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Superhero funeral to honor 6-year-old fatally shot at school

A six-year-old boy who died after a teenage gunman opened fire at a South Carolina elementary school will be remembered on Wednesday as a superhero. Jacob Hall's family have encouraged people to dress as superheroes to celebrate what he enjoyed. 'We want to honor Jacob, celebrate Jacob, in a way he would love,' his great-aunt, Rebecca Hunnicutt, told the Anderson Independent-Mail. His funeral comes a week after authorities say 14-year-old Jessie Osborne killed his own father before driving a pickup to Townville Elementary School and crashing into a playground fence.

Skull-shaped Matthew kills 11 in the Caribbean and bears down on the East Coast

People along the East Coast are flocking to hardware stores, grocery aisles and gas stations as the eerily skull-shaped Hurricane Matthew marches toward Florida, threatening to become the first hurricane to hit the state's Atlantic coast in over a decade. The 'skull of Matthew' first appeared in satellite images of the storm during a weather forecast yesterday - to the shock of many viewers. The creepy picture, which appears to show a white grinning skull with a glowing red eye, taken from a NASA satellite on Tuesday morning, shows the hurricane as it made landfall in Haiti. Many people online have taken the ominous image as a bad omen as the deadly storm moves towards to U.S. At least 11 people in the Caribbean have already died due to the storm including four in the Dominican Republic, and five in Haiti which were both pummeled by the hurricane yesterday.

Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN are butting heads over what topics they will be quizzing candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on at the debate Sunday night.

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Artificial intelligence and smart weapons would be at the fore - with a 'modern nation-states acting aggressively' the likely enemy, Army bosses have revealed.

Forget dot tests and hidden animals, the latest quiz sweeping the internet is much more straightforward spelling test. The puzzle tests players on 14 commonly misspelled words.

In this photo taken June 19, 2015, the Justice Department Building in Washington. A federal government contractor has been accused of removing highly classified information and storing the material in his house and car, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. The Justice Department announced a criminal complaint against Harold Thomas Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A contractor has been arrested on charges that he removed classified information and stored the material in his house and car.The complaint against Harold Thomas Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Sexpert Tracey Cox reveals the warning signs that your marriage could be heading in the direction of an affair and says that alone time can actually prevent a partner from looking elsewhere.

Now a video lays bare America's heroin epidemic: Laughing crowd gathers to WATCH as married drug addicts slowly lose consciousness in the street after overdose

The concerning video of the pair, taken in broad daylight in Memphis, Tennessee, was posted on Facebook Live by Courtland Garner and quickly went viral. It shows them writhing on the floor after snorting the drug in the bathroom of a nearby Walgreens - while the crowd stands back and does nothing. Paramedics eventually arrived on the scene and revived Carla Hiers and her partner, who are both long-time drug addicts. Hiers is seen collapsed on her knees on the sidewalk while her partner is seen flopped on his back on a bench. At one point someone is heard on camera saying: 'This fella might be dead...I hope he's not dead' and someone replies: 'He's got a pulse.' After she was released from hospital, Hiers was taken into custody as there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She was booked into Shelby County Jail on a $200 bond

Kim Kardashian's personal bodyguard Pascal Duvier filed BANKRUPTCY

Kim Kardashian's bodyguard filed for bankruptcy for his German security company ten weeks ago with debts of more than €1million, MailOnline can reveal. Pascal Duvier, pictured left with Kim on Sunday, lodged a claim for company insolvency at Heidelberg administrative court on July 22 this year, bottom right. His German ProtectSecurity firm, which has run security for a host of stars from Kim's husband Kanye West to the Black Eyed Peas and is based in south-east Germany, top right, has racked up debts totalling €1,093,518 ($1.2m). The insolvency lawyer on the case told MailOnline: 'There is so much debt. There are many claimants. I cannot say the exact number. Lots.'


Johanna Primevert, chief spokeswoman for the Paris police department, has blamed Kim Kardashian for flashing her jewellery on social media as it made her easy pickings for thieves.

Kim Kardashian's stolen ring would be instantly recognisable to diamond traders but a wealthy tycoon from Russia or the Middle East will not care where it came from, an expert told MailOnline.

The robbers who targeted Kim Kardashian in her Paris apartment will struggle to dispose of their loot, experts say. It's believed Kim's 20-carat ring (pictured) was stolen in the armed raid.

PIERS MORGAN: That robbery was a wake-up call Kim. Time to decide if you want to be the

 Dear Kim, There comes a moment in everyone's life which makes you re-assess everything IN your life. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, black or white, old or young. Your moment came at 3am on Monday morning and you are lucky to be alive. Until then, you were a woman who thought she had it all, you were living your dream. But lately you have become coarser and snarkier and taken to trash talking. It wasn't the Kim I thought I knew. What happened in Paris no doubt shook you to your core - but it was an attack waiting to happen.

The comments from Scott Cross, 54, came as Illinois lawmakers are considering joining 37 other states that don't have a statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases.

The noise we hear when our joints crack is likely to be due to movement of the tendon over bone, Dr Andrew Lavender, a physiotherapist at Curtin University, Perth, says.

Derrick Rose's civil rape trial got underway in a Los Angeles courtroom - and the NBA star was halfway across the country in Houston saying he planned to win the lawsuit.

McIntosh County Sheriff's Deputy Brant Gaither (pictured) was terminated in July for swapping racist and sexist jokes with another white Georgia law enforcement officer.

'I'm going to hang myself!' Prankster posing as a TV reporter horrifies New Yorkers by announcing Hillary Clinton has 'dropped out' of the election with 'ZIKA' - leaving Trump as president

Tyler Fischer, 29, pictured center, from New York posed as a broadcast journalist in an elaborate prank in which he claimed the Democrat presidential candidate had withdrawn from the race because of illness. Members of the public, pictured, reacted with a mixture of shock, sadness, cheering and conspiracy theories. Two people suggested they wanted to commit suicide because of the false information.

'No she didn't,' he said Wednesday during a coffee shop stop on his bus tour of Ohio. 'It was clear from what I said that there are problems with it, but I supported it strongly from the get go,' he said

'The constant interruptions last night by Tim Kaine should not have been allowed. Mike Pence won big!' Donald Trump wrote on Twitter after Tuesday's vice presidential debate.

The Democratic candidate was asked about a claim she had once said of the Wikileaks founder 'Can't we just drone this guy?' She was holding a press conference at the Zembo Shrine, Harrisburg, PA.

Many millennials were just small tots when Gore ran faced off against George W. Bush in 2000. But Hillary Clinton is leaving no stone unturned as she tries to beat back Donald Trump.

Vice Presidential debate sees Tim Kaine go all out attack on Trump

Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine turned the vice-presidential debate into an insult-driven attack on Donald Trump, interrupting rival Mike Pence and moderator Elaine Quijano repeatedly. The Virginia senator cast aside a mild-mannered reputation to label Trump 'a fool or a maniac', accuse him of putting the world on the brink of catastrophe and summing up his foreign policy as 'you guys love Russia'. He attacked on Trump's taxes, his comments about Mexicans, and the billionaire's business record. The stream of interruption earned him a rebuke from Pence and accusations after the debate from the Trump camp of sexism for speaking over a moderator who was female. evangelical church. Pence hit back by highlighting Clinton's email scandal, attacking her foreign policy record, and saying that claims the Obama economy was strong were not in tune with the country. 'People in Scranton know different. The economy is struggling,' he said. The 90-minutes clash at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, was the only time Pence, 57, and Kaine, 58, will go head to head before voting day.

Opinion polls suggest the Republican candidate, Mike Pence, came out on top in last night's Vice Presidential debate and he also won the battle of the memes on the social media front.

Former president George W. Bush appears in a new star-packed video urging voter participation - although he still hasn't said who he wants people to vote for.

Bet they didn't get a tip! The rudest messages left behind by fed-up waiters and customers

These photos show the most offensive notes left by customers and waiters. From left to right: One man drew a tiny picture of a penis in the middle of his signature on a receipt, while a waitress received a sweary apology from a diner for a rude date. One Starbucks customer failed to find it funny when a barista labelled his drink with 'diabetes here I come', and a woman was shocked to find her grandmother had been called an 'old *****' on a receipt. Kurt was the subject of a cruel spelling error at Starbucks, and a woman was allegedly left in tears after a waiter wrote 'chubby' on her receipt.

Bookies Ladrbokes have slashed the odds on a royal baby announcement in the new year to 4/6 after Princess Charlotte and Prince George won hearts in Canada with their parents last week.

Etiquette expert and MailOnline columnist, William Hanson, claims that shorts on young boys are, in fact, a silent British class marker and trousers are deemed 'suburban'.

Researchers at the University of Florence carried out a review of existing studies looking at how sex affects athletic performance and found evidence to contradict the prevailing theory.

Amanda Knox makes it official with new boy toy Christopher Robinson

Amanda Knox is celebrating her freedom by declaring to the world that she is in a relationship. The 29-year-old took to Facebook on Tuesday to update her status and announce that she is dating Christopher Robinson. Knox put the date that the two began dating as February 13, meaning she and the author have been together for close to eight months.

Shocking footage shows the moment a male elephant is hit by a bus travelling at full speed from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand. The elephant died and the driver suffered broken legs in the carnage.

The International Monetary Fund believes a revolt could lower living standards and says ongoing weak growth is breeding 'negative economic and political forces'.

Russia's Ministry of Defence has warned a nuclear war is on the horizon and the Kremlin has organised the mass evacuation in the capital with underground shelters for up to 12million people.

The Kremlin says it is fed up of being dragged into the U.S. election campaign as the candidates threw brickbats at each other. It comes after Donald Trump claimed Putin broke a deal on Syria.

Migrants found dead in ship from Libya to Italy in latest Mediterranean horror

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Cruel smugglers jammed about 1,000 people on three levels inside the boat (inset), as the migrants made the treacherous voyage from Libya to Italy this week. A photographer counted 22 bodies but said there were more dead in the hold. He captured the heartbreaking moment survivors were forced to climb over the lifeless men and women piled on top of each other on a rescue boat (main). The latest people to be rescued will add to a total of some 132,000 migrants who have landed at Italy's southern ports so far this year, fleeing conflict, poverty or persecution and hoping to start new lives in Europe.

Developed by Musclefood.com, a UK-based health and fitness retailer, the test asks about how much noise you make and whether you take the weights off your machine before moving on.

It comes seven months after America's first ever uterus transplant in Ohio's Cleveland Clinic, which had to be removed days later due to a yeast infection.

Caught on police dashcam: The horrific moment vicious pit bulls maul two teenage girls before being shot dead by officer

This horrific video shows the dramatic moment two 14-year-old girls were attacked by vicious pitbulls in the village of Brown Deer, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Police arrived at the scene to find one of the dogs tackling a girl to the ground, while the other had pinned her friend down and was biting her. One of the girls managed to break free from the pitbull and they both then pounced on the girl lying on the floor. A police officer wielding a gun then shot at the animal attacking the girl. As the other crazed dog jumped up at the policeman he fired shots at the pitbull while trying to avoid the jaws of the manic animal. The girl who had been attacked on the ground then limped off out of the picture. Both dogs then lay, bullet-riddled, on the grass.

Silafi jihadists in Gaza released an online statement claiming the attack. The ISIS-linked group said it was in response to the arrest of five Salafi operatives by Hamas.

The ban, which was launched on Tuesday by senior clerics, outlaws the breeding of cats inside homes and is said to be in line with the jihadists' "vision, ideology and beliefs".

A suicide bomber has struck a wedding in northeast Syria as the bride and groom were exchanging vows, killing 36 people and wounding dozens, the local Kurdish government said.

Can YOU spot what's inside the red ring? Optical illusion image of a bed goes viral - but

People who have spotted the image - which has been shared on Reddit - are struggling to work out what the circle signifies. The viral image has been viewed more than 63,500 time on Imgur. People have been left baffled as they have been searching for something significant inside the red ring - not realising that the red ring is actually a hula hoop propped against the bed.

Uber is currently testing a fleet of self-driving Ford Fusions in Pittsburgh for the first time. Two witnesses have reported seeing accidents involving the cars, or cars disobeying traffic laws.

Kim Jong-un's state newspaper condemned recent joint tests conducted by Seoul and Washington in the East Sea, and warned that North Korea was ready to retaliate.

Horrifying surveillance footage shows elderly man being attacked and robbed in his own garage after suspect followed him home from the bank

Trieu Pham had just made his monthly trip to the Chase in Houston, Texas, when he was followed home by a car and robbed by a man as he got out of his SUV in his carport. He was pounced upon by a tall black man (center), and the whole robbery was caught on surveillance video. The footage shows the man get out of a white sedan on the street and run over to Pham (left), who is still getting out of his car. Pham is thrown to the ground (right), and then gets up and runs away, as the man rifles through his car. The robber then flees, running back to the car from which he came and taking off.

Diane McIver, 63, was in the front passenger seat while her spouse, attorney Claud 'Tex' McIver, was sitting in the backseat of an SUV when the revolver in his possession went off, fatally injuring her.

The book on RC Sherriff's (pictured) life suggests that Nazi agent Georg Gyssling managed to persuade Universal Pictures to halt The Road Back, All Quiet on the Western Front and Three Comrades.

The damning 47-page report found major problems inside the Phoenix VA Care System, pictured, with some veterans waiting more than a year for urgent cardiac care.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures with a firing stance as he announces issuing side arms to army troopers during his visit to its headquarters in suburban Taguig city east of Manila, Philippines Tuesday Oct. 4, 2016. U.S. and Philippine forces opened their first large scale combat exercises under President Duterte in uncertainty Tuesday after he said the drills will be the last in his six-year presidency partly to avoid upsetting China.(AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte, pictured, has threatened to abandon military co-operation with the United States and instead seek closer relations with Russia and China.

McMansions and the many terrible design features some hate about them 

Luxury suburban homes that favoured size over style or architectural merit soared in popularity in neighborhoods across the U.S from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. These cookie-cutter properties soon became known as McMansions because they were mass-produced. The massive houses often feature a bewildering mix of architectural features - and now an architect known only as 'Kate' has created a website dedicated to pointing out all that is wrong with these McMansions. 'Worst of McMansions', which was created in July, catalogs the most outrageous examples, while providing the criticism about the homes explaining all that is architecturally wrong with them from massive columns that don't actually hold anything up to huge properties in lots that are too small to accommodate them and houses that are a patchwork of different types of brickwork.

The £5 clothing on sale at Chrisp Street Market in Poplar, East London, features a large colourful drawing of the World Trade Center with two aircraft smashing into each of the towers.

Now one of the best Chicago Cubs teams in decades is looking to pour champagne on one of sports' most famous droughts - and its fans are watching with a mixture of emotions.

'Bigfoot' photobombs live cam filming nest of baby bald eagles in Michigan forest 

The mythological ape-like creature was allegedly spotted in Beulah, clearly walking on two legs as it is filmed walking through the trees and then appearing to jump over a branch and down a slope a few feet below.Many believe the figure's agility proves it cannot just be a human playing a prank in an ape suit.

Handshake strength could be a quick and inexpensive way for doctors to get a grip on patients' health, researchers from the University of Vienna claim.

Former Marine receives double arm transplant after losing limbs in Afghanistan

A former Marine sergeant who lost all four limbs to a bomb in Afghanistan has received a double arm transplant.  John Peck, 31, stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) in 2010, leaving him bound to a wheelchair with metal prosthetics.  But now, after six years as a quadruple amputee, the decorated veteran has made it through a 14-hour operation to receive two new arms. 

A 14-year-old Texas girl who was raped by a family member and then beaten into delivering a stillborn baby later burned on a charcoal grill, has testified in the trial against her cousin, Lonnell McDonald.

Porn star Tasha Reign, kicked off a college tour in California on Tuesday urging young people to vote against Proposition 60, which would require the use of condoms on set.

A baby hedgehog

The new feature only launched on Monday, but the social network admitted that a 'technical issue' meant items had appeared for sale that violated the site's user policies.

Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos streamed the dangerous launch from West Texas. The emergency escape function aims to save space travelers' lives in case of catastrophe.

Obese student Emma Pope now rejects the men who once bullied her

Emma Pope, 23, from Texas, weighed 315lbs (22 stone 7lbs), wore a size 30 (UK 26), left, and was once told to get her 'fat ass off the court' during volleyball game - but she has since learned to laugh at the bullies who tormented her. She said: 'I've had messages from guys telling me how sorry they are for what they said to me, it really shocks them to see me now. I don't think they expected me to turn out this way and they regret being so horrible. I doubt they are apologising out the kindness of their heart, there's definitely an ulterior motive so with any attempts to flirt with me I reject them immediately.'

Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of aerospace firm Boeing made the prediction at a conference in Chicago this week and hopes that its technology will beat SpaceX to the red planet.

Levitating Hyperloop pods that hurtle through underwater tunnels at 1,220 kph (760 mph) could some day arrive in Dubai. The city recently hosted a competition for designs related to the system.


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Bright meteor is spotted in multiple US states and parts of Canada

A meteor was spotted in several US states and parts of Canada on Tuesday evening. The American Meteor Society says the meteor was seen mainly in Ontario, but also reported in states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The meteor was from the Orionid meteor shower. 'The Orionids, formed from the debris of Halley's comet, are known for being bright and quick,' NASA says.

Panasonic understands the pains of finding the right concealer. Now, the firm has improved its smart mirror that points out facial flaws by adding the ability to print makeup that matches your skin tone.

These are the hilarious scenes as a lamb brings traffic in downtown Chicago to a halt after it escaped from a city slaughterhouse and ran around for ten minutes until it was recaptured.

Researchers at the University of Arizona published a report describing two separate cases where the augmented reality game Pokémon Go has caused severe injury.

The Japanese plan would bypass the Trans-Siberian's final stop, Vladivostok, and connect to the northerly Japanese island of Hokkaido instead, requiring a new 26-mile tunnel.

FILE - In this Sept. 15, 2016, file photo, a visitor tries out a Sony's PlayStation VR headgear device at the Tokyo Game Show in Makuhari, near Tokyo. Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, PlayStation VR works in unison with a PlayStation 4 console instead of a high-end PC. It's also cheaper, more comfortable and will be the most convenient option for VR seekers when it's released Oct. 13. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko, File)

Sony isn't the first to make virtual reality a reality, but in waiting, the company has delivered a worthy experience that's cheaper, more comfortable and more convenient than high-end systems.

Children with Tourette's syndrome were much faster at repeating a list of made-up words - known as phonology - researchers from Newcastle University found.

Cheyenne Hyer was pronounced dead on Friday in Kiln, Mississippi. Her mother Cassie Barker (pictured with her) had left the car outside while visiting a fellow Long Beach officer, police said.

Inside the Dreamliner that's been converted into a private jet with bedrooms, walk-in

The Dream Jet (inset) has been converted by US firm Kestrel Aviation Management from a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to a private jet capable of carrying up to 40 passengers for 17 hours without stopping. They will be in the lap of luxury. There's a sprawling entertainment area and convertible dining table (top left and right), plus a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe (bottom right) and en-suite bathroom (bottom left).

A team of scientists from the Universities of Bath and Lincoln compared the genomes of 28 mammals with differing sizes of neocortex to make the discovery.

Nineteen-year-old Abu Sin was arrested for 'unethical behaviour' after goofy videos with vlogger Christina Crockett, 21, went viral. They drew nearly 6.5 million views for their funny chats.

The incident occurred on September 26 just after 6am in Marion. Police say the suspects attempted to rob a resident as he approached his home, ambushing him.

This year's attendance in Munich was 5.5million, which was down 300,000 on the 2015 festival but despite the visitor slump the number of reported sex crimes was up by nearly 50 percent.

A brutal video of a woman giving an epic smackdown to another who tried to start a fight with her has gone viral. The clip purports to show Amber Cook, of Florida, fighting an unidentified woman

President Park Guen-hye had previously urged citizens in North Korea to move to the 'bosom of freedom' in the South, prompting an angry response from North Korea's state media.

According to a new study, 'The Great Dying' might not have been as bad as once thought. Calculations estimate the actual extinction rate of marine life at around 81 percent, rather than up to 96.

The clown phenomenon is in danger of getting out of hand, as video footage of a mass panic at Penn State University shows. Hundreds of students ran through the campus, hunting for clowns.

Prince's sister Tyka Nelson reveals she is still trying to cope with singer's death

Prince's (bottom right) sister Tyka Nelson (top right) sat down for her first interview since her brother's tragic death this past April, speaking with Al Roker on Today Wednesday morning. Tyka revealed to Roker that she was slowly starting to come to terms with her brother's death, telling him: 'In the beginning it was maybe 90 per cent he's not gone and 10 per cent maybe, and now it's finally flipping.' She also gave fans a look inside Prince's Paisley Park estate (top left inset, Purple Room left), which will soon open to the public as a museum. The space will give guests a look at Prince's recording studio, his many musical instruments, and even the club he had built inside the home.

Researchers from Harvard University m Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, and the University of California, set out to test whether teens' sensitivity to reward could also make them better at learning.

The Supreme Judicial Court's decision means that a gay person may establish themselves as a child's presumptive parent under Massachusetts law, even without a biological relationship with the child.

Four nations - France, UK, Norway and Spain - were involved in the interception of the two of Putin's Russian fighter jets (pictured) as they got as far south as Bilbao before heading back .

A newborn baby girl was found naked, crying and abandoned with her umbilical cord still attached in a Chicago field around 11am on Tuesday. The baby was estimated to be two to four hours old.

Scientists at the State University of New York at Oneonta believe their findings may explain why yawning has evolved in mammals - it helps to keep the brain cool so it can operate properly.

Glamorous fake Instagram account of Louise Delange tricked 50,000 people

From frolicking on the beach (bottom right) to shopping (top right) and hanging out (main), Parisian model, Louise Delage's, Instagram profile looked like so many others when it appeared in August. However, it was revealed last week that the account was fake. Can you spot what's going on with these pictures?

At a special event in San Francisco the firm unveiled a a raft of new products, including the new Pixel handsets that will use Google's AI smart assistant.

Easy money policies by the world's top banks are largely to blame, the IMF says, warning that this is a huge obstacle to getting world economic growth back on track.

A woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her when she received a letter from her 'nosy neighbor'. 'He doesn't trust you...maybe because of what he is hiding,' the letter reads.

This photo taken Tuesday Aug. 9, 2016, shows the exterior of St. Paul's Chapel in New York. The Episcopal sanctuary, Manhattan¿s oldest church, is getting ready to celebrate its 250-year history, which includes worshippers ranging from George Washington to those who searched for victims following the Sept. 11 attacks.  The renovation will be unveiled on its anniversary date Oct. 30, along with a "9/11 Chapel of Remembrance" area for quiet reflection that also contains artifacts of the attacks. One World Trade Center rises in the background. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

St. Paul's, the chapel of the Parish of Trinity Church several blocks south, is Manhattan's last remaining colonial structure. The church was built in in 1766 for parishioners in the expanding city.

Researchers from McGill University investigated the ways in which a child's moral understanding develops, finding their perception of truth and lies changes over time.

Anderson Cooper has signed a new contract that will keep him at CNN for years to come, ending speculation that he was in line to move into the seat alongside his good friend, Kelly Ripa, at ABC's Live.

A video has shown how factory workers in Vietnam inject tiger prawns with substances to make them look big and fresh when they are sold and imported to places like Australia.

Hilarious photos show men admit their worst ever dad fails

Have you ever wondered what goes on when you're not there to supervise? From putting banana skins on their child's head (top right) and stacking food on their faces as they sleep (top left) to feeding them milk as they play video games (bottom centre), these pictures prove some fathers really are just big kids at heart.

Songwriter Rod Temperton with his wife Kathy

Rod Temperton (pictured), the songwriter behind Michael Jackson's Thriller and Rock With You, has died of cancer at the age of 66, his music publisher has announced.

The unnamed 18-year-old from Nagpur, India, went to hospital complaining the growth had become painful. Doctors explained it was a vestigial tail which has now been removed by surgeons.

Amazon said the "Prime Reading" program would include "over a thousand popular books" ©Stephen Brashear (Getty/AFP/File)

US online giant Amazon on Wednesday launched a new "Prime Reading" program for US members of its subscription program, allowing unlimited reading of a rotati...

A study found that trendy ice baths, favoured by athletes including Mo Farah (pictured) were no better than cool-down exercises at reducing inflammation in muscles after exercise.

The real-life Blair Witch? Hiker is terrified after he finds a bizarre 'shrine' to missing people in the middle of the woods along with an 'altar' made of twigs 

Hiker James Rankin was walking in the woods in Berkeley Jackson County Park in Huntington New York when he discovered posters featuring real missing people attached to the trees. Suffolk County Police launched an investigation after Rankin reported the site, however, it later emerged a local homeowner had prepared the area for a Halloween party.

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has seen more than 3,000 users and pushers murdered in the country since June. Daylight executions are common and jails are overcrowded.

Shaky mobile phone footage taken by a woman in Melbourne is claimed to show world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy finishing off a piece before making a run for it.

A new bra, that can be shipped worldwide, claims to deliver an 'instant boob job' for wearers, without the bother of any straps or back. It works using the 'magic' of a stick on system and corset style lacing.

Researchers led by Jan Vijg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York studied age of death statistics from a range of sources and estimated that 125 is the top age possible.

Inside an eerie abandoned theater in downtown Detroit which shows how the Motor City's

This now dilapidated building in the heart of Detroit, serves as a constant reminder of the city's rich history, where Duke Ellington, David Bowie and Aerosmith entertained residents of Motor City. The ageing building now stands as a stark reminder of Detroit's glittering past, as the city has struggled to cope with financial turmoil in recent years. For the past 40 years, the building has served as a constant reminder of how the once-mighty city fell into disrepair.

The baby boy (pictured) was born on Monday morning local time to his 20-year-old mother at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in northern India and weighed about 2.5 kilograms.

Panasonic has eliminated the tint left behind when its transparent TV wasn't being used. The firm replaced the LED with an OLED and now when the TV is in transparent mode, it is undetectable.

Violence erupted during a lower league match at San Luis stadium in the city of Clorinda in Argentina, with thugs throwing punches and aiming karate kicks at the referee as he cowered on the pitch.

Psychologists at the University of Sussex carried out research that found the voice pitch of males was often determined by the age of seven, rather than when puberty hit.

What are brothers for? Moment naughty toddler pushes over his siblings while posing for a photo

While taking a photo with his twin brothers, this toddler was posing sweetly with his arms around his younger siblings as a woman believed to be their mother filmed them (inset top left). But suddenly, he seemed to think the moment could use a little comedic relief so he knocked his brothers down (pictured). In the video, the woman is heard gasping as the twins fall before they get up and look at the camera while their big brother breaks out in laughter (inset top right). 'That was naughty,' the woman is heard saying to the toddler, and fortunately, no one was hurt. The video is believed to have been filmed in England.

Researchers at Northern Arizona University monitored the activity levels of more than 40 squirrels over the course of two years, using specially designed tracking collars.

This photo taken Tuesday Aug. 9, 2016, shows the exterior of St. Paul's Chapel in New York. The Episcopal sanctuary, Manhattan¿s oldest church, is getting ready to celebrate its 250-year history, which includes worshippers ranging from George Washington to those who searched for victims following the Sept. 11 attacks.  The renovation will be unveiled on its anniversary date Oct. 30, along with a "9/11 Chapel of Remembrance" area for quiet reflection that also contains artifacts of the attacks. One World Trade Center rises in the background. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

St. Paul's, the chapel of the Parish of Trinity Church several blocks south, is Manhattan's last remaining colonial structure. The church was built in in 1766 for parishioners in the expanding city.

Married couple Buddy and Rose Sullivan from San Diego, California, are in a polyamorous relationship with Lauren, an ex girlfriend of Rose. They appear on TLC UK's My Extraordinary Pregnancy.

A mother in China spent 17 years successfully tracking down her husband's killers. Qi Yuande was killed by a villager and his brothers. In July, all five of the killers had been detained.

Move over James Bond: Pilot takes to the skies in a jetpack over London - and says you could own one in just three years 

Pilot David Mayman flew his personal JB-10 JetPack (pictured to left) across the River Thames in London (pictured bottom left and right) in a four minute flight as he and his colleagues announced plans to develop a commercial version. They have set up a company that hopes to develop an electric version of the jetpack, which they say will be available by 2019. The JB-10 features two turbo jet engines that run on aviation fuel. It can reach 60mph and can lift 350lbs.

A man fatally shot a woman inside a Burger King in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday morning before killing himself inside the bathroom in a suspected murder-suicide, police said.

In this undated photo supplied by Ravi Naiknaware, Anushka Naiknaware works at her home in Beaverton, Ore, developing and testing a bandage that can tell medical workers when it's time for the dressing to be changed.  Naiknaware, 13,  finished in the top eight in an international science contest run by Google, won a $15,000 scholarship, a free trip to the Lego world headquarters in Denmark and a year's worth of entrepreneurship mentoring from a Lego executive. (Ravi Kaiknaware via AP)

Anushka Maiknaware, a seventh-grader at Stoller Middle School in Portland, Oregon, designed and tested a bandage that is embedded with tiny monitors to sense moisture levels.

Something fishy? Man finds gruesome remains that look like a 'dead mermaid' on deserted beach 

A man has posted footage of what he says looks like a 'dead mermaid' washed up on a beach near Great Yarmouth in England. The images have since gone viral, with many people actually believing it is a mermaid, while others say it's a decomposing seal or a great Halloween prop with garbage bags used to create the 'tail'.

A California judge on Monday dismissed the civil complaint filed by Lang Her, a 26-year-old former UC Davis student who is in jail for assaulting 24-year-old Yee Xiong of Davis at a party in 2012.

The new  Salton Trough Fault, which runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault, could impact the earthquake-prone region that includes the greater LA area, seismologists say.

Michael Taylor says he is suing Samsung after he claims the Galaxy Note 7 exploded overnight. Taylor's phone allegedly began spitting out flames as he slept in his bed, TMZ reported.

That's one way to eat it! Super-cute baby is so excited about his first birthday cake he smashes his FACE right into the icing 

Wyatt Shoptaw, from Oakland, Tennessee, was celebrating his first birthday on September 22. It was his first time trying cake and he loved it so much he put his face in it and reduced it to crumbs. He also fought off any attempts his mother Elizabeth made to clear him up, worried she would try and take the cake from him.

The bizarre fight happened in the city of Vladivstok in South Western Russia all over a cat that vets claim was killed by his owner or one of his friends after it was trapped in a window.

Dallas-based Caelus Energy Alaska LLC announced a find of 6billion barrels of light oil on its state leases in the Arctic Ocean waters of Smith Bay about 450 miles northwest of Fairbanks.

Stuck between a wall and a hard place! Adorable German Shepherd gets trapped between two chairs in his quest for a biscuit treat

Tyson the German Shepherd dove head-first between the leather armchairs to grab the treat. It was only after he ate the biscuit that Tyson realized he was stuck between the chairs and the wall. The poor pup had multiple failed escape attempts as his owner laughed in the background, but finally managed to climb up the arm rest and jump to freedom.

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Hail Mary! Delirious Tennessee fan falls to his knees and thanks God before telling his wife to 'rewind!' after incredible last-second win over Georgia

Joshua King collapsed onto the floor after watching the Volunteers beat the Bulldogs 34-31 in the last seconds of the game after an incredible 43-yard Hail Mary pass on Saturday. 'Thank you, God!' Joshua continued to scream over and over as he started at the TV screen in disbelief. Joshua's wife Cristy posted his reaction on Facebook, where it has since been viewed more than a million times.

Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist who is spending a month in New York, has hanging on himself all the trash he's produced in ziplog bags on October 4, 2016 in New York ©Bryan R. Smith (AFP)

A man has been strolling around New York for two weeks weighed down with trash. Meet Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist asking America to wake up to its garbage problem.

Savannah dark underbelly features grisly tales of sordid murder, haunted houses and a colonial-era graveyard decorated with the lingering entrails of Spanish moss.

A maid has been forced to sit by herself without food as she waited for her employer's family to eat at a restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

British blogger Jacob Riglin from Richmond in London paid to travel the world

Jacob Riglin, 21, from Richmond in London wants someone to join his team to take pictures of the most famous cities in the world having landed his dream job all thanks to his Instagram account. After his stunning snaps of England's capital, reported on MailOnline, saw his work gain worldwide recognition, he has been paid to visit Hong Kong, New York, Venice and other sought-after destinations to capture them from above. Now, he is looking for an apprentice, and his job advert reads: 'As you catch a fireball on Dubai's horizon, there's not a single car or skyscraper in sight - it's just you and one of the wildest landscapes in the world.'


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