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Welsh man's kidneys swell up after being diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease

Rob Thomas (right), 44, from Pembroke Dock, Wales, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease - an illness which causes cysts to develop in the organs six years ago. It makes them swell up to four times their normal size and become up to 100 times heavier - causing pain, fatigue and eventually kidney failure. Currently, he only has 25 per cent kidney function and may need dialysis within just two years if his condition worsens. To make matters worse, it was discovered recently that his two young daughters Ruby, 10, and Abby, 6, (both left) have both inherited the condition.

England's 209 NHS clinical commissioning groups were ranked on their quality of cancer care in terms of survival rates, diagnosis times and timely treatment.

A nylon garment developed by scientists, from Sheffield Hallam University, uses inflatable sections to gently position the affected breast in the line of radiation beams.

A variant in the melanocortin-4 receptor - found in the area of the brain that controls appetite - makes sugary foods more unappealing, experts from Cambridge University found.

In this undated photo supplied by Ravi Naiknaware, Anushka Naiknaware works at her home in Beaverton, Ore, developing and testing a bandage that can tell medical workers when it's time for the dressing to be changed.  Naiknaware, 13,  finished in the top eight in an international science contest run by Google, won a $15,000 scholarship, a free trip to the Lego world headquarters in Denmark and a year's worth of entrepreneurship mentoring from a Lego executive. (Ravi Kaiknaware via AP)

Anushka Maiknaware, a seventh-grader at Stoller Middle School in Portland, Oregon, designed and tested a bandage that is embedded with tiny monitors to sense moisture levels.

New father Ryan Grassley posted an itemized bill to Reddit on Monday, showing how he his wife were charged for holding their son after he was born at a Utah hospital last month.

Ohio baby has life-saving operation to break his skull to correct the shape of his head

Kathleen Torres, 29, from Grafton, Ohio, noticed the unusual shape of her son Caleb's head after he was born (pictured right together after surgery) - but dismissed it as bruising from the delivery. The back of his skull was elongated and rectangular, while his forehead was pointed (left). She hoped it would even out over time, but decided to take him for tests when he was four months old to be sure it was normal. Doctors revealed he had craniosynostosis - a condition where the bones in the skull fuse prematurely before the baby's brain has had chance to fully grow - after a CT scan (inset). The mother-of-four was told he needed life-saving surgery to reshape his head or risk permanent brain damage.

Women over the age of 65 who consumed 261 milligrams of caffeine each day were less likely to develop dementia, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found.

Chloe Pinder, 24, from Lincolnshire, was told she had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia last year. She underwent chemotherapy in a bid to fight the disease but was warned she could die within months.

The register is being drawn up by the Royal College of Surgeons amid fears rogue clinics are using aggressive sales tactics. It aims to allow customers to find qualified doctors by postcode.

So far 84 cases of shigellosis have been recorded in Genesee County and 53 in Flint. The virus causes bloody diarrhea, fever, and nausea. It is usually the result of poor hygiene.

Researchers at Duke University compared the standard nerve stimulation technique with the less common approach of injecting Botox into the bladder. To their surprise, Botox was more effective.

Which fast food chain has the most calories

FEMAIL has found the same foods vary dramatically in terms of nutritional content according to which restaurant you go to after it compared six foods at six different chains. From left to right: Burger King had the unhealthiest chocolate milkshake (610 calories), while Five Guys' Cheeseburger contained more calories than any other at 830 calories. McDonald's Crispy Chicken Salad topped the list as it contains 265 calories, while Five Guys' fries were the unhealthiest, containing 953 calories. Burger King had the unhealthiest chicken burger, as its royale contains 570 calories. And McDonald's had the worst caramel sundae, containing 344 calories.

The anonymous submission from a single mother in Ireland reveals her struggles from looking after 20 patients to having so little money she worries she can't pay the bills. It already has 10,000 likes.

Mike and Kate Brandon, 31 and 33, of Bristol, travelled to Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Centre for last-ditch treatment. They have announced his second biopsy has come back clear.

Letting a baby lie flat or on their left side while still awake and settling after a meal can help to treat the condition, Kirsten Thompson, from the University of Western Australia, says.

Dr David Buss from the University of Texas and author Dr Duana Welch give their expert opinions on why exactly people cheat and why men and women feel differently about infidelity.

Osimertinib targets lung cancer tumours among people who have a specific genetic mutation. Esma Richardson, 38, from South Shields, says the drug has had a remarkable effect on her.

Peter Andre takes our health quiz

The 42-year-old British-Australian singer made his name flashing his abs in music videos for his hits Mysterious Girl and Flava. But he claims that was nothing, now he feels fitter than ever - despite eating chocolate every day and spending no more than 45 minutes in the gym at a time. Once a year he does a juice-only detox, to balance out his regular McDonald's cravings, and he rarely drinks alcohol.

Long periods sleeping in car seats may be dangerous for young babies, say scientists. The researchers used a simulator in a laboratory to replicate the effects of sleeping in a car seat.

Reduced sex drive is the health issue women feel most uncomfortable discussing with GPs, then discomfort during sex, according to research by intimate moisturiser manufacturer, Relpens.

Larger breeds of dogs are more likely to get taken for regular walks - because their owners need more physical exercise, researchers from Liverpool University discovered.

The thought of either candidate as president has left scores of voters struggling to sleep, suffering panic attacks, and even reporting heart palpitations.

Of all items marketed as gluten-free, 14 per cent actually have detectable traces of the protein in them, researchers from the University of Western Australia found.

When she was 15, Emily Steele from Essex stopped leaving the house. Almost overnight, she developed crippling anxiety and felt constantly as though she was about to be sick or break down in tears.

Secrets of an A-list body: We reveal how to get Kate Winslet's shapely calf muscles

Kate Winslet revealed her toned calf muscles at a screening of her latest film, The Dressmaker. The Berkshire actress has little time for the gym, but does 20 minutes of Pilates every day. The mother-of-three says she eats healthily, but is not a fan of 'faddy diets'. To get Winslet-worthy calves, we recommend a single leg calf raise to help tone your lower limbs. This workout is best done bare foot.

Toddler with painful eczema is 'shunned by strangers' who wrongly think his skin is

Roman Allen (right), from Milton Keynes, has suffered with eczema on his face since he was six months old. But his mother, Danielle (left), 25, says her son - whose cheeks crack and bleed as a result of the skin condition - regularly gets shunned in the street by strangers who accuse him of being 'contagious'. Some parents even recoil from Roman if they see him close by - snatching their own children away - wrongly fearing they will contract his condition. Mrs Allen, 25, said: 'I just wish people would stop treating my son like some kind of modern day leper.'

An intriguing new study, published last week by researchers at the University of Geneva, found that long-term exposure to aluminium chloride can trigger the development of 'very aggressive' tumours.

Recent research from the University of California found that women on cholesterol-lowering statins, particularly those aged over 45, experienced a rise in aggression as their cholesterol levels fell.

For 22 years, Michelle O'Connor from Derbyshire struggled with debilitating gut symptoms. She has bile acid malabsorption, which affects a million Britons a year, and is often misdiagnosed by doctors.

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health found lab mice would be willing to put themselves in danger or cut themselves off socially if it meant they could eat.

First-time mom, 60, weeps after giving birth to twins thanks to IVF

A 60-year-old woman has described her joy after delivering healthy twin boys. Claudette Cook married her husband Ross, 55, 10 years ago after meeting in church in Pike County, Indiana.  A year later she was told, at the age of 51, that she was too old to have children. Now, after exploring all kinds of assisted reproductive technology, the couple have become parents through IVF.

Fresh data suggests a correlation between the herbal remedies and life-threatening reactions, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. CVS has now pulled the tablets from its shelves.

Earlier this year, an American study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters found the anti-diabetic drug metformin in almost all of the 59 investigated streams.

Retired hotelier Peter Jenkins, 79, from Locks Heath near Southampton, has suffered four heart attacks, and is one of the first to try a new ICD pacemaker, as he tells SOPHIE GOODCHILD.

Maggie Hendey from the Isle of Wight asks Dr Scurr her husband's scar, which he has from a triple heart surgery. Our expert reveals a range of treatments for keloid- and hypertrophic scars.

As the NHS insists that we should all take the 'sunshine supplement' to beat bone disease,

Everyone should be taking Vitamin D pills according to health chiefs, to improve our bones and muscles and Public Health England advises taking a 10 microgram daily supplement. Six volunteers, including vegan Tony Bishop Weston (left), fitness fan Clare Delmar (second left), coffee drinker Paul Longmire (centre left), sun worshipper Gemma Johnson (centre right), office worker Susanna Murray-Burton (second right) and skincare queen Kathryn Cheston (right), took part in a test. They all took a blood test during August - when levels should have been the highest - to see if they were deficient in Vitamin D.

In the letter, organised by the Junior Doctors' Alliance, consultants said they were concerned by plans to create a 'truly seven-day NHS' - a phrase used by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Scientists from Jeonju University, Seoul, said those most likely to benefit from the invention are people with whose blood does not clot properly such as people with haemophilia and diabetes.

New research suggests that, when it comes to keeping the heart healthy, the super-trendy extra virgin olive oil may be no better than less fashionable oils that are half the price.

There is no doubt the Pill has liberated women, allowing them to take control of their reproduction, writes Dr MAX PEMBERTON. But has this come at a cost to their mental health?

Professor Jaydip Ray of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals says this development 'may provide an objective way to detect, measure and monitor common hearing disorders like never before.'

Researchers studied 11 babies diagnosed with Zika and found they had a range of neurological impairments aside from microcephaly that cause life-long neurological damage.

Megan Sargeant who was left unable to walk or talk following car crash becomes a ballerina

Megan Sargeant, 17, from Bagnall, Staffordshire, suffered life-changing injuries (right) after being involved in a car accident while on holiday in Florida in July last year. The student was put in a coma for five weeks to help her try to recover from her severe brain injury and fractured spine, pelvis and leg. Doctors revealed she may never regain consciousness. But after a grueling 18 month recovery, the keen ballet dancer (left) took part in her first public recital since the crash. Despite still needing the support of a leg splint, Megan is now working hard to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina following her recovery.

The bacteria was found on the skin of six babies at the Rosie Hospital at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge. None of the babies were infected as the bug had not entered the bloodstream.

Researchers at Sheffield University found that the Rac1 protein, which is essential for normal milk production, was also a vital element of the post-breastfeeding process in mice (stock image used).

The Prime Minister's simple, four-ingredient recipe - passed down from her mother - advises bakers to use one-and-a-half ounces of 'butter or margarine', as well as 'milk to bind'.

Scientists at the University of Bergen, Norway, found the age when father had first smoked and the length of the habit could both affect the risk of having an asthmatic child.

Researchers at Michigan State University in the U.S. rode a rollercoaster at Disney World all day while carrying a life-size replica of the kidney of a patient who'd passed stones after the ride.

Difficult upbringings leave a lasting imprint on health, according to the new research, led by scientists at the University of British Columbia (stock image used).

Mother-of-two is killed by sepsis after scratching her hand while gardening:

Lucinda Smith, 43, (pictured left and right with her children George, six, and Megan, nine) from Billericay, Essex, visited the doctor a few days after a minor scrape but was sent home. Three days later, she visited the local accident and emergency department where a simple blood test established she had contracted sepsis, a form of blood poisoning. She was placed on intravenous antibiotics immediately but was soon taken on to a critical ward, and died two days later.

The anonymous woman told of her grief after her parents failed to comfort her when she delivered the news that she is unable to have children - telling her that 'a lot of people have it worse'.

Thomson & Scott's Skinny Prosecco contains just 7g of sugar per litre. The makers are hoping to get it stocked in supermarkets across the UK after Italian restaurant chain Zizzi's introduced it to their menu.

Former Strictly judge Alesha Dixon, 37, claims she is never ill because she gave up meat four years ago. She eats fish and gave up because of what she found out about the farming industry.

A 65-year-old reader is worried about the growing number of fine lines and wrinkles on their neck - to which Dr Tracy advised laser treatment, claiming it can often delivers the best results.

Portsmouth mother gives birth to her son in just 22 mins after being 2 months early

Maria Harris, 29, from Portsmouth, was rushed to hospital after her waters broke after just 32 weeks in November 2014. Baby Jack was born 22 minutes after she arrived at the maternity ward (pictured left together) - preventing doctors from administering steroids to help him breathe. He spent five weeks in an incubator to help him develop (inset) - as he weighed just 4lbs 1oz upon arrival. Mrs Harris stayed with him for the first three days but then had to leave without him - causing her to feel 'deprived' of her own child. Jack was then discharged from hospital at Christmas. He has not suffered any long-term damage (pictured right earlier this year) but the family say they are scared of having a second child.

Ezcema sufferers don't produce a naturally-occuring protective compound known as human beta-defensin 2, researchers from Edinburgh University found.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Hannah Moore, 19, from Dorset, paid to have her leg amputated after she was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome leaving her in agony.

The number of foreign doctors working i the NHS should be cut after Brexit, with homegrown medics replacing them, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed in an interview with The Mail on Sunday.

An analysis by the London School of Economics found that rises in the amount of nitrogen dioxide are linked to an increase in accidents as the fumes can slow down a driver's reaction time.

Baby battles back after being born with rare condition Currariano Triad

A baby boy was born with a medical condition so rare that stunned doctors at London's top Great Ormond Street Hospital had never seen it before. Tiny Raymond Dean (pictured with parents Billie and James, from Norwich) is one of the few people anywhere in the world to have been born with Currariano Triad - which is almost unheard of. The tot was born (pictured inset) with a deformed rectum that stopped him defecating, an abscess on his perinaeum and severe problems with his tailbone. But seven months on Mrs Dean said their pride and joy little boy is 'thriving' - despite the everyday challenge of having to live with a colostomy bag.

For years eggs were off the menu for many, first over fears of salmonella and then because high cholesterol. But they are now enjoying boom in sales and are good for mothers-to-be.

The wife of adventurer Ben Fogle has spoken out after she received 'judgement' from 'smug' mothers after her son was delivered by caesarean section. Mother-of-two Marina, 37, said woman can be 'b****y'

The test, devised for FEMAIL by Chester Santos, author of Instant Memory Training for Success, tests how sharp you really are. But can you up your score by heeding his advice?

Scientists have discovered the reason why so many seemingly strait-laced women end up eloping with exotic lovers, and why Shirley Valentine-style relationships so often ultimately fail.

Glaswegian woman wakes up thinking she is an Olympic athlete after rare brain disease

Nicola Money, 26, from Glasgow, was diagnosed with the auto immune disorder, Susac syndrome, which is thought to affect just three people in the UK. Doctors initially thought she had multiple sclerosis or meningitis before they diagnosed the rare condition. She forgot how to talk and walk and the condition also robbed her of five years of memories. She has no recollection of going to Paris (right) and struggles to recognise people in the street. But she has managed to re-learn how to walk and talk and now has a job in insurance.

In a leaked memo from inside the health board covering North Wales, a senior director says the term belongs in the 1970s and is like using the word 'spastic'.

Everyone should be taking Vitamin D pills, according to health chiefs, to improve our bones and muscles and Public Health England advises taking a 10 microgram daily supplement.

The Nobel Assembly at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute has announced the Japanese cell biologist (pictured) as the winner of the 2016 prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London, asked volunteers to rate pictures of different faces for attractiveness and found those placed next to 'plainer friends' were deemed prettier.

Sally Phillips is accused of making mums-to-be feel guilty over Down's syndrome abortion

In a BBC2 documentary about her child Olly, 12, actress Sally Phillips said those who find out they are carrying a baby with the condition are too often pressurised by doctors to terminate their pregnancy. The programme, to be screened on Wednesday night, is provocatively titled A World Without Down's Syndrome? and explores the rewards of parenting a disabled child, as Miss Phillips meets different people with the condition (left and right). Jane Fisher (inset), of the support group Antenatal Results and Choices, said: 'It risks offering the suggestion to those who have decided (to have an abortion) that they have made the wrong decision.'

Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton from Queensland want to get married and have children but their concerned parents fear they will never be ready because of their Down Syndrome.

The NHS is about to launch a new, more accurate scanning method for detecting if an unborn child has the extra 21st chromosome that defines Down's syndrome.

A BBC Panorama investigation tonight reveals the hidden costs from type 2 diabetes. Martin Claridge, a surgeon from the Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, says he is 'worried'.

Scientists from five of Britain's top universities have collaborated with the NHS to launch the pioneering treatment described as 'one of the first serious attempts at a full cure for HIV'.

Thank you for saving my life, Joe! The heartfelt words of Dylan, 7, as he met the stranger

Joe Partridge, 32, from Manchester, saved little Dylan Bennett's life after his stems cells cured the youngster of a rare disease called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. Father-of-two Mr Partridge donated his stem cells which were taken from his blood were transfused into Dylan (right) to cure a rare immune disorder. Even more remarkably, at the time the two were complete strangers. Last weekend, surrounded by their families, Dylan and Joe, an engineer, met for the first time, and The Mail on Sunday was invited to witness the moment (left). Dylan, who was two when he received the transplant, had a gift for his donor - a toy lion wearing a T-shirt with the words My Hero Joe. Thanks For Saving Me.

The General Medical Council has launched an investigation, after it emerged that some websites were giving out prescriptions for conditions for which they might not even work.

Dr James Brown, of Aston University in Birmingham, who made the discovery, said: 'Britain has among the highest cholesterol levels in the world.'

Personal trainer Matt Roberts said that we all need to continuously push ourselves to maintain and improve our fitness levels and advises a swimmer to add a muscle-conditioning session to their routine.

Surgeons are using astonishingly accurate 3D printed bones to help fix severe fractures, speeding up recovery and saving patients from repeat operations - and even amputations.

Anorexic Stockport teen whose organs are failing is checked into clinic as 'last hope'

Adele Clay (right), 25, from Stockport, was taken to hospital after her heart rate dropped to a dangerous level as a result of hypothermia as a result of her anorexia. Her drastic weight loss had caused a reduction in her fat cells - the body's natural insulation method. Her mother, Yvonne (left, pictured together), 47, claims her condition became so bad that many hospitals had turned her down for being 'too unwell'. She made desperate pleas in a heart-breaking video before her daughter - who has suffered with eating disorders since she was 12 - was eventually offered a bed at a specialist clinic in London.

Women under 46 who had both of their reproductive organs removed - in a bilateral oophorectomy - were at a higher risk of multiple conditions, researchers from Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, found.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Celebrity Big Brother star Natasha Hamilton, 34 from Liverpool, will attempt to give up smoking as part of Stoptober - Public Health England's quit smoking campaign.

Produced by NHS Choices and the British Heart Foundation, the updated tool offers advice and intervention to help lower the heart's age and keep you alive for longer.

The therapy, called T-VEC, works by infecting and killing cancer cells with a genetically-modified form of the herpes virus. NHS watchdog NICE has recommended it for immediate use.

London schoolgirl spends weeks in coma after birthmark on her BRAIN popped

Rachel Cunningham, 12, from London, went to school complaining of a headache in February. She collapsed after suffering a massive brain haemorrhage and needed emergency surgery.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told food companies that as eating out 'is no longer a treat' and that they need to play their part in the Government reforms to reduce the nation's waistline.

In laboratory tests, mice were given a two-week stay in a large cage packed with toys - and the exciting environment appeared to boost their white blood cells, which fight off infections.

Unwelcome outbreaks often correlate to different times in your cycle - with hormones causing everything from greasiness to dryness. Susan Curtis has put together a handy calendar.

The annual BBC Good Food Nation Survey has found a staggering generation-gap in eating habits, with adults eating fast food twice a week compared to 14 times or more for 16 -20-year-olds.

Fantastic feasts to end the week: Eat to beat diabetes with these amazingly indulgent

In the final part of DR MICHAEL MOSLEY'S eight week diet plan, he offers his top tips for long-term success and recipes for weekend dinners and brunches. including steak strips, pictured left, Moroccan meatballs, bottom right and egg muffins, top right.

Sam Hemming, 22, was confirmed brain dead after suffering horrific injuries when the car she was travelling in flipped over on the M6 motorway - but she has now been dubbed a 'walking miracle.'

Doctors found that Hannah Lyson, of Lancashire, had five tumours in her bowel and liver. The teenager says doctors initially misdiagnosed her after she complained of back ache and constipation.

Tom Hanks returns to the role of Professor Robert Langdon - hero of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code - for a third time in Inferno but admits he's the exact opposite of the character.

A study commissioned by Leeds-based Privilege Insurance reveals bizarre ingredients used by the food and drink industry, including one derived from human hair for prolonging the shelf-life of bread.

Family of grandmother with Alzheimer's say disease has made her always HAPPY

Maureen Barnett, was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2003 and developed Alzheimer's three years ago. The family, from Somerset, said it as though 'a happy switch' is permanently on. Daughter Michelle Pattenden, pictured with her mother, said the 65-year-old was always friendly but now 'appreciates everything'. She said: 'It's wonderful. She goes for a walk and she points out beautiful flowers or trees.'

After watching his mother's decline at the cruel hands of dementia for 11 years, the time has finally come for the Australian family of Jacquie Heath to say goodbye to her as doctors say she has a day to live.

Beauty blogger, Ana Chavarria, from California, swears that a very precise mix of beer, a raw egg and safflower oil is the secret to 'shinier, softer hair'. She posted a clip on Instagram of her applying it.

Olivia Mae Woodward (pictured) was found at her Sheffield Hallam University halls of residence, having died from a condition that causes a fatal cardiac arrest with no warning.

For women, the chances of entering the ninth decade of life have risen by more than a third over the past 30 years to 68.8 per cent. For men, it has nearly doubled to 57.4 per cent.

Cornwall mother whose baby died from sepsis gives birth to a healthy son

Melissa Mead, 29, from Penryn, Cornwall, gave birth to Arthur 'William' (right) earlier this week. But she says the joyous occasion was tinged with sadness that he will never get to meet his older brother. The family's first-born William (inset and left with Mrs Mead) died in 2014 aged just 12 months when a string of NHS failures led to his case of sepsis not being properly recognised. A report into his death criticised GPs, out-of-hours services and a 111 call handler who failed to spot the symptoms. But Mrs Mead launched a successful campaign to bring about changes to legislation in the hope of avoiding future deaths.

London-based facial cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva says patients can age their faces by as much as ten years by making poor lifestyle choices.

One in ten women reported an 85 per cent decrease in the frequency of their flushes after having acupuncture treatment, researchers from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, found.

Figures released by NHS Digital showed women, aged 16 to 24, were three times more likely to self-harm than men of the same age. Charities called the rise 'alarming'.

Researchers from Cambridge University evaluated the effects of an olive oil, fish and nut-rich diet on the health of ordinary people in England - and found it could prevent deaths.

Birmingham mechanic who lost limbs from blood poisoning can work again with bionic arm

Mark Camamile, 33, from Nottingham, was rushed to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital after his lips turned blue and he collapsed. He awoke from a medically-induced coma to discover he had both legs and right hand amputated after contracting the blood poisoning infection septicaemia (right, with son Kealen and daughter Chloe, in hospital). He and awoke from a medically-induced coma. Mr Camamile's work colleagues raised £27,000 in just 5 days so he could be fitted with the life-changing tool (left, with mother Joy and wife Wendy). He said: I've been playing around with the hand and can't believe how well I've taken to it.'

A review of more than 40 previous studies by Italian experts found the biggest benefits were seen in cancer of the stomach and oesophagus, where apples nearly halved tumour risk.

Nutritionists Lily Soutter and Shona Wilkinson, from London, share their tips for what to eat when you're trying to lose weight. They say quinoa will 'fight sugar cravings', and almonds keep you 'fuller for longer'.

Kieran Sandwell, 45, from Hertfordshire, suffered a heart attack at 13 and heart failure at 35. He had a heart transplant seven years ago and donated his old, failed organ to medical research.

In 2014 there were a total of 73,189 deaths with a recorded mention of dementia, a nine per cent increase on 2011, a report from Public Health England found.

Father given a kidney by his mother gets ANOTHER from his daughter 24 years later

Mark Bradley's kidney - given to him by his mother Evelyn in 1992 (pictured right together on the front of their local newspaper) - began to fail last year, causing him to have headaches and feel sick. The 54-year-old, from Carnforth, Lancashire, was put on the donor register and his family were tested in an attempt to find a new organ. Eventually his daughter Georgia (pictured together left), 31, was found to be match and donated her kidney to help him get better. Mr Bradley had his first transplant at the age of 30 after both his kidneys failed. He had been on dialysis for four months until his mother was able to donate one of her kidneys to him (inset, the family 24 years ago).

Scientists at the University of Utah looked at the case of a 38-year-old man who contracted Zika from his infected father. He had helped to care for his father and wiped away tears with his bare hands.

The Zika virus can infect and alter cells in the human nervous system that are crucial for formation of bones and cartilage in the skull, a study has revealed.

EXCLUSIVE: Almost a third of cervical cancer patients feel there is a lack of help available. Kate Bolton, 44, from London, reveals how she was left in the dark about the side effects of treatment.

Professor Bas Rokers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison led a study that found motion blindness is caused by a failure of the brain, and has nothing to do with our eyes.

The NHS Down's screening the critics say will lead to more abortions

Many are questioning the ethics of the decision to offer the NIPT test to all pregnant women on the NHS, including Nicola Sparrow (bottom right), of Tadworth, Surrey, pictured with daughter Lily. Sarah Costerton, from Sutton, (pictured top right with her daughter Beth), and Beth Butler, from Corfe Mullen, Dorset, (main with her son Seth) are both also delighted they kept their babies.

A study involving ten million patients from the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany found people who regularly take the painkiller pills are up to 20 per cent more likely to develop heart failure.

Yogabed surveyed 2,000 Americans to examine just how much fatigue impacts a relationship. According to the survey, one in seven couples have nearly split because they can't sleep in bed with partners

SOS Viagra Sausages are on sale today for £4.99 from Fathers4Justice. They contain L'Arginine, ginseng and horny goat weed which claim to help with erectile dysfunction.

The time of day you do various beauty tasks - and the order you do them in - can dramatically influence their effectiveness. So what are the secrets of the beauty body clock?

The problem with foods that are rich in refined carbs is that they are rapidly broken down and digested by the body, creating a spike in blood sugar levels, writes DR MICHAEL MOSLEY.

Tom Walker, 36, from Caerphilly, noticed a post from a friend whose daughter was treated for a brain tumour and recognised the symptoms. Scans revealed he had a 6cm growth.

Liverpool budding singer reveals she was fat-shamed by a music producer

Poppy Hughes, 22, from Liverpool, saw her weight rocket to 14 stone 8 lbs and a size 16 (left). But after a music producer told her she needed to lose weight for a music video she finally hit the gym. 'I always remember being asked to record a song,' she recalled. 'The producer said to me that if it was going to go to video, I needed to lose weight. His words struck a nerve with Poppy, who said: 'I obviously wasn't happy with the way I looked - I used to cry in the mirror every day and cry to my mum.' She eventually hit the gym (inset) and mastered the art of portion control to lose five stone in just over a year.

Regulators found the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust was so dysfunctional that 44 per cent of patients calling at the weekend abandoned their calls.

Research by University College London, based on the responses of 575,000 users on the NHS Choices website, shows some men and women in their mid-40s had hearts typical of 60-year-olds.

Neurologists at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have found that clock neurons in our brains release a signal that activates other neurons that govern how thirsty we feel.

Some figures show the numbers discharged overnight, such as 74-year-old Elsie Allanson (pictured with her daughter), from Tadcaster in North Yorkshire, could be as high as 400 a night.

Mother who was told her pregnancy could KILL her says she'd risk it all again after having

Rachel Kierstenson (pictured left during pregnancy), 37, from Hertford, was diagnosed with cancer after finding a lump in her right breast. She was given the all clear just months later but the damaging effects of chemotherapy (inset) meant her chances of having a family were slim. Doctors warned that even if she did fall pregnant, the cancer, which is triggered by a change in hormones, may return and put her life in danger. Despite the risks, Mrs Kierstenson and husband, Michael, 36, were desperate to have a baby and began trying to conceive naturally. Two years later the couple turned to IVF and after just one round, she became pregnant and gave birth to son, Logan (right).


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