation claim against TAFE South Australia.

'This is where it ends': Mountain guide describes the terror of being thrown down a remote

Jamie Hareb (pictured) was hiking up a mountain gully in New Zealand's South Island (inset) when he heard a massive crack and saw a wave of snow and ice heading towards him. It was a matter of seconds before he was lifted of his feet, tossed and turned and slammed into a rock. After managing to jump out of the avalanche Mr Hareb was left waiting for hours in his own blood (right) until a rescue helicopter was able to reach him.

The white ghettos that blight South Africa

Photographer Jacques Nelles has captured life of a poor white community living in a camp just outside Munsieville , near Johannesburg, South Africa, in a series of depressing images. Jeanine (left), Chillo (top right) and Irene (bottom right, with her daughter and grandson) all have hard luck stories about their life in the camp. Around 42,000 white South Africans live in poverty - compared with 22 million black south Africans - but despite the apartheid era having long gone they tend to live apart. But nowadays there is at least a strange form of equality. While the black South African middle class has grown and many live in big houses, with swimming pools and drive around in BMWs like their white peers; many poor whites live in squalid squatter camps just like their black peers.

Beauty brand L'Oréal has launched an electronic patch, designed to measure the wearer's exposure to UV in Australia. Its aim is educate the wearer about their sun behaviour.

When you search for these services on Google, as many as four of the top entries on the first page of the search results are copycats that imitate official websites.

Robyn Lawley shows off her enviable curves in a swimwear photoshoot for Cosmopolitan

Australian supermodel Robyn Lawley, 27, posed for a beautiful beach photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine. The mother-of-one looked as though she'd stepped right off the set of Baywatch as she playfully posed in a high-cut Baku swimsuit (left) - her hair scraped up in a casual bun. She also rocked a bright yellow bikini paired with a vibrant leaf-print swim jacket, a khaki crop bikini top and a blue and white bikini with a racy twisted neckline.

The Australian National University in Canberra quietly launched a 'diversification strategy' in 2015 to lower its number of Chinese international students 'dominating' its numbers.

A woman has resigned from Townsville Hospital in Queensland after she claims her colleagues became suicidal and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder due to bullying from staff.

The baby with a bouffant: Nine-week-old Junior's huge head of hair gets so much attention it takes his mother two hours to do the weekly shop

Junior Cox-Noon (pictured), from Brighton, turns heads wherever he goes thanks to his impressive mane which has continued to grow since his birth in July. His hairdresser mother Chelsea Noon (left), 32, says it now takes her two hours to do her weekly shop rather than 40 minutes as she is stopped so often by people who want to speak to Junior. The infant has now been nicknamed 'Baby Bear' thanks to his thick locks that stand on end.

Panasonic has eliminated the tint left behind when its transparent TV wasn't being used. The firm replaced the LED with an OLED and now when the TV is in transparent mode, it is undetectable.

A woman has been charged after she allegedly went on a crime spree where she threatened drivers at knifepoint in a spate of carjackings in Melbourne on Tuesday (stock image).

Cox Plate champion Winx scares off all but TWO rivals for Saturday's $600,000 Caulfield

After 11 straight victories and $5.62m in prize money, superstar Winx has her rivals running scared with just two other horses entered to challenge for the Caulfield Stakes on Saturday. Five-year-old mare Winx, who won last year's Cox Plate and will defend her title on October 22, was recently named Australian Racehorse of the Year for 2016.

Racing New South Wales have insisted they will not allow 2015 Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne to ride in any races in their state because she is also licensed as a trainer in Victoria.

The son of Western Bulldogs star Liam Picken upstaged his kindergarten classmates by bringing in his father's AFL premiership medal to a 'Show and Tell' day at school.

Scientists at the State University of New York at Oneonta believe their findings may explain why yawning has evolved in mammals - it helps to keep the brain cool so it can operate properly.

Researchers at Duke University compared the standard nerve stimulation technique with the less common approach of injecting Botox into the bladder. To their surprise, Botox was more effective.

Fiendish dot test that conceals objects inside coloured circles leaves the web stumped

The trend for baffling brainteasers shows no sign of abating and a new puzzle now puts your eyesight to the test. So can you see what's hidden inside each coloured circle? People have had different results after taking the test with some finding certain pictures impossible to see, while for others they're a cinch. So can you see what's inside each coloured circle?


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New terrifying footage emerges of the huge tornadoes with 140km/h winds that devastated South Australia and left the entire state without power

New footage has emerged of the tornadoes that ripped out power lines across South Australia last week, plunging the entire state into darkness. Roofs were torn off buildings and trees were uprooted as the 140km/h winds blasted across the state, causing chaos for hundreds of thousands of people. The new videos show tornadoes wreaking havoc in two South Australian towns more than 100km away. One clip, taken in the town of Melrose, captures a mammoth vortex sweeping across open plains as the roof of a building creaks in the background. Another, shot in Blyth, shows what appears to be farmers caught up in the middle of the tornado, with the men forced to shelter in a barn as the fierce winds lash past.

Australian Olympic gold medalist Melanie Wright has revealed she is expecting a baby with husband and fellow swimmer Chris Wright. But she said it's not been easy, as she's been very sick.

CCTV captured three deaf people using sign language to plot the murder of Robert Wright moments before he fell to his death from a balcony, the Victorian Supreme Court has heard.

A Sydney man has been arrested for allegedly indecently assaulting two women, including one who was sleeping, on board a train.

Samantha Magdaleine Farrer, who was high on ice when she hit and killed mother-of-three Kathleen Heraghty near Adelaide in 2013, says serving jail time could ruin her relationship with her son.

Western Bulldogs celebrate their historic premiership win despite Bob Murphy looking glum

They say every picture tells a story and it could not have been more apt after the Western Bulldogs' fairytale AFL grand final win over the Sydney Swans at the MCG last Saturday. The Bulldogs had just broken a 62-year premiership drought and in this photograph they're celebrating in style around the AFL Premiership Cup. As they were photographed with the premiership cup on the field shortly after the win they could not have looked happier. But one photograph captured a poignant moment for one of the key members of the team.

Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, sources say.

Dr David Buss from the University of Texas and author Dr Duana Welch give their expert opinions on why exactly people cheat and why men and women feel differently about infidelity.

A former mistress of a wealthy businessman from Christchurch, who is now in a relationship with him, is fighting his ex-wife in court to get a piece of the $22 million divorce settlement.

Mum forced to padlock the fridge because her 200kg son has Prader-Willi syndrome shares

Sydney teen Henry Szaraz weighs 200 kilograms but he can't stop eating (right). The 19-year-old has a rare condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome that is characterised by a constant, insatiable appetite. The appetite developed when Henry was around three years old (pictured right of left) and is so hard to control his mother Virginia (centre, left) has to padlock the cupboards. Virginia said: 'When it comes to food and things like that, it is a lifelong battle.'

A Melbourne man who claimed he was involved in covert military missions in Vietnam and attained the rank of major general has been found guilty on a strong of deception charges.

Sydney man Sayegh Ghassan has been arrested by Indonesia immigration authorities for allegedly running a cafe on a university campus while holding a tourist visa.

A court has ordered a Sydney mobile phone company to pay $6,000 for selling faulty phone chargers identical to that which electrocuted and killed Sheryl Anne Aldeguer, 28, in 2014.

'I can't get home!' Malcolm Turnbull yelled at by an angry woman from the country at a Sydney train station over the confusing public transport system

A frustrated and angry commuter (pictured) unable to pass through the gates at a Sydney train station confronted the Prime Minister about the Opal system on Wednesday as he attempted to walk towards the train. 'I'm stuck...I voted for you. I'm sorry,' the woman told Malcolm Turnbull before the Indigenous Affairs Minister quickly diffused the situation by swiping his Opal card to allow the woman to pass through.

A six-year-old girl has drowned in a crocodile-infested flooded river crossing in Western Australia's north while with her family on Tuesday. She was declared dead a short time later at hospital.

The new $5 notes introduced into circulation in Australia in September have been causing problems at vending machines, self-service checkouts and betting stations.

The grandfather of Tyler, the four-year-old who died in a house fire in a Dandenong townhouse in Melbourne's southeast, tried desperately to pull the child from harm's way.

The decade when women are supposedly in the prime of their life is one in which they have most anxieties in the bedroom. They were found to be more worried about their bodies than older women.

Two-headed baby boy born in India but dies 32 hours later after parents took him home

The baby boy (left and right is an X-ray of the newborn) was born on Monday morning local time to his 20-year-old mother at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in northern India and weighed about 2.5 kilograms. Dr Jaiprakash Narayan, an assistant professor of the paediatric medicine department, described the newborn's birth as a 'miracle'. He said the baby was born 'healthy' but had breathing difficulties. The boy's parents took him home but the baby died 32 hours after his birth.

Vandals have caused more than $40,000 in damage to a state school after breaking in over the weekend. The school in Brisbane, Queensland was attacked with eggs, milk and paint by the vandals.

A new bra, that can be shipped worldwide, claims to deliver an 'instant boob job' for wearers, without the bother of any straps or back. It works using the 'magic' of a stick on system and corset style lacing.

Pennsylvania parents are found dead from 'overdose' in McKeesport home

The bodies of Christopher Dilly, 26, and Jessica Lally, 25 (pictured left), were found Monday evening in their McKeesport, Pennsylvania, home (seen in inset). Police say Lally's 9-month-old daughter and two sons, ages 3 and 5, were inside the home with the couple's lifeless bodies for one or two days.

To shine a light on the devastating impact non-physical domestic violence can have, a number of high-profile Australian celebrities have taken part in a powerful shoot for Cosmopolitan.

Convicted rapist, Robert John Adams, 64, (pictured) accused of the murder of Sydney nurse Mary Louise Wallace told police 'I am not into violent sex', a NSW court has heard.

Do these cops ever solve any crimes? Officers behind global 'running man' police dance off attempt to wow the internet again with 'lift beats' video

They went viral earlier this year with a hilarious video of them performing a brilliant 'running man' challenge. And the New Zealand Police are back again with a new attempt to wow the web with their musical skills - with officers this time creating a catchy tune in an elevator. The clip was shared online by the police force's recruitment page yesterday and has since been viewed more than a quarter of a million times. The video starts with two officers, wearing uniform including body armour, walking into a lift at a police station. It does not take long for his colleague to join in, hammering out a beat against the wall of the elevator. They are joined at each floor by more officers, who add their own element to the song.

Melbourne woman Erin Rhoads documents her waste free lifestyle on the blog The Rogue Ginger. There she also shares her tips for making your own beauty and make up products at home.

Charles Foster, a Research Associate at Oxford University, says he wanted to better understand how various animals see the world, including badgers, otters and swifts.

That could have been a cat-astrophe! Video shows the dramatic moment a kitten is rescued after it becomes trapped on a 12th-storey ledge

SPCA Singapore rescue officer Yao Huang was called to an apartment building at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 on Monday from a concerned resident who saw a kitten was trapped on a ledge (left and right) opposite from his block. Mr Huang made his way up to the unit on the 12th floor as two police officers remained on the bottom floor with an open blanket in case they needed to catch the kitten. Using a pole with a loop on the end, the rescue officer attempted several times to bring the kitten to safety before he was finally successful. The kitten has since been reunited with her owner.

A team at Stanford University has tested inflatable helmets (pictured) to measure the level of protection they provide compared to standard foam helmets worn by cyclists.

Toughie was found dead in his captivity at the Atlanta Botanic Garden on September 26. The Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog was the last known of his species.

A variant in the melanocortin-4 receptor - found in the area of the brain that controls appetite - makes sugary foods more unappealing, experts from Cambridge University found.

Michael Taylor says he is suing Samsung after he claims the Galaxy Note 7 exploded overnight. Taylor's phone allegedly began spitting out flames as he slept in his bed, TMZ reported.

Icelandic woman tries to track down Australian honeymooners after finding pictures  

Andrea Hauksdottir, 26, (pictured inset) was backpacking through Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, in March 2013 when she met a couple on their honeymoon and joined them kayaking. Ms Hauksdottir, from Iceland, said she promised to send them photos she took (main), but lost a book with their contact details during her holiday.On Saturday she posted a plea to Facebook, asking her friends share the photos to try and find the couple.

The fight inside the Chuck E. Cheese's in Florida involved a large group of adults, who are seen in the cellphone video hitting, kicking and pulling each other's hair.

This is the dramatic moment a group of four men were caught attacking a taxi after it rams one of the group in footage believed to have been captured somewhere in Australia.

A hilarious video has caught the moment two gangs of fighting monkeys had to be separated by a tourist on China's Mount Emei. The animals are known for their boisterous behaviour in the region.

The kangaroos were filmed trying to save themselves after the Murrumbidgee River, in New South Wales, Australia, burst its banks and threatened to swamp their habitat.

'Sorry love, didn't expect to see a woman': Hilarious fake car commercial 'mansplaining' how to park a truck to a woman mocks sexism in advertising

Comedians from New Zealand have mocked sexism in car adverts by creating their own hilarious commercial starring a woman driver. The fake advert, made for the new season of Funny Girls , shows comic Rose Matafeo playing a farmer driving a new Holden truck. The skit shows the farmer going about her day as a man doing a voiceover for the advert patronisingly instructs her how to drive and questions why she is behind the wheel. But, when asked to drive himself, the man stalls the car.

Rachel White, from Wollongong, filmed a pair of snakes going head-to-head over a mate in the bushes outside her house in New South Wales, warning others to be careful while out walking.

The Chinese tourist went on a five-day tour of North Korea. He said even tourists have to bow to statues of Kim Jong-un or face arrest and that the press constantly issue fake stories about North Korea.

A group of ex-military officers have worked out the perfect way to open up inaccessible corners of the world like - North Korea and the Congo - and argue they can offer you the experience of a lifetime.

Joachim von Ribbentrop (ringed) wanted the leader of the Church of England to give evidence on his behalf and tell how the evil Nazi had spoken to him about German and English relations.

'I love her so much': Heartwarming video shows how a mother is able to calm down her daughter in seconds by offering a hug with her little sister 

Parenting blogger Esther Anderson from Florida has shared a video of how she ended her eldest daughter Ellia's tantrum simply by encouraging her to hug her baby sister Tessa. In the video Ellia stops crying as soon as she comes into contact with her newborn sibling. Esther shared her video Grumpy Sister on her YouTube channel where it has received almost 400,000 views.

The body parts, which were surgically removed by a medical professional, were found at Summerhill Waste Management Centre by a bulldozer driver in February.

Samson, pictured with owner Jonathan Zurbel, is officially the biggest cat in New York and has a staggering 104,000 followers on his very own personal Instagram account.

Samson, pictured with owner Jonathan Zurbel, is officially the biggest cat in New York and has a staggering 104,000 followers on his very own personal Instagram account.

John Gonzalez, 54, offered his victim a lift home as she was walking from a nightclub in High Wycombe and demanded she call him Sir as he sexually assaulted her, a court heard.

Thousands gather to say farewell to Arnold Palmer

The biggest names from all corners of the golf world have gathered to celebrate the life of Arnold Palmer in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Palmer died Sept. 25 at age 87. His private funeral for family members was Thursday. Palmer's family wanted a public service to be held after the Ryder Cup, which the Americans won on Monday. Phil Mickelson and most of the U.S. team were at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, along with leaders from the PGA Tour and European Tour and other tours around the world. Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus were there, and Nicklaus gave a euology, and Rickie Fowler arrived carrying the Ryder Cup trophy America won this week.

In an impressive basket the newlywed makes a perfect behind the back shot into the hoop, believed to be at the wedding reception held at a sports hall in North America.

Representatives from Egypt, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, UAE, UK and the U.S. all attended the high-level meeting on Monday.


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Fed-up parents share the RIDICULOUS reasons for their toddlers’ tantrums 

These funny photos show how difficult life as a toddler can be. Parents snapped photos of their children crying and written the reason. They include broken crackers, dropped receipts and saying good morning. These kids are determined to wear their dirty underwear as hats and to shoplift pink socks, no matter what the consequences.

Captured in Canary Wharf, London, an amusing, if a little painful, video shows the sprightly challenger running up towards the gate. It swings open and knocks him backwards onto the floor.

The man was stunned when the chicken jumped out of his car at a shopping centre in the UK to make a quick getaway. He mouthed 'WTF, that's not mine!' to shoppers who shared his disbelief.

Dr Jean Paton-Ker, 41, was a GP at Shipston Medical Centre in Warwickshire when she secretly met the man in a pub after a flurry of text messages before going home with him for sex.

Pope Francis said Jesus would never have turned away transgender people and revealed he had ministered to homosexuals as a priest, bishop and now as Pope.



You're a long way from New Zealand! U.S. high school football team perform a haka - but is it disrespectful?

It may have generated more than half a million views on Facebook, but a haka performed by a U.S. high school football team has also angered many New Zealanders who believe it's inappropriate. The 35-second video, posted on the Facebook group Funny Tongan Memes/Vines, shows Middleton High School's football team in Idaho performing its version of the haka. It racked up 669,000 views and 4,729 shares, but it was also heavily criticism by New Zealanders for being disrespectful.

A Nigerian actress who has been banned from making films after holding hands with a singer in a music video has made a grovelling apology on Twitter. Rahama Sadau, 22, asked to be forgiven.

The featherless lovebird suffers from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) giving her an oven-ready look and was rescued by vets in Boston before she was adopted by Isabella Eisenmann.

Lianna Walden, 52, said was shocked when Mark, 54, from Vancouver, came out as bisexual, revealing he had been sleeping with other men. But she now says an open relationship improved their marriage.

Lyndsey Mann, from Armthorpe, near Doncaster, filmed the spooky clip on her mobile yesterday afternoon which shows her dryer rattling on a still and clear afternoon.

Hilarious photos of exploding lunches and burnt dinners revealed

These 15 pictures of cooking disasters shared on social media will make you feel better about your own kitchen skills. From left to right: One pictures shows you'll end up with a molten mess if you burn caramel, while another depicts a smoothie bowl that isn't remotely Pinterest-worthy. One man's lunch exploded all over his kitchen after his blender failed, while a woman smashed her glass Pyrex jug after burning cashew nuts in the microwave. In another photo, a man dangerously tries to cook nuggets on top of a toaster, and finally, one woman managed to burn a piece of greaseproof paper but failed to cook the pie she was trying to make for her dinner.