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No need to mourn the end of summer: Magnificent photos celebrate autumn's crimson leaves,

NEW For many people, autumn marks the most beautiful season of the year, as evidenced in these photos captured as the trees shed their leaves in Britain, Tuscany, Canada and beyond. Pictured (main) a forest pathway shrouded with fiery leaves in Derbyshire, (bottom right) a pair of hedgehogs nestled together in a German park and (bottom left) Scotland's Loch Ard in the early morning fog.

Bronze statue honors famed Istanbul cat Tombili

A rather plump cat who found fame after a photo of him 'chilling out' swept the web, has had a statue erected in his honor. Tombili from Istanbul, who passed away in August, was apparently known for lounging on the curb with his belly hanging out and his front paw up. And now, a statue has been installed in the feline's favourite spot, with his chilled-out pose captured for posterity. Many fans of Tombili have applauded the piece of art, while others are less keen on it.

Fantastic fjords and beautiful beaches: Breathtaking photos from Lonely Planet's immense

Lonely Planet's new edition of its voyage bible, The Travel Book, is extremely heavy - but that should come as no surprise, because it's laden with descriptions and facts for every country in the world and is stunningly furnished with more than 800 photographs. These spectacular images capture the unique essence of exotic travel destinations around the world. The book's odyssey starts in Afghanistan and circumnavigates the globe from A to Z, ending with Zimbabwe, and visiting every single country in between, from Norway's Geirangerfjord and Seven Sisters waterfall (top), to the seascapes of New Zealand (bottom left) and the mountains of Turkey (bottom right).

Inside 'the most haunted city in America': Take a tour of Savannah's spooky Historic

NEW There are more dead people buried under the pavements of Savannah than there are living people walking on top. For all its pretty cobblestoned squares and antebellum townhouses, the exquisite seafood and Southern generosity, this small port on the frontier of Georgia and South Carolina has a dark underbelly: grisly tales of sordid murder, haunted houses and a colonial-era graveyard (inset) decorated with the lingering entrails of Spanish moss. Savannah could well claim to be America’s most haunted city. That’s why, this Thursday evening, I’m being driven round its deserted squares in the back of a hearse.

Data from Google over the past year reveals the common searches made about the UK from users elsewhere in Europe - and the questions that surfaced aren't entirely flattering.

A Qantas plane flying from Darwin to Brisbane was forced to turn around an hour into the flight last Friday, after a fault developed with the air conditioning and the plane dropped 30,000 feet.

Video shows skydiver Anthony Killen soar over rainbow in the shape of a perfect circle 

Anthony Killen, a Brit who was on his first skydive with an instructor over New Zealand's Bay of Islands, was 'laughing and ecstatic' when they spotted the technicolour spectrum. While actually witnessing this sight is a freak occurrence, the formation itself is not. All rainbows in their complete form are circular, we just can't see them from the ground, or from anywhere other than directly over them.

MailOnline Travel spoke to two experts who explained why plane ticket prices fluctuate so dramatically, and whether it's best to book early or wait for last-minute deals.

The Chinese tourist went on a five-day tour of North Korea. He said even tourists have to bow to statues of Kim Jong-un or face arrest and that the press constantly issue fake stories about North Korea.

China's 816 Nuclear Military Plant, the world's largest man made cave, is now open to

The 816 Nuclear Military Plant, located in the mountains of Fuling district in China's Chongqing municipality, was designed to manufacture plutonium in the 1960s, but never went into operation. It covers 1.1 million square feet, with more than 130 roads and tunnels (left) as well as educational light displays (top and bottom right).

People have shared the typical breakfast meal in their home country. In western countries, cheese or jam on toast and cereal are very popular, and in places like Indonesia and Japan, rice is a staple dish

Bartenders form the US, Australia and UK have been sharing their views on how certain people order certain drinks. Chances are, your favourite tipple says a lot about your personality.

Hidden treasures: Intrepid caver reveals stunning frozen sculptures lurking inside a

Stretching from floor-to-ceiling these incredible ice stalactites look particularly eerie as they shine from the darkness and protrude from a cavern of red rock. The unusual frozen formations were captured by intrepid caver, Peter Gedei, at the Ivacic Cave hidden under the highest peak in Slovenia, Triglav. During his recent expedition, he also discovered a thick frozen bed of water which he said shone in 'beautiful colourful layers' when it was lit.

Claude Amoulric from Orange, France, says it has been an occupation he's thoroughly enjoyed for the past 33 years. Apart from the times he had a gun pointed at his head.

New research has revealed that Mexico is the easiest place in the world to pass a driving test, simply because residents don't have to take one.

See the leaves turn in beautiful Boston: For shoppers, historians or sports fans, this New

MailOnline Travel's Rebecca Seales saw summer go out in a blaze of glory in blissful Boston. And beyond the reds, russets, and gold, this classy city offers cosy shopping boutiques, great restaurants, imposing museums, and – for sports fans – top-flight baseball care of the Red Sox.

The scheme was trialed in Grenoble and is now being extended to 35 train stations across France. Users can choose a one, three or five-minute story from a machine for free.

The New York-based airline has kicked off a new program to turn those with little or zero flying experience into captains of the skies.

From the church so small its congregation sits outside to the chapel balanced half way

A new book, Tiny Churches, by intrepid traveller Dixe Wills, explores the fascinating and varied histories of 60 of the country's most diminutive churches, from the church in Wiltshire so small the congregation sit outside to the chapel balanced halfway down a remote Pembrokeshire cliff. MailOnline Travel has rounded up a selection of some of the most beguiling churches featured in the book.

Witnesses at London Stansted Airport claimed children were crying and tempers flared as returning holidaymakers battled to make it to baggage reclaim shortly after midnight.

A group of teenagers captured their friend being thrown out of his boat and almost flipping it over after giving it too much gas while showing off on a river somewhere in Australia.

The stunning 'Stairway to Heaven' video of a luxury Swiss hotel's infinity pool that's made a HUGE splash on the internet... with more than 1.2m hits

Stepping into a steamy pool of water with the Swiss mountains visible in the cloudy twilight - this is the scene captured in a new video which has swiftly gone viral. Entitled Stairway to Heaven, the 39-second-long clip shows a woman getting into the infinity pool at the five-star Hotel Villa Honegg in Switzerland. The aquamarine waters seemingly have no end, as they run over an invisible edge to make way for sweeping views of the valley below. Towards the end of the video, a shot from high up reveals there is also a hot tub in the corner of the L-shaped pool.

A waterfront five-storey mansion in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill sold for a whopping $11 million in just 15 minutes after the opening bid was placed at $9.5 million.

The high-speed railway technology will use magnetic train-like pods to shuttle passengers and freight around a network of tubes at close to 1,220km/h. Pictured is an artist's impression.

Fascinating drone footage reveals the inside of an eerie 70,000-year-old cave

Bats rule the roost when it comes to caves, ducking and diving through their dank dwellings. And now new drone footage attempts to mimic a bat's point of view, taking viewers inside the eerie Devetashka cave in Bulgaria that was inhabited as far back as 70,000 years ago, but is now home to around 30,000 bats. Footage captured by a YouTube channel reveals a giant cavern with large holes punctuating the length of it. At one point the camera steadily hovers along a dirt walkway. The lens then circles around to give a near-360-degree view of the 100ft-high craggy ceilings. Later the camera swoops down to foot level, narrowly missing some inky puddles as it grazes the floor. It then continues to fly, revealing a small stream of water running through the cave down below.

A photographer has captured the moment of unbridled joy on the face of rescued dogs as they prepare to catch a treat. Manuela Kulpa said it could take up to 80 times to get the perfect snap.

World-famous Hulk, who shot to fame last year in a viral video, weighs in at 181lb while tiny Mami is just five pounds. But they still spend all day together at their kennels in New Hampshire.

Unicorn-themed cafe in Bangkok features rainbow-coloured carpet and CARBONARA

Unicorns might be the things of dreams but this certainly isn't - a pink cafe dedicated to the mythical beasts. The Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, features a psychedelic mix of furnishings, from rainbow-coloured carpeting to Barbie-pink armchairs. Taking things to an even more mystical level is the food menu - which features rainbow-coloured strands of carbonara and a volcano-shaped creation named 'spaghetti meatball lava cheese'.

The Seataci, a $100million (£77million) luxury yacht envisioned by Montreal-based engineer Charles Bombardier, is designed to travel through water with the help of a wave motion rather than propellers.

Photographer David Yarrow, 49 and based in London, shared some guidelines with MailOnline Travel, from which angles are best avoided, to what time of day you should be shooting.

The pictures were taken by Augustus Sherman, the chief registry clerk on Ellis Island - the gateway for 12 million immigrants passing through to start a new life in America between 1892 and 1954.

A UK study carried out by finance firm Varooma found the idea of a flying car was most popular with 18-24-year-olds,and people aged 55-64 were not quite so enthusiastic.

Abandoned Britain: Haunting photographs capture the derelict churches, hotels and mansions

Peeled paint, crumbling brickwork and rotten timbers are a common theme in this striking photo series, which unearths abandoned buildings across the UK. Simon Yeung makes it his mission to highlight the beauty of decay through photography, capturing dilapidated train stations, hotels, churches, mansions and hospitals on his travels. He says he finds it 'tragic' how scores of buildings are left to crumble and rot, but he understands how the money needed to save them from peril is often too much. In a bid to get the desired shots, Yeung admits that he often puts himself in dangerous situations as he ventures into structures on the verge of collapse.

This is the hair-raising moment a plane is forced to take back off and circulate Birmingham Airport after it fails to land the first time, when it gets caught in a crosswind.

Locals and tourists have been sharing tips for which landmarks to avoid for being too busy, expensive or fake. Florida Mall, Empire State Building and Amsterdam Flower Market all feature.

Morrisons becomes 'Morons' and Starbucks 'Sucks': The worst neon sign fails revealed

From a Morrisons sign reading 'Morons' to a Starbucks Coffee banner announcing 'Sucks Coffee', these are an example of the unfortunate spelling errors that can occur when neon signs malfunction. Amused bystanders from around the world have been busy sharing some of the most hilarious - and sometimes rude - neon sign fails they've encountered. Indeed, Instagram user @cawsin from Vancouver said he had to stop the car and take a photo when he spotted a burned-out sign for the pharmaceutical company London Drugs mistakenly reading 'ON DRUGS.' And it's clear that one passerby had a giggle after spotting a sign for the Ortiz Funeral Home in New York wrongly reading 'ORTIZ FUN HOUSE.' But there are dozens more to have a chuckle at. Here MailOnline Travel reveals some of the most comical neon sign fails around...

Dr. Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University says experiences give people satisfaction and help us to bond, so communities and governments should increase funding for shared outdoor spaces.

Travel expert and founder of advice blog GodSaveThePoints has joined forces with MailOnline Travel to reveal the apps that will effortlessly streamline your next trip.

The dark side of Venice revealed: Exploring the city's mysterious lagoon islands...

Rowing across the Venetian lagoon after a thunderous storm raged had an eerie feel. And exploring some of the hundreds of islands slowly sinking into the murky waters proved to be an even eerier experience. Tumbled down quarantine stations dating back to the Black Death, mental asylums and old monasteries where Casanova would apparently have his pick of nuns, were some of the spots we encountered as we sailed around. Poveglia - believed to be of the world's most haunted locations - was our first port of call. Pictured top left, right and centre is Poveglia, pictured bottom left, 16th-century graffiti from shipping merchants at Lazzaretto Vecchio, and bottom right, views over the plague pit at the museum island.

The dramatic scenery of the Scottish Highlands is portrayed in stunning beauty in this astonishing set of photographs taken by Daniel Casson, which feature amazing views of extraordinary landscapes.

Health inspectors who raided the Sanctum Soho Hotel in central London last year found the kitchens stank of mouse urine and even saw a rodent dash from a storage area during their visit.

Inside Japan's abandoned Western Village theme park that remains frozen in time

In Nikko, a city about 70 miles north of the Japanese capital Tokyo, there is a multi-million dollar theme park featuring replicas of Clint Eastwood (inset) and Mount Rushmore (top right). The eerie attraction has been abandoned since 2007 and now looks more like the set (top left and bottom right) for the 1973 horror film, Westworld, where robotic androids took over a theme park.

The Amalfi coast has been a spot for holidaymakers since Roman times and towns like Sorrento, Capri and Positano have some of the world's top eateries thanks to their seafood, lemons and pizza.

In this photo taken Sept. 27, 2016 in the flooded Hranicka Propast, or Hranice Abyss, in the Czech Republic Polish explorer Krzysztof Starnawski, left, and Bartlomiej Grynda, right, are reading images from a remotely-operated underwater robot, or ROV, that went to the record depth of 404 meters ,1,325 feet, revealing the limestone abyss to be the world's deepest flooded cave, during the 'Hranicka Propast - step beyond 400m' expedition led by Starnawski and partly funded by the National Geographic. (AP Photo/ Marcin Jamkowski)

A team of explorers say they have revealed an underwater cave to be the world's deepest, at 404 meters (1,325 feet) down, near the eastern Czech town of Hranice.

These candid images were captured by Gina Nero, who spent a month exploring the Caribbean island, photographing its colouful streets and befriending the locals.

The minimalist cabin in New York was built by Jason and Suzanne Koxvold in the garden of their holiday home. It comes with a double bed but it also doubles up as a library.

MailOnline Travel's Jake Wallis Simons travelled to Scotland on the sleeper train to stay with his kids at five-star Cameron House on Loch Lomond, but was disappointed by the poor service at the hotel

=Inside the abandoned Soviet gulag that's now a popular attraction for DIVERS

An abandoned Soviet gulag has become a popular dive site for adventurous explorers and tombstone jumpers thanks to the crystal-clear lake that now submerge much of the building. Rummu prison (inset) in Estonia was abandoned some 25 years ago when Stalin's empire collapsed and more than half of the 75ft building has since been flooded. Scuba divers from across Europe now flock to the area to explore the ruins of the prison.

TV presenter Amanda Byram travelled to the Maldives on her honeymoon where she stayed at One&Only; Reethi Rah, a resort designed to make every guest 'feel like a king'.

The cynical trade in British travellers' personal details that is fuelling a rise in bogus holiday sickness claims has been exposed today by The Mail on Sunday.

Photos capture tourists' expressions of terror inside Nightmares Fear Factory, Ontario

These hilarious photographs capture the exact moment visitors to a horror theme park came face-to-face with terror inside the attraction. The images were captured as groups of people made their way through Nightmares Fear Factory in Ontario, Canada - a popular tourist attraction that claims to be the 'scariest haunted house' in the region. And even after decades in business, the attraction still draws countless thrill-seekers each year.

Author Giles Milton travelled to Santorini and discovered that, along with its glittering sister islands in the Cyclades, the seductive island has completely reinvented itself.

The Mail On Sunday's Steve Turner embarked on a cruise around Africa, where he explored the local markets and sampled the traditional food and drink from the continent.

Melbourne passenger captures moment a sea of clouds is transformed into 'molten lava'

Most people expect to see a monotonous sea of clouds when they're flying at 37,000ft. But when one passenger looked out of her window mid-flight, she was surprised to discover that her plane appeared to be flying over a lava-spewing volcano (right). The vision that Penny Bowman from Melbourne, Australia, was greeted with was in fact an optical illusion created by the setting sun (inset). The traveller managed to photograph the moments just before (left) and after the incredible light show.

The Mail On Sunday's Caron Kemp travelled to Disneyland in Paris on the Eurostar with her three children in tow. The service meant she could hop the train and go straight to the park.

James Gibson was duped out of over £3,000 when he tried to rent an Ibiza apartment but he is not alone. Here, the Crafty Traveller investigates how you can stay clear of home-sharing site scams.

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai has a gold and marble bathroom covering a whopping 1,163 square feet, while the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong has a 700-square-foot bathroom with its own sauna.

Just a few kilometres from the bustling coastal towns of Bardolino, Lazise and Garda, Villa Cordevigo is the perfect spot to relax and visit Italy's largest and most glorious lake.

Winners Red Bull Illume adrenaline-junkie photo contest capture daredevil stunts amid

These enthralling photos are the winners and top 55 runner-ups in this year's Red Bull Illume Awards. Photographer Lorenz Holder was crowned the Overall Winner for his breathtaking shot of athlete Senad Grosic riding his BMX bike across a bridge in Germany (bottom left), Ken Etzel caught rock climber Wiz Fineron finding himself in a tight spot on the side of a cliff in Grampians, Australia (bottom left), and (bottom right) Alexandre Voyer shot diver Marianne Aventurier face-to-face with an enormous shark at the Azores Islands in Portugal.

China's first suspended railway has completed its test run without a hitch on Friday. The hanging train carriages were filmed in action in Chengdu as they zipped along the elevated monorail at 60kmph.

Raphael and Maribel Martinez comfort their son Andy after a press conference at their lawyer's office, Friday Sept. 30, 2016, in New York.  Maribel Martinez has filed a lawsuit against JetBlue Airways for mixing up Andy with another boy and flying him to the wrong city.  (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

The little boy, Andy Martinez, had been mistakenly put on a flight to Boston's Logan Airport instead of the flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport on August 17.

Strictly winner Chris Hollins travelled to the PGA Catalunya Resort, near Barcelona, with his father, John. The resort is home to an 18-hole course that's ranked number one in Spain.

The 'die-in' (pictured) comes two weeks before government rules on whether to build a third runway at Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, or at its smaller London rival Gatwick.

The Inspector called in at Batty Langley's in London's Spitalfields. The Georgian B&B; features a mix of period furnishings and antiques and there's superb bacon butties in the mornings.

It's all going on in Paphos, one of the great archaeological sites of the Eastern Med, as it gets ready to take centre stage of European culture.

As the great-niece of the Doctor Zhivago author, Anna Pasternak knows that the best way to experience Russia is on a wintry literary pilgrimage.

Inside the Valle dei Mulini in Sorrento abandoned mills that fed Italy's pasta industry

If you happen to traipse into these woods in Italy, you're in for a big surprise. The Valle dei Mulini, or 'Valley of Mills', in Sorrento is home to a beautifully haunting menagerie of abandoned mills, which were once part of the area's pasta production industry. Emerging from the undergrowth, the ruined buildings - which date as far back as the 13th century - can be seen as you enter the deep gorge.

Jeffrey Milstein, renowned for his aerial observations of U.S. cities, hired a helicopter earlier this month to document London from above.

As these photographs show, in jam-packed cities such as Mumbai, Beijing and Tokyo, hoards of people jostle for space in a relentless fight that, for many, has simply become a way of life.

Anthony Lassman, co-founder of London-based lifestyle-management company, Nota Bene Global, charges clients more than £20,000 ($26,000) a year in return for bespoke experiences.

In the drunken message now sweeping the Twittersphere, Annie - who is based between Nottingham and York - wrote to Gatwick on Facebook: 'Hey xx everything okay xx.'

Data released by Forbes reveals where today's billionaires live in the world, with almost a third of them residing in the U.S.

It once stood as a grand hotel and has a proud history, having housed injured soldiers during the First World War, but these photos show how The Rest in Porthcawl, South Wales, is now abandoned.

Adorable bear cub in Cambodia strikes comical poses as she balances on two legs

With her mouth agape and bright, wondrous eyes, it's impossible not to look at this baby bear and smile. The tiny female cub was photographed when she was just four months old, weighing little more than a newborn baby at 9.9lbs. Shots show her striking various comical poses, from confidently balancing on her back legs to seemingly smiling as she sits on a weighing scale. The striking images were captured by Australian wildlife photographer Alex Cearns during a visit to the Free The Bears rescue centre in Cambodia.

The price of coffees on five low-cost carriers departing from the UK were compared in a new study and the results will surprise you. The mark-up can be anywhere between 500 to over 4,000 per cent.

It's an ancient trade hub fringed by some of the world's most important historic cities and the Mediterranean offers infinite variety for cruises.

Azura is comprised of 20 private villas trimmed with infinity pools, nestled on the tiny pristine island of Benguerra off the coast of Africa's Mozambique - and might just be the most romantic place on earth.

From navigating your way around on-board etiquette to knowing what to pack and winning a golden ticket to the captain's table, follow these tips to make sure your cruise sails along without a glitch.

When fish fight back! The amazing moment two men are knocked off their feet by thousands of rampaging fish after they stretch a net across a narrow river

Two fisherman, believed to be from south east Asia, made the catch of their lives after thousands of fish cascaded down a river and into their net. As the video starts, the men are seen holding a net over a narrow river as a few fish flop over it, while a couple are caught. But the stream of fish suddenly intensifies, with dozens of them piling in and hitting the pair in the face. The school of the fish rushing through the water and the air is so enormous that both men get knocked off their feet and lose their grip on the net. Despite this, when the chaos subsides - and the men have scrambled back to their feet - the water calms and a huge haul of fish can be seen caught up in the net.


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