pebbleNav is the best your pebble can get

  • Moving Maps

    Custom-made black and white map of your current position.

  • Directions

    Written directions including your distance to the next turn.

  • Turn indicators

    Get a clear indication what your next turn is going to be.

  • Bzzz, Bzzz, turn now!

    pebbleNav will buzz your watch if you need to turn.

  • Navigate everywhere!

    No matter if you'r walking, riding or driving.

  • Day and Night

    Switch between a light or dark display.

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Which regions are covered by maps and directions?
We are using mapbox.com for our custom-made maps which are based on open street maps. If you can see your location on openstreetmap.org we should have you covered. Right now we are using Google Directions for routing.
What languages are supported by pebbleNav?
The pebbleNav app is available in English and German. You can find all supported languages from Google Directions here
The app crashes if I touch „Start“!
This is a bug in the pebble SDK for iOS and can usually be fixed by restarting your pebble watch.
Which versions of pebble OS are supported?
pebbleNav supports both version 1.x and 2.x.
Are you planning to support Android?
We are thinking about doing an Android version but right now we concentrate on making the iOS version perfect.